Srixon Soft Feel Vs Callaway Supersoft – Golf Ball Review

Golfers tend to prefer golf balls that offer a soft feel without sacrificing distance. Most premium balls offer this at a substantial premium to the mid-range golf balls. We take a closer look at two leading options, the Srixon Soft Feel Vs Callaway Supersoft

Manufacturers of golf balls have entered this market by offering lower compression golf balls that tend to be softer and compress more to create more distance.

Golf Ball Compression

Premium golf balls offer higher compression golf balls that offer the better golfer increased control at faster swing speeds required to compress the ball.

Low compression golf balls have substantial compression deformation the ball at impact. The elasticity of the ball expands back from the compression to the golf ball’s original form. This rectification generates a soft feel and speeds off the clubface.

The amount of compression adds to the soft feel of the low compression golf balls off the clubface.

Several brands offer soft feel golf balls in their mid-range products to entice golfers to try their golf balls.

Two of the most recognized brands that are extremely popular in this market are the Srixon Soft Feel and Callaway Supersoft.

These golf balls offer low compression golf balls that offer more distance off the driver due to their low spin and maintaining accuracy and the soft feel that is so sought after.

Both golf balls are manufactured by high-quality manufacturers that are rated highly in the golfing community. Although Callaway is the better-known brand, Srixon has delivered high-quality golfing equipment and their golf balls are popular for their quality and durability.

Even though the golf balls are similar, they are made for different types of players.

  • The Srixon Soft Feel is the firmer of the two and suits golfers with slightly higher swing speeds. It is a distance ball with an incredibly soft shell.
  • The Callaway Supersoft with a lower compression offers golfers with slower swing speeds control and distance with adequate spin. The softcover with a HEX dimple design provides less drag and better control.

That’s what we’re here for. Let’s compare Srixon Soft Feel Vs Callaway Supersoft, and see who comes out on top.

Srixon Soft Feel Vs Callaway Supersoft Reviews

1. Srixon Soft Feel


  • Uncomplicated 2-piece construction
  • Long-distance off the tee
  • Soft around the greens
  • Durability
  • Low Driver Spin rate
  • Low spin avoids curved flights for straighter ball flight
  • Affordability


  • Low spin reduces workability and shot-making
  • Designed for mid-to-high handicap golfers

Srixon offers a wide range of golf balls at competitive prices making them a favorite with the budget-conscious golfer. Their range includes a selection from golf balls for entry-level golfers up to players on professional tours.

Its 2-piece construction offers a reactive gradient growth core to generate the speed required for the extra distance and a thin ionomer cover that provides the soft feel off the clubface, especially around the greens.

Most soft golf balls make use of an ultra-low compression core while the Srixon Soft Feel core has a compression rating of 60 making it ideal for low to mid swing speeds.

2. Callaway Supersoft

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  • Softest ball Callaway has designed
  • Ideal for beginners and high handicappers
  • Increased distance, control, launch, and softness around the green
  • Low spin rate promotes great control and accuracy
  • A soft feel on every shot and especially around the green
  • The Supersoft golf ball has a really low compression rating, but with the soft and thin outer layer, it can do more than provide distance to slower swings.


  • On the upper end of the pricing spectrum for this category of golf balls.
  • Designed specifically for slower swing speeds
  • Less spin in comparison to other balls in this category

Callaway sells the second most golf balls in the world and is only outsold by Titleist, the no 1 golf ball seller.

The Callaway Supersoft golf ball is the softest golf ball they have produced to date.

It is a simple 2-piece construction with a Trionomer cover and an incredibly low compression rating of 38.

Golfers with swing speeds of around 90mph or less will appreciate what the Callaway Supersoft offers.

Features / Specifications

Srixon Soft Feel Features

  • 2-Piece ionomer cover 338 dimples
  • 60 compression rating (Low to Mid)
  • Colors
  • Pink
  • Matte white
  • Yellow
  • The average swing speed of less than 100 mph and a driving distance between 160 and 230 yards (Carry + roll)

Callaway Supersoft Features

  • 2-Piece Trionomer cover with 332 hexagon dimples
  • 38 compression rating (Low)
  • Colors
    • Matte white
    • Yellow
  • The average swing speed of less than 95 mph and a driving distance of between 160 and 210 yards (Carry + roll)

Srixon Soft Feel vs Callaway Supersoft Comparison

Brand Name

Both brands are extremely recognizable and are used by professional golfers on all professional golf tours.

Callaway is the bigger brand in terms of golfing equipment and dells at a higher price while Srixon produces high-quality golf balls that offer golfers a quality alternative at an affordable price.


These golf balls are constructed as a 2-piece golf ball consisting of a one-layer core and a cover targeting a market that wants more distance and a soft feel around the green.

Lower compression of the Callaway Supersoft (compression rating of 38) produces extremely low spin compared to the mid-compression Srixon (compression rating of 60), making the Supersoft ideal for players with swing speeds of less than 95 mph. In comparison, the Srixon Soft feel can accommodate swing speeds up to 100 mph.

Callaway uses a Trionomer cover while Srixon uses Ionomer in their cover. Both use ionomer as the base and Callaway adds more Comores to their cover.

Soft Ionomers covers are less durable than urethane but cost less to produce.

Comparing the construction features, Srixon Soft Feel has a slight edge in our opinion.


Srixon uses the standard round dimple on the Soft Feel for a penetrating flight and a lower trajectory.

Callaway HEX design dimples on the Callaway Supersoft increased aerodynamics and incredibly low drag. Combining this with the low spin, a penetrating flight and high trajectory.

The launch and trajectory characteristics are similar, and both promote high launch angles and are easy to get off the ground. Callaway’s Supersoft will add some pop off the clubface, which will be appreciated by golfers with lower swing speed.

A slightly thinner outer layer and oversized core make the Callaway Supersoft a little easier to launch with a slightly steeper trajectory.


Spin can be your best friend when you are an accomplished golfer. However, the target market for these balls prefers lower spin to reduce the amount of unwanted curve off mishits.

Callaway’s Supersoft is one of the lowest spinning balls out there and spins less in the long game than the Srixon Soft Feel for slightly longer distance and better control.

Both golf balls are 2-piece constructions that are not aimed at experienced golfers that require the ultimate spin for their short game. Srixon’s Soft Feel generates a little more spin than Callaway’s Supersoft, giving it the edge in the short game.

The extra firmness of the Srixon Soft Feel allows wedges and short irons to create more friction to impart more spin on the golf ball for greater stopping power on the greens.

Off the tee

Both balls are designed to reduce driver spin for more control, straighter, and longer shots off the tee.

Although the spin rates are comparable, it is the feel of the driver’s face that makes the difference.

Callaway’s Supersoft creates a soft feel on the face that is springy similar to a trampoline effect, while the Srixon Soft Feel, with its higher compression, feels more solid and responsive.


Callaway Supersoft and Srixon Soft Feel aim to add some distance off the tee for a golfer that needs that little extra to be competitive.

The lower spin reduces the curve you will experience, making that slice a little more bearable.

The technology used in the core makes the difference in the distance generated.

Srixon Soft Feel with its energetic gradient growth core that increases in firmness from the inner core to the outer core is aimed at maximizing ball speed.

Callaway Super Soft with its ultra-low compression core and anti-drug ‘Hex’ dimple design is used for extra distance. The ultra-soft core produces high ball speed for the few yards extra.

Due to the lack of spin on both golf balls, you will tend to lose some distance compared to high spinning golf balls but benefit tremendously from accuracy and play more approach shots off the fairway.

In pure distance measurements, the Callaway Supersoft is the longer of the 2, especially for players with slow to moderate swing speeds.

Feel and Greenside Control

Callaway Super Soft ultra-low compression core provides a confidence-inspiring soft sensation off the clubface around and on the greens.

Srixon Soft Feel offers a little more spin than the Callaway providing more confidence that you will be able to stop the ball quicker on the green.

Approach wedge and pitch shots require a bit more controlled feeling giving the Srixon Soft feel the edge around the green.


To manipulate ball flight and work it according to circumstances on the golf course requires skill and spin.

Both the Srixon and Callaway soft golf balls are aimed at low spin for straighter ball flight, thus reducing the ability to work the ball in the same way as a premium golf ball.

The Srixon Soft Feel is slightly more workable than the Callaway Supersoft since the hex design on the Callaway is aimed at a straighter ball flight.


Both of these balls use an ionomer-based cover that is not renowned for its durability. Durability is replaced by the lower cost of the ionomer.

Both balls are generally durable enough to complete 36 holes without affecting your stroke-making ability.


These golf balls are not competing in the premium golf ball category therefore, you can expect them to be more budget-friendly.

The lower price means that you will sacrifice some aspects that can be found in premium golf balls, but while you are sharpening your skills and lowering your scores, the lower price will enable you to stock up more frequently when losing balls in hazards.

Although these balls feature similar construction and features, the Callaway Supersoft is one of the most expensive in this category, making the Srixon Soft Feel more affordable to the average golfer.

Final Thoughts

The use of golf balls in the soft category has become immensely popular, replacing the premium brands in average golfers’ bags.

Swing speeds of less than 95 mph will benefit more from Callaway’s soft compression core, while swing speed that is slightly higher at 100 mph will benefit more from the mid compression core in the Srixon Soft Feel.

Ball flights are similar, with Callaway just edging the Srixon out in distance.

Srixon’s Soft Feel is the better golf ball of the two around the green due to its higher spin rate.

The overall winner may depend on your swing speed and swing characteristics, and level of play.

The Srixon Soft Feel is, in our opinion, the slightly better versatile performer and, at a lower cost, would not disappoint you.

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