Nitro Golf Balls Review: Are They Worth Using in 2024?

Nitro golf balls offer amateur golfers an attractive price point to acquire high-speed, low-spin golf balls which maximize long-game yardage. After combing through our Nitro golf balls review, you will know if the brand manufactures good products and what suits your swing speed.

In addition, I will reveal which Nitro golf balls are best suited to seniors as well as mid and high-handicappers. Finally, you will learn about the manufacturer’s revolutionary Titanium core, which does wonders for energy transfer, velocity, and low spin on long shots.

This Nitro golf balls review covers the 5 best balls from Nitro:

  1. Nitro Pulsar – Best Overall
  2. Nitro Crossfire – Best for High Handicappers
  3. Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball – Most Durable
  4. Nitro Tour Distance Golf Ball – Best for Seniors
  5. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball – Longest Nitro Golf Ball

Nitro Golf Ball Comparison Chart

Ball Pulsar Crossfire Maximum Distance Tour Distance Ultimate Distance
Pieces 3 2 2 2 2
Type Tour-Distance Distance Distance Distance Distance
Cover Material Hybrid-Ionomer Surlyn Surlyn Surlyn Surlyn
Compression Low Medium Medium High Low
Ideal Swing Speed Low – Mid Low – Mid Mid Mid Low – Mid

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How We Reviewed These Products

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To select these balls, we considered the following criteria:

  1. Cost
  2. Launch
  3. Speed
  4. Spin
  5. Feel
  6. Distance
  7. Accuracy

Nitro Golf Ball Reviews: The 5 Top Nitro Golf Balls

1. Nitro Pulsar — Best Overall


  • Generates rapid ball speed
  • Produces incredibly low long-game spin
  • Stable ball flight
  • Impressive carry distance
  • Available in 3 colors


  • Rock hard off the clubface on short shots
  • Low short-game spin


  • Construction: 3-piece
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Compression: High
  • Dimple Pattern: 352 Large Diameter
  • Colors: White, orange, yellow

The Pulsar range tops my list for the best overall Nitro golf ball in 2024 for its exceptional velocity, low spin, elevated launch, and consistent carry distance. In addition, you are treated to the choice of orange, yellow, or white golf balls, with the yellow being the easiest to track and trace.

I was impressed with my ball speed at impact, owing to the firm cover and High Energy Speed Core. I feel slow to moderate swing speeds will have no trouble with the launch and ball flight despite its 90 compression rating.

Next, a Huff Metal mantle sits between the core and the ionomer cover, amplifying my ball speed and lowering spin on all shots. The titanium-fused hybrid ionomer boosted the performance of the mantle by preventing ball speed drop-off and increasing spin for a towering launch.

As the ball left the clubface, the 352 Large Diameter dimples assumed control and stabilized the ball as it sliced through the air. I welcomed the carry distance and added roll, but it all fell apart around the green. I received minimal spin and control with my wedges, but I do not hold that against the Pulsar as it is a distance golf ball.

2. Nitro Crossfire — Best for High Handicappers


  • Produces rapid ball speed
  • Low long-game spin
  • Drag-resistant dimple pattern
  • Outrageously affordable
  • Durable cover


  • It feels rock hard off the clubface
  • Generates minimal short-game spin


  • Construction: 2-piece
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: DuPont Lithium Surlyn
  • Compression: Mid
  • Dimple Pattern: Symmetrical
  • Colors: White, pink, yellow

Next, we turn to the Nitro Crossfire, the brand’s best option for slow swing speed high handicappers. In my experience, it produced phenomenal velocity and minimal spin on woods, hybrids, and long irons shots, generating exceptional distance.

The 2-piece ball is driven by a super high-energy titanium core, which absorbs energy from the clubface to create maximum speed on long shots. The added energy transfer boosted rebound at impact, and I enjoyed the consistent speed, low spin, and dependable high launch.

As it soared into the clouds, the symmetrical dimple pattern assisted my ball, which fought drag during launch and delivered optimal ascent. Once airborne, the dimples stabilized the golf ball and helped it slice through the air, resulting in sufficient carry distance. Plus, the dimples increased lift on the descent for extended length.

The final factor that stood out during testing was the cover’s durability. The DuPont Lithium Surlyn cover withstood a barrage of sand, tree trunks, and cart paths despite its dirt-cheap price tag, coming out with minimal disfiguration.

3. Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball — Most Durable


  • Highly durable DuPont Surlyn cover
  • Produces explosive speed
  • Lowers long-game spin
  • Extremely affordable for every golfer
  • Generates impressive distance


  • Low long-game spin
  • Hard feel


  • Construction: 2-piece
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: DuPont Lithium Surlyn
  • Compression: Medium
  • Dimple Pattern: Symmetrical
  • Colors: White, pink, yellow

Next, we turn to the most durable pick in our Nitro golf balls review as we shine the spotlight on the Maximum Distance range. Its cut-proof DuPont Lithium Surlyn cover held its own against sand, trees, and even my wedge’s grooves.

Priced at under a dollar a ball, Nitro delivers outstanding value for money as the cover stays intact after several holes with the same ball. Durability aside, the Maximum Distance did not play around on high-impact shots, blasting the ball off the clubface for a powerful launch.

The popular titanium core construction makes increased rebound possible on high-impact shots thanks to its impressive energy transfer. As a result, I produced rapid speed and low spin off the tee, leading to a powerful golf shot.

In addition, the symmetrical dimple design showed its efficiency after take-off, ensuring my ball remained stable, and delaying its descent, thanks to an enhanced lift. To those interested, the Nitro Maximum Distance golf balls are available in pink, white, and yellow, with the latter being the easiest to monitor.

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4. Nitro Tour Distance Golf Ball Review — Best for Seniors


  • Easy launching for seniors
  • Boosts energy transfer on long shots
  • Creates outstanding ball speed
  • Low long-game spin
  • Durable cover


  • Limited short-game spin
  • Hard feel on putts and wedge shots


  • Construction: 2-piece
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: DuPont Lithium Surlyn
  • Compression: Low
  • Dimple Pattern: Contact Force
  • Colors: White, orange, yellow, red

Slower swing speed senior golfers require a low compression ball, which is easier to optimize energy transfer for accelerated pace and reduced spin. The Nitro Tour Distance proves the best pick for seniors thanks to its 40 compression score, affordability, colored balls, and elevated flight.

Unsurprisingly, the Nitro titanium core makes an appearance in the Tour Distance golf balls to maximize energy transfer on long shots. Its reformulated structure allows slower swingers to enhance compression at impact, sending the ball high into the air for improved carry distance.

My ball flight was further boosted thanks to the efficient symmetrical dimples found on other Nitro constructions. The dimples eradicated drag during my launch and encouraged increased lift on the descent for extended carry distance on long shots.

The final part of the 2-piece puzzle is its DuPont Lithium Surlyn cover, which reinforced the solidity of the golf ball. Lastly, Nitro offers the Tour Distance in orange, yellow, red, and white, providing more optic-friendly designs. However, I find the yellow and white constructions easier to identify from a distance.

5. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball – Longest Nitro Golf Ball


  • Exceptional distance
  • Consistent ball flight
  • Maximum ball speed
  • Low long-game spin
  • Entry-level price tag


  • Low short-game spin
  • The colored balls are difficult to trace and find


  • Construction: 2-piece
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: DuPont Lithium Surlyn
  • Compression: High
  • Dimple Pattern: Symmetrical
  • Colors: White, orange, pink, yellow

The Nitro Ultimate Distance review closes our analysis of the brand’s products. Although the manufacturer is renowned for their lengthy golf balls, none were longer in 2024 than the Ultimate Distance. The maximum rebound off the clubface, explosive velocity, and low spin lead to a towering, extended flight and increased carry yardage.

Nitro’s famed titanium core powers the Ultimate Distance golf balls, unlocking superior energy transfer and spring off the clubface. The outcome is faster ball zip, reduced spin revolutions, and a powerful strike for impressive carry and total distance.

A robust DuPont Lithium Surlyn cover restricts long game spin and accelerates ball speed on long shots. Plus, the ball cover proved mega durable and withstood wedge grooves, sand, and tree trunks to remain in shape.

I felt the aerodynamic and symmetrical dimple pattern was brilliant, escalating my launch and delaying my landing. The combination produced soaring ball flight and kept my ball traveling longer to maximize carry distance.

Finally, Nitro offers the Ultimate Distance range in white, pink, orange, and yellow. Despite the intention of simplifying life for optically challenged individuals, I found most colors were difficult to follow. As a result, I suggest sticking to the white and yellow finish.

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Which Nitro Golf Ball is Right for You?

nitro golf balls

Each Nitro golf ball has it’s own strengths and weaknesses, so check out more details to pick the right one for your game.

What’s the Best Nitro Golf Ball for High Handicappers?

The Nitro Crossfire is the best Nitro golf ball for high handicappers. Its high-energy titanium core maximizes energy transfer at impact, generating rapid ball speed and low spin off the tee. Ultimately, it is easy to launch and get airborne and is fast traveling. Plus, the balls are dirt cheap per unit, so you will not break the bank when you lose a couple every round.

What’s the Best Nitro Golf Ball for Mid-Handicappers?

I found the Nitro Pulsar delivered the best performance to mid-handicappers, owing to its consistent launch, velocity, and low long-game spin. However, it produced limited short-game spin and control on wedge shots, which mid-handicappers should contemplate.

What’s the Straightest Nitro Golf Ball?

The lowest of the Nitro golf ball’s compression scores, the Tour Distance, delivered the straightest ball flight in 2024. I found it easy to compress at contact and impart explosive speed onto the ball, leading to a high launch, low spin, and straight ball flight.

What’s the Longest Nitro Golf Ball?

The Ultimate Distance ball managed the longest distance of the Nitro balls in testing, owing to its high-energy core and fast, durable cover. The titanium-infused core boosted energy transfer at contact, lowering spin and exploding the golf ball off the clubface for maximum carry and total distance.

What’s the Nitro Golf Ball With the Most Spin?

During testing, the Nitro Pulsar gifted me the highest greenside spin revolutions of the lot. However, it was minimal compared to other tour-performing distance golf balls leading to limited greenside control. This lack of spin is present among all Nitro golf balls.

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Nitro Golf Company Overview


About Nitro

Nitro Golf is owned and operated by Reliable Knitting Works, headquartered in Stuart, Florida. However, the box states that they make their balls in China, and the company does not divulge this information.

The Legality of Nitro Balls

They perform great, but are Nitro golf balls actually legal? They sure are! According to Nitro, their Pulsar, Crossfire, Ultimate Distance, and Maximum Distance golf balls conform to USGA standards. This means you can use the four above-mentioned golf balls during tournament play.

However, not all Nitro golf balls are legal. I urge you to double-check the specs of the balls before making your purchase. This is more relevant to amateurs who intend to play in competitions and require conforming equipment.

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Final Thoughts

Our Nitro golf balls review was a learning curve for me. I have never struck so many firm, durable, and fast golf balls. Although I welcomed the explosive ball velocity, low spin, and impressive distance, I was not crazy about the lack of spin these golf balls offered.

After hitting all of the brand’s balls during a round and at the driving range, I am convinced these are best for slow-hitting medium mid and high handicappers. They are pure distance golf balls that deliver limited greenside control but ensure consistent flight and length off the tee and on approach.

Nitro does have a host of 2-piece, economical distance golf balls that suit the average player, however, I found the Pulsar delivered better all-around performance than its competitors, but its wedge spin still lacked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Nitro Golf Balls Illegal?

No, not all Nitro golf balls are illegal. The Pulsar, Crossfire, Ultimate Distance, and Maximum Distance golf balls conform to USGA standards. However, the USGA website fails to reflect this information, and commentators and authors often mistakenly deem all their balls illegal.

Are Nitro Golf Balls Long?

Yes, Nitro golf balls are long because they are pure distance golf balls, built to enhance energy transfer at impact, lower spin, and accelerate ball speed. As a result, their 2-piece constructions often rebound rapidly off the clubface and high into the air for maximum carry and total distance.

Are Nitro Golf Balls USGA Approved?

No, Nitro Golf Balls are not USGA approved, despite several conforming to the requirements laid out by the USGA and R&A.

What Is the Compression of Nitro Golf Balls?

Nitro golf balls range in compression from 40 on the low end to 90 on the mid to high end. For example, the brand explains that the Tour Distance golf ball is a 40-compression construction. Conversely, the Pulsar pushes a 90 compression, suiting mid to high-swing speed golfers.

Is Nitro a Good Golf Ball?

Yes, Nitro golf balls are good for their incredibly affordable price tag. They are fast, spin low, launch high, and feature highly durable covers to withstand significant impact.

Nitro Golf Balls vs Titleist?

Nitro golf balls are pure distance golf balls designed to spin low and launch high for extended flight. Conversely, Titleist constructs a range of distance and tour golf balls to cater to low, mid, and high handicappers. Ultimately Titleist is a better option as it caters to a broader audience of golfers.

Matt has played golf since he was 4 years old and has written over 150 articles at GolfSpan since 2021. Matt specializes in product reviews using his postgraduate degree in Sports Marketing from Johan Cruyff Institute. Matt has a handicap index of 10.8 and currently plays weekly at Pilar Golf Course near his home in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also loves his Callaway Odyssey Exo Rossie putter and likes a pepper steak pie with curry gravy at the turn. You can connect with him on LinkedIn

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