Piper Golf Balls Review: Pros, Cons, Alternative

Piper Golf was founded in February 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia, embodying the principles of high-quality and reasonably priced golf balls.

For over three decades, a golf enthusiast, Mike Gottfried, had navigated the vast options of golf balls without finding the perfect fit for his game. Like many others, he bounced between high-end and budget-friendly alternatives without substantial improvement.

This conundrum, shared by many golfers, was further highlighted by the resurgence of golf during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the sport emerged as a safe, enjoyable, and social activity. Amidst this growth, new golfers sought to avoid previous expensive errors and demanded quality without a premium price.

This review will focus on their premium golf balls, the latest addition to Piper Golf’s remarkable portfolio.

Which Piper Golf Ball Is Best For You?

Piper Green Golf Balls – Best for +15 Handicaps

The Piper Green golf balls are designed with 2-piece construction and Surlyn cover material. This makes them an affordable and durable choice, especially for golfers with a handicap of 15+.

Their lower spin rate and design for slow swing speeds make them comparable to balls like Callaway Supersoft and Vice Drive. This golf ball is a solid option for golfers just starting out or those looking for an affordable, durable golf ball that still offers good performance.

See if it makes our list of best golf balls for slicers.

Piper Blue Golf Balls – Best for 5-15 Handicaps

The Piper Blue golf balls feature a 3-piece construction with a Surlyn cover, making them an excellent balance between performance and durability. They are designed for golfers with a 5-15 handicap, providing a lower spin rate suitable for mid/fast swing speeds.

This model is a good match for golf balls like Callaway Superhot and Vice Tour. Piper Blue is a great choice for players looking to upgrade their game without breaking the bank.

Piper Black Golf Balls – Best for 0-12 Handicaps

The Piper Black golf balls have a 3-piece construction with a premium Urethane cover. They are tailored for skilled golfers with a handicap of 0-12. These golf balls offer a higher spin rate and are designed for mid-swing speeds, similar to Callaway Supersoft and Vice Drive. Piper Black balls are ideal for experienced golfers who desire exceptional control and performance.

Piper Gold Golf Balls – Best for 0-7 Handicaps

At the top of the range, the Piper Gold golf balls boast a 4-piece construction with a high-quality Urethane cover. These golf balls are meant for advanced players with a handicap of less than 7.

The high spin rate and design for fast swing speeds make them comparable to top-tier balls like Callaway Chrome Soft X and Vice Pro Plus. Piper Gold golf balls are a premium option, perfect for competitive golfers looking for superior performance to enhance their game.

Piper Golf Ball Review

piper golf ball review


  • Distance and Consistency: Piper Golf Balls deliver superior distance and consistency thanks to their advanced core design and durable cover material.
  • Suitability: Piper Golf Balls cater to diverse swing speeds and playing styles, making them versatile for a broad range of golfers.
  • Wind Resistance: Piper Golf Balls offer excellent wind resistance with their aerodynamic dimple pattern, promoting more accurate and controlled shots.
  • Exceptional Feel: These balls provide a soft yet solid feel on impact, much appreciated by golfers.


  • Price: Piper Golf Balls come with a slightly higher price tag compared to some competitors, positioning them as a premium choice.
  • Availability: As a relatively new player in the market, Piper Golf Balls may not be as readily available in all stores.
  • Visibility: While some golfers appreciate the clean, classic white design of Piper Golf Balls, others may prefer more colorful options for easier visibility.

Piper Golf Ball Reviews 2024: Rankings

Category Score
Distance 90
Feel 88
Durability 85
Control 87
Overall 88

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  4. Feel
  5. Spin

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Piper Golf Ball Verdict

Piper Golf Balls are unquestionably an excellent choice for golfers seeking to enhance their game without breaking the bank.

When I tried them, it was on a links course, so they definitely got put to the test! I used the black and gold versions of the balls. They both delivered exceptional distance and consistency even in windy conditions. Furthermore, their soft feel and spin control instilled confidence, which was essential when attempting to make those critical shots on the green. Let’s just say that I didn’t have to buy the beers in the clubhouse!

If you are currently using a more traditional or popular brand, switching to Piper Golf Balls might bring surprising improvements to your game.

While Piper golf balls don’t come with the customization options of some high-end golf balls, they offer a balanced performance suitable for a broad range of golfers.

The price tag for these golf balls is incredibly reasonable, making them an attractive choice for those looking for value. These golf balls punch above their weight, challenging other more renowned brands like Titleist Pro V1 or Callaway Chrome Soft in terms of performance.

In essence, Piper Golf Balls offer an impressive combination of distance, spin control, and affordability. They certainly earn their place in the list of top golf balls this year.

Piper Golf Balls: Features

Piper Golf Balls pack a punch with their innovative features and leading-edge technology, setting them apart from many other competitors in the market. Piper is a brand recognized for its commitment to quality and performance.


Credit: Pixabay

Let’s delve deeper into some of the distinguishing features of the different Piper golf balls.

Piper Green Golf Balls: Best for Players With Low Swing Speeds


  • Extra distance
  • Lower spin
  • Distinctive green marking


  • May not provide the spin control experienced golfers desire

Key Features

  • 2-piece construction
  • DuPont Surlyn cover
  • 332 dimple design

Rating: 4.4/5

When we tested the Piper Green Golf Ball, we found that its 2-piece construction and DuPont Surlyn cover combined to provide a great distance and a stable flight. The lower spin design helped limit slice and hook, making it an excellent choice for golfers struggling with these issues. The 332 dimple pattern contributed to straighter shots, and the distinctive green marking was a visual aid when lining up putts.

Who’s it for?

This golf ball is ideally suited for golfers who hit a 7-iron less than 150 yards and regularly shoot in the 90s and 100s. If you want to maximize your distance and minimize errant shots, this could be the perfect golf ball for you.

Piper Blue Golf Ball – Best for Mid Handicappers


  • Maximizes distance and accuracy
  • Custom DuPont Surlyn cover
  • Low spin rate


  • May not suit those with slower swing speeds

Key Features

  • 3-piece construction
  • 332 dimple design
  • Optimized for swing speeds of 90-105 MPH

Rating: 4.6/5

Based on our first-hand experience, the Piper Blue Golf Ball offered impressive distance and accuracy, courtesy of its 3-piece construction. Designed with a custom DuPont Surlyn cover, it offers durability along with a good feel. The lower spin rate combined with the 332 dimple pattern delivers pure, straight shots, making it ideal for golfers aiming to enhance their accuracy.

Who’s it for?

The Piper Blue Golf Ball is engineered for mid-handicappers swinging at 90-105 MPH speeds and hitting a 7-iron more than 150 yards. If you’re shooting in the 80s or 90s and want a golf ball that will help push your game to the next level, this could be a fantastic choice.

Piper Black Golf Ball – Best for High Spin and Softest Feel


  • High spin rate
  • Soft urethane cover
  • Boosted distance


  • Durability may be lower for players with higher handicaps
  • May not suit those with slower swing speeds or beginners

Key Features

  • 3-piece construction
  • 332 dimple design
  • Optimized for swing speeds of 100+ MPH

Rating: 4.7/5

From our testing and firsthand experiences, we found that the Piper Black Golf Ball truly delivers on its promise of high spin and soft feel. It made a positive impression, not just in controlled environments but also out on the course. One tester, a higher handicapper, found the golf ball to perform exceptionally well from tee to green. While he noted no significant increase in distance off the tee and observed it to be slightly shorter with irons, the ball’s ability to stop on greens and its terrific feel of the wedges and putter made a noticeable difference.

That being said, durability was a concern for this tester. Like many softer, higher-feel balls, the Piper Black may not withstand frequent thin shots or mishits, which is something to consider if you’re a higher handicapper. Despite this, the performance outweighs the durability concern, which may not be as significant for its intended audience – golfers with lower handicaps.

Who’s it for?

The Piper Black Golf Ball is best suited for golfers with a swing speed over 100 MPH, who hit a 7-iron more than 165 yards, and can shape shots left and right. If you’re frequently shooting in the 70s or 80s and need a golf ball that provides increased control, high spin, and a soft feel, the Piper Black comes highly recommended.

Piper Gold Golf Ball – Best for Extreme Distance and Higher Flight


  • High spin rate
  • 4-piece construction
  • Enhanced greenside control


  • Might not suit those with slower swing speeds, beginners, or higher handicappers

Key Features

  • Soft urethane cover
  • 332 dimple design
  • Optimized for swing speeds of 100+ MPH

Rating: 4.8/5

Our in-depth testing and firsthand experiences with the Piper Gold Golf Ball confirmed that it is indeed a top-tier golf ball for extreme distance and higher flight. It particularly stood out in real-world play, where it exceeded expectations in performance and the overall sensory experience.

I was immediately taken by the golf ball’s performance right from the first round I used it. The distance and control it provided off the tee and around the greens were commendable. A unique feature that came to light during testing was the distinct sound the ball made off the club face.

I found that putts had a slightly “clicky” sound, which surprisingly added to the charm of playing this ball. Iron shots sounded crisp, a noticeable difference from other tour balls, and the sound off drives was simply fantastic.

However, the Piper Gold may not be for everyone. Like other high-performance golf balls, it’s designed for golfers with more advanced skills, higher swing speeds, and lower handicaps.

Who’s it for?

The Piper Gold Golf Ball targets golfers with a swing speed over 100 MPH, those who hit a 7-iron more than 165 yards, and can shape shots left and right. If you frequently shoot in the 70s or low 80s and seek a golf ball that offers extreme distance, high flight, and a unique feel and sound off the club, the Piper Gold is worth trying.

Performance Comparison: Distance, Control, and Feel


Credit: Pixabay

Having outlined the primary features of the Piper Golf Balls, let’s evaluate their performance in terms of distance, control, and feel.


The gold ball is the ball for lower handicap players. After this, is the black ball is for mid to low handicappers. The blue ball is for mid handicappers, and the green ball is for higher handicappers. The green ball has less spin, so it will travel further and assist those with lower swing speeds. The black and gold balls are designed for players who already generate a good amount of power but want a focus on spin.


Thanks to their 332 dimple pattern, all Piper Golf Balls exhibit excellent control, offering a consistent feel on contact that boosts the player’s confidence during the game and aids in producing consistent shots. As mentioned, the black and gold balls will provide more spin and control for more advanced players. The blue, and especially the green ball, will provide less control but more distance.


Piper Golf Balls offer a pleasant feel across the different options. They deliver a responsive touch that adds to the game’s enjoyment and makes each shot feel satisfying. It depends on your ability level as to which ball will suit your game most, but you generally get good feel across the range.

What Makes Piper Golf Balls Different From Others?

Piper golf balls come in different colors. We break down the differences in the table below.

Piper Green Piper Blue Piper Black Piper Gold
Price $24.99/Dozen $28.99/Dozen $34.99/Dozen $38.99/Dozen
Piece Construction 2 3 3 4
Cover Material Surlyn Surlyn Urethane Urethane
Designed For 15+ Handicap 5-15 Handicap 0-12 Handicap <7 Handicap
Spin Lower Spin Rate Lower Spin Rate Higher Spin Rate Higher Spin Rate
Built For Slow Swing Speed Mid/Fast Swing Speed Mid Swing Speed Fast Swing Speed
Compare To Callaway Supersoft, Vice Driv Callaway Superhot, Vice Tour Callaway Supersoft, Vice Driv Callaway Chrome Soft X, Vice Pro Plus

Piper Green Golf Balls

Aimed at higher handicappers who want to generate more distance. This golf ball is ideally suited for golfers who hit a 7-iron less than 150 yards and regularly shoot in the 90s and 100s.

Piper Blue Golf Ball

The Piper Blue is an ideal choice for mid handicappers seeking to maximize their distance and accuracy. This ball shines for players with a swing speed of 90-105 MPH, and those hitting a 7-iron over 150 yards.

Piper Black Golf Balls

Crafted for high spin and the softest feel, the Piper Black suits players with a swing speed over 100 MPH, those hitting a 7-iron beyond 165 yards, and those capable of shaping shots from left to right.

Piper Gold Golf Balls

The Piper Gold is the ultimate choice for golfers seeking extreme distance and a higher flight. It’s designed for players with a swing speed over 100 MPH, those who hit a 7-iron more than 165 yards, and those capable of shaping shots both ways. Its 4-piece construction and soft urethane cover offer a soft feel and enhanced control. For golfers shooting in the 70s or low 80s, the Piper Gold offers an unparalleled sensory experience, a unique sound off the club, and extreme distance. It’s the perfect ally for those aiming to elevate their game.

Piper Golf Balls Alternatives

When comparing Piper golf balls to other top competitors, such as the Titleist Pro V1, Callaway Chrome Soft, and TaylorMade TP5, Piper golf balls distinguish themselves with their varied color options and high visibility. While each of these golf balls has unique features, Piper golf balls stand out due to their combination of visibility, performance, and personalization.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

The Pro V1 golf balls are renowned for their exceptional consistency, distance, and spin control, making them a top choice for many golfers. They feature a soft urethane elastomer cover to optimize spin, enhance feel, and improve control and durability. Though they are a popular option, the Pro V1 golf balls may have a higher price point than the Piper golf balls.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

The Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are recognized for their outstanding feel and distance, thanks to the Graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core. They also provide high launch and low spin off the tee, and a softer feel around the green. However, they might not deliver the same level of visibility and color customization that Piper golf balls offer.

TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls

The TaylorMade TP5 golf balls are a great option for players seeking a balance of speed, spin, and control. The 5-layer construction allows each layer to influence ball flight, enhancing speed, and maximizing distance. Despite their impressive features, some golfers might prefer the high visibility and color choices of the Piper golf balls.

Each golfer’s needs and preferences are different, so it’s crucial to test out various golf balls to find the one that best fits your style and game. Whether you’re focused on feel, distance, spin, or a combination of these factors, there are plenty of high-quality alternatives to consider.

Piper Golf Ball Review: FAQs

Are Piper Golf Balls Good?

Yes, Piper golf balls are known for their excellent performance and durability. These balls offer a solid combination of distance, spin control, and feel. One unique feature of Piper golf balls is their wide array of color options which enhance visibility and personalization. Depending on your skill level and specific needs on the course, Piper golf balls can be a great option.

Who Makes Piper Golf Balls?

Piper Golf is the manufacturer of Piper golf balls. They are a well-known brand in the golf industry, recognized for producing high-quality golf balls that offer a balance of performance, durability, and value. They are also noted for their variety of colors, enhancing visibility and allowing golfers to personalize their game.

Are Piper Golf Balls Legal?

Yes, Piper golf balls conform to the rules set by the United States Golf Association (USGA) and The R&A, which makes them legal for tournament play. Check out our list of the best illegal golf balls.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Piper golf balls are exceptional products that stand up well to the best in the market regarding distance, control, and visibility. Their innovative design, vibrant color options, and advanced performance features make them popular among golfers looking to enhance their game.

These are the golf balls that I personally use. Having tried many other options available in the market, I believe the exceptional feel and consistent performance these balls provide that truly sets them apart. The question is, do they feature in our list of the best golf balls?

Let’s be clear. Any golf ball requires the right skills and practice to maximize. Nevertheless, I find my shots with Piper golf balls, especially those challenging long-distance ones, to be more manageable and predictable than other golf balls I’ve used.

We hope you enjoyed our review of Piper golf balls. If you’re searching for golf balls that offer exceptional distance, consistent performance, and the ability to personalize your game with color, these are definitely the balls for you.

Sam has been playing golf for over 20 years and founded Impact Golfer. As a teenager, he discovered his love for the game using his grandad’s clubs, including a wooden driver. As a golf obsessive, Sam plays whenever possible, regularly competing in matchplay with his friends and in tournaments at his local club. He's fortunate to have a close friend who is a club pro– he has tested almost every type of equipment on the market (no freebies yet).

Sam has a handicap index of 13 and likes playing at the Metro Golf Centre near his home in London. He putts with a Taylormade Spider because Rory uses it but regrets selling an old Scotty Cameron putter on eBay.

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