The 10 Straightest Flying Golf Balls

Accuracy is a core challenge for amateur golfers who spend more time searching for golf balls in the woods than lining up birdie putts.

The best way to hit straighter shots is to identify the issues with your swing mechanics and work on squaring the clubface at impact.

However, adding the right golf ball for your swing is an important step in that process.

Some golf balls can even temporarily help you fly straighter today.

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What are straightest flying golf balls for 2024? How much do they cost?

In this post, you’ll learn about the top straightest-flying golf balls this year that can help you improve your fairways in regulation (FIR) record.

You’ll notice that most of these products are two-piece distance golf balls that offer:

  • Low long-game spin
  • Rapid ball speed
  • Straighter flight

Read on to learn all the details.

Top 3 Straightest Flying Golf Balls

Best Overall Best Budget Most Consistent
Callaway ERC Soft TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft Titleist Velocity
  • Enhances energy transfer
  • Generates explosive ball speed
  • Reduces spin on long shots
  • Super affordable
  • Promotes straight flight
  • Restricts drag for a high launch
  • Rapid long game ball speed
  • Low long game spin rate
  • Fast ionomer cover
  • More expensive than other straight flying golf balls
  • The high launch may cause faster swingers to balloon their shots
  • It has a rock hard feel
  • Delivers limited greenside spin.
  • Expensive compared to other straight flying distance golf balls
  • I noticed that the cover wore away rapidly
Price Score 90.1 96.5 89.7
Comfort 93.2 88.1 92.4
Stretchability 94.6 90.2 93.5
Durability 90.1 87.8 88.1
Rating 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars

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What To Look For When Buying A Straight Flying Golf Ball

Low Spin

Your first step when searching for a straight-flying golf ball is to focus on low-spinning golf balls. Minimal spin in your long game helps you produce greater distance consistency and improves accuracy.

The less spin your golf ball generates off the clubface, the lower your chances are of delivering catastrophic hooks and slices. I am not saying the golf ball is magic because it cannot eradicate your mishits.

Instead, it mitigates the impact to give you a fighting chance of making a score after a wayward shot.

Find a broader range of the best low spin golf balls in our detailed guide for increased yardage and improved accuracy.

Stable Ball Flight

To lower spin, your golf ball must deliver stable flight to prevent it from deviating from the intended line. When your golf ball is equipped with 350 Octahedral dimples, like the Titleist Velocity, it slices through the wind and stays straight.

These dimple designs are most common on 2-piece distance golf balls, built for mid and high-handicappers. You’ll find that players in this category are desperate for distance and forgiveness. Conversely, premium golf balls often promote workable flight, allowing superior golfers to shape their shots around the links.

You’ll notice some golf balls flaunt the rules of the USGA and R&A and release illegal golf balls to the market. Although these golf balls improve the outcome of a slice or hook, they are not permitted in tournament play.

I suggest working on your swing and spending the money on lessons instead. That is the best way to eradicate the root cause of your problems rather than patching up the result. However, if these products do not phase you, you should enjoy our review of the best illegal golf balls on the market.

Ionomer Cover

In my experience, ionomer covers are the best material for lowering spin in your game and promoting straight ball flight. You’ll feel that ionomer is the go-to material for entry-level distance balls, built for the average mid and high handicapper.

Our Research Parameters

Golfspan is independent and not pressured by manufacturers to recommend products. We were not paid for the reviews in this article. These golf balls were selected by our team, who have over 100 years of experience playing golf and thousands of hours reviewing products. We may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase something through our retail links.

The Best Golf Balls To Hit Straight In 2024

1. Callaway ERC Soft – Overall Best Straightest Golf Ball

  • Enhances energy transfer
  • Generates explosive ball speed
  • Reduces spin on long shots
  • Produces a high launch
  • Offers a soft feel on strikes around the green
  • More expensive than other straight flying golf balls
  • The high launch may cause faster swingers to balloon their shots

The Callaway ERC Soft is my top pick for straight-flying golf balls in 2024, thanks to explosive ball speed, low long game spin, and improved greenside control. While it is pricier than other straight-flying golf balls, it offers a consistent performance from tee to green.

Callaway suggests that this is their longest soft feel golf ball, and I noticed the effects. The high-energy core in this 3-piece golf ball boosts energy transfer off the clubface to explode ball speed and reduces spin. You’ll find that this combination generates optimal yardage in your long game to place you favorably for your next shot.

Separating the core and the cover is a high-speed mantle that enhances the resilience of the golf ball and encourages rapid pace. In addition, the mantle restricts spin to prompt straight, long golf shots.

Furthermore, I found the surlyn Paraloid Impact Cover restricted drag and encouraged a high launch and minimal spin on long shots. Conversely, the cover reacted differently to low-impact strikes around the green by providing a soft feel and improved control.

Finally, I noticed that the Hex Aerodynamics resisted temptation in-flight to remain stable and straight. Naturally, the ball veered left and right on off-center strikes, as it is not a miracle worker. However, you will enjoy straighter ball flight on average compared to balls with workable flight.

Rating: 4.5

2. TaylorMade Noodle Long And Soft – Best Budget Golf Ball That Goes Straight

  • Super affordable
  • Promotes straight flight
  • Restricts drag for a high launch
  • Lowers spin on long game shots
  • Generates accelerated ball velocity
  • It has a rock hard feel
  • Delivers limited greenside spin.

The technology found in the best golf balls for straight flight can cost a pretty penny, ruling it out for the average golfer. However, numerous quality, affordable constructions perform as well as their peers. One example is the TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft golf, my best budget pick for 2024.

Besides its affordable price, you’ll find that this 2-piece golf ball features a lethal Impact Propulsion Core, which produces serious ball speed. I found that it helped the dimples spring off the clubface on woods and long iron shots for rapid pace and impressive distance.

In addition, super low 34 compression core adds to the speed factor, which slow swing speed golfers will find easy to launch into the heavens.

I felt its 342 aerodynamic dimple structure performed optimally through the air because it resisted drag and encouraged straight flight. This suits high handicappers looking for assistance to keep their ball in play while optimizing their distance potential.

Rating: 4

3. Titleist Velocity – Most Consistent Straightest Golf Ball 2024

  • Rapid long game ball speed
  • Low long game spin rate
  • Fast ionomer cover
  • Provides playable short game feel
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Expensive compared to other straight flying distance golf balls
  • I noticed that the cover wore away rapidly

With all the positives of straight flight distance golf balls for high handicappers, there is the downside of limited greenside control.

Trust the golf ball masters to rectify that, as the Titleist Velocity delivers excellent distance, and playable short game feel for improved shot-stopping power around the dancefloor.

The 2-piece Velocity is powered by an LSX core which delivers ample spring off the clubface, prompting explosive speed and limited spin in your long game. You’ll find that your speed is further elevated by the NAZ + ionomer cover.

I noticed that the NAZ + wore two hats as it provided a satisfactory feel on iron and wedges shots for greater control on approach. You’ll notice that the cover is lined with 350 Octahedral dimples, which promote high launch and stable flight for straighter shots and improved accuracy.

I found that the moderate compression rating of the Titleist Velocity is ideal for mid-level swing speeds. It is not low enough for you to risk ballooning your shot and not high enough to cause reduced launch and a loss of carry distance.

Rating: 4.5

4. Bridgestone e12 Contact – Fastest Straight Flying Golf Ball

  • Enhanced energy transfer
  • Minimizes back and side spin on long shots
  • Generates rapid ball speed
  • Increased control around the green
  • Produces straight ball flight
  • The thicker cover reduces feedback
  • More expensive than other best straight flight golf balls

The Bridgestone e12 Contact offers the average golfer a combination of exceptional ball speed and minimal sidespin. You’ll find that together they produce straight and long golf shots for optimal yardage and accuracy.

The star feature on this 3-piece golf ball was sidespin reducing mantle, which helped the core boost energy transfer and limits sidespin. I felt increased sidespin reduction prompted my ball high and straight into the distance.

In addition, I found that the Contact Force Dimple design enhanced surface contact between the clubface and ball at impact.

On maximum-powered shots, this causes the dimples to spring off the face and produce rapid ball speed for increased distance. Adding to the reduced spin and explosive ball speed is the Gradational Compression Core, which lowers backspin, in my case, by 50 rpm.

Conversely, the ball stays on the face longer on wedge and short iron shots for improved shot-stopping control on the green.

Rating: 4

5. Wilson SmartCore – Best Golf Ball That Flies Straight For Weekend Warriors

  • Super affordable
  • Promotes straight, stable flight
  • The Smart Core reacts to different swing speeds for optimal compression
  • Generates accelerated ball velocity
  • Durable Surlyn cover
  • Rock hard
  • Limited short game spin

Wilson Smart Core golf balls are super affordable, straight-flying golf balls designed for the average weekend warrior. Although they sport a high compression score of 90, the Smart Core Technology adapts to your swing speed to deliver the ideal level of spring off the clubface.

Its ability to adapt to the quantity of force on each shot makes it a versatile golf ball that performs for high handicappers with low to mid-swing speeds. I noticed that the Smart Core produced adequate ball velocity and low spin on all shots. This benefited my distance but hampered my wedge and short iron control.

Unsurprisingly, the Wilson SmartCore golf balls were rock hard and provided a clicky sound at impact, which I did not care for.

Furthermore, you’ll see that these golf balls are covered with Surlyn, which is stiff and durable. It works with the SmartCore to ramp up ball zip and lower spin in your long game. In addition, you’ll spot 432 dimples on the Surlyn cover, which stabilize flight for straighter, accurate results.

While Wilson suggests that they produce optimal spin on short shots, this was not the case for me. However, at its extremely affordable price point, you cannot complain about the distance and accuracy it provides.

Rating: 4

6. Maxfli StraightFli – Most Forgiving Best Golf Ball For Straight Flight

  • Affordable
  • “Find the Fairway” dimples promote straighter ball flight
  • Generates explosive ball velocity
  • Lowers long game spin
  • Delivers consistent distance
  • Firm feel
  • It does offer some spin, but not enough for consistent greenside control.

Maxfli golf balls are often overshadowed by legacy brands, but their golf balls afford the average golfer exceptional leniency. I used the Maxfli Noodle balls in the mid-2000s, and they supported me on my journey from a mid-handicapper to a low single-digit player. The Maxfli StraightFli earns my pick as the best straight golf balls for forgiveness.

I found that the StraightFli is the brand’s straightest golf ball to date, and although it doesn’t eradicate hooks and slices, it mitigates the impact. You’ll notice that its “Find the Fairway” dimple pattern guides the ball towards the short grass, keeping you in play from tee to green.

Maxfli suggests that this golf ball flies 20% straighter than their previous releases, but I found that it was 14% at most.

For example, if a standard slice goes 30-yards to the right, the StraightFli reduced that to 25.8-yards, in my experience. That still saw me well offline. But, 4.2-yards closer to the fairway, giving me a chance of reaching the green on my next shot.

Furthermore, you’ll find that the StraightFli is equipped with a Next Generation Core, which improves your energy transfer for explosive ball pace and low spin. When these features pair with straight ball flight, you enjoy impressive long game distance and accuracy.

Rating: 4

7. Wilson Ultra 500 Straight – Lowest Spinning Straight Flying Golf Balls

  • Forgiving
  • Produces increased ball speed on long shots
  • Limits spin
  • Prompts optimal long game yardage
  • Affordable
  • Hard feel
  • Minimal greenside spin

The second Wilson on our list this year is the Ultra 500 Straight. Like the SmartCore, it features 432 dimples, which ensure a stable, straight flight for improved accuracy on all shots. Wilson impressed me by packing this 2-piece golf ball with low spinning technology for a straighter trajectory.

Besides improved accuracy, the lower spinning golf ball helps you produce maximum distance in your long game. However, low spin alone is insufficient, as you require the added boost of rapid ball velocity.

Wilson engineers fitted the Ultra 500 Straight with an Ultra High-Energy Core to increase the power transfer at impact. As a result, it generates explosive ball speed for increased long game length.

Finally, the Wilson Ultra 500 Straight golf balls are covered with a durable, cut-proof, firm ionomer cover. The firm, stable nature of the cover encourages faster ball speed and restricts spin.

Rating: 3.5

8. Callaway Supersoft Max – Highest Launching Straight Hitting Golf Balls

  • Stable flight
  • High launch
  • Produces rampant ball speed
  • Built for slower swing speeds
  • Lowers spin
  • Limited greenside spin
  • It can cause mid to fast swing speeds to balloon shots

The Callaway Supersoft Max offers an oversized design that produces optimal flight stability for straighter results. In addition, I experienced a high launch, accelerated ball pace, and low spin.

You’ll find that this 2-piece construction features a super low compression rating of 38, which is ideal for slower swing speeds seeking spring and ball velocity. The soft compression golf ball springs off the clubface to produce optimal ball zip for superior yardage off the tee.

I felt the High-Speed, low compression core delivered excellent energy transfer at contact, lowering spin and accelerating speed. Plus, I found that the core provided a soft, pleasant touch, uncanny for a distance golf ball.

Furthermore, the tough ionomer cover improved durability and lowered spin for considerable long game distance.

Finally, you’ll notice that the Callaway Supersoft Max golf balls contain Hex Aerodynamics, which eliminates drag to encourage a high launch for consistent carry distance.

Rating: 4

9. Bridgestone e6 – Best Feeling Go Straight Golf Balls

  • Soft feel
  • Easy for moderate swing speeds to strike
  • Produces low spin on high impact shots
  • Increased spin on wedge and iron shots
  • Generates increased length off the tee
  • Not suited to slower swing speeds
  • Minimal greenside spin

The second and final Bridgestone ionomer on our list of straightest flying golf balls offers the best feeling of the lot. The softcore coupled with Seamless Cover Technology provided an exceptionally soft touch. However, it also delivered consistent spin and ball zip for optimal distance and control.

The core comprises a large yet soft design, made easier for the average golfer to compress. You’ll notice that it creates a muted feel and added stability for increased energy transfer. As a result, you produce accelerated ball zip and limited spin to deliver impressive long-game yardage.

In addition, you’ll find that the core enables the ball to produce increased spin on low-impact shots and limited revolutions per minute off the tee. Remember, the e6 is a distance ball and does not generate the greenside spin of premium urethane covers.

Finally, the innovative Seamless Cover Technology propels straight, consistent ball flight. I find this suits moderate swinging mid and high handicappers looking for distance and an element of greenside spin without sacrificing forgiveness.

Rating: 4

10. Vice Drive – Best Golf Balls That Fly Straight For High Handicappers

  • Durable cover
  • Generates exceptional ball speed
  • Stable and straight ball flight
  • Increased roll
  • Easy to launch
  • It is only manufactured in white
  • It is not built for moderate to fast swingers.

Rounding off our top ten best straight-flying golf balls is the Vice Drive, which created a high launch, ample roll, and a soft core. Overall, I found it a suitable companion for slower swing speeds seeking increased long-game yardage.

You’ll see that the straight flight is prompted by the ball’s 312 large dimple pattern scattered around the DuPont Surlyn cover. The cut-resistant ionomer cover also restricts long game spin for greater distances.

Furthermore, in my experience, the robust cut-resistant soft-energy speed core elevates energy transfer at contact for faster speed and reduced spin. You’ll notice that the combination of these factors produces optimal long game distance on the links.

I found that the Vice Drive possesses a low compression core, which made it a breeze to consistently launch. I feel that golfers with slow swing speeds stand to benefit the most for the easy launching dimples.

The final performance feature that stood out for me was the impressive roll of the Drive. Despite its higher ball flight, it kept running once it landed to maximize my total distance results.

Rating: 3.5


Do Softer Golf Balls Fly Straighter?

Although some soft golf balls fly straighter, not all of them produce straight flight. Golf balls that fly straight tend to generate minimal spin, and their dimple patterns encourage stable and straight ball flight for improved accuracy.

Is Titleist Velocity a Straight Ball?

Yes, Titleist Velocity is a straight ball thanks to its spin-reducing thin ionomer cover and Fast Layer core. In addition, the 324 aerodynamically tuned dimples produce stable flight and help the Velocity cut through the wind to stay straight.

Do Range Balls Fly Straighter?

Overall, range balls do not fly straighter than standard golf balls. However, I have experienced slice-resistant flight with range balls, but that has to do with the lack of friction and the lower spin rate produced when hitting from a mat.

Do Lower Spin Golf Balls Go Straighter?

Yes, lower spin golf balls help you hit straighter and longer. The reduced spin on the ball, coupled with stable aerodynamics, prevents it from gathering momentum to the right or left.


There you have the best straightest flying golf balls in 2024 to keep you on the fairway and allow you to attack the flag more often. The top products in this category offer low spin and stable ball flight for improved accuracy.

Reduced spin lowers the risk of aggravating a hook and slice and reduces the outcome of these shots. However, these balls will not eradicate the issue. Before I sign off, let me leave you with my 3 best options this year.

First, the Titleist Velocity is the most consistent straight-flying ball on the market, given its all-around performance. It offers optimal distance, accuracy, and an element of greenside control, unusual for a distance ball.

Next, the TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft is my top suggestion for golfers on a strained budget. These golf balls go long and straight without breaking the bank.

Finally, the best straightest flying golf ball for 2024 is the Callaway ERC Soft. It earned my respect for its low spin, high launch, and soft feel. It is a mid-range golf ball that offers an all-around performance for the average mid-to-high handicapper.

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