The 10 Best Golf Balls For High Handicap Players

As a golf equipment geek, I love to know what clubs and balls my peers are playing with. I am shocked by the responses, as the chosen equipment is not suited to certain swing speeds or skill levels. In this post, I will assist beginners in finding the best golf ball for high handicap players.

You’ll see that most golf balls on this list are two-piece constructions designed to accelerate ball velocity and limit spin for increased yardage. Plus, all the finalists on our best golf balls for high handicappers list are affordable, accessible designs.

If you struggle to find what you are looking for in this post, check out our review of the best golf balls for the average golfer.

Top 3 Golf Balls For High Handicappers

Best Overall Best Budget Golf Ball Longest Golf Ball
Bridgestone e12 TaylorMade Noodle Long And Soft TaylorMade Distance Plus
  • Restricts spin for straighter flight
  • Increases friction for higher short-game spin
  • Promotes accelerated ball speed
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Impact Propulsion Core enhances energy transfer
  • The soft compression provides maximum spring off the clubface
  • Produces rapid ball speed
  • The dimple pattern reduces drag
  • Delivers low spin on long shots
  • Expensive compared to other distance balls
  • Slow-swing speed players may find the compression slightly high.
  • Limited greenside spin
  • Reduces workability
  • Limit long-game spin
  • Despite TaylorMade’s claim, the ball feels hard.
Price Score 90.1 96.5 89.7
Comfort 93.2 88.1 92.4
Stretchability 94.6 90.2 93.5
Durability 90.1 87.8 88.1
Rating 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars 4.5 Stars

What To Consider When Purchasing A Golf Ball For High Handicappers


As a high handicap golfer, you will lose countless golf balls, and the expenses can rapidly rack up. That is why you must search for affordable balls that avoid breaking the bank if you lose half a dozen in one round.

I suggest sticking to 2-piece distance golf balls at this stage because they are the most affordable. You can pick up a dozen for between $20 and $30. This depends on the golf ball’s brand, quality, and technology.

If you are on a tight budget, there is always the option of second-hand or refurbished golf balls. While these will save you a handsome sum, they may not provide optimal performance due to scuffing or water damage.

Low To Mid Compression

High handicappers typically produce low-to-mid clubhead speed, which best suits balls with low to moderate compression scores. You’ll find that a super low compression rating hovers around the low thirties, while a top modest rating pushes 90.

I suggest you steer clear of exceeding 80, or it becomes challenging to produce adequate ball speed to get your ball airborne. That is why amateur golfers should avoid playing with high-compression balls, such as a Pro V1.

When a high handicapper plays a low-compression golf ball, they enjoy improved spring off the clubface on longer shots. You’ll notice that this helps you produce rapid ball speed for optimal length.

However, if you are generating excess spin with low-compression golf balls, it is too low for your swing speed. Therefore, I suggest seeking a moderate compression design such as the TaylorMade Distance +.

Low Driver Spin

Beginners require all the assistance they can get, including forgiveness and extra length. In order to increase your yardage and improve accuracy off the tee, you need a golf ball with low driver spin.

If your ball delivers excess spin, you can balloon shots and lose distance. In addition, added spin may prompt your golf ball to curve viciously to the left or right. The best high-handicapper golf balls for low-driver spin are ionomer-covered golf balls with a sidespin-reducing mantle, like the Bridgestone e12 golf ball.

Accelerated Ball Speed

Low spin is only one part of the distance puzzle. You also require consistent ball speed to produce optimal yardage in your game. I suggest looking for constructions with a large, soft high-energy core, which promotes escalated spring off the face.

When your golf ball springs off the clubface on high-impact shots, you impart rapid pace on the dimples, encouraging a long shot. Besides the high energy core, I recommend seeking a durable, ionomer cover, which further boosts your speed.

High Launch

High handicappers are generally inconsistent ball strikers. This leads to a reduced coefficient of restitution (COR), a low launch, and a loss of yards. In addition to low spin and rapid acceleration, I suggest looking for golf balls with drag-resistant dimple patterns for enhanced launch.

Sticking with dimple patterns, I recommend sourcing designs that promote uninterrupted flight. In other words, select golf balls that encourage straighter travels and reduce the impact of heel and toe mishits.

The 10 Best Golf Balls For High Handicap Players

1. Bridgestone e12 – Overall Best High Handicap Golf Ball

  • Restricts spin for straighter flight
  • Increases friction for higher short-game spin
  • Promotes accelerated ball speed
  • High launching
  • Durable
  • Expensive compared to other distance balls
  • Slow-swing speed players may find the compression slightly high.

The 3-piece Bridgestone e12 earns my pick for the best overall golf ball for high handicappers for 2024, thanks to its straight flight, consistent yardage, and increased greenside control. In addition, it offered tremendous spring off the clubface on long shots and heightened friction in my short game.

You’ll see e12 balls contain an ionomer cover and Contact Force Dimples, which help boost friction on low-impact shots. As a result, your golf ball sticks on the clubface for longer, enabling the grooves to impart higher revolutions per minute.

Although it is not on the level of a premium urethane design, it provides more than you’ll receive from most distance balls.

Sandwiched between the cover and the core is a sidespin-reducing ionomer mantle. I felt it worked well to restrict the sidespin and boost energy transfer at impact. This produced rapid ball speed and straight shots for excellent length and accuracy.

Finally, the gradational compression core is the driving force behind the e12 as it accelerates ball velocity and lowers spin. You’ll find that your golf ball delivers ample length off the tee owing to these two features.

Rating: 4.5

2. TaylorMade Noodle Long And Soft – Best Budget Golf Balls For High Handicap Players

  • Incredibly affordable
  • Impact Propulsion Core enhances energy transfer
  • The soft compression provides maximum spring off the clubface
  • Produces rapid ball velocity
  • Delivers consistent length
  • Limited greenside spin
  • Reduces workability

The TaylorMade Noodle Long and Softballs are my top pick for high handicappers on a budget for 2024. I was impressed with their aerodynamic ball flight, low compression, and minimal spin, which generated optimal carry distance and roll. In addition, it is rare to find a quality golf ball that is this affordable.

You’ll notice that the Long and Soft are simple 2-piece constructions consisting of an ionomer cover and impact propulsion core. I felt that the core elevated the energy transfer from the clubface to the golf ball, ramping up my ball speed. The durable ionomer cover also restricted low-game spin.

Furthermore, I enjoyed the low compression of this golf ball, which makes it easy for slow-swinging high handicappers to launch it high and long. With a 34 compression rating, it is among the softest balls on the market, which provides plenty of spring off the clubface on long shots.

You’ll find the ionomer cover on these balls is fitted with 342 aerodynamic dimples, designed to improve your accuracy. TaylorMade engineers used their expertise to minimize deviation in flight to keep beginners in play.

Rating: 4.5

3. TaylorMade Distance Plus – Longest Golf Ball For High Handicapper Golfers

  • Produces rapid ball speed
  • The dimple pattern reduces drag
  • Delivers low spin on long shots
  • Suits moderate swing speeds
  • It contains an alignment aid to line up the ball with your target
  • Limit long-game spin
  • Despite TaylorMade’s claim, the ball feels hard.

High handicappers searching for a long, distance ball may appreciate the innovative construction of the 2-piece Distance +. I found that this cost-effective distance ball delivered lightning ball pace, drag resistance, and low spin for increased yardage in my long game.

Despite a soft feel, the Distance + carries a moderate compression of 77, which makes it best for mid-swing speed golfers. Players with slower speeds may find it challenging to launch optimally and maximize length.

I learned that these balls are powered by a React Speed Core, which restricts long-game spin and enhances energy transfer. The core is supported by a hard ionomer cover, which limits spin and accelerates ball zip. Together, the core and the cover, deliver optimal flight, yardage, and accuracy for beginners.

You’ll notice that the tough ionomer cover is littered with 342 aerodynamic dimples. TaylorMade engineers employed this design to reduce drag and increase your apex for consistent launch, flight and carry length.

Lastly, TaylorMade offers the Distance + golf balls in white and yellow. The yellow golf ball is not only fashionable but designed for you to spot it easily on any grass.

Rating: 4.5

4. Callaway Supersoft – Best High Handicap Ball For Launch

  • It provides maximum spring off the clubface
  • The aerodynamics limit drag
  • Promotes high flight
  • Generates rampant velocity on long shots
  • Available in five colors
  • The low compression may cause moderate swing speeds to balloon their shots.
  • Lack of greenside spin. However, the high flight and controlled descent prompt a soft landing.

Callaway Supersoft golf balls have garnered the praise of amateurs thanks to their low compression, accurate flight, and optimal carry distance. Plus, I noticed that its higher flight helped my balls land softly on approach.

You’ll see that the 2-piece Supersoft is powered by a potent soft compression core, which encourages exceptional energy transfer at impact. You’ll find that this 38 compression-rated ball springs off your clubface at contact, creating explosive ball speed for a high-launching shot.

Instead of a standard ionomer cover, Callaway employed the work of DOW Chemicals and finished the ball with a Paraloid hybrid impact cover. This genius creation causes the ball to respond differently, depending on the level of force at impact.

For example, the ball springs off your face on long shots for rapid ball speed while sticking to the grooves of low-impact strikes. You do not produce the spin rate of a premium urethane ball, but it helps you land it softly and quickly.

Finally, the engineers employed Callaway’s famed Hex aerodynamics, which graces the ball cover. I found the aerodynamics fought off the drag to elevate my launch and encourage a high, long golf shot.

Rating: 4

5. Maxfli StraightFli – Straightest Flying High Handicapper Golf Balls

  • Produces straight ball flight
  • Delivers an elevated launch
  • Minimizes spin
  • Accelerates ball speed
  • Generates consistent yardage
  • Limited short-game spin
  • Reduces your ability to shape shots

Accuracy is a major challenge for high handicappers in the target sport of golf, and little forgiveness goes a long way. The Maxfli StraightFli covers beginners and helps mitigate the results of slices with an expertly laid out dimple pattern.

The core feature of the StraightFli is the “Find the Fairway” dimple structure, which impressively pushes the ball back toward the short grass. You’ll find that this feature is ideal for high handicappers with a tendency to hit wayward shots.

Although Maxfli suggests the StraightFli has a soft feel, I beg to differ, but for a 2-piece distance ball, I can’t complain. However, I noticed that the dimple pattern eradicated drag and boosted my launch for high, lengthy shots that landed softly on approach.

Moreover, you’ll find that the Next Generation Core escalates energy transfer at impact to accelerate ball zip and lower spin. As a result, your golf ball springs off the clubface and flies long and straight.

Rating: 4

6. Titleist Velocity – Best Greenside Control

  • Increased greenside spin compared to its competitors
  • Maximum energy transfer on high-impact strikes
  • Encourages a consistent trajectory
  • Lowers spin on long shots
  • Available in four colors
  • Hard feel on short game shots, despite the increased spin
  • Durability

When I refer to greenside control with distance balls, you have to manage your expectations. However, for a 2-piece ball, the Titleist Velocity announced itself with increased greenside spin than its peers, giving me an element of control around the dancefloor.

The Velocity requires two pieces to propel it through the air. They are an LSX core and NAZ + ionomer cover.

You’ll find that the LSX Core prompts superb energy transfer off the clubface generating improved spring, speed, and low spin. Therefore, the average golfer will enjoy a powerful launch and increased carry length off the tee box.

I felt that the NAZ + cover aided the Velocity’s ball speed on high-impact shots, where it reduced friction. Conversely, the smart cover reacted differently on low-impact wedge shots, as it stuck to the clubface for longer, producing an enhanced spin rate.

Lastly, you’ll spot 350 octahedral dimples scattered around the ionomer of the Titleist Velocity, which offers ample forgiveness. It managed to hold in the air without deviating significantly, leading to less severe mishits.

Rating: 4

7. Wilson Ultra 500 Straight – Lowest Spinning High Handicap Golf Ball

  • Restricts spin
  • Generates faster ball speed
  • Promotes straight ball flight
  • Durable cover
  • Delivers ample distance
  • Virtually no greenside spin
  • It feels rock hard

The Wilson Ultra 500 series are ideal golf balls for high handicappers seeking straighter flight, faster pace, and increased yardage. I found the Ultra 500 Straight ticked two additional boxes, as it induced minimal long-game spin and straighter flight.

The High-energy core is the engine of this 2-piece golf ball, and I noticed it improved my transfer of power at contact to boost ball zip on all shots. However, it does carry a 90 compression rating, which best suits mid to high swing speeds.

You’ll spot a low friction ionomer cover protecting the high-energy core. Wilson engineers applied this cover to spend less time on the clubface at impact to limit spin. When combining the ball speed from the core with low spin, you produce impressive length.

The downside of a low friction cover occurs in your short game. You’ll notice that the grooves fail to grip the ball on shorter shots, creating limited revolutions per minute. However, the overall performance works for your everyday high handicapper.

Finally, the Wilson Ultra 500 Straight contains 432 aerodynamic dimples, which fought off drag and lifted my ball for a consistent flight. In addition, the dimple pattern helped the ball slice through the air for a straighter, uninterrupted trajectory.

Rating: 3.5

8. Vice Drive – Best High Handicap Golf Balls For Wind

  • Encourages maximum roll
  • Stable ball flight for straighter results
  • Durable core and cover
  • Limits spin on all shots
  • Maximizes ball speed
  • Limited short-game control
  • They are only available in white

The youngest manufacturer on our list of best golf balls for high handicappers, is the Munich outfit, Vice Golf. I found the brand’s Drive distance ball provided a splendid roll upon landing to boost my total yardage. As a result, it is a suitable choice for wind conditions or firm turf, where the added roll will give you an edge over your rivals.

Before weighing up its performance, I was well impressed with the durability of this golf ball. Its DuPont Surlyn cover is built to withstand high-hitting loads, and it took a lot to scuff the dimples.

You’ll learn that a cut-resistant soft core drives this 2-piece golfer, which improves its durability, restricts spin, and amplifies energy transfer at contact. As a result, the durability enhances the longevity of the ball while inducing lightning ball speed and low spin off the clubface.

The above features ensure your ball gets airborne along an optimized trajectory. However, it is the symmetrical dimple design that makes the magic happen. I saw that the 392 dimples amplified buoyancy to stabilize the ball in the air and prompt forward roll upon landing.

Thanks to the phenomenal roll, that ball gave me an extra 15-yards roll off on tee shots. I feel this is an intelligent choice for rounds in the wind when you need to keep the ball low and gain yards on the ground.

Rating: 3.5

9. Srixon Soft Feel – Best Golf Ball For Mid To High Handicap Players

  • Optimal compression at impact
  • Generates rapid velocity
  • Limits spin
  • Encourages launch
  • Affordable
  • Reduced short-game spin
  • Not recommended for super slow swing speeds

The Srixon Soft Feel is my go-to golf ball for casual rounds. Although they forgo the level of spin I desire, they provide exceptional value for money and perform consistently. It is an excellent ball for casual mid-to-high handicappers looking for an affordable option that flies high, straight, and long.

Srixon opted for a Soft Fast Layer Core to power the Soft Feel and for a valid reason. You’ll find that the core features a soft center and firms up around the edge, offering a delicate feel and stability. As a result, the ball delivers increased compression at impact for superior velocity and restricted spin.

I noticed the core helped me deliver a consistently high launch for greater carry distance in my long game. Unfortunately, it provides restricted spin on the approach. On the other hand, the high flight and gradual descent help the ball land rapidly, more often than not.

You’ll notice that the core is covered by a hard ionomer cover, which lowers your spin rate. In addition, 338-speed dimples line the outer covering and help you minimize drag and maximize launch and carry yardage.

Rating: 3.5

10. TaylorMade Soft Response – Most Aerodynamic Golf Balls For High Handicapper Golfers

  • Promotes increased carry distance
  • Elevates your launch
  • Spins less on long shots
  • Delivers exceptional spring off the clubface
  • Affordable
  • Reduced durability
  • It limits your short-game control

The TaylorMade Soft Response balls outperformed their competitors in the air thanks to their extensive carry distance. In addition, I like the bold color options afforded to us, along with its ball speed, low spin, and impressive compression.

You can see that these are 3-piece golf balls, which is one layer extra than the standard distance golf ball high handicap players strike. The inner workings of the Soft Response contain a large core and an ionomer speed mantle layer.

As you expect, the large core increases energy transfer off the clubface for rampant speed and low spin. I noticed the core was supported by the mantle, which further accelerated ball velocity to encourage maximum length on all shots.

Besides their distance ability, their true strength lies in the aerodynamic ball flight. TaylorMade engineers opted for an Extended Flight Dimple Pattern, which I found delayed the descent of my ball to maximize carry distance.

Finally, the 50 compression-rated TaylorMade Soft Response balls provide exceptional spring at impact. I feel this is ideal for slower swing speeds, desperate for a few extra yards.

Rating: 3.5


Do Type Of Golf Balls Matter For High Handicappers?

Yes, the type of golf balls matters for high handicappers. As a beginner, your swing speed is typically slower, requiring a low to medium-compression golf ball that offers increased spring off the clubface. You’ll find this helps you consistently get the ball airborne for maximum carry distance.

What Color Golf Ball Is Easiest?

In my experience, yellow golf balls are a piece of cake to spot on the golf course. First, they are simpler to spot in the air and stick out among leaves and in thick, green grass.

Should High Handicappers Use Pro V1?

No, high handicappers should absolutely not use a Pro V1. Firstly, they are premium golf balls, and if you lose multiple in a round, it can quickly burn a hole in your wallet. In addition, Pro V1 golf balls carry a high compression rating, resulting in limited spring at impact.

Therefore, you require a higher swing speed to maximize launch and distance, a tag generally reserved for low handicappers and professionals.

Best Golf Ball For 15-20 Handicap Golfers?

The Bridgestone e12 is the best golf ball for 15-20 handicap golfers. The e12 offers consistent length in your long game and improved short-game feel and control. In addition, it encourages straighter ball flight to keep you in play.


Now that you have a clearer idea of what to look for in a golf ball for high handicappers, what will it be? Remember to factor in your swing speed when you select a new box of balls. Plus, consider what type of weather you typically play in and the firmness of the turf.

Golfers rocking slower swing speeds are advised to stick to low-compression golf balls. These are constructions that carry a total rating between 30 to 50. Conversely, moderate swinging high handicap golfers may perform well with a design set between 60 and 90.

Before we wrap up, let me leave you with three high handicap golf balls I think have the most to offer. First, the TaylorMade Distance+ is my recommendation for moderate swing speeds seeking to gain yardage in your long game.

However, those players on a budget should consider the consistent TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft. Finally, the overall best golf ball for high-handicap golfers goes to the Bridgestone e12 range. I applaud its straighter flight, optimal length, and improved greenside control.

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