How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh? Everything You Need To Know

Whether you want to transport a golf cart or are just interested in the weight of your cart to see if it can ease up hills, here is everything you need to know about the average weight of a golf cart.

How much does a golf cart weigh? The average cart weighs between 800 to 1000lbs. Some heavier carts can go up to 1,200 pounds (lbs). Other carts can weigh less than 700lbs. Golf cart batteries can weigh 100lbs each, so the more you have, the heavier your cart will be. 2-seater carts weigh much less than 8-seaters too.

A golf cart’s weight varies based on several other factors too, which you’ll learn about below, including a chart showing the weights of different brands.

Read on to learn everything you need to know.

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Factors Affecting Weight of Your Golf Cart

There are several factors that impact the weight of a golf cart as they can vary in their weight hugely.


An electric golf cart’s weight tends to be less than a battery-powered golf cart before adding the battery. In many cases, the battery adds around 100 lbs to the golf cart’s weight, making the electric golf cart heavier in the end.

Golf Cart Seats

When looking at how much do golf carts weigh, it is obvious that if you have a two-seater golf cart, it will weigh significantly less than a six or eight-seater golf cart. This is something to bear in mind when thinking about what you want from your golf cart – whether that be efficiency around the course or simply space to carry your golfing buddies.


An empty golf cart will weigh less than one stacked with golf clubs.

Additionally, if you have a golf cart cooler for your drinks, this will add extra weight. So too, will seat covers.

Examples of Different Golf Cart Weights

A golf cart on a golf course - Picture: Paulbr75 /

Just how heavy is a golf cart, and how much does an electric golf cart weigh in comparison to a gas one?

2 Seater – Gas

A Club Car Onward golf cart that uses gas weighs 675 lbs (306 kg)

2 Seater – Electric

The Club Car Onward electric golf cart weighs 975 lbs (442 kg).

4 Seater – Gas

A Club Car Onward Lifted gas golf cart weighs 875 lbs (396 kg)

4 Seater – Electric

A Club Car Onward Lifted electric golf cart weighs 1,125 lbs (510 kg)

6 Seater – Gas

A Club Car Onward gas golf cart weighs 1,101 lbs (499 kg)

6 Seater – Electric

A Club Car Onward gas golf cart weighs 1,429 lbs (648 kg)

More Comparisons of Golf Cart Weights

4-Seater – Gas

The UTV Hybrid Linhai Big Hammer 200 is 828lbs.


4-Seater – Electric

The 48V Burnt Orange Club Car Precedent Electric Golf Cart weighs 495lbs.


Check the Weights on All the Golf Carts That Ship Nationwide at

Golf Cart Weight Limit

If you want to know how much weight can a golf cart hold, a helpful tip is that it tends to be around the weight of the golf cart itself and therefore this varies hugely. Say you have a 2-seater gas cart. This can hold around 600 lbs, whereas a 4-seater gas cart holds around 850 lbs.

How Much Can a Golf Cart Tow?

The golf cart towing capacity of a 2 seater sits at around 1,000 lbs depending on the make. The more seats in the cart, the more the cart can tow, which goes for the engine size. A 4-seater cart can carry around 2,000 – 2,500 lbs, and other brands can carry more.

So, if you wondered, can a golf cart pull a trailer? Yes, it can indeed.

How Can You Tow a Golf Cart?

Using your vehicle – the bigger, the better for this – attach the strap to the trailer carrying your golf cart. Once you get it onto the trailer, tie it down with straps or a harness.

Remember to ensure your golf cart is in tow mode too.

Dry Weight vs Curb Weight

The dry weight of a golf cart is the car’s weight before items such as batteries, clubs, and other accessories are added. Ahead of a battery installation, electric golf cars weigh less than gas golf carts, but when the battery is added, they weigh more. The curb weight is the final weight, including accessories and the battery.

There are lots of different golf carts of different weights - Picture: LRMoore /

Why It’s Important To Know How Much Does Golf Cart Weigh?

If you are just renting a golf cart out for a quick round, you don’t have to know the ins and outs of its weight. But if you are more serious about owning a cart and making use of it, knowing its weight is very useful. This may impact how you head up and down sections of the course and if you are thinking about towing it too.

Plus, if you want a street-legal cart, you must know your way around the cart.

How Much Does A Golf Cart Weigh?

Golf carts’ weights can vary by brand, so here’s a chart showing the varying weights.

Make and model Seats Weight (lbs)
Club Car Onward – Gas 2 675
Club Car Onward – Electric 2 975
Club Car Onward Lifted – Gas 4 875
Club Car Onward Lifted – Electric 4 1,125
Club Car Onward – gas 6 1,101
Club Car Onward – electric 6 1,429
EZGO RXV – EX1 Gas 2 692
EZGO RXV – Elite Lithium 2 655
EZGO Freedom RXV – EX1 Gas 2 692
EZGO Freedom RXV – Elite Lithium 2 655
EZGO Liberty – Elite Lithium 4 900
Yamaha Drive2 PTV – Gas 2 751
Yamaha Drive2 PTV – Electric 2 665.8
Yamaha Drive2 Adventurer Sport 2 + 2 – Gas 4 905
Yamaha Drive2 Adventurer Sport 2 + 2 – Electric 4 788.1

Final Thoughts: How Much Do Golf Carts Weigh?

Now you know the average weight of a golf cart, what impacts it, some examples, and why you must know how much does a golf cart weigh. Whether you want to tow one or work out if it will be hard to get up a hill on the course, now you have the information to hand.

Golf carts are very handy for getting around in good time on a quiet course and saving the effort of lugging your clubs around with you for a long day of golfing. Even better, you don’t need a title for them when you’re not out on the road, either.

Whatever you do, make sure you don’t accidentally underestimate the weight of your cart on a hill and end up in a bunker or a pond – we can’t help you there!

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How Much Does an EZ Golf Cart Weigh?

EZ is renowned for providing some of golf’s best carts. Across EZGO’s golf carts offering, the average cart weighs 984 lbs (446 kg). The overall range is from 638 lbs to 1685 lbs as sizes and seats differ too.

How Much Does an Empty Golf Cart Weigh?

An empty golf cart with no clubs or accessories still contains the battery. So considering that the average curb weight of an empty golf cart is around 600 lbs to 900 lbs. If you add other accessories, it will become heavier.

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