What Size Trailer Do You Need For A Golf Cart?

Unless you are having your golf cart delivered upon purchase. You will need a trailer to move it from the showroom to your home or the parking area at your local club. If you plan on taking your cart with you to different courses. Then it makes sense to purchase a trailer.

Recently I was faced with this dilemma when I was searching for a new trailer. It led me to ask the question, what size trailer do you need for a golf cart? In this post, I will share my learnings from my cart trailer hunting experience.

What To Consider Before Buying A Golf Cart Trailer?

Should You Buy Or Rent A Trailer?

It depends on how frequently you intend to transport your cart around. If you frequently play different courses and use your own cart. Then it makes sense to purchase one. Similarly, if you use your cart for other activities such as hunting, your own trailer will give you the freedom to come and go as you please.

Those of you who keep your cart at your local club or only move it once in a blue moon when heading on vacation. May consider the rental option more affordable and convenient.

Golf Cart Measurements

Before making any decision on a new trailer, take the width and length measurements of your cart. That will help save you time deliberating whether or not your vehicle will fit onto the trailer.

Payload Capacity

Once you have sized up your cart, the next step is to check its payload capacity. In other words, the amount of weight that your trailer can carry. You can find the answer in your vehicle’s manual, but if you no longer have access to it. There is an alternative.

Simply subtract the weight of your trailer from the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of the car you tow with., but if it is not on

The result of this equation determines whether or not your trailer can handle the weight of your golf cart.


If you have your own setup and are comfortable with loading and unloading using existing ramps, then carry on. If you are a first-time golf cart trailer buyer, you will need to decide between trailers with a ramp and those without.

Trailers with ramps simplify the procedure since they are wider and easier to drive up and down on. The downside of this setup is that it reduces the space at the aft of the trailer. It could prove a tight squeeze or not fit at all, depending on the size of your cart.

Your Motor Vehicle

It sounds like an obvious thing to check before purchasing a trailer, but it is often overlooked. Ensure that the vehicle you intend to tow with is equipped with the correct towbar to support the load of the trailer.

Are All Golf Cart Trailers The Same Size?

No, golf cart trailers come in a variety of sizes and dimensions to cater to different vehicles.

It is imperative to have the right size trailer for your golf cart to ensure smooth transportation from point A to B. If your golf cart is significantly smaller than the trailer, you risk your cart moving on the trailer, if not fastened.

On the other hand, if your cart just fits onto the trailer. You must distribute the back of the cart’s weight to the front of the trailer. If this weight is at the back, you risk damaging your trailer and potentially your vehicle.

I have categorized golf trailers into small, medium, and large to give you an idea.

Golf Cart Trailer Sizes

Before you drop a legal tender on a new golf cart. It is imperative to know the measurements of your vehicle. Once you know what you are dealing with, it saves you considerable time and effort. If you have a 4 or 6-seater cart, there is no reason to even consider a 4 x 6 or 4 x 8-foot trailer.

Conversely, purchasing a 6 x 10-foot trailer for a 2-seater golf cart would leave you with excessive space between the rails and your vehicle.

Lightweight Trailers

There are two types of golf cart trailers that are considered small. These are the 4 x 6 and the 4 x 8 feet trailers. They can hold the majority of 2-seater vehicles. But in some cases, you may need to leave your tailgate down for the cart to fit, which is not advisable.

4 x 6

The smallest golf cart trailer on the market is a 4 x 6-foot design that can handle most 2-seater golf carts. While these are the most affordable trailers on the market, they offer the least amount of stability on uneven ground or inclines and are top-heavy by your cart.

On the Texas Hunting Forum, a few subscribers mentioned their experiences with a 4 x 6-foot trailer. They found that when these trailers had a tailgate and rails, it further reduced the area. As a result, the tires needed to rest on the tailgate while being transported.

The 4 x 6 pushes the boundaries when it comes to a seamless fit. I would not suggest a trailer of this size, as you run the risk of your cart not fitting.

4 x 8

According to the folks over at Buggies Gone Wild, a 4 x 8-foot trailer is sufficient to haul a standard size golf cart short distances on an infrequent basis. If you frequently haul your cart long distances, it is advisable to look at the trailers in the 5-foot category.

If this is the trailer that you opt for. You will likely need to load your cart on in reverse. This is because the rear tires carry a heavier load than the front. Which can collapse the suspension of the trailer and cause irreparable damage.

I would recommend looking at a bigger trailer than the 4 x 8 foot, as it will be a tight fit. While it may be a more affordable buy than a 5 x 8 or 5 x 10, you won’t be able to role with this on the open road for long distances.

Mediumweight Trailers

Trailers in this category typically range from 5 x 8 to 5 x 10 feet in size. These trailers generally provide ample space for the average golf cart to fit onto. Many consider the prime golf cart trailer size to be 5 x 10, as it can fit 2-seater and most 4-seater carts.

5 x 8

The fellas on Buggies Gone Wild recommend that you do not go with any trailer smaller than 5 x 8 for 2-seater carts. Especially if you intend on lugging your golf cart long distances. With this sized trailer, your cart will be able to fit seamlessly, with no part hanging over the tailgate, if it is equipped with one.

Carts with four seats and more will likely struggle to fit on this sized trailer. If this is your situation, I suggest looking for at least a 5 x 10 option.

To sum up the 5 x 8 golf cart trailers. It is the smallest recommend trailer size to choose for a standard 2-person golf cart.

5 x 9

As we move up into the 5 x 9 feet trailer category, we start to see options that can fit four-person carts as well. In terms of payload capacity, these trail cars can carry in excess of 1600 lbs, which is more than the average 4-seater golf cart.

While it does depend on the size of your tires and their offset. These trailers should have no problem harboring a 2-seater golf cart.

5 x 9 trailers will be able to fit some 4-seater carts. However, they are best suited to a standard 2 person cart.

5 x 10

5 x 10 trailers are a safe bet catering for most golf carts. 2 and 4-seater options will have no problem fitting on within the railings. And they will leave ample space on the sides for easy loading and unloading. This helps you reduce the risk of scratching the bodywork of your cart compared to smaller trailers.

The downside to the 5 x 10 trailer is that you will struggle to fit a 6 person or stretch cart onto it. But for most of us, that will not be a problem, as we likely have a 4-seater at the very most.

To recap. These trailers perfectly suit 2 and 4-seater golf carts and leave you with more width to load and unload with ease. If you are ever in doubt, stick to the 5 x 10 trailer option.

Heavy Weight Trailers

The most common heavy-weight golf cart trailer is a 6 x 10-foot trailer, which can fit most golf carts, regardless of size.

6 x 10

With great trailers, comes great responsibility, and hauling these objects requires skill. The bigger trailer options are generally higher in price than the smaller products we covered earlier.

Overall, these trailers should be able to hold carts for 6-people. But, they are an excellent option for golf cart owners who want extra space to haul other items.

While you should have your golf cart secured no matter what trailer it is on, it is vital to tighten it on a 6 x 10. The reason for this is that there is more space between the cart and the railings. Any movement can cause it to bang from side to side into the rails and ramp.

Overall, the 6 x 10 trailers offer more space and can carry a wider variety of golf carts in comparison to the other carts.

Verdict: What Size Trailer Do You Need For A 2-Seater Golf Cart

You can absolutely get away with using a 5 x 8 or 5 x 9 trailer for your two-seater cart. However, the extra foot of length on the 5 x 10 option helps ensure that your cart is safely positioned on the trailer.

Smaller carts see you run the risk of having to leave the tailgate down for it to fit, which is not recommended.

Verdict: What Size Trailer Do You Need For A 4-Seater Golf Cart

A 5 x 10 trailer should suit you fine if you have a 4-seater cart. If you want the extra comfort of additional space, then you can always go one bigger and acquire a 6 x 10 trailer.

Verdict: What Size Trailer Do You Need For A 6-Seater Golf Cart

Those of you who own a 6-seater cart will not want to look any smaller than a 6 x 10 trailer. Keep in mind that the bigger the trailer, the harder it is to maneuver.

Final Thoughts

Throughout this post, we have identified the different sizes of trailers that are available to you. It is clear that the question of what size trailer do you need for a golf cart? Does not have a simple answer. It is dependent on the size of your golf cart.

In conclusion, a 5 x 9 and 5 x 10 trailer is the right size for a standard 2 person cart. While a 4 seater cart fits seamlessly on a 5 x 10 trailer. Finally, a 6 seater golf cart would be best carried on a 6 x 10 cart.

If you are currently in the market for a new golf cart trailer, you can find more options here.

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