The 35 Best Golf Memes in 2024

Every golfer understands some of the feelings highlighted in many a golf meme, and I put together a list of some of the funniest golf memes you can’t ignore.

Golf is hard. If you take it too seriously, you need the golfer meme to chill out a bit.

First, we’ll talk about how golf memes have changed over the year but don’t miss these hilarious memes coming up.

The Evolution of Golf Memes


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Memes started in the 90s but remained in their infancy for a time. We didn’t see many golfing memes then because the internet and social media still hadn’t sprouted.

But these days with Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok a part of daily life, you can share many funny memes with friends. But it can be challenging to find great ones to keep the laughs going. Here are some golf meme topics to consider:

  • Good luck golf memes
  • Golf trip memes
  • Bad golf memes
  • New golf clubs memes
  • Golf day memes

The top golf meme shared often did a lot to make golf even more fun. But the funny golf memes in 2024 differ greatly from what you saw in the earlier years.

Let’s dive in, and feel free to bookmark this page, so you can come back to it when you need to send your buddy a zinger ?

Classic Golf Memes That Never Fail to Amuse


funny golf meme


funny golf meme


funny golf meme


funny golf meme


funny golf meme


funny golf meme


funny golf meme

Memes That Capture the Quirky Side of Golfers


funny golf meme


funny golf meme


Funny Golf Memes

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Memes Showcasing Golf’s Unique Vocabulary


Golf Memes


CDN media


10 Funniest Golf Jokes

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Memes Celebrating Golf Course Antics


Golf Meme


funny golf meme


funny golf meme


funny golf meme


funny golf meme

Memes Exploring Golfing Stereotypes


funny golf meme


Funny Golf Memes


amazing funny golf memes


funny golf photos


funny golf meme

Golf Memes Reflecting Popular Culture




when your 6 over through 3 holes


when someone says they had an eagle playing solo


when you see your boss on the golf course


Her. Him.


you got a par on the first hole


me after slicing my driver into the woods


Golf lessons. New Driver




funny meme




funny golf

Golf Memes in Marketing


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Meme marketing in golf relies on social media networks to promote a specific golf product, brand, or brand narrative. We’ve seen plenty of companies use them for marketing. A golf funny meme can engage your audience, and they especially work with younger audiences. They don’t take much to create.

Best Golf Social Media Accounts Sharing Golf Memes

Let’s take a look at some of the social media accounts where you can go to enjoy golf memes all the time. Some of these accounts put out some banger memes:

PGA Memes

PGA Memes was one of the original golf meme social media accounts on Instagram that kicked off everything. Stay tuned because they often post some of the top golf memes and often get trends started. They’ve also spawned numerous related pages.


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Golf Gods

This was one of the original golf meme social media accounts on Instagram. Some of their humor is crude, so this choice may not be for everyone. Considering they have over 500,000 followers, you can trust that they create some of the best.


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Having over 115,000 followers, this social media account makes golf memes out of the PGA Tour. He often finds humor in the everyday things out on the golf course and the things that professional golfers deal with all the time from Instagram.


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Golf Banter

People visit this Facebook page for the funniest and most impressive moments in golf, and they also have some hilarious golf memes worth checking out.

Golf Memes

This golf page on Facebook has everything you could want to hear about golf memes.

How to Create Golf Memes

Why not impress your friends with your jaw-dropping sense of humor? The only thing is that you’re old school, so here’s the quick and dirty way to make a golf meme:

  1. Think of funny golf thing that would make a meme
  2. Search for related images
  3. Head to this Meme Generator
  4. Upload the image on which you want to create a meme
  5. Add “top of the text,” and “bottom of the text,”  to complete your meme masterpiece.

Here are a couple of tips to engage your audience and make some hilarious memes for golf.

Tip #1 Ask Yourself if the Audience Will Understand: You could have the funniest meme ever, but if you sell it to the wrong audience, it won’t matter. For example, if your audience of golfers dislikes a brand of golf, you may struggle to sell it to them. Get the audience right, and you can make your memes twice as funny.

Tip #2 Make It Short and Snappy: If you’ve ever noticed, most comedians don’t spend a lot of time explaining a joke. This is because of how it can ruin the timing. In general, it’s better to keep the wording sparse over ruining it by overexplaining it.

Tip #3 Pop Culture is a Great Meme Source: Most of the best memes often come from pop culture, and it serves as a great source to keep coming up with memes.

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How Do I Create My Own Golf Memes?

You must first visit a golf meme generator to create your own golf meme. Once you arrive at the generator, you must upload the photo of your choice and add the text in the photo. After you created the meme, hit “Generate Meme,” and it will give you the meme to download and share. 

Are There Any Copyright Issues When Using Golf Memes for Personal Use?

You only receive copyright protection if you use original images with your own thoughts for the memes. Provided you have done that, you will not have any issues with copyright problems. As long as you created a fixed and original meme, you receive copyright protection for it.

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The golf meme will be around forever to continue making everyone laugh. It’s a great tool; once you understand how to make them yourself, you can create some original ones. Creating golf memes isn’t hard, but the laughs are worth it.

Matt travels the world as a professional writer and blogger trying out different golf courses in exotic spots like the Philippines. He loves the challenge and tranquility in the sport of golf. Golf, for him, is a way of relaxing and enjoying life. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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