Low Compression Golf Balls – And The Pros & Cons of Using Them

Amateur golfers pay attention to the features and aspects of golf clubs such as new drivers or irons, and golf balls usually are overlooked. You use your golf ball on every stroke, so why not pay more attention to what you are playing?

The type of golf ball that you play on all strokes of your round should be more important to you than your driver that you hit only 14 times in a golf round!

Types of Low Compression Golf Balls



A Urethane Low Compression Ball is usually the most expensive type of low compression ball on the market. The added feel that the Urethane balls give golfers is incredible and makes them a favorite from great short game players. A major downside is that the longevity of the balls makes them expensive in the long run.


A Two-Piece Low Compression Golf Ball is the most common low compression ball on the market. The main selling point for these is added distance for beginner golfers. When starting off in the sport, golfers want to get as much distance as possible and a two-piece ball is perfect for that.


A Three-Piece Low Compression Golf Ball is perfect for players that do not put as much emphasis on distance and more on feel. Low handicap golfers that love having a soft feel around the green usually go for three-piece balls because of the feel.

The Pros of Low Compression Golf Balls

Low compression golf balls have their advantages, and the most important positives are:

Soft Feel

Great golfers know that your play around the green is what makes you score well. The majority of players like the ball to have a soft feel around the greens and not feel like they are hitting a rock.

That is why low compression golf balls are superior to other balls around the green and it makes them stand out.

Ability to Spin

For some circumstances, spinning the ball is exactly what you want. The high spin rate that low compression golf balls give players is awesome if you are skilled and can make a ball stop on a dime or spin your iron shots back on the green just like you see on television.

Certain golfers might dislike the amount of spin that you can get from a ball. It all depends on your ability to control the spin and use it to your advantage in most situations.

Added Distance

Probably the biggest reason why golfers seek out low compression golf balls is because of the advertised added distance that you get. Especially for players with slow swing speeds, a low compression golf ball might give you the extra pop to reach greens in fewer shots.

The distance factor is what makes low compression golf balls very appealing to beginner golfers that have a hard time dealing with long holes. Seniors with slower swing speeds really find these balls helpful because of the added distance and ability to compress the ball.

The Cons of Low Compression Golf Balls

While there are obviously a lot of positives to the balls, they can also be a detriment to your game if not used correctly. It all just depends on your personal preference and what you value most.

Too Much Spin

While spin is great in some cases, it is also bad in others. If you have a habit of slicing or hooking, a high spin rate is exactly what you do not want. You would actually want a golf ball that spins less so your hook or slice is not as dramatic.

Too much spin can also really hurt you in your short game. Especially for golfers that do not like to carry their shots and have the ball check by the pin. For golfers that like to bump and run and not spin, a low compression golf ball might be not for you.

Bad Feeling

While some golfers love the feel of these balls, there are of course golfers that can’t stand the soft feeling. Especially with their long game, some golfers might think that the ball is just too soft.

While it is not really a negative side of low compression golf balls, it all depends on your ideal feel and what you think is right. Golfers with high swing speeds could hit these balls and have an awful feeling because they compress the ball so much.

Which Golfers Should Use Low Compression Golf Balls?


The types of golfers that should use low compression golf balls:

  • Players with slow swing speeds
  • Players that love the feel around the greens
  • Beginner golfers that want more distance off the tee
  • Women/Senior golfers with slow swing speeds

Companies that Make the Best Low Compression Golf Balls

The best companies to shop for when looking at low compression golf balls are:

  • Titleist
  • Bridgestone
  • Callaway
  • Srixon
  • Vice

Keep in mind that there certainly are a lot of great companies that are producing these types of balls. It all comes down to personal preference.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

That concludes the low compression golf ball discussion. The next step is to see if they fit your ideal feel and swing speed. Also, if you want to have a higher spin rate or a lower one.

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