10 Best Golf Balls for Seniors of All Skill Levels

A 2-piece low-compression ball like the Callaway SuperSoft can help add distance for seniors whose swing speed decreases with age. Plus, it will give you some forgiveness and won’t break the bank if you slice a few into the pond. 

A harder golf ball could make launching more difficult if your swing speed is slowing. 

However, there are a lot of great balls for seniors with other positives. If you buy the wrong ball, you could hurt your game or waste money on premium balls, which will be a waste of money. 

Featured Best Golf Balls for Seniors

  1. Best Overall: Callaway Supersoft has the best feel and exceptional distance for most golfers.
  2. Budget Pick: Pinnacle Soft Feel is affordable and does wonders for long game distance.
  3. Best for Visibility: Chromax Metallic M5 is easy to see and has a strong core and cover for durability.

How I Reviewed These Balls

matt callcott stevens with noodle long and soft and callaway supersoft golf balls which are good for seniors

I currently play with the Callaway Supersoft and Noodle Long and Soft. I also have bought and used the rest of the balls in this at some point over the past year at the golf course near my home in Buenos Aires.  

I started playing golf when I was 4 when Rory Sabattini’s dad put a 7-iron in my hand. 28 years later, I’m happy to be still playing this great game and grateful to share what I’ve learned testing and reviewing products.

I then thoroughly researched and evaluated the balls shared below. Then, an editor fact-checked the list. Finally, we conduct regular content audits to update and revise our reviews to ensure you receive the latest information. 

To select these balls, I considered these criteria: cost, distance, forgiveness, durability, spin, feel, colors, and control. 

Golfspan can bring these reviews to you through the small commissions we earn if you buy through the links below.

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1. Best Overall – Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls


  • Beginner senior golfers can reap most out of its features
  • Multiple vibrant colors
  • Awesome distance combined with a soft feel
  • Excellent on the putting green


  • The matte finish may not be to everyone’s liking
  • Lack of stopping distance on the greens
  • Skilled golfers may feel a lack of control over the ball


  • Construction: 2 piece
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Compression: 38
  • Dimple Pattern: Hex Aerodynamics
  • Colors: White, matte yellow, matte green, matte orange, matte pink, matte red

The Callaway SuperSoft is a 2-piece, low-compression golf ball worth every penny. It has a 35 compression rating, making this one of the softest golf balls– meaning it’s easier to launch and can add distance. Plus, it has a softer feel at impact. 

The SuperSoft is ideal for golfers with club speeds below 95 mph from the tee, as this range will yield the best results. 

The Supersoft is available in matte-finished bright-colored balls, making it easy to spot after your extra-long drive or in the rough. Plus, they’re reasonably priced, so you don’t need to stress too much if you lose a ball. 

Because of this ball’s softness, I love how it feels while putting with it.

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2. Best Budget Pick – Pinnacle Soft Feel


  • Entry-level price tag
  • Boosts ball speeds
  • Limits spin on long game shots
  • High ball flight
  • Impressive distance


  • Rock hard feel
  • Limited short game spin


  • Construction: 2 Piece
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Compression: Mid 40’s
  • Dimple Pattern: Icosahedral Dimple
  • Colors: White, pink

The Pinnacle Soft Feel is a forgiving ball, and its 2-piece construction generates rapid ball speed and low spin on long shots for maximum distance. Although it’s not the softest golf ball, its entry-level price tag is attractive to the average senior golfer.

Pinnacle engineers crafted the core to boost energy transfer at contact to spring the golf ball skywards for superior carry and total distance.

The durable ionomer helps to improve ball speed and minimize spin. In addition, this durable cover also significantly increases the life of the ball. Finally, the 332 icosahedral dimple design gives the ball a straight ball flight, increasing carry length and accuracy. 

Although it’s a soft ball, it does feel a little hard off the club face and has limited spin on wedge shots. 

Growing up, Pinnacle was a popular brand in my rural hometown, owing to its affordability, durability, and distance capabilities. Fast forward to 2024, and I still find them an attractive offering for slower-swing-speed senior golfers.

Have you heard about the new golf rollback rule? It emphasizes how important a golf ball can be to your performance.

3. Best for Visibility – Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls


  • The vast array of colors makes this ball stand out visibility, especially in inclement weather conditions.
  • Expect long shots with extra roll resulting from the durable cover and a strong core.
  • The M5 will be a big attention grabber in your four-ball and other golfers that encounter it on the course.


  • The color could create a distraction due to all the attention it receives from other golfers.


  • Construction: 2 layers
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Compression: N/A
  • Dimple Pattern: Larger
  • Colors: Orange, gold, green, yellow, purple, blue, pink, silver

The Chromax Metallic M5 has one of the coolest color ranges. It’s a 2-piece ball with a compression rating of 75, plays long, and has a lot of roll on and off the greens

I love the unique metallic color coating that makes this ball visible from miles away. I found that tracking ball flight also became much more convenient. This can be especially useful for senior golfers with weak eyesight. 

Simply by the looks of these balls, they’re a great conversation starter. So, if you’re looking to make new friends on the course, these golf balls are your golden ticket (quite literally). 

Although it comes in various vibrant colors, my favorites are gold and silver. I found them to be easiest to spot on the greens. 

The ball also has a high-energy inner core and titanium powder molded under high pressure and temperature conditions for maximum durability. 

It has 302 larger dimples, which helps reduce air drag and achieve a longer distance. The outer cover also provides high energy transfer and spin for distance and control.

4. Easiest Launching – Wilson Duo Soft


  • A soft core
  • Easy launching
  • Blasts ball speed
  • Affordable
  • Provides more spin and control on the greens


  • Not ideal for faster swing speeds
  • Some seniors may prefer a lower launch


  • Construction: 2 piece
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Compression: 35
  • Dimple Pattern: Shallow dimples
  • Color Options: Green, red, orange, pink, yellow, white

The Wilson Duo Soft rocks a 35 compression score, which helps seniors get more bounce off the face for a higher and easier launch

The 2-piece ball is a pure distance construction that flies high, long, and relatively straight for greater accuracy. The ionomer plastic also minimizes spin and gives you straighter ball flights. This, combined with the shallow dimple design, gives improved aerodynamics. 

Despite a reputation for entry-level equipment, Wilson has accompanied golfers to over 62 major titles

I enjoyed the work of the reformulated core, which allows for incredible energy transfer at impact. Plus, this ball is particularly impressive around the greens. 

While it’s a long way from the performance of a urethane-covered tour ball, the spin and control were sufficient, making them ideal for the average senior golfer.

5. Straightest Ball – Noodle Long And Soft


  • Promotes straighter flight
  • Elevated launch
  • Generates optimal carry distance
  • Built for slower swing speed golfers
  • Impressive short-game control for a distance ball


  • Not suited to higher swing speeds
  • Only available in white


  • Construction: 2-piece
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Compression: 69
  • Dimple Pattern: Aerodynamic
  • Color Options: White

The Noodle Long and Soft is a reliable golf ball that delivers the straightest flight during testing. It did not completely solve my slices, but it did well enough to avoid a complete disaster. 

I found that the 342-aerodynamic dimple pattern resisted drag superbly for a high launch and boosted stability in flight for straighter results. This feature is particularly handy for high-handicapper seniors struggling for accuracy from tee to green. Plus, it rolled smoothly off the putter face. 

The ultra-soft impact compression core generated exceptional spring off the clubface on high-impact shots, leading to a faster pace and lower spin. As a result, I enjoyed a consistently elevated launch for optimal carry distance.

The Noodle Long and Soft is an affordable golf ball with incredible forgiveness and consistency for high-handicap golfers.

Learn about other low-compression golf balls for seniors in our detailed review of these easy-launching constructions.

6. Most Durable – Vice Drive


  • Durable
  • Maximizes carry distance
  • Increases roll
  • Soft core
  • High flight


  • Hard golf ball
  • Limited spin


  • Construction: 2 piece
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: Surlyn
  • Compression: N/A
  • Dimple Pattern: Symmetrical
  • Color Options: White

The Vice Drive is a two-piece ball suitable for slow to medium swing speeds. It’s ideal for slow to medium-swing-speed senior golfers seeking stable flight, extra roll, and durability.

In my case, the golf ball sprung off the clubface, producing restricted driver spin and accelerated ball speed. 

The ball also had a straighter flight due to its unique dimple design. I also particularly liked the extra roll on longer shots. This ball, combined with the durable DuPont Surlyn cover, is an absolute steal for its price point. 

However, I have to point out that the ball did not perform as well on the short game; it delivered restricted spin and felt hard off the putter’s face

7. Lowest Driver Spin – Titleist Velocity


  • Super low driver spin
  • Impressive distance
  • Various colors to choose from
  • Produces exceptional velocity
  • A high ball flight


  • Limited greenside spin
  • More expensive than other distance balls


  • Construction: 2-piece
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Compression: N/A
  • Dimple Pattern: Octrahedral
  • Color Options: White, matte green, matte blue, matte orange

The Titleist Velocity is a tried and tested golf ball for slow to medium swing speeds to produce higher flying shots, low spin, and rapid pace perfect for slower-swinging seniors. Despite carrying a higher price than other distance balls, this durable design is worth the investment for its added length.

In my case, I enjoyed consistent carry distance due to the octahedral dimples, and I found it easy to track the matte-colored balls in the air and on the greens.

The LSX Core is covered by the lightning-fast NAZ+ cover, which further jolts your ball speed off the clubface. This is ideal for golfers looking to get those extra yards with each shot.

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8. Best for Ladies – Srixon Soft Feel Lady


  • Launches high
  • Rapid ball speed
  • Low driver spin
  • Relatively soft feel for a distance ball
  • Affordable


  • Some ladies may prefer a low-launching ball
  • Limited colors to choose from


  • Construction: 2 piece
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Compression: 58
  • Dimple Pattern: Speed Dimple
  • Colors: White, pink

The Srixon Soft Feel Lady is an easy-launching golf ball with sufficient distance and a greenside feel. It’s also affordable and available in an easy-to-track pink finish.

Despite its standing as a distance ball, the Srixon soft feel golf ball always provided an element of spin for more greenside control than most in the category.

The driving force behind the Soft Feel Lady is an advanced FastLayer core, as it increases speed and encourages superior compression. I found that this gave a higher launching golf shot and improved carry distance. 

I tested this ball during a windy day and was pleasantly surprised to see it hold its flight and direction even through the gushing winds. The Soft ionomer cover also gives this ball a smooth feel upon contact.

9. Best for Short Game Control – TruFeel


  • Enhanced greenside feel
  • Accelerated ball speed
  • Low driver spin
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Promotes high launch


  • The softer cover was not exceptionally for ionomer.


  • Construction: 2 piece
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Compression: Low
  • Dimple Pattern: Tetrahedral
  • Colors: White, yellow, matte red

The final Titleist pick on our list of best golf balls for seniors 2024 is the soft TruFeel. The affordable price does not compromise on quality and delivers exceptional greenside control and short-game feedback. 

The 2.0 TruFlex cover keeps spin as its main focus and enhances performance. Yes, it’s not a Pro V1, but trust Titleist engineers to find a way to spin a distance ball.

The TruFeel ball improves greenside feel and control without using a urethane cover. Besides its short-game exploits, it’s still one of the longest golf balls for seniors while maintaining consistency.

A fast, low-compression TruTouch Core improves energy transfer at impact, maximizing distance and speed by decreasing spin on long game shots.  

I also appreciated the consistency of my ball flight with the TruFeel. My ball launched without challenges and enjoyed an enhanced slipstream through the air.

10. Best for Consistent Flight – TaylorMade Soft Response


  • Produces consistent flight
  • High flex core
  • Low compression
  • Durable cover
  • Easy to track red finish


  • Minimal greenside spin
  • Only available in two colors


  • Construction: 2 piece
  • Golf Ball Type: Distance
  • Cover Material: Ionomer
  • Compression: 50
  • Dimple Pattern: Seamless
  • Colors: White, red

We close out our best golf balls for seniors with our most consistent ball flight winner. The TaylorMade Soft Response is a low-compression golf ball with great ball flight and high launch angles.

It’s the perfect golf ball for mid-handicappers with better control over their golf balls and swing.

The low-compression ZnO Flex core delivered ample spring at impact, which helped my moderate swing speed produce a powerful launch, faster ball speeds, and consistent distance

Finally, I found the red ball was easier to follow in the air and identify in thicker rough. The alternative option is a standard tour white golf ball.

What To Look For When Buying a Set of Golf Balls

best golf ball for seniors

When buying golf balls for seniors, you might as well take advantage of the improved technology to find a ball that complements the changes in their game, such as decreased swing speed and vision. Here are key factors to consider:

  • Visibility: As vision diminishes with age, choosing brightly colored golf balls can help seniors easily track and locate their shots, speeding up play and reducing lost balls.
  • 2-Piece Construction: Seniors often benefit from 2-piece golf balls offering lower compression, higher energy cores, and low spin for higher launch and optimal distance. However, due to their durable ionomer covers, these balls may limit spin and control in short game shots.
  • Low to Mid Compression: Senior golfers should opt for golf balls with a compression score of 30 to 70, facilitating easier launch and maximizing energy transfer for faster ball speed and optimal distance.
  • Price: While expensive golf balls offer more spin, they may not be the best choice for seniors. Affordable golf balls can still offer good performance without the extra cost of premium balls.
  • Location and Weather Conditions: The choice of golf balls for seniors should also factor in the course type and local weather conditions, as different environments require different ball characteristics for optimal performance.


What Golf Ball Should Seniors Use?

Seniors should use low-compression distance golf balls, which boost ball speed to increase carry distance. Most slower swing speed seniors find that low compression balls like the Callaway Supersoft are the easiest to achieve consistent launch, flight, and carry yards.

What Are The Longest Golf Balls For Seniors?

The Titleist Velocity is the longest golf ball for seniors in 2024. An LSX Energy Core and fast NAZ+ cover power their incredibly low driver spin and rapid ball zip. These components combine to boost carry and total distance for seniors.

Are Pro V1 Golf Balls Good For Seniors?

No, Pro V1 golf balls are not good for most seniors. Their high compression and complex structure require higher swing speeds to launch and maximize distance consistently. However, younger seniors with higher swing speeds may appreciate their all-around performance, especially around the green.

Does It Matter What Golf Ball You Use As A Senior?

Yes, it does matter what golf ball you use as a senior because the incorrect construction can cost you distance, spin, and accuracy. If seniors play a four-piece golf ball with high compression, they struggle to launch it consistently. This leads to a loss of carry and total distance and hampers their ability to reach greens in regulation.

Final Thoughts

The golf balls reviewed are all suitable for senior golfers and are not biased toward any brand. If you are indecisive about which ball to play, do a ball fitting at your local professional to get the most enjoyment out of your game.

It will give you a new perspective on the aspects of the ball most suited to your game.

Stick with one type of ball for at least 12 rounds to determine whether it is best for you. Do not swap between brands and ball types; it will impact your consistency. Overall, the Callaway Supersoft is my top recommendation for seniors, given its low compression, rapid ball speed, and limited long-game spin.

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Matt has played golf since he was 4 years old and has written over 150 articles at GolfSpan since 2021. Matt specializes in product reviews using his postgraduate degree in Sports Marketing from Johan Cruyff Institute. Matt has a handicap index of 10.8 and currently plays weekly at Pilar Golf Course near his home in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also loves his Callaway Odyssey Exo Rossie putter and likes a pepper steak pie with curry gravy at the turn. You can connect with him on LinkedIn

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