Callaway SuperHot 55 vs SuperHot 70

Callaway has over the years been a leading manufacturer of golf equipment, and their range of golf balls is everchanging with innovations to satisfy all levels of golfers. Jon Rahm, the No 1 golfer in the world today plays a Callaway ball as does Zander Schauffele a young and upcoming star on the PGA Tour.

The importance of putting the correct ball into play should never be underestimated, and time should be taken out on the course to test the ball that suits your playing style and swing speed.

The Importance of Knowing your Swing Speed

Knowing at what speed you swing the club, will help determine which ball to put into play to maximize performance. Too often golfers will play with a ball their hero plays on the pro tour but loses performance, rather than gains it. When testing your swing speed remember the irons equal about 75 percent of the driver speed.


Manufacturers have recognized that slower swing speeds need a golf ball with lower compression, to get the best results on the course. By compressing the ball through impact, the characteristics of the ball will be exploited and deliver expected performance.

Spin Rate and Feel

With new technology available, Callaway produces golf balls with a low or high spin rate, soft or firmer feel, but generally, there is a “trade-off” between control and distance. Callaway has recognized this and we will undertake a ball comparison between the SuperHot 55 and the SuperHot 70 ball.

Callaway SuperHot 55 vs SuperHot 70

Callaway SuperHot 55


  • Ideal 55 compression for slow swing speeds
  • Maximum distance due to low spin rate on the driver and long irons
  • Low spin rate reduces hooks and slices
  • Good ball in windy conditions
  • A 3-piece ball with a durable Trionomer Cover
  • Price tag good


  • The low spin characteristics reduce the workability of the ball in the air
  • Greenside spin control reduced

The SuperHot 55 has been on the market for a few years and is a very popular golf ball for mid handicappers and beginners. It offers low spin, distance, and a soft feel, which at the price, is a good buy. A 3-piece design with a Trionomer Cover, the feel is soft off the clubface.

The proven aerodynamic 332 Hex Dimple Pattern ensures low drag on the ball and optimal lift with a strong flight. The 55 compression is on the low side, but suits golfers with a slower swing speed, and is an excellent choice for senior or women golfers.

The low spin generated on the driver and long irons produce a long straight ball flight. The reduced spin negates the sidespin on the ball, thus reducing hooks and slices.

Who Should Play the SuperHot 55 Ball?

Seniors, women, and slower swing speed golfers who are prepared to sacrifice greenside spin control for distance off the tee. Coastal golfers will benefit immensely from this low-spin ball. Golfers choosing to play bump and run approach shots over the aerial route.

Callaway SuperHot 70


  • A great ball for players seeking distance and height off the tee
  • Play a quality 3-piece ball
  • Slow swinging senior or women golfers will achieve excellent all-round game improvement
  • Easy compression of the ball for enhanced feel through impact
  • Reduced side spin will deliver straighter ball flight and fewer slices and hooks
  • Great ball for windy conditions
  • Price tag


  • Players seeking greenside control and soft feel may find the ball too hard
  • Not suited to high swing speed players

The Callaway SuperHot 70 is a golf ball that is very similar to the SuperHot 55, save for the increase in compression. With this added compression the ball feels a bit harder off the clubface, which will suit players wanting to feel the strike on the ball.

Callaway has continued with the aerodynamic 332 Hexagonal Dimple Pattern, which offers extremely low drag and added lift to the strong ball flight. Players seeking distance and a higher ball flight off the tee will appreciate this ball. The harder feel does not impact the spin qualities around the green.

The Trionomer Cover composition is durable and produces low spin on the driver and long irons, while still offering a good soft feel. Reduced side spin on the ball will please those golfers who tend to slice or hook the ball.

Who Should Play the Callaway SuperHot 70 Ball?

Senior golfers or women golfers with slow swing speeds will enjoy putting this ball into play. The slightly harder feel and the flight characteristics offer increased distance with less spin for more accurate tee shots. Players playing at the coast or in windy conditions will reap the benefits of this low spin ball. Bump and run approach shots on links type courses, are suited to this ball.

Final Thoughts

Premium golf balls are expensive and are not always the right choice of a golf ball to put into play. Higher compression, soft covers that mark easily, and high spin rates are a few characteristics that will not suit the slow swing speed golfer. Playing a softer compression ball will improve scores and enjoyment.

The Callaway SuperHot 55 and 70 are worth trying especially for coastal golfers. What have you got to lose?

Nick is the founder of GolfSpan and an avid golfer. He's not quite a pro but has over 15 years of experience playing and coaching golfers worldwide. His mission is to bring the golfing community a better experience when it comes to choosing the right golf gear and finding the right setup for your game.

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