What Are The Average Golf Cart Dimensions?

While golf carts may appear to be relatively standard in size the dimensions do differ quite a bit. This is important for storage, comfort, and ease of use. We will explain the average golf cart dimensions.

Standard Golf Cart Width

Golf carts have become a common sight on most golf courses and are used more frequently for transport than ever before.

Most golf courses cater to standard-sized golf carts and have designed their cart paths accordingly. However, as we all know, golf equipment manufacturers do not like to follow competitors and comply with standards set by the opposition.

How do you make sure that your cart will be able to cross bridges and get up a steep hill if there is no standard?

How Wide are Golf Course Pathways?

Firstly, let’s consider the average width of golf course pathways.

Generally, cart paths that are in the open are not a problem since you can navigate your way around obstacles.

The biggest concern is when you encounter narrow bridges or tunnels that are of a specific size. It is advisable to enquire at the clubhouse whether there are any such constraints on the course. The size of the parking space available in your garage will also play a significant role in your final decision.

All measurements referred to in this document are from the outer edges of the seats.

Typically, 2-seater golf carts measure around 4 feet wide, 8 feet long, and 6 feet high.

How Wide is a Golf Cart Seat?

On average the front seat of a golf cart is 41 ½ inches while the back seat is approximately ¾ inch narrower.

Most carts have seats that are approximately 20 ½ inches deep to allow most golfers to sit comfortably.

Dimensions of a Golf Cart Roof?

To protect its passengers from the ultraviolet rays crashing down from the sun as well as heavy rain and hail, golf carts come with a roof.

The cart width plays a significant role in the width of the roof but generally, manufacturers allow for some overhang.

The length of the cart roof is dependent on the seating configuration. It ranges from 54 inches for a two-seater up to 112 inches for a for-seater or 6 -seater.

Golf Cart Basket Dimensions

Most carts come with a basket allowing you to store the headcovers or even to place a cooler with welcome refreshments out in the heat.

On average these baskets measure 18.12 inches wide, 10.25 inches deep, and 17.56 inches high.

Golf Cart Parking Dimensions

Standard parking space dimensions vary from course to course and country to country according to the most popular carts in the area.

The standard size parking bay for carts in the United Kingdom measures 7.9 feet wide and 16 feet long. In the USA, the DOT (Department of Transport) set minimum requirements for width is around 9 feet wide and 20 feet long.

Golf Cart Trailer Dimensions

You may want to transport your golf cart to the various golf courses that you regularly play. Ideally, you should use a golf cart trailer for this exceeding the measurements of your golf cart to allow for some space.

The typical golf cart trailer measures 5 feet wide and 10 feet long to accommodate most brands. Smaller trailers can work provided it is larger than your cart dimensions.

It can fit on the average-sized pickup truck, but it comes with its own challenges getting it to the higher loading space.

Carts from the three most popular brands measure as set out below.

Yamaha Golf Cart Dimensions

  • UMAX One – 49 inches wide, 111 inches long, 49 inches high
  • UMAX Two 49 inches wide, 111 inches long, 72 inches high
  • UMAX Bistro – 49 inches wide, 128 inches long, 49 inches high
  • UMAX Rally – 53 inches wide, 122 inches long, 51 inches high
  • Adventurer Sport 2+2 – 51 inches wide, 109 inches long, 50 inches high
  • The Drive 2 – 47 inches wide, 94 inches long, 71 inches high
  • Concierge 4 – 47 inches wide, 128 inches long, 48 inches high
  • Concierge 6 – 47 inches wide, 161 inches long, 47 inches high

Club Car Golf Cart Dimensions

  • OnWard 2 Passenger – 48 ¾ inches wide and 71 inches long as does the Club Car Onward 4 Passenger 4.
  • Onward Lifted 4 Passenger – 49 inches wide, 114 inches long, and 80 inches high.
  • Precedent Stretch PTV – 47 inches wide, 144 inches long, and 69 inches high.
  • Villager 2 – 47 inches wide, 92 inches long, and 69 inches high
  • Villager 2 LSV –47 inches wide, 91 inches long, and 68 inches high
  • Villager 2+2 LX LSV – 51 inches wide, 110 inches in length, 50 inches high
  • XRT 800 – 45 inches wide, 100 inches long, and 47 inches high
  • XRT 1550 –58 inches wide, 125 inches long, and 82 inches high

EZ-GO Golf Cart Dimensions

  • Freedom RXV (PTV) – 47 inches wide, 94 inches long, and 45 inches high
  • Freedom TXT (PTV) – 47 inches wide, 93 inches long, and 46 inches high
  • Express S4 – 48 inches wide, 108 inches long, and 52 inches high
  • Express L6 – 48 inches wide, 143 inches long, and 49 inches high
  • Express 4X4 – 53 inches wide, 112 inches long, and 77 inches high
  • Five Electric – 47 inches wide, 107 inches long, and 71 inches high
  • Valor – 47 inches wide, 93 inches long, and 69 inches high
  • 72 Volt Freedom – 47 inches wide, 93 inches long, and 67 inches high


As can be seen from the variation in dimensions there should be a cart to suit any job whether it be for playing golf, as a workhorse, or even just for adventure seekers.

Which is your favorite brand and model?

Add our thoughts and experience with carts in general and how you have experienced it on the golf course in the comments to the section below

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