Masters Ticket Prices in 2024: What I Pay as a PGA Pro

If you win the Masters lottery, the face value for tickets in 2024 is as follows:

  • Practice round tickets are $100 each.
  • Daily tournament tickets are $140 each.
  • Weekly badges are around $500 at face value, but good luck with those. They are not officially available for purchase.
  • Secondary market tickets are also available but can range from $1000 to $10,000 per day (check specific prices for 2024 below).

The following may make golf fans jealous and perhaps even a little hot. Still, I and my fellow PGA of America members, LPGA Professionals, and Golf Course Superintendents Association of America members can get into the Masters for $0 daily!

Read on if you want to learn all there is to know about the most coveted tickets in sports.

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How Much Are Masters Tickets?

Scottie Scheffler on the Par 3 course of Masters 2024 taken by Brendon Elliott
How much would you pay to see Scottie up-close-and-personal?

The face value of Masters tickets is really not that bad at all. However, to make your way onto the grounds of Augusta National Golf Club as an official patron and pay the face value of the lottery tickets, you must get lucky.

Below is a glance at what Masters Tournament tickets will set you back, from Wednesday Practice Rounds to the Sunday Tournament final round, from the Augusta Women’s Am and the Drive, Chip, and Putt National Finals to Series Badges. The chart below will give you some great insight.

Lottery Winners PGA, LPGA, GCSAA Professionals StubHub SeatGeek MyBucketListEvents
Saturday, Women’s Amateur $100 N/A $950
Sunday: Drive, Chip, and Putt competition for Juniors $25 N/A $450
Monday: Player Arrivals $100 $0 $1,036 – $3,856 $1,189 – $1,593 $1,650
Tuesday: Practice Rounds $100 $0 $1,166 – $3,588 $1,475 – $1,878 $1.95
Wednesday: Practice Rounds & Par-3 Tournament. $100 $0 $2,015 – $8.972 $2,287 – $3,131 $2,950
Thursday: First Day of Tournament $140 $0 $2,219 – $3,610 $2,448 – $2,684 $3,250
Friday: Second Day of Tournament $140 $0 $2,289 – $3,361 $2,351 – $2,997 $2,950
Saturday: Third Day of Tournament After Cut $140 $0 $1,850 – $2,573 $1,836 – $2,657 $2,550
Sunday: Final Day of Tournament $140 $0 $1943 – $2,498 $2,021 – $2,967 $2,450
4-Day Tournament Pass $500* N/A $6577 – $9,985 $8,300 – $10,291
*Not Available

Resource: MyBucketListEvents, StubHub, SeatGeek,, PGA, LPGA, GCSAA.

If you are on a budget, you must keep entering the lottery contest, which commences in June each year and closes in July. The event results will be announced in late July for the following year. It simply comes down to luck with the lottery system. This same system is used for the Augusta Women’s Am and the Drive, Chip, and Putt Finals.

If you buy on the secondary market, your “cheapest” bet is to look at Monday and Tuesday practice rounds. For a little bit more, you can have a really cool experience by going to the Wednesday practice round and the Par 3 Tournament.

Obviously, the tournament round tickets will set you back the most on the secondary market. The weekend, especially Sunday’s final round, will be the most expensive.

For those looking to get a weekly badge, it is not currently possible to have one. There is also no way to get on a waiting list for these, which has been the case for many years.

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How Much Does It Cost To Go To The Masters?

Masters 2024 Brendon Elliott in front of clubhouse
As a PGA professional, I can attend the tournament for free. But I spend a decent amount on hotel, food, and souvenirs.

Once you get past the price of tickets, you must consider travel, lodging, and food. Not to mention how much the merchandise building will set you back; trust me, it will.


Travel costs, including airfare, rental cars, and fuel, will obviously set you back some. Those costs will vary depending on who you fly or rent from and where you are coming from. The closest airport to Augusta National is Augusta Regional Airport (AGS), located about 7 miles south of the city center. The closest international airport to Augusta, GA, is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), located about 145 miles west of Augusta.


This is where things will get expensive, or you could stay relatively close to Augusta National. During the Masters week, hotel rates in and around Augusta, and even as far out as 30 to 40 miles away, typically range between $300 to $500 per night or even more.

It’s always a good idea to book your hotel well in advance if you plan on attending the Masters to ensure you get the best available rate. That may even be as early as a year out.

Locals even rent their homes for as much as $10,000 a week!

Let’s just say that I learned early on that I needed to make friends in and around Augusta!


Food costs can vary greatly depending on whether you eat out, buy groceries for the week, or eat at the course. The third option—eating at the course—is ABSOLUTELY your best bet!

Augusta National, by far, offers the most generous pricing in all of professional sports on their food…and it’s pretty damn good too. For example:

  • A classic pimento cheese sandwich costs only $1.50.
  • A Masters Club sandwich and a beer cost around $5 each.

The prices have remained relatively low for years, which adds to the charm of this prestigious golf event.

It’s been a tradition for me to eat at the good old Waffle House at least once or twice during Masters week.


It does not matter if you only get to the Masters once or are lucky enough to get there every year like I am; you will spend a pretty penny in the merchandise complex. It’s hard not to, as they have so many cool souvenirs.

Prices range considerably, from very reasonable to very extravagant items that will make you have to remortgage your house to buy. There is more than enough to choose from for any budget.

Best souvenir options at the Masters:

Estimates suggest that Augusta National makes around $70 million in merchandise sales during the week of the Masters tournament. So that equates to $10 million a day, $1 million per hour, $16,000 per minute, and $277 per second.

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How Can You Get Tickets for Masters 2025?

Register to be in the lottery. Then apply between June 1st 2025 – June 20th. However, the odds of making it are less than 1%. If you miss out, check out the highlights we share on GolfSpan each year from our golf pros who attend.

How Many Tickets Are Sold at the Masters?

Estimates are there are 40,000 tickets sold to the Masters events through the lottery. However, PGA professionals and golf industry pros can attend for free.

Can You Wear Jeans to the Masters?

The Masters official site says, “Appropriate clothing/shoes should always be worn. Golf shoes with metal spikes are not permitted.” But from someone who has gone to multiple Masters, you’ll be out of place if you wear denim. Instead, wear trousers or khaki shorts. I’ve worn hoodies when it’s cooler and button-up shirts or polos when it’s warmer.

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