How Much Do Golf Clubs Weigh? [Examples Included]

Whether you’re shipping your golf clubs or carrying your clubs for 18 holes, the weight of each club adds up.

So, how much do golf clubs weigh? Most golf clubs weigh an average of 0.73 lbs (0.33 kg). Drivers weigh about 0.68 lbs, irons weigh about 1 lb, and putters weigh the most at 1.1 lbs. A set of 14 golf clubs will weigh anywhere from 25 to 30 lbs (11 to 13 kg), including the golf bag.

There can be quite a range of golf club weights, though. Read on to the weight of a range of golf clubs. We’ll break them down by type of club and mention tips on reducing weight.

Average Weights of Different Clubs

Golf Club Model Golf Club Weight Pounds Golf Club Weight Kilos
Callaway Rogue Driver 0.54 pounds 0.24 kilos
TaylorMade Sim2 0.25 pounds 0.11 kilos
Ping G410 0.45 pounds 0.20 kilos
Titleist T200 0.19 pounds 0.08 kilos

How Much Do Individual Golf Clubs Weigh?

How much does a golf club weigh? Most golf clubs are going to weigh 0.73 pounds (0.33 kilos).

While they will weigh under 1 pound, how much they weigh depends on factors like the material of the shaft, the clubhead size, the type of club, and the brand.

Let’s take the Callaway Rogue ST Max as an example. It weighs 0.90 pounds (0.40 kilos). On the other hand, the TayorMade Stealth Driver weighs 0.44 pounds (0.19 kilos). How much each club weighs is going to depend on the brand the model.


Drivers are the longest club in your golf set, but they don’t weigh the most. Even looking past its length, most drivers weigh 0.68 pounds (0.30 kilos), so the weight of a golf driver will be less than others.

The head of the golf club always weighs the most, and this doesn’t matter what type of golf club you use. In the case of drivers, they weigh 0.40 pounds (0.18 kilos).

When we look at the shaft weight of a driver, and they weigh 0.18 pounds (0.08 pounds), and the grip weighs 0.11 pounds (0.04 kilos).

Fairway Woods

Fairway woods weigh more than most golf clubs at 0.73 pounds (0.33 kilos) for a 3-wood. When we pick up a 7-wood, the average 7-wood weighs 0.77 pounds (0.34 kilos).


Golf-g105f15cff 1280

Putters weigh the most out of all the other golf clubs. Manufacturers put more weight into putters because it improves the consistency when you go to take a shot.

Making a stroke with a heavier putter feels more smooth and more refined than with lighter putters. Most putters weigh about 1.1 pounds (0.49 kilos). The head weighs 0.75 pounds (0.34 kilos), the shaft weighs 0.26 pounds (0.11 kilos), and the grip is 0.11 pounds (0.04 kilos).


Most bags will contain more irons than any other golf club. How much does an iron weigh? Your heaviest iron, a 9-iron, will average 0.97 pounds (0.43 kilos). The lightest 3-iron will average 0.88 pounds (0.39 kilos). Most irons will weigh the same at the shaft at around 0.26 pounds (0.11 kilos).


The average wedge weighs 1.03 pounds (0.46 kilos). In fact, wedges fall under the classification of iron, but they have a high loft on them. You can expect anywhere from 45 to 64 degrees on a wedge—that’s what qualifies as a wedge over an iron. They weigh more than irons in most cases because of the size of their clubhead.

Golf Bags

We counted golf bags for weight with this one because we did so above. In addition, knowing the weight of the golf bag will give you the overall weight that you need to carry on the golf course.

Golf bags come in three types—carry bags, stand bags, and cart bags. Carry bags weigh the least, whereas cart bags weigh so much that they will rarely leave the cart.

Carry bags, as the name suggests, were designed to carry around on the course. They will usually weigh an average of 3 pounds (1.3 kilos) without the clubs. Stand bags will weigh anywhere from 3 to 5 pounds (1.3-2.2 kilos). Finally, cart bags weigh anywhere from 6 to 7 pounds (2.7-3.1 kilos).

All of this might sound like a little weight, but when you add the clubs to them and need to lug them around the course, it becomes heavier to carry. How much does a set of golf clubs weigh? Once you put all 14 clubs in a golf bag, will weigh anywhere from 25 to 30 pounds (11.33-13.6 kilos). Many golfers choose to carry fewer than 14 clubs, which lightens the load.

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Why Does the Weight of Golf Clubs Matter?

The weight of a club impacts the distance on the swing. Many PGA Tour players tee up with heavier clubs and steel shafts to maximize the distance on the course. When you use it appropriately, the ball flies a farther distance. We emphasize when you use it appropriately. Getting the right distance with good control over the shot matters more than the distance by itself.

Many golfers will profit more from swinging a lighter club because it produces a higher spin rate, which gives you greater lift. You take fewer errant shots with lighter clubs, which beginner golfers can benefit from. One of the trends in the community is golfers preferring lighter golf clubs.

Especially if you lack the strength to make the most of a heavier club, a lighter club will improve your accuracy. Golfers who bring lighter clubs to the course should practice their golf swing position because this will let them hit the ball farther. The weight of your clubs will chiefly impact swing speed, ultimately impacting how far the golf ball flies.

Factors That Affect the Weight of Golf Clubs

Golf-7465213 1280

When it comes to factors that can impact the weight of your golf clubs, several things can impact it that include:

  • Overall club length
  • Clubhead
  • Brand
  • Shaft
  • Grip
  • Golf accessories

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Overall Club Length

Increasing your club length will impact how you swing it the most, but longer clubs will usually weigh more than shorter clubs. To get the most benefits from a longer club, maintain the same swing speed throughout, hit the ball in the center, and hit the ball in the fairway.

Even without thinking about the weight, you should consider the club length for other reasons like control and consistency.


The clubhead weight matters, especially because this is the only part of the club that will impact the ball at impact. You make the clubhead lighter, and you will increase the speed of the clubhead. Don’t underestimate the impact. If the clubhead weight is off, it will devastate the overall accuracy of your shots.


The golf club’s weight varies from one brand to the next. That happens because each brand will differ in how they design and manufacture their clubs. Some will use materials differently from others. Extra features on a club can impact the weight as well. To understand the weight before you buy, you can ask a company about the average weight of the clubs.


Your club’s shaft can impact the weight in big ways and influence how it feels when you swing the club. Steel shafts weigh more than graphite or Uniflex. However, that doesn’t make them the ideal purchase for everyone because heavier weight, while it can be advantageous, won’t work in every scenario.

Graphite also tends to cost more, and it has become a more popular choice in recent years.


Grips can impact the swing weight. Don’t believe the hype in that a lighter grip will let you swing the club faster. In many cases, that doesn’t prove true. You don’t want to remove the grip either because it will make the club feel heavier, and you can only grip the shaft, which won’t feel comfortable.

Golf Accessories

Be aware of how the accessories added to your golf bag will impact the weight on a dramatic level. Too many accessories, water bottles, rain covers, footwear, or a cooler will make the golf bag feel much heavier when you haul it around on the course. Especially if you plan to haul the clubs around the course, you want fewer accessories.

It may not make a difference if you plan to rent a golf cart, but the extra weight can make the game less pleasant for those who carry it.

How to Choose the Right Weight for Your Golf Clubs

You can’t make a recommendation on this easily because every golfer will differ on what feels comfortable. What works for one golfer won’t work for the next. However, new golfers should look for a lighter club because they will find that it offers more control over shots.

You don’t want it too heavy because, while it will add extra distance, you sacrifice control and consistency if you don’t have a good mastery over the golf swing. It takes time to get good at golf; even if you reach the professional level, you may not necessarily go for the heaviest golf club. Let’s take an example from the pros. Tiger Woods and Ricky Fowler recently switched to lighter shafts to improve their swing speeds.

This shows you that while many PGA pros do prefer a heavier golf club, a lighter one won’t necessarily break the deal, either. Every golfer needs to learn what works best for them.

Tips for Testing Your Golf Club Weight

Tip #1 Test the Clubs at a Pro Shop: Even if you plan to buy the clubs online, you might visit a pro shop to swing the clubs and see what models feel the best. Many people nowadays buy online to get around the more inflated prices at the pro shops. You test the clubs this way to find the weights you like the most.

Tip #2 Customize Your Clubs: You can customize your golf clubs to achieve the best weight. Just keep in mind that you will change how the club feels every time you make adjustments to it. For example, re-gripping the club will change how it feels because it changes the weight in a subtle way.

Tip #3 Test the Club After Each Weight Adjustment: Each time you add something or take it away, beware of the impact that this can have on your club. You want to test the club each time that you make an adjustment. You don’t want to arrive at the golf course and find that the club feels way off in terms of the balance.

Final Thoughts

How much do golf clubs weigh? That depends on what you have in your golf bag. I’d also like to point out that you don’t need to carry the maximum in clubs at 14. I know some golf minimalists who will only carry the bare minimum with three or four clubs to reduce the weight and make the course feel more enjoyable when they play.


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