Mizuno Irons by Year: +90 Years Of Forging Blades

Pros like Cameron Smith, Keith Mitchell, and Tiger Woods have used Mizuno Irons on the tour. You may be looking for ways to outdo your golf buddies and heard how Mizuno irons rank as some of the best on the market.

We put together this list of Mizuno irons by year to give you a little history and understanding of their best clubs.

If you’re looking to upgrade your irons, you can learn a lot about choosing the right irons by understanding how Mizuno irons have evolved over the decades.

Mizuno Irons by Year

Model Year Released
2023 JPX 923 Tour
2023 JPX 923 Hot Metal HL
2023 JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro
2023 JPX 923 Forged
2023 JPX 923 Hot Metal
2022 Pro 225
2022 Pro 223
2022 Pro 221
2021 JPX 921 Tour
2021 JPX 921 Forged
2021 JPX 921 Hot Metal
2021 JPX 921 Hot Metal Pro
2021 JPX 921 Hot Metal SEL
2020 MP-20 MB
2020 MP-20 SEL
2020 MP-20 MMC
2020 MP-20 HMB
2019 JPX 919 Tour
2019 JPX 919 Forged
2019 JPX 919 Hot Metal
2019 JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro
2018 MP-18 SC
2018 MP-18
2018 MP-18 MMC
2017 JPX 900 Tour
2017 JPX 900 Forged
2017 JPX 900 Hot Metal
2016 MP25
2016 MP5
2016 JPX EZ
2016 JPX EZ F
2015 MP15
2015 JPX 850
2015 JPX 85 Forged
2014 MP-54
2014 MP4
2014 MP-H5
2014 JPX EZ
2014 JPX EZ F
2013 MP-64
2013 JPX 825
2013 JPX 825 Pro
2012 JPX 800 Pro
2012 MP-H4
2012 MP-69
2011 MP-63
2011 MP-53
2011 JPX 800
2010 MP-68
2010 MP-58
2010 MX-300
2010 MX-1000
2009 MX-100
2009 MX-200
2009 MP-62
2009 MP-52
2008 MP-52
2008 MX-950
2007 MP-67
2007 MX-25
2007 MX-19
2006 MP-100
2006 MX-900
2005 MP-60
2005 MX-17
2004 MP-37
2004 MP-32
2004 MX-23
2003 MX-30
2003 MX-15
2002 MP-33
2002 Widec II
2002 MX-20
2001 Comp CT
2001 MX-11
2000 Pro II
1999 Comp EZ
1999 Sure
1998 T-3
1998 True
1997 T-Zoid O/S
1997 Pro
1997 Widec
1996 Sterling
1996 TP-21
1995 TPZ Cast
1995 TP-Z
1995 TC-29
1994 MP-14
1994 Astron G3
1994 Axis
1993 Faldo Jnr
1993 TP-2000
1993 TP-19
1993 Paragon/Ti
1992 Faldo ID
1992 Notus
1992 TCD
1992 ZP-1
1992 MP-29
1991 Astron G-2
1991 TP-18
1991 Z-1
1990 White Fang
1990 Impac
1990 Astron
1990 Domino PC
1990 Domino
1990 Bell 3
1990 TP-11
1990 TP-Z
1988 MP-9
1988 TP-10
1986 TN-87
1986 TP-9
1986 TP-7
1986 TP-5
1986 TP-3
1986 TP Original
1986 Pro MS
1986 Pro
1983 Silver Cup
1983 Ariel
1982 Vanguard
1981 Mizuno Pro MS-11
1933 Star Line

Will There Be New Mizuno Irons in 2024?

hot metal mizuno irons

This year marks the return of the popular JPX 923 family. Mizuno will release the following irons in 2024: JPX923 Tour, JPX923 Hot Metal, JPX923 Forged, JPX923 Hot Metal HL, and JPX923 Hot Metal Pro.

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Mizuno Iron History (Early Years)

When we look at the Mizuno iron sets by year, it tells you a bit about the history of the company, but we’re going to look into this even more deeply. When we look at the early years of the Mizuno irons timeline, it all began in 1933 when Mizuno released its Star Line. This was the first time that Mizuno ventured into golf clubs.

Coincidentally, this is a Japanese company and was the first Japanese golf clubs ever made.

What distinguished Mizuno clubs from its competitors stemmed from the innovative forging process of their irons. That process led to incredible consistency in their irons when you would swing them out on the golf course.

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Mizuno Irons History (1980s)

Thinking of old Mizuno irons, the 1980s highlighted when Mizuno started gaining a presence in the United States. In 1981, Mizuno released the Pro MS-11. This iron distinguished itself as one of the purest blades ever. It was one of the older Mizuno irons that dropped with a big splash, and most think of it as one of the classics.

One of the worthy highlights was the bounce of the clubs. They even outperform some of the modern clubs. Another big release was the first debut of the Mizuno Pro irons. You can shorten it to MP. They first dropped the MP-9 irons in 1988, and it was one of the best Mizuno irons ever made. It had the softest feeling of forged iron that you will ever get. At the same time, it always maintained a deadly accuracy.

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Mizuno Irons History (1990s)

When the 1990s rolled around, Mizuno hit peak success with its irons. Mizuno dominated the irons market during this period. Many PGA golfers on the course chose these irons over others because these irons won the most prize money. You’d swing them out on the course regardless of if someone sponsored you to use them because they were that good.

If you look at Mizuno drivers by year or Mizuno wedges by year, you don’t see as many made during this period because Mizuno largely focused on its irons.

During this time, the MP series was one of the irons they would release, and it would become popular in the 1990s.

Mizuno Irons History (2000s)


To show you how successful old Mizuno irons were, Mizuno would win an award in 2001 for the eighth consecutive year as the number one producer of irons. When you swung these irons back then, you did it more because they performed better than all the others.

In total, Mizuno released 26 irons from 2000 to 2010. In contrast, they would only release 10 drivers during this period, so it shows you where the brand focused its attention.

You saw 10 MPs released from 2000 to 2010. At the same time, they would release 12 irons under the Mizuno MX series.

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Mizuno Irons History (2010s)


From 2010 to 2019, Mizuno released 31 irons, making it the most prolific period for its irons released. The JPX series would see its first debut during this time, and it would go on to become another huge success for the brand. It stood for “Japan Performance Extreme.”

Mizuno introduced the JPX series for more aggressive and distance-focused irons.

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Mizuno Irons History (2020s)

JPX923_HotMetal_Pro (1)

Only three years into 2020, Mizuno has released 16 irons, which may fast-track it to becoming one of the most industrious decades for irons for the brand. Again, the JPX series has played a big role in 2020 and beyond. The MP series made a return in 2020 as well, and golfers everywhere welcomed the return of those irons. We also saw a return of the Mizuno Pros.

Even today, Mizuno maintains a unique forging process that distinguishes the brand’s irons from its competitors. If you choose the JPX series, you can buy it in three versions:

  • Tour
  • Forged
  • Hot Metal

You’d choose the Tour if you wanted a modest level of forgiveness, good distance, and excellent shot control. You might select the Forged for good forgiveness and exceptional ball speeds. The Forged is a little bigger, but it never feels bulky. Finally, you’d select the Hot Metal if you wanted all the game improvement elements of an iron. You can expect to get all of that in the Hot Metal version.

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How Often Does Mizuno Release Irons?


Every year since 1990, Mizuno has released at least one iron series from its catalog. Sometimes, Mizuno would release multiple irons that year, but how it did this depends on the decade. Every time Mizuno releases a new generation, the brand prides itself on improving since the last generation.

Over the last four years, Mizuno has released one new generation for a series each year. In 2020, they released the MP series, and in 2021, they released the JPX series. In 2022, they released a new generation of the Pro series. They would release the 10th generation of the JPX series in 2024.

As an interesting side note, Mizuno has produced the JPX series every other year since 2017. They produced the JPX series again in 2016 but shared the year with MP.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you learned something about the Mizuno irons by year and the trends from this article. Among golfers, Mizuno’s irons earned a reputation for workability and feel. The brand has a reputation for producing classic irons, and if you like that style, Mizuno delivers.

Some of the best ones to check out would be their JPX Hot Metal, Hot Metal Pros, and Forged irons.

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