The 30 Best Golf Groomsmen Gifts

With your wedding and bachelor party around the corner, you need to find golf groomsmen gifts for the boys. In this post, I reveal 30 proven top golf groomsmen presents that will help you show your appreciation to them for organizing the festivities leading up to your wedding.

Here are the top 10 groomsmen gift ideas:

1. Wilson 50 Elite Personalized Balls  – Best Groomsmen Golf Balls

2. Generic Personalized Golf Tees – Best Groomsmen Golf Tees

3. EZ Engraved Golf Bag Tag – Best Personalized Golf Groomsmen Gifts

4. Married Mob Grooms Man Glove – Best Glove Gift For A Golf Lover

5. Prestige Decanters Golfers 19th Hole Decanter Set – Golf Best Man Gifts

6. Treasure Trades Grooms Crew – Ball Marker Golf Gifts For Groomsmen

7. GroomsShop Duffle Bag Set – Best Golf Gift Set For Groomsmen

8. M-Clip Golf Ball Money Clip – Best Golf Theme Groomsmen Gifts

9. Jiskan Golf Accessories Case – Best Golf Accessories Kit

10. M Time C Club Portable Cigar Case – Best Golf Bachelor Party Gifts

By the end of this review, you will know what the best golf balls, gloves, hats, cigar dehumidifiers, and whisky decanters suit your groomsmen. I’ll also mention a host of personalized gifts where you can add the name of your groomsmen and the date of your wedding.

Best Golf-Related Groomsmen Gifts

1. Wilson 50 Elite Personalized Balls  – Best Groomsmen Golf Balls

  • Personalized golf balls
  • Low compression
  • Golf course ready
  • Expensive compared to non-personalized Wilson 50 Elite golf balls

The golf course-ready, low-compression Wilson 50 Elite Personalized golf balls show your buddies you appreciate them without saying a word. A dozen golf balls are included in the packaging, and you can customize them with the name of your buddy, their role in your wedding, and the date of the big day.

Besides the novelty of their name, your buddies will welcome the easy compression, consistent ball speed, and low long-game spin. In my experience, the combination prompted the 50 Elite to provide consistent long-game distance but do not expect much greenside spin.

2. Generic Personalized Golf Tees – Best Groomsmen Golf Tees

  • Crafted with quality maple wood
  • 100 tees in the package
  • Personalized tees to add the names of your groomsmen
  • Pricey for a pack of tees

Help your groomsmen bomb their drives down the fairway with the 3 ¼ Personalized Golf Tees that penetrate the ground unhindered. I found they were long enough to match my optimal driver tee height to promote consistent contact with the big stick.

Generic allows you to add personalized text to the tees, and I found the space sufficient to add a buddy’s nickname and groomsman alongside it. While the maple wood tees are dependable, they are pricey for a set of 100 tees.

3. EZ Engraved Golf Bag Tag – Best Personalized Golf Groomsmen Gifts

  • Created in 7 colors
  • Premium look
  • Available in 12 designs
  • You have to pick a preset design, which is slightly limiting.

Let your groomsmen feel like professionals when they add their personally Engraved Tag to their golf bag. The tag is laser engraved and offers ample space to fit your groomsmen’s names and the wedding date.

EZ offers the tag in 7 colors, but I felt the Rawhide provided a superior look, displaying the text better than the others. I also appreciated the inclusion of 3 tee slots on the front side for easy access during the round.

4. Married Mob Groomsmen Glove – Best Glove Gift For A Golf Lover

  • Options from the groomsmen, best man, and groom
  • Soft Cabretta leather
  • Affordable
  • Not available for a left-hander who wears the glove on the right hand

With your big day approaching, your groomsmen need all hands on deck. Protect their mitts with the Married Mob Grooms Man Glove, crafted from soft Cabretta leather and fitted with a velcro closure for a secure fit.

The white glove dons the text groomsman on the closure and the fingers for them to proudly exhibit their role on your big day. Married Mob also offers Best Man and Groom gloves for the whole party to enjoy the soft touch and high grip of the Cabretta leather.

5. Prestige Decanters Golfers 19th Hole Decanter Set – Golf Best Man Gifts

  • 30 oz decanter
  • 2 whisky glasses
  • Space for 4 lines of text
  • Not the cheapest groomsmen gifts on our list

When your best man appreciates the finer tastes in life, the Golfers 19th Hole Decanter Set is a suitable option. The 30 oz decanter and whisky glasses were enough to get me excited, and then I noticed it was customizable.

Prestige Decanters allows 4 lines of text, which is perfect for a name, the title for the ceremony, the date of your nuptials, and the bride and groom’s name.

6. Treasure Trades Grooms Crew – Ball Marker Golf Gifts For Groomsmen

  • Affordable
  • Durable construction
  • Clips to your hat for easy access
  • Not the most exciting golf groomsmen gifts

Grooms on a tight budget have the simple yet effective option of the Treasure Trades Grooms Crew ball marker. The stainless steel marker is durable and clipped onto my hat for easy access on the greens. Thanks to an inner magnet, I found it easy to remove the marker.

The markers sport the words “Grooms Crew” with a classy bow tie icon at the bottom. It may be a cheap gift, but the quality of the construction will last an age. Provided your groomsmen do not lose it during your bachelor party round of golf.

7. GroomsShop Duffle Bag Set – Best Golf Gift Set For Groomsmen

  • 5 duffel bags are included in the set
  • Zippered main compartment
  • Comfortable, adjustable strap
  • Text is limited to 10 letters.

Although you are about to tie the knot, there will be plenty of golfing vacations to come with the boys. Treat your team of groomsmen to a personalized duffle bag that will serve them well on future golf trips.

GroomsShop includes 5 bags in the set, and you have the choice between black and khaki, with the latter catching my eye the most. I found the bags only provided sufficient space to include the name of the groomsmen and no additional details.

8. M-Clip Golf Ball Money Clip – Best Golf Theme Groomsmen Gifts

  • Elegant design
  • Holds 7 cards and 10 bills
  • Compact and fits seamlessly into the pocket
  • Expensive

If your groomsmen always “leave” their wallet at home, solve the conundrum with the M-Clip Golf Ball Money Clip. The simple yet elegant design fitted seamlessly into my back pants pocket and the valuables compartment in my bag.

The money clip handsomely holds 7 credit or debit cards or 10 notes, completely eradicating the net for a bulky money pouch. The clip keeps cards and cash firmly secured as you and your groomsmen navigate the links.

9. Jiskan Golf Accessories Case – Best Golf Accessories Kit

  • 6 golf accessory tools
  • High-end leather case
  • Moderately affordably
  • The case zipper seems cheap.

When your groomsmen are avid golfers, they best stock every accessory needed to traverse the links. The Jiskan Golf Accessories package is a 6-in-1 setup, enclosed in a quality brown leather pouch, which fits smoothly into my apparel pocket or is attached to my towel clip.

The 6-in-1 Jiskan Accessories Case comprises a divot tool, cleaning brush, scoring pen, knife, and nail pullers. It is a handy tool that will add value to your groomsman’s daily life on and off the course.

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10. M Time C Club Portable Cigar Case – Best Golf Bachelor Party Gifts

  • Dehumidifies the cigars
  • Includes a cigar cutter
  • Holds 3 cigars
  • It took time to figure out how to add cigar moisturizing liquid for improved dehumidification.

Help your groomsmen keep their stogie humidified while they traverse the links for your bachelor party round with this quality leather cigar case. Spanish cedar wood lines the upper part of the premium leather case to prevent moisture from tampering with the tobacco.

M Time C Club includes a cigar cutter to help you chop off the end and start puffing while on the golf course. Despite the premium appearance of the Cigar Case, they are relatively affordable to treat your smoking groomsmen too.

11. Cuff-Daddy Golf Ball Cufflinks

  • Golf ball cufflinks
  • Affordable
  • Sold in a durable clam-shell case
  • The white finish does not match well with colored shirts.

Ensure your groomsmen team is looking spiffing for your big day with the Cuff-Daddy Golf Ball Cufflinks. The cufflinks resemble the top of a dimpled golf ball and help golf fanatics display their utter craziness for the sport.

The white finish on the cufflinks are best suited to white dress shirts, which is likely the order of the day for your wedding. However, these cufflinks will be ready to use for years to come, and your groomsmen can keep them safe in a hard-side clam-shell case design.

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12. Amazing Items Personalized Pocket Knife

  • Available in packs of 3, 6, and 10
  • Engrave the names of your groomsmen on the wooden handle
  • 20 fonts to choose from
  • The text of some fonts is lost on the wooden background.

The Amazing Items Personalized Pocket knife is a multipurpose gift for groomsmen who love the outdoors. You can customize the handy tool with the names of your groomsmen and the date of your wedding using one of 20 fonts. I also find it an ideal option for covering all your groomsmen in one purchase with packs of 3, 6, and 10.

I was surprised by the sharpness of the knives out of the box, as the 3.25” blade cut smoothly through material and plant matter. I also appreciated the added layer of protection between my fingers and the blade, which was a direct consequence of the Linerlock Mechanism.

13. Poligo Golf Club BBQ Tools

  • Durable golf club BBQ tools
  • Accompanying golf storage bag
  • Golf ball salt and pepper shakers
  • The stainless steel material rusts when cleaned in the dishwasher

If your groomsmen enjoy a BBQ after a long day on the course, set them up with Golf Club tools for future cookouts. A driver-shaped spatula and golf ball salt and pepper shakers spearhead the tools. Although the tongs and basting brush do not have the head of a club, they do feature replica golf grips.

I felt Poligo put the cherry on the top with the golf storage bag to house the tools. It looks like a mini golf bag and even sports a matching rain hood.

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14. AMANCY 3 Finger Cigar Case

  • Fits 3 cigars
  • Classy leather case
  • Includes a cigar cutter
  • You cannot fit 3 cigars when their ring gauge exceeds 52

The AMANCY 3 Finger Cigar Case offers your groomsmen a straightforward approach to carrying cigars around the golf course. Sure, it is not as fancy or efficient at dehumidifying cigars as the M Time C Club Case. However, it is more affordable and all you need for 18 holes.

The case holds 3 cigars with a maximum height capacity of 6.5” and a 52-ring gauge, which caters to a wide selection of stogies. AMANCY caps off the package with a cigar cutter allowing your groomsmen to transport and enjoy cigars wherever they please.

15. Mizuno Pen Caddy

  • Practical golf bag pen holder
  • Business card pocket
  • Constructed with durable material
  • Not a personalized golf groomsmen gift

While your groomsmen work their hands to the bones at the office, add some motivation for the weekend round with the Mizuno Pen Caddy. It is not a personalized gift like the Wilson 50 Elite Personalized Golf Balls, but your golf-crazed buddies will welcome the gesture.

The miniature staff-style bag holds copious loose pens, pencils, and marker pens, or it can double as a bottle holder. Mizuno topped off the design with a side pocket where your groomsmen can store their business cards.

16. Artsy Woodsy Golf Club Wood Sign

  • You can personalize messages
  • Durable wood material
  • Inexpensive groomsmen gift
  • The messages are not carved.

Gift your best man and groomsmen their own man cave or pub sign as a token of your appreciation for their services. The sign carries a vintage feel to add some culture to your buddy’s den, and you can personalize the message with their name, the date of your nuptials, and their role in the proceedings.

It is not entirely geared toward groomsmen, but the design enables you to adapt it to your needs. The most customizable sign is green and blends in well on any backdrop, and it will last for years to come, despite its affordable price tag.

17. ACOOKEE Golf Ball Ice Cube Moulds

  • Affordable
  • Creates classy ice golf balls
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Only 4 molds

Like the Mizuno Pen Caddy, the ACOOKEE Ice Cube Moulds are practical and not a personalized gift for your groomsmen. Instead of drinking whisky ice cubes like the masses, let your buddies quench their thirst like gentlemen.

Top up the molds with water, place them in the freezer, and when they are set, drop one into your beverage. The molds contain 4 slots, which is not the most efficient design, but one is only meant to use them for premium beverages.

18. Kinbata Tumbler Gift Set

  • 12 tools in 1 pocket knife
  • 20 oz leakproof tumbler
  • Delivered in a luxurious box
  • You cannot personalize the text.

If your groomsmen are always on the go, they need a tumbler for their beverages and a pocket knife included in the Kinbata Tumbler Gift Set. I found the tumbler held 20 oz of liquid and did not leak.

I was more excited about the multi-use tool accompanying the tumbler, as it has a tool for every occasion. Wire cutters, pliers, a screwdriver, a little hammerhead, a screwdriver, a blade, and a bottle opener.

19. VictorieLei Golf Ball Bottle Opener

  • Affordable
  • Practical gift
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • The golf ball did not offer the best grip for moderately large hands.

The VictorieLei Bottle Opener offers an inexpensive, practical gift to show your appreciation to your beer-drinking, golf-loving pals. A durable stainless steel beer bottle opener is attached to a golf ball, which does not offer the best grip for golfers with larger hands.

I found the design compact, making it easy to transport between home and the golf course. If you acquire a bottle opener for all your groomsmen, one of them is bound to keep it in their bag and save the group when opening time comes around.

20. SKLZ Indoor Putting Mat

  • Automatic ball return system
  • 9’ long
  • Putting alignment aids at 3, 5, and 7’
  • Only one hole to aim at

Treat your groomsmen to an Indoor Putting Mat and tell them to work on their short game without uttering a word. The SKLZ Indoor Putting Mat is an entry-level option that extends 9’ and alignment guides feature at 3, 5, and 7’ from the cup.

Unlike the premium Perfect Practice Putting Mat, the SKLZ Indoor only has one hole to aim at. However, despite its price tag, I was impressed that it featured an automatic ball return.

21. Sunday El Camino Bag

  • Lightweight construction
  • Comfortable double-padded straps
  • 5 pockets
  • Expensive for a best man bag

Golf bags may not offer the same personalized appeal as the Prestige Decanter Set, but they are ideal golf best-man gifts. Your best man will get exceptional mileage from the Sunday El Camino bag, and its lightweight design and comfortable straps are a pleasure to haul around the golf course.

Given the 4-way structure of the bag, it also works as a trusty companion on voyages to the driving range or par 3 courses. The El Camino fits up to 10 clubs and features 5 pockets to store accessories, valuables, rain gear, and beverages.

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22. Generic Groomsmen Socks

  • 7 packs sold in the set covering groomsmen, best man, and the groom
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking material
  • Affordable
  • Only available in black

Generic Groomsmen Socks provide an affordable, practical solution to bachelor party gifts. Get all your presents out the way with a single purchase for the best man, groomsman, and groom.

The socks comprise 75% cotton and a remaining cocktail of spandex and polyester to boost their moisture-wicking qualities. Once the crew is kitted out, they can even wear the socks on the wedding day to proudly sport their role in the nuptials.

23. Benmify Personalized Groomsmen Flask

  • Personalized flask
  • Affordable
  • Sold in packs of 3 and 6
  • No alternative fonts

Help your best men conceal their admired beverage on the links or during the big day with the Benmify Personalized Groomsmen Flask. You can inscribe the name, the role of your buddy, and the date of your wedding on the gunmetal-finished hip flasks.

The flask holds 6 ounces of hard tac liquor, which should see your buddies through at least 9 holes. Finally, Benmify offers the flasks in sets of 3 or 6, making them an astute way to cover all your groomsmen in one acquisition.

24. Bachelor Party Thermo Coolers

  • 13 Thermo coolers in the pack
  • Hold 12 to 16-oz cans and bottles
  • Includes a list of bachelor party challenges
  • The design of the font and art is kitch

Your buddy is about to tie the knot, and you are planning one more razzle before the wedding. Help all participants keep their beverages frosted with the Bachelor Party Thermo Coolers. 12 thermos read “Team Groom,” while a single cooler is reserved for the man of the hour.

The koozies comfortably hold 12 to 16-oz cans and bottles. And as an added bonus, they threw in some recommended Bachelor Party challenges. If you are lost for thoughts on keeping the party thriving until the early hours, use their ideas for inspiration.

25. Woodulike Personalized Wooden Divot Tool

  • Personalized divot tool
  • Presented in an elegant box
  • Option of oak wood,  walnut wood, black metal, mahogany wood
  • Expensive for a divot tool

Gift your groomsmen a personally engraved divot tool to remind them of the importance of their role in your special day. The divot tool is engraved with an icon of golf clubs and your groomsmen’s name, but this customization comes at a cost.

Looks and novelty aside, the Woodulike Personalized Divot Tool effectively got the job done, fixing my pitch marks. Once my ball was on the green, I removed the engraved area from the divot tool and used it as a ball marker.

26. Hagsfire Beer Sleeve

  • Fits 7 beers
  • Slides into the top slot of a golf bag
  • Optimal insulation
  • It is not a personalized groomsmen gift.

Your beer-drinking, golf-loving groomsmen will always have a use for a 7-can insulated beer sleeve, like the Hagsfire. Sure, it is not highly personalized, but your buddies will enjoy solid use out of the sleeve, which is travel friendly, and is durably constructed.

I found the sleeve slid seamlessly into the top of my golf bag, saving me from carrying it separately. I was also impressed that the sleeve contained moisture, preventing it from seeping into my bag.

27. Remerry Golf Accessories Gift Set

  • Includes all necessary golf accessories
  • Entry-level price
  • Contains a hip flask and a classy leather case
  • You cannot personalize the package.

Treat your groomsmen to the ultimate golf accessories kit, ensuring they have all the tools they need for success. Remerry combined a golf towel, ball markers, a divot repair tool, a flask, and a leather case, with tee slots.

Despite its robust offering, the Accessories Gift set is priced affordably and is a suitable present for all your groomsmen.

28. Buffalo BottleCraft Store Golf Ball Flask

  • It does not look like a flask
  • Attaches to your golf bag
  • Made from 2 golf balls
  • It only holds 1 oz of liquid.

If your buddies enjoy a beverage on the links but prefer to do so discreetly, introduce them to Buffalo BottleCraft Store Golf Ball Flask. The golf ball design attaches to your bag with a carabiner and does not look like a flask at first glance.

The downside of concealing beverages is its lack of volume, topping out at 1 oz. However, it also makes it compact enough to use as a keychain. Finally, I thought it was nifty that the flask is purposed from actual golf balls.

29. Lifetime Creations Personalized Golf Towel

  • Print initials in 18 colors
  • Cleaned my clubs effectively
  • Machine washable
  • Only available in black

Give your groomsmen the honor of a personalized golf towel to make them look the part when tackling the links. The Lifetime Creations towel is available in black, but you can print your groomsman’s initials in 18 colors.

I felt the microfiber towel was of decent quality, and it cleaned my clubs effectively. However, it is not ideal that you can only add initials, as it feels less personable.

30. NewShun Groomsmen Hats

  • 8 baseball hats included in the package
  • Moderately affordable
  • Lightweight, breathable cotton
  • Limited alternative colors

Dress your boys in the official uniform for your bachelor’s party, the NewShun Groomsmen Hats. With 8 hats included in the set, you can cover the groomsmen, your best man, and yourself in one purchase.

6 hats in the set sport the text “groomsman” across the top, while the remaining 2 are reserved for the best man and the groom. It marks an affordable way to kit out the bachelor party VIP’s during your round of golf.


Now that you have 30 top golf groomsmen gifts to choose from consider your budget and which gifts are practical and memorable for your groomsmen. In my experience, you cannot go wrong with the Wilson Ultra 50 Elite Personalized golf balls.

Your golf-loving groomsmen will always need golf balls that they can always use. While I get the novelty behind ornamental gifts, I feel your crew of buddies will far rather appreciate gifts they can put to use.

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