Cobra Irons by Year: 30+ Years of Forgiveness

Cobra irons are some of the most forgiving irons on the market.

Despite being around a shorter time than Titleist, TaylorMade, or PING irons, the Cobra irons, like Cobra drivers, are still popular with golfers.

The first was released in 1991 – the Greg Norman Signature Forged – and after releases for many years since then, both new and old Cobra irons are popular to this day.

So, let’s take a look at all Cobra irons by year so you know everything there is to know about the clubs… 

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Full List of Cobra Irons by Year

We went through the Cobra archives to find a list of all of its irons, including the King Cobra irons by year too:

Cobra Irons Year released
Greg Norman Signature Forged 1991
King Cobra 1992
King Cobra Oversized 1994
King Cobra Oversized Tour 1996
Norman Grind 1996
King Cobra II Oversized 1997
King Cobra II Tour 1997
King Cobra Oversized II 1998
Gravity Black 1999
CXI Irons 2000
Baffler Multi-Metal Irons 2000
King Cobra SS 2002
King Cobra SS Forged 2002
SS350 2002
SS310 2002
SS290 2002
3400 I/XH 2004
3100 I/H 2004
Forged CB 2004
King Cobra FP 2006
King Cobra S9 2006
King Cobra Carbon CB 2006
UFI 2007
Pro MB 2008
Pro CB 2008
2008 S9 2008
2008 FP 2008
Transition S 2009
S2 2009
S2 Forged 2009
SZ 2009
S2 Max 2010
S3 2011
S3 Max 2011
S3 Pro 2011
AMP 2012
Baffler XL 2013
AMP Cell 2013
AMP Cell Pro 2013
Bio Cell 2014
Fly-Z XL 2015
Fly-Z Custom 2015
Fly-Z Forged 2015
Fly-Z Black 2015
Fly-Z Pro 2015
King Oversized (OS) 2016
MAX Irons 2016
King F6 2016
King Forged Tec 2016
King Pro 2016
F-Max 2017
F-Max One Length 2017
King Forged Tour 2017
King Forged One Irons 2017
King F7 2017
King F7 One Length 2017
King F8 2018
King F8 One Length 2018
King Forged Tec Black 2018
King Forged Tec Black One Length 2018
T-Rail Irons 2019
King Forged Tec 2019
King Forged Tec One Length 2019
King Forged CB/MB 2019
F9 Speedback 2019
F9 Speedback Special Edition 2019
F9 Speedback One Length 2019
King Tour MIM 2020
King Speedzone 2020
King Speedzone One Length 2020
King RF Forged MB Copper 2021
King Tour MIM Copper 2021
King Forged Tec 2021
King RF Rev33 Proto Limited Edition 2021
RADSpeed 2021
RADSpeed One Length 2021
LTDx 2022
LTDx One Length 2022
Air-X 2022
King Forged Tec (2022) 2022
King Forged Tec One Length (2022) 2022
King Forged Tec-X 2022
AeroJet 2023
AeroJet One Length 2023
AeroJet Women’s Irons 2023
King Tour 2023
King CB/MB 2023

Will There Be New Cobra Irons in 2024?


Cobra has already released new irons in 2024. The King Tour iron and King CB/MB irons came out on January 12th. Just under one month later on February 10th, Cobra released the Aerojet irons. The tour irons cost $1,299.99, the CB/MB irons cost $1,199.99, and the Aerojet irons cost $999.

So, the King Cobra irons continue its story in 2024.

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Understanding the Evolution of Cobra Irons over the Years


Cobra began its iron journey with golfing star of the 80s and 90s, Greg Norman, as its poster boy. The signature forged line was Cobra’s first irons that kicked off a long line of irons to come.

A year later, the King Cobra irons came and two years after that the first oversized irons were released by Cobra. The brand then continued with many oversized irons across the 90s.

It would be fun to read an old King Cobra Oversize irons review now though just to see how they compare to the modern day irons…


The turn of the century was a mark for Cobra. In 2001, the Baffler Multi-Metal irons were released – often referred to as hybrids. The idea was to combine the long iron design with higher-lofted fairway metals.

The King Cobra SS-i irons then came out featuring an oversized cavity back, thin face, and perimeter weighting which was well-loved.

There have been Ladies’ Cobra Oversized irons as well as men’s too.

Later that decade in 2009, the S2 irons followed. These were focused on being game-enhancing irons for high performance for keen golfers. For those with a lower handicap, the S2 Forged irons were released providing control and distance, as well as forgiveness.

2010s and 2020s

A variation of irons feature across the last 10+ years. The One Length irons, still released in 2024, first came out with the F-Max in 2017. One Length irons are all made to the same specification as a 7-iron. This is created by weight being removed from shorter irons and added club head weight to long irons.

The game-changing addition is geared toward golfers having the same swing which helps with consistency.

In recent years, Cobra has aimed to not only provide very forgiving irons but ones that provide high levels of speed and distance too. Irons like the King Speedzone and the F9 Speedback have provided that. For the latter, here is a look at the King Cobra irons with a senior flex.

2021 even saw the launch of copper irons in a bid for a better feel and more control.

The LTDx – which stands for longest total distance – focused on, you guessed it, distance. It came with a lower CG for distance making it ideal for mid-handicappers.

And now the 2024 irons, featuring the Aerojet and the King Tour irons aim to continue the trend of getting more distance and faster speeds, while not letting up on forgiveness. The Aerojet also enables low levels of spin too. Only time will tell if they will go down in the history books.

Final Thoughts

It could be pretty fairly argued that Cobra irons – and drivers – have gone under the radar a bit when compared to other brands. For what reason though? The latest releases have everything you might want in a top iron and for a fair price too.

The history may not be as long as some other brands – but they have certainly made up for it thanks to the quality of the clubs now.

Now you know all there is to know about Cobra irons by year and hopefully, we have helped you reach a decision one way or another if you wanted to add some to your golf bag.


When Was Cobra S2 Irons Released?

The S2 irons were released back in 2009. The release date in both the USA and the UK was September 14, 2009. The set of S2 irons originally retailed for $744. There were Forged and Max versions of the irons too.

What are Cobra’s Most Forgiving Irons?

The new Cobra Aerojet is one of the most forgiving irons the brand has made. As well as providing great forgiveness, it is brilliant for distance too. Another new release, the King Tour iron is a great option for low handicappers too.

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