What Size Golf Clubs Do I Need? The Complete Guide

Whether you are buying golf clubs for the first time or getting a new set, the question always arises as to how to size golf clubs.

Of course, you don’t want them too small. Otherwise, you are bending over too much and have poor posture. Or if they are too long, it affects your swing and contact with the ball.

So are you wondering: What size golf clubs do I need? Well, anyone 5’9” to 6’ tall can use standard length clubs. Anyone between 6’1” and 6’4” would need clubs a half inch longer. Those between 5’5” and 5’8” need to shorten their clubs by a half inch. Anyone 5’1” to 5’4” needs to shorten their clubs by an inch.

Are you out of this range? Then read on.

You’ll also learn the average club lengths, how to measure your golf clubs, and how length can affect your game. By the end of this article, you will be much more aware of the correct golf club length for height and how to choose golf clubs for your height…

What Size Golf Clubs Do You Need?

A golf club size chart and golf club length chart with the alterations needed for different heights of men:

Height (inches) Club Length
7’1” – 7’4” +2 inches above standard length
6’9” – 7’0” +1.5 inches above standard length
6’5” – 6’8” +1 inch above standard length
6’1” – 6’4” +0.5 inch above standard length
5’9” – 6’0” Standard club length
5’5” – 5’8” -0.5 inch below standard length
5’1” – 5’4” -1 inch below standard length
4’9” – 5’0” -1.5 inches below standard length
4’5” – 4’8” -2 inches below standard length

As shown by the height chart for golf clubs which displays golf club sizing by height, if your height is above or below the figure equal to the standard club length, alterations to the clubs are needed. This could be simply half an inch or up to one and a half inches as per the standard golf club length chart.

The Standard Iron Length and Average Driver Length

The standard length of irons for males is between 36 – 40 inches, and for women, it’s between 35 – 39 inches. The length will depend on several factors, including the type of club and brand. In terms of drivers, this increases to around 45 inches.

For any alterations, the iron length by height and the driver length by height should follow the golf club fitting chart to ensure the clubs suit the golfer.

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How to Measure the Right Golf Club Length for You

There’s a standard way to measure your golf club using the wrist-to-floor method and a more intuitive approach that we’ll share below.

The Wrist-To-Floor Method for Measuring Golf Clubs

To measure the right golf club length for you, stand on a flat surface and grab a yardstick. Using the yardstick, when your arm is down, make a note of how far away your wrist is from the floor to work the figure out to see if adjustments are needed.

On average, the wrist-to-floor measurement is 48.9% of someone’s height. Though, as some golfers arms might be longer or shorter and not linked to their height, it is handy to try several methods to work out what you feel helps you find out which clubs work best for you.

Height and Wrist-To-Floor Measurement

Height (inches) Height (feet and inches) Wrist-to-floor measurement in inches (48.9% of height)
54 4’6” 26.41
56 4’8” 27.38
58 4’10” 28.36
60 5′ 29.34
62 5’2” 30.32
64 5’4” 31.30
66 5’6” 32.27
68 5’8” 33.25
70 5’10” 34.23
72 6′ 35.21
74 6’2” 36.19
76 6’4” 37.16
78 6’6” 38.14
80 6’8” 39.12
82 6’10” 40.10
84 7′ 41.08
86 7’2” 42.05

How To Measure Golf Clubs By Feel

As well as using your height and the wrist-to-floor method, you can work out ‘what length of golf clubs do I need’ through your own feel for a golf club. The more you play, the better idea you have as to what feels good when swinging. You can tend to suss out that if you swing is inhibited by being bent over, the club needs to be longer, and if you are overswinging due to it being so long, the height of golf clubs must be more petite for you.

What Size Golf Clubs Do I Need as a Woman?

Women’s clubs are different in size compared to the men’s, and they tend to be around 1 inch shorter at 44 inches for the standard size. That club is therefore targeted towards a woman at the height of around 5’7,” and it means that the height differences alter for alterations. It is worth keeping that in mind if you get your clubs changed.

Women’s Standard Golf Club Length Chart

Height (inches) Club Length
6’1” – 6’4” +1 inch above standard length
5’9” – 6’0” +0.5 inch above standard length
5’5” – 5’8” Standard club length
5’1” – 5’4” -0.5 inch below standard length
4’9” – 5’0” -1 inch below standard length
4’3” – 4’8” -1.5 inches below standard length

Why Do Golfers Need the Right Golf Club Length?

When wondering why golfers need to know how long should a golf club be, it is purely in the name of optimal performance. If you are hunched over your club, you won’t be able to have the idyllic golf swing, and if it is too tall, you will be too straight for the optimal swing for you.

How Do Golf Club Length Modifications Impact Your Game?

The impact of sorting golf clubs by height and ensuring their size works for you is huge. It is crucial that you get this right to allow for development in golf and for better performance. If your club was too short, for example, modifying your club length will mean you get a better swing as you are not limited to a smaller range of movement.

Additionally, a longer club can increase your distance and provide a wider swing arc too. Modifying your club can also make it lighter or heavier to suit not only your height but your age and strength too.

Not only that, modifying your clubs for your size contributes to your enjoyment of the game. If you are a new starter playing with clubs too big for you, it will be harder to see growth at the driving range, which could annoy you and make you less likely to return.

Final Thoughts

There are several ways to work out what length of golf clubs I need, and whether you get fitted for golf clubs mainly depends on how far you want to go with golf.

When asking the question as to what size golf clubs do I need, first ask yourself if you want to progress and commit to the sport to justify the cost of getting fitted clubs. If that answer is yes, then ensure you get fitted for the right-sized clubs.

It will undoubtedly help you perform better as a golfer and enjoy the sport more as a result.


Should a Beginner Get Fitted for Golf Clubs?

When considering your golf club’s height and whether you should get fitted for the right-sized clubs, it is important to consider how much you want to develop as a beginner. If you just want to learn slowly with some clubs and you are not too bothered about developing hugely, there is not much need to get fitted. Though, if you are a serious beginner and want to start as you mean to go on by growing as a golfer as much as you can, it is well worth getting fitted.

The average cost to get fitted for golf clubs is between $100 and $200.

Does the Size of the Golf Club Matter?

Simply put, yes, the size of your golf club does matter. It affects your swing and your ability to direct the ball where you want it to go. This ultimately impacts your performance on the course and how you will develop as a golfer.

How Do You Know If Your Clubs Are the Right Length?

There are three main ways to know how long golf clubs should be. As well as the wrist-to-floor test and your own feeling, a good gauge is to use your height. Standard-size clubs are made for those between 5ft 9” and 6ft 0”. You can make alterations if you are below or above that height range.

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