GolfKicks Review: Pros, Cons, Verdict

Are GolfKicks worth it? After nearly three decades of working in the industry, I have seen thousands of gadgets, training aids, and accessories enter the marketplace. Some find success, while others crash and burn quickly despite having a decent basic concept behind them. Then, there is another category of products that I throw in the “What were they thinking” bucket.

That’s what caught my eye with GolfKicks.

This product promises to add traction to your favorite sneakers, turning them into golf shoes. I wanted to find out if they’re worth it. So, I tried them out. Here’s my firsthand review.

GolfKicks: Screw Your Golf Shoes

I had the opportunity to try out Golfkicks this past weekend, and I must say, I was pretty impressed with the product. Golfkicks are an innovative and unique product that allows you to turn your favorite shoes into golf shoes by adding metal spikes to the soles. You can also use them to modify spikeless golf shoes.

My GolfKicks and my favorite pair of shoes.

As a PGA Professional and someone who has worked in golf for 30 years, I was excited to try them and see if they lived up to the hype.

Looking to pick up a set? You can get them at the GolfKicks Official Site. Checking around for deals? They’re also on sale at Amazon.

GolfKicks Installation

The installation process was a breeze, much to my surprise. The package came complete with all the necessary tools and instructions, and I was able to attach the spikes to my shoes in a matter of minutes.

I felt more grounded and noticed a significant improvement in my stability and balance throughout my swing.

And I checked the fit: The spikes felt secure and didn’t shift during my swing, which was a huge relief.

How They Perform on The Course

Out on the course, Golfkicks truly shined. The additional traction provided by the metal spikes instilled confidence in my footing, particularly on wet or hilly terrain. I felt more grounded and noticed a significant improvement in my stability and balance throughout my swing.

This translated to more consistent shots and a noticeable boost in my overall performance on the course.

One of the things I appreciated most about Golfkicks is their versatility. I could easily transfer them from one pair of shoes to another if I wanted to, allowing me to use my favorite comfortable shoes for golf without sacrificing performance.

This flexibility is a huge selling point for anyone who doesn’t want to invest in a separate pair of golf shoes.


Regarding durability, the Golfkicks proved their mettle after multiple rounds of golf.

They screw into your favorite pair of sneakers, so you can golf in anything.

The spikes showed minimal signs of wear, and the adhesive remained strong, which was a reassuring surprise considering the punishment they endured on the golf course.

GolfKicks Review: Video

I also made a video review. You can watch that here or on our YouTube channel.

I’ve transcribed the video below, editing to make it succinct.

Video Transcript

PGA Professional Brendan Elliott here. Have you ever wanted to take a pair of sneakers that you really loved and wear them on the golf course, but the smooth bottoms you’re kind of afraid that you’ll slip and slide all over? Wouldn’t it be cool to make them into golf shoes? Well, with GolfKicks, which I was sent to review, you can take your normal pair of sneakers and make them into golf shoes, as I did here.

Let’s watch. Alright, so we’re going to put the GolfKicks on. They come in this little box that looks almost like a sleeve of golf balls. And what comes with it is some spikes, the thread, this marker so you can mark on the bottom of the shoes. After you map it out, which I’ll show you in a minute, got some little bit of glue that you’re going to put on there, and this golf kicks wrench that kind of just clips in there so you can screw them into the bottom of the shoes.

There’s instructions or QR code on the back of the box and highly advise you to watch the video. It’s pretty simple to do. So what we got is the bottom of the shoe, These are some Old Navy camo green with a little bit of camo on the bottom. And I just thought these would be a good candidate to put the golf kicks in.

So what they said is to lay out where you want your spikes to go.

And then once you get them mapped out where you want them to go, use this sharpie that they give you.

And then you just mark the spots where you want to dial in the cleats. So I’ll do that now. And I’ll get back to you in a sec. Okay, so I got it. With the Sharpie they gave you, I got everything marked off. to screw in the shoes. So that’s the next step, we’ll start screwing them in. So now that we got it mapped out, what you do is you take the wrench that they gave you, and it clips, it’s, it’s, the wrench just clips right into the center of the cleat, if you see there, and they advise you to take this, what they call shoe goo, which is just some heavy duty adhesive, just a little Just a little dab on the screw is all you need, and then they said to put your hand inside the shoe.

Make sure the shoe is clean, so you don’t get anything on your hands, and then go right where you mapped it. Press down.

And it’s really, I’m finding out here, it’s really important to make sure you got that pressure on the inside of the shoe to make sure it’s locking in. So there we finally got it. There. Okay. So I’ll just continue that, and then when I’m done, I’ll show you what they look like.

Alright. Finished product. One shoe down. Now, the thing about these is they, the screws, if you notice, they’re not very deep. So as I had my hand inside the shoe screwing them in. They’re not going through the shoe. There’s no worry about that. Um, I’m going to write within the review that you’re going to read with this video how they feel when I go out and hit some shots on the range and when I play.

But I will tell you this, I do have a couple students of mine that have done this with some of their, Jordans and some other shoes and they say they’re great, fantastic. So that’s my review of the golf kicks. Read further throughout this article, and I’ll give you the pros and cons that I’ve seen. But as of now, easy to put on.

It looks like they’re going to be as comfortable as the shoes were before I put the cleats in them. So, that’s that.

GolfKicks Verdict

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with Golfkicks. They provided the traction and stability of traditional golf shoes without compromising the comfort and style of my favorite sneakers. Whether you’re a casual golfer looking for an affordable alternative to traditional golf shoes or a seasoned player seeking a temporary solution, Golfkicks are definitely worth considering.

I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their grip and performance on the golf course.

Brendon is Class A PGA Professional and founded Little Linksters, LLC, and its nonprofit arm, the Little Linksters Association for Junior Golf Development. He won 25+ prestigious industry honors, including the 2017 PGA National Youth Player Development Award. He graduated from the PGA of America Management Program and has a handicap index of 7.8.

He has played golf for over 40 years and currently plays twice a month at the Eagle Dunes Golf Club near Sorrento, Florida. He loves Srixon clubs and plays a ZX5 driver with Z 585 irons. He's written over 60 articles on GolfSpan and specializes in sharing tips to improve your golf game. You can connect with Brendon at LinkedIn, X, IG, FB, his website, or

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