The Birdie Mat Pro: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

I reviewed The Birdie Mat Pro with one of my students.

In short, it’s a golf training aid that offers immediate feedback on various aspects of your swing, such as the low point, swing path, and club impact. When your club makes contact with the mat, the surface changes from green to white, providing a real-time visual of your impact.

The Birdie Mat Pro…Strike it Like It’s Hot

This versatile training aid comes in a compact design with a built-in handle, making it convenient for use at the driving range, on the course, or even at home.

This is one of my students testing the Birdie Mat Pro.
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It is a practical tool for practice sessions in different settings, including backyards, local courses, and indoor spaces.

Birdie Mat Pro Pricing

Priced at just $59.99, the Birdie Mat Pro is a reasonable investment designed to endure daily use. It is claimed to handle up to 5,000 swings. Some users have questioned this claim, but overall, they find the product and feedback valuable. I didn’t give it 5,000 tries, but it withstood my student’s swings just fine.

Here's what The Birdie Mat Pro looks like after a few swings.
One point to note is that the mat is slightly raised off the ground due to its rubberized, non-slip base. To maximize feedback, ensure that you are also standing on a similarly elevated stance mat.

Review Video

I tested this product in the field. Here’s my video showing how it works.

And I transcribed the video so you can read everything here.


All right. So Nico’s working on the birdie mat here. It’s going to hit a couple shots.

Pretty good strike. Pretty good. Yeah, that was good.

So one of the things that golfers struggle with is the understanding of having to hit down and through and not help the ball up. And this helps you find your low point. And you see how he’s making the mark after the ball. Let’s do one more.

So again, he’s placing it center and the idea is ball and then dip it.

So that one was a little thin and what you can tell by that is the opposite. In fact, Nico, let’s purposely do one like most people where you help the ball up in the, try to help the ball up in the air. So that one he hit thin and you can tell it was too far forward. This one he’s going to try to purposely help the ball up which is very typical of amateurs.

So see how he hit it a little bit behind it there? That would have been, if he was hitting off the ground, it would have been a little bit chunky. It would have been chunky, it would have come off short. Yeah.

So what are your overall thoughts on the Birdie Mat? Positives and negatives.

It’s definitely helpful to like see where you hit the ball and where you make contact because most people don’t hit the ball first and that, that loses a lot of distance and like consistency for them.

Yeah. So that’s really good, but it is a little bit, Clunky sometimes, or can impact how you set up and stuff like that. But it does give you these lines, which helps you aim correctly. And a lot of people don’t do that right either. Yeah. And one thing we were talking about earlier is because it’s raised up, we’re out here on a range.

It’s, it’s a little bit higher than he, than the ball would be in general terms. But if you had a stance mat or something that would bring you up just a little bit. Yeah. Just like, yeah. To equal that. It’d be good. All right. Thanks Niko.

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Birdie Mat Pro: Verdict

Overall, the Birdie Mat Pro provides essential visual feedback about your swing, helping you understand the low point, analyze your swing path, and observe your clubface at impact.

It’s definitely helpful to like see where you hit the ball and where you make contact. . .

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer hoping for the longest drive in golf history, this training aid has the potential to help you improve your game.

The Birdie Mat Pro Reviewed
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