The 9 Best Golf Push Carts For 2020 [Reviews & Comparisons]

There is much debate about who coined the phrase ‘Golf is a Good Walk, Spoiled?’. Many attributed this to Mark Twain but it’s more likely that novelist Harry Leon Wilson used the phrase in his novel The Boss of Little Arcady.

Who made the phrase popular doesn’t matter as much as the fact that more than one golfer has felt like that while carrying their golf bag along for a round of golf.

A study done by Dr. Wolkodoff found that carrying a bag consumes far more energy than pushing a cart and that it could increase your score by up to 2+ strokes per round.

We are all aware that many golf courses have electric carts available but that spoils the great walkout in the open air.

Fortunately, a large number of golf courses still allow you to utilize push or pull carts and it is advisable to look for a versatile and reliable pushcart.

A pushcart should be easy and light to push enabling you to retain your energy for the great game of golf. Carts, as with all golfing equipment, provide you with choices galore. Even before you decide on which brand you want to buy there is a decision to be taken on whether a push or pull cart will work best for your circumstances.

The main difference between the two options is the number of wheels. Essentially pull carts have two wheels, while pushcarts have either 3 or 4 wheels.

What To Consider in Your Buying Decision

Ultimately as with all golf equipment, personal preference will play a big role in your decision. We will provide some information allowing you to make an informed decision.

Ensure that your golf bag and push cart are compatible since there is a large community of golfers that believe that stand bags do not go well with pushcarts. This, however, is not true for all carts as some employ a clip system to lock in your stand bag.

The Braking System

As with your car, the braking system on your cart is important. Imagine playing on a hilly course and you have to fight to keep your cart stationery while you are planning and executing your shot.

It is possible to replace the brakes rather cheaply but through taking care of the way you use your brakes, you can extend their lifetime. Look for flatter surfaces or ways that you can park your cart without engaging the brakes unnecessarily.

Impact On Your Back

With golf courses being extended to counteract the increased distances that golfers can hit the ball, golfers often have to add more drinks and food to their bags to counteract the additional time spent on the course. This has an even worse impact if you carry your bag.

Not having to carry your bag for 18 holes by using a cart already reduces the strain on your back which is so important for your swing. Some golfers have noted that it has a beneficial effect on the back as they have something to press or lean on while walking if the stress on the back gets too much.

Handle And User Comfort

Most of your contact with your cart will be through your handle. You will be pushing up and down hills and therefore flexible handles are superior to fixed handles. Twisting and turning your wrists to keep your cart aligned cannot have a positive impact on your golf game.

In addition to being flexible, look for handles that are height adjustable and enable you to control the brakes. Why would you use a cart to save your back but bend down to put the brakes in place every time you stop?


Fortunately, the majority of carts have airless wheels. It would be quite catastrophic to have a puncture while playing the game of your life! Along with the airless nature of the wheels, you will find a large majority have produced textured anti-skid wheels enhancing the grip on wet and very dry surfaces.

The question then arises on whether 3 wheels or 4 wheels are the better choices. Let’s look at both options and then you can make a more informed decision.


Three-wheelers are shaped like a V with one wheel in the front and two in the back. The front-wheel could either be fixed or can swivel. The swivel option creates more flexibility and less stress on the course when you have to turn it around.

Having only one wheel in the front makes it much easier to steer than a four-wheeler. The V shape makes it easier to push in all conditions whether it be on the fairway or over some clumps in the rough.

On the negative side, it must be mentioned that three-wheelers tend to become top-heavy and it is easier to topple over when it is fully loaded.


On the opposite side of the coin, four-wheelers have two wheels in the front and are more stable and less likely to topple over no matter the load. However, as with any vehicle that you load, make sure the load is distributed as evenly as possible or you will find yourself picking it up as well.

What they gain in stability is offset against maneuverability. Not that they are difficult to move around but compared to the three-wheel competitors, they tend to be more difficult to turn.

You will be able to replace the wheels should you happen to damage it beyond repair. It is highly recommended that you obtain the replacement from the supplier directly to ensure that you don’t lose any of the benefits that you have become so accustomed to.

Storage & Material/Weight

The overall experience that most golfers have with pushcarts are in the main free of aggravation. An area that does create some problems is the storage in the cart and the storage of the cart after the round. We will address both of these in this section.

It is advisable not to overload your cart for the round with beverages, although necessary within limits, snacks, and other commodities. To ensure that the cart stays stable you should add some weight without it impacting too much on the energy that you are saving for your shots.

Your golf cart should enable you to carry and make all of your essentials easily available. Look for a place to store your scorecard and writing utensils, your umbrella on those rainy days, and a reasonable amount of liquid refreshments and snacks to keep you hydrated and energized for your round. Other options that could play a big role in your decision is whether the storage compartment is waterproof and whether it is lockable.

The pushcart should be able to fold up into a sufficiently small package to fit into the vehicle that you use most often for your golfing encounters. It should be easy to fold up and/or dismantle should that be required before loading it.

Most have manual operations to fold up but some of the higher level pushcarts have automated the folding action. You will pay more for the automated options but it could be well worth the additional costs when you are tired after a long, long walk.

Quick Overview: Our Top Picks for Golf Push Carts

OUR RATING: 4.9/5gstbl-table__imageBag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart
  • Four wheels
  • The brake can be controlled from the handle
  • Stable on the grass
OUR RATING: 4.7/5gstbl-table__imageBag Boy TriSwivel II Cart
  • 360 degrees swiveling front wheel
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a handy parking brake
OUR RATING: 4.6/5gstbl-table__imageClicgear Model 3.5+ Push Cart
  • Compact when folded
  • The handle is height adjustable
  • Top-rated braking system
OUR RATING: 4.5/5gstbl-table__imageCaddyTek Superlite Explorer
  • Adjustable handles
  • Extra storage
  • Built-in cooler
OUR RATING: 4.5/5gstbl-table__imageClicgear Model 8+
  • Bag strap storage clip
  • Umbrella Holder
  • Dual front brakes
OUR RATING: 4.4/5gstbl-table__imagePinemeadow Golf Courier Crusier 3
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum frame
  • Large anti-skid wheels
  • Two-step collapsible design
OUR RATING: 4.4/5gstbl-table__imageSpin It Golf Products Easy Drive
  • High-quality construction
  • Swiveling front wheel
  • Folds well for convenient storage
OUR RATING: 4.3/5gstbl-table__imageParagon Push Cart
  • Large rear wheels
  • Extremely portable
  • One-step folding mechanism
OUR RATING: 4.3/5gstbl-table__imageTangkula Golf Push Cart
  • Easy to assemble
  • Folds easily
  • Height and angle adjustable handle

The 9 Best Golf Push Carts Reviewed

Based on our extensive research, these are our top pick best golf push carts:

1. Clicgear Model 3.5+ Push Cart


  • Compact when folded
  • Provides all key accessories
  • Options are available for purchase
  • The handle is height adjustable
  • Top-rated braking system
  • Airless wheels
  • Well-constructed
  • Lightweight
  • Top-rated stability
  • Easy to fold/unfold
  • Portable and travel-friendly.
  • Very stable and bottom-heavy making it one of the sturdiest carts on the market.
  • Patented folding design making it SUPER easy to fold down.


  • Although lightweight it is a bit heavier than the competition
  • It could stretch your budget but is great value for money.

The Clicgear three-wheel pushcart is another in a long line of excellent pushcarts produces by Clicgear and we rate it as one of the top pushcarts on the market. It is extremely lightweight, rugged, durable and versatile.

The Model 3.5+ is manufactured from heavy-duty yet lightweight aluminum tubing, framework creating a cart that can boast strength and durability and still not be overweight. Add the airless wheels and a hand-operated handbrake on the console and there is not much else you could wish for.

Not much but yet it offers you more in terms of a removable cup holder, umbrella holder, scorecard holder, umbrella holder, ball and tee holders. All of this and it still weighs in at around 18 pounds making it a highly desirable package.

Yet, as if all this is not enough, you can add accessories such as a seat for those long wait holes where the group ahead of you are just not getting it on.


The Clicgear 3.5+ an extremely well-constructed, lightweight pushcart with optional extras that puts it at a level that other manufacturers strive to compete. The 1-year warranty provides additional peace of mind.

2. Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart


  • Four wheels
  • Compact size
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • It can take a cart or stand bag.
  • Fold easily and is, therefore, portable and travel-friendly.
  • Great wheels
  • The console provides storage for all required accessories.
  • The brake can be controlled from the handle.
  • Stable on the grass


  • Some find the frame slightly unstable
  • Braking system often requires adjustment

As the name indicates this is a four-wheeler pushcart that you can expect to be stable on even the most difficult ground conditions that the course can throw at you. With the lower center of gravity, it is unlikely to topple over unless it is manhandled to the ground.

The Bag Boy frame is constructed from high-quality aluminum and has all the required accessories. The extra-deep console has space for a scorecard holder and sufficient space for your golf ball, tees and mobile phone with an oversized storage bag. The umbrella holder is attached to a storage clip. All this and it weighs in at only 14.2 pounds.

The adjustable support arms will lock in either a stand bag or cart bag on the Bag Boy without any concern that it may disengage along the route.

The wheels are different sizes in the front and the back promoting a faster more stable ride while allowing you to control the direction without any effort. The diameter of the front wheels stands in at 9.5 inches compared to the 11.5 inches of the back wheels. The larger back wheels make it much easier to push through rough and uneven areas.

The braking system can be controlled from the handle avoiding that back-breaking bends to lock it in on the hilly sections

Using the simple two-step operation you can fold it into a compact size of 24 x 17 x 14.2 inches making it easy to transport.

The Bag Boy is a well-constructed lightweight package complying with all the requirements of even the fussiest golfers and it will not disappoint you. We rate it as one of the finest mid-range push carts available that you will partner with for years to come and many enjoyable rounds of golf.

3. Bag Boy TriSwivel II Cart


  • 360 degrees swiveling front wheel
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a handy parking brake
  • Comes with helpful extras
  • Superb bag lock-in system
  • Wide base for stability


  • The front-wheel needs tight adjustments
  • Platform durability is a little suspect.

The TriSwivel is a three-wheeled pushcart that provides top-class maneuverability through its Swivel Tech Technology allowing the front wheel to swivel 360 degrees. This is an all-weather performer and will not be out of place in any course condition. Weighing in at a very competitive 16 pounds it will not be overshadowed by the competition.

Your bag will be retained in the position that it is meant to be, standing upright, through the lock-in found on the frame.

Folding into a package with dimensions of 23.5” x 13” x 24” you will be able to insert the TriSwivel in the tightest of spaces. It folds manually within seconds and is easy to port and transport.

There is an umbrella holder with a storage clip and a large accessory bag under the scorecard console for all your accessories.

4. CaddyTek Superlite Explorer


  • The wide wheels enable ease of movement and stability
  • Adjustable handles.
  • Extra storage
  • Built-in cooler
  • Simple folding and unfolding feature
  • Strong, durable aluminum framework.
  • Lightweight.
  • Features patented folding design; portable and travel-friendly.
  • Removable umbrella holder bracket
  • Wheels have brakes.


  • Lack of locking mechanism in a folded position.
  • No brake control on the handle
  • Its handle is divided into 2 parts
  • Brakes sometimes don’t unlock as easily as they lock.
  • Bottom of the cart is quite low to the ground

The frame of the Superlite Explorer 4-wheeler is constructed from strong aluminum and set on a wide-base with expandable front wheels for increased stability and is easy to roll on different terrains. It weighs in at an extremely light weight of 14 pounds.

The handles are adjustable to multiple pushing positions and padded making for a soft touch. The foot brakes are easy to use with push to brake and push to release feature. A patented 2 latched mechanism allows the cart to fold into a compact package through only 2 steps

There is a mesh net for the balls, a storage compartment for your scorecard, a well-sized beverage holder and an umbrella holder.

Setting the pushcart for loading is quick and easy as it can be brought downwards by pushing a button under the handle. The back wheels can be removed for decreased storage requirements and the front wheel can rotate 180 degrees either way at the click of a switch. To reduce the storage requirements even further, the umbrella rack can be removed.

This is a well-priced pushcart with some good features but is up against some very strong competition.

5. Clicgear Model 8+ | 4-Wheel Golf Push Cart


  • brake
  • The hand brake operated from the handle.
  • Bag strap storage clip
  • Umbrella Holder
  • Slide lock handle
  • Airless wheels
  • Dual front brakes
  • Dual front wheel alignment
  • Stylish, sleek and sturdy design
  • Extremely stable
  • Bottom-heavy
  • Easy to fold making use of patented designs.
  • Built-in accessory mounts for Umbrella, 2 Cup Holders (Standard + XL), and Scorecard Storage.
  • Height adjustable handle.


  • The brake handle can be a bit inflexible
  • Expensive but top value

The Model 8+ is the follow up for the ever-popular predecessor Model 8. This is one of the finest push carts you can find today. It has great features and makes use of technology to the fullest to ensure that you get the absolute maximum assistance and feedback from one of the most advanced four-wheel carts available. It is also designed to minimize the maintenance requirements throughout its lifetime.

The Model 8+ is a 4-wheeler made of lightweight materials and built on an extra-wide base for increased stability. It is provided with loads of features that smoothly glides over the grass with little resistance. This all weighs in at a remarkably lightweight of 10 pounds.

The console houses built-in storage for your scorecard and a mount for your Umbrella and Cup Holders. The brake system is controlled from the handle and effectively stopping the powerful front wheels.

Folding this beauty for storage is easier than you would ever imagine through the use of the patented V-slide feature resulting in a folded up package of 15″ x 27″ x 17″.

One of the most durable yet lightest pushcarts on the market and laden with technology. The features available on the Model 8+ justifies the high price. We rate the Model 8+ as the finest push cart available on the market.

6. Pinemeadow Golf Courier Crusier 3


  • Lightweight and durable aluminum frame
  • Large anti-skid wheels
  • Two-step collapsible design
  • Easy to assemble as no tools required
  • Easy travel partner.
  • Adjustable angles on the handle.
  • Waterproof compartment.


  • Does not have a foot brake
  • Doesn’t come with a storage console
  • Front-wheel doesn’t swivel.

The Pinemeadow Golf Courier Cruiser is an aluminum framed, 3-wheeler entry-level pushcart that is strong enough to carry the weight of the bag you can throw on it. A key feature is the stability of the pushcart and the great balance when under full load. The Pinemeadow Golf Courier Cruiser weighs in at a very competitive 15 pounds.

The construction and balance bring the versatility out in the various terrains that it can conquer without much effort. Bring on the fairways and the rough, this one can negotiate them all.

The handles of the Golf Courier Cruiser can rotate into a variety of angles for ease of use. On the console, you will find a ball-holder and a waterproof scorecard holder for those rainy days. A feature that it lacks though is the control of a footbrake but the flexibility of the handle does make up for the missing footbrake to a certain extent.

The anti-skid wheels are well suited to rounds where you require additional grip due to inclement weather.

You should not encounter any obstacles to find space for the Cruiser as the 2-step collapsible design folds in up in a very compact size. Should you still encounter some difficulty, you can remove the front wheel to reduce the space requirement.

An entry-level cart that is competitive on pricing and offers reasonable quality at an affordable price.

7. Spin It Golf Products Easy Drive Cart


  • Easy of assembly
  • High-quality construction
  • Swiveling front wheel
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Folds well for convenient storage
  • Great stability
  • Console storage options
  • Strong, durable and lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Automated folding initiated by the push of a button
  • Adjustable bag clamps.


  • It does not lock when folded

Another of the three-wheelers that we have tested and come up trumps.

The low maintenance aluminum frame is strong enough to carry any fairly weighted golf bag and durable enough to be your loyal servant for many years of hassle-free golf. A key feature offered by the Easy Drive is the stability that it offers in all ground conditions and all weather conditions.

The automatic folding mechanism found on Easy Drive is a highlight when seeing it in action. Push the button, and it will fold itself smoothly into a very compact, easy to transport package. The Easy Driver weighs in at quite a sturdy weight of 16.5 pounds although this does not have any impact on the maneuverability on the course.

Attached to the sturdy aluminum frame you will find airless wheels with the from wheel able to swivel 360 degrees making the change of direction no problem. The front wheel of the cart swivels in tandem with the two back wheels making the Easy Drive one of the easiest push carts available.

The handle is adjustable to your specific settings and has the brake control attached. It also makes provision for all necessities such as scorecard holder, drinks holder, and umbrella holder.

The Easy Driver is one of the Best Golf Push Carts and this is reflected in the fact that it is one of the bestselling pushcarts online. The lightweight construction makes it equally easy to transport and use as your caddy. No sacrifice in either department required.

8. Paragon Push Cart


  • Easy to use handle.
  • Includes wheel brakes.
  • Large rear wheels
  • Extremely portable
  • One-step folding mechanism
  • Effective cooler bag


  • Some players reported a problematic front wheel

The Paragon Push Cart is a 3-wheeler pushcart with a frame constructed from wide aluminum tubing and is strong enough to carry even the heaviest of golf bags.

Fully adjustable handles will ensure that all golfers will be able to control Paragon Push Cart. All the normal holders for cups, scorecards, and an umbrella are in place. Additionally, you will find a very efficient cooler bag for those hot and humid days or any other day where you just want to enjoy a little refreshment while sweating out on the course.

Twelve-inch rear wheels are some of the largest you will find and it makes for easy access in most terrain, even long grass.

Folding using the one-step folding operation makes this one of the easiest pushcarts to fold.

9. Tangkula Golf Push Cart


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy steel framework construction
  • Folds easily
  • Removable wheels
  • Height and angle adjustable handle.
  • Net bag and beverage holder.
  • Ball-bearing wheels
  • Seating stool with storage compartment.


  • No brake control on the handle
  • People with short legs may struggle with the brakes

The Tangkula Golf Push Cart is a 3-wheel pushcart with the frame constructed from steel and it can take on the heaviest of bags. As Tangkula is constructed from steel and not aluminum like most of the competitors it weighs in a relatively heavy 19 pounds.

The handle can move and turn in every angle possible and is height adjustable to suit your requirements and the moveable handles make it easy to carry. A great feature of the handle is that it is flexible and can be used by either left-handed or right-handed golfers without any adjustment required.

The wheels have ball bearings thus making it very smooth and easy to push and change of direction.

The brakes are effective but not linked to the handle. Unfortunately, you will have to operate them with your feet.

On the console, you will find the usual space for accessories such as your scorecard, umbrella, a net bag, and beverage holder.

Slow play has become a hot topic and is found at all levels of the game. A feature that you will find on few of the competitors and that makes this a stand-out option is the adjustable stool for those difficult days when you have to wait for the group ahead to complete their hole.

The Tangkula folds into a 65” x 27” x 48” package makes it easy to store. If it still takes up too much space you can remove all 3 of its wheels effortlessly to squeeze it into the tightest spaces.

Weighing in heavier than the competition as a result of the steel construction does not affect the workability and performance of the Tangkula. It’s easy to assemble and features a stool to assist when you get tired of waiting.

Wrapping It Up

Golfers are spoilt for choice when it comes to pushcarts. There are so many options and you have to prioritize up front what will be your major selection criteria. The type of courses that you frequent and their layout will play a big role in your selection.

Hilly courses will require a good braking system and could play a big role in the decision.

While all the pushcarts we reviewed are popular and quality options, the Clicgear Model 3.5+ Push Cart stood out as the best of the best. It is a great combination of versatility and durability while still being light and easy to move around.