89 Golf Cart Names: Funny, Cool, Creative Picks

I’ve had multiple names for my golf carts over the years. If you’re creative with your golf cart names, chances are, you’ll be remembered for it on the course. It’s an excellent way to reflect personality, start conversations, make your golf cart stand out, and add humor to the sport.

Some of the best golf cart names are:

  1. Birdie Bomber
  2. The Bogey Man
  3. Golfzilla
  4. Maverick
  5. The Tank
  6. Batmobile
  7. Beer Cart
  8. The Rocket
  9. The Fore-wheel Drive
  10. The Fore Fathers

Since you can name your golf cart anything, finding the perfect name for your four-wheeled buddy might seem challenging.

But don’t worry! As a golfer passionate about naming golf carts, I’ve got your back. I’ve compiled a list of the 66 best names for golf carts so you can take inspiration from here and name your golf cart.

Funny Golf Cart Names

golf cart names featured

Adding a touch of sarcasm to your golf game is always a good idea, and funny golf teams and club names can do the trick. But if you want to take the comedy up a notch, give your cart a funny name!

Here are some great funny names for golf carts that will have everyone on the course in stitches.

1) Birdie Bomber

This one’s my favorite, but you need the skill to back it up. Try the ‘Par Bomber’ otherwise.

2) Bogey Man

No one likes bogeys, but you can still lighten up the situation by naming your cart ‘The Bogey Man’ if you’re stuck between bogeys.

3) Golfzilla

This monstrous cart name is a hilarious way to announce that your golf buddy, the Golfzilla, is a beast on the greens!

4) Flashy Fox

Like clever and speedy foxes, the Flashy Fox golf cart can zip around the course with style and flair.

5) Sunday Driver

This is the perfect name for that one golfer who drives the cart too slowly. We all know a Sunday driver.

6) Crusty Caddy

Want to add a fun twist? You can even spell it as “Krusty Kaddy” for a reference to SpongeBob. It’s a fun name for your no-nonsense golf companion!

7) Puttinator

Does your golf cart perform flawlessly every time, just like a robot or, more specifically, the Terminator? Name it the Puttinator, and let everyone know your golf cart means serious business on the course.

Thinking of buying a golf cart? There are some great brands, but you don’t want to get a lemon. Here are the golf cart brands to avoid.

Cool Golf Cart Names

Here are a few cool names for a golf cart.

1) The Rocket

If you play or drive fast on the course, no name screams speed like ‘The Rocket.’ It’s a name that perfectly matches your need for speed while golfing.

2) Maverick

Just like Tom Cruise’s character, this golf cart is ready to conquer the course with a fearless spirit.

3) Shadow

Shadow is the perfect name for your golf cart if you drive around without getting noticed. This name shrouds your cart in a mysterious aura like Sonic the Hedgehog’s sneaky archenemy.

4) Panther

Naming your golf cart after big animals can be exciting. For example, you can go with names like ‘Carolina Panthers,’ and “Cincinnati Bengals.’

Alternatively, if you’re more into comic books, consider naming your cart the ‘Black Panther’ or ‘Hellcat.’

5) Desert Fox

If you’re a golfer around the American Southwest or live near a desert, ‘Desert Fox’ will be a fantastic golf cart name.

But don’t stop there! You can also name your cart after other terrains.

6) Triceratops

Just like Ross from Friends, I’m also obsessed with dinosaurs. If you, too, are a little dino-crazy, then Triceratops is the perfect golf cart name for you!

7) The Tank

The Tank is a great name for a golf cart built like a sturdy death machine and can handle almost anything. It might be a bit clunky, but it can weather a storm or two before showing signs of damage.

Traditional Golf Cart Names

selective focus of woman with golf club playing golf and friends resting at golf cart on green lawn

Some golfers may prefer to stick to the basics and pay tribute to the game’s long history by sticking to traditional golf cart nicknames. So, here’s a list of the top classic golf cart names.

1) Gentleman’s Caddy

Just like a true Gentleman, this name reflects class and sophistication.

2) Clubhouse Classic

Name your cart ‘ The Clubhouse Classic ‘ for a more nostalgic and vintage vibe.

3) Fairway Finery

The Fairway Finery is a golf cart that serves as an elegant and sophisticated accessory to the fairway, resembling the refined and formal outfits golfers wear on the course.

4) (Your Course Name) Express

(Your Course Name) Express is a straightforward choice that doesn’t overcomplicate things. It’s efficient and simple, making it a fantastic traditional golf cart name.

5) Carolina Cruiser

The Carolina Cruiser is the perfect pick for golfers living in North Carolina or South Carolina. Alternatively, you can name your cart after your state, too. Some examples may include:

  1. Texas Cruiser
  2. Florida Rider
  3. California Sunshine

6) Timeless Traveler

This name is right for golfers who own timeless and vintage golf carts. It hints at a golf cart that never goes out of style and stands the test of time.

7) Caddie Master

A golf cart named “Caddie Master” is a way to pay tribute and show appreciation for the dedicated caddies.

Golf Cart Names with Puns

Golf cart names with puns are ideal for dad golfers who can’t resist cracking a good ol’ dad joke. Here’s a list of our favorite golf cart names with puns.

1) The Fore Fathers

The name ‘Fore Fathers’ can mean three different things.

  • ‘Fore Fathers’— A golf warning to let other golfers know that a ball might be heading their way.
  • ‘Forefathers’— Referring to the founding members of the country.
  • ‘Four Fathers’— A four-seater cart with four fathers in it.

Whatever reason you choose to go with, Fore Fathers is a superb punny golf cart name.

2) Fore-Wheel Ride

With this cheeky name, you can let other golfers know that your golf cart and driving skills resemble a 4×4 on the fairway.

3) Putt-er Pilsner

Smooth like your favorite pilsner, this cart is all about chill vibes on the greens.

4) Caddy Cooler

This cart keeps things cool and fresh, like a chilled beer you snuck into the course.

5) 19th Hole Hops

The 19th Hole Hops is perfect for celebrating at the 19th hole with your favorite hops.

Sports-Themed Golf Cart Names

Couple in the golf cart laughing on a path

Show off your sporty spirit with these sport-inspired golf cart name options.

1) Slam Dunk Cruiser

This golf cart is all about making power moves, just like your favorite basketball stars on the court.

2) The Arnie Express

Hop aboard the Arnie Express, a golf cart that pays tribute to the legend Arnold Palmer, an American golfer from the 90’s.

3) Tiger’s Roar

Tiger’s roar is for golfers who aim to roar like the great Tiger Woods. With the Tiger Roar by your side, you might win a local championship, too!

4) Ryder Racer

The esteemed Ryder Cup inspires Ryder Racer. Like this iconic tournament, the name suggests a cart built for fierce competition and intense fun on the golf course.

5) Top Spin Shuttle

This golf cart name draws inspiration from tennis, hinting at a powerful and agile ride on the golf course.

Nature-Inspired Golf Cart Names

If you love nature, you can name your cart using one of these unique options.

1) Tornado

Are you known for your aggressive driving style, leaving a whirlwind behind you? Choose Tornado as your golf cart’s name to reflect your feisty spirit.

2) Alpine Adventurer

This cart name takes inspiration from the majestic Alpine mountains and its breathtaking views.

3) Avalanche Ace

Conquer the golf course like a true ace with the Avalanche Ace.

4) Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt is a great pick for those who like to zip around the course with electrifying speed.

5) Tsunami

This golf cart name is meant for a powerful cart that can make waves on the course.

Golf Cart Names Inspired by Colors

Golf carts come in various colors; a fun way to name them is according to their color.

  • Black: Midnight Rider and Shadow Runner
  • Red: Cherry Charmer and Ruby Racer
  • Blue: Sapphire Speedster and Royal Bluebird
  • Green: Emerald Envy and Forest Cruiser
  • Yellow: Sunflower Spark and Buttercup Beauty
  • Orange: Tangerine Tango and Sunset Surfer
  • White: Snow and Polar Prowler

Golf Cart Names Inspired by Food

Two Chinese golfers in the golf cart

Naming your cart after food is a great way for food lovers to show their passion, even on the golf course.

1) Parfait Wheels

This cart is as smooth as a parfait, providing a seamless ride on the golf course.

2) Chip ‘n Drive

Like your favorite snack, this cart will be your perfect companion as you chip through the course.

3) Espresso Express

A cart that keeps you energized and fresh, much like your favorite espresso.

4) Bagel Buggy

As versatile as a bagel with all the toppings, this cart is ready for any golfing adventure.

5) Sherbet Shuttle

The Sherbet Shuttle is like an ice cream party on wheels!

6) Slice of Paradise

This cart is as sweet as a slice of pie and will make your golfing experience delightful.

Golf Cart Names Inspired By Movies/TV

Name your cart after your favorite characters to add personality and flair to your golfing adventures.

1) Hulkster

If you’ve got a green monstrous cart or simply love Hulk Hogan, this is the perfect name for your golf cart.

2) Flash

Are you an Avengers fan, and is your golf cart faster than most? I’d recommend you name your golf cart after Flash from Avengers.

3) Batmobile

This name is a natural fit if you’ve always dreamt of cruising in the Batmobile. You can also experiment and be creative with the name, beermobile or birdiemobile.

4) Samurai

A name as sharp as a katana and as fierce as a warrior in a golf cart joust, Samurai is meant for carts that have style and strength.

5) Homer

Homer is your homage to the wacky world of The Simpsons and all things Springfield. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who loves this iconic cartoon.

Romantic Golf Cart Names

If you share a golf cart with your partner, here are some romantic buggy names.

  1. Love Bug
  2. Cupid’s Carriage
  3. Passion Buggy
  4. Amore Affair Express
  5. Romance Roamer

Other Golf Cart Names

Here are a few more golf cart names for you to choose from.

  1. Beer Cart
  2. Drive Bomber
  3. Knight Rider
  4. Transformer
  5. Optimus Prime
  6. Cobra
  7. Bullet
  8. Cowboy
  9. Ghostrider
  10. Ace Maker
  11. Delorean
  12. Herbie
  13. Lightening McQueen
  14. Mater
  15. 007 Cart
  16. Mystery Machine
  17. USS Enterprise (Startrek)
  18. Millenium Falcon (Stawars)
  19. Ecto-1
  20. Airforce 1
  21. The Magic Carpet (Alladin)
  22. The Black Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean)


Do People Name Their Golf Carts? 

Many people name their golf carts as a fun and personal way to show off their personality on the course. It’s also a great way to start conversions with other golfers and socialize. 

What Is A Golf Cart Girl Called? 

A Golf Cart Girl is a ‘Golf Course Beverage Cart Attendant’, also known as a ‘beer cart driver.’ These attendants/drivers are responsible for delivering snacks and drinks to golfers. They drive around the course in special carts equipped with coolers, refrigerators, and storage for keeping snacks. 

What Is Another Name For A Golf Cart? 

Golf carts are also called “golf cars" or "golf buggies.” These terms are used interchangeably to refer to small motorized vehicles carrying golfers and equipment around the course. 

Final Thoughts

When naming your golf cart, the possibilities are nearly limitless with many categories and ideas. It’s the perfect opportunity to let your imagination and creativity shine with a name that reflects your personality and interests.

Whether you prefer to show off your sense of humor with names like Golfzilla and Birdie Bomber or traditional names like Carolina Cruiser and the Gentleman’s Caddy, the choice is yours.

Remember that your golf isn’t just a mode of transport; it’s an extension of your personality and style on the course. So, opt for a golf cart name that truly resonates with you and makes you proud to showcase your golfing buddy.

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