Bombs Away: The Longest Drives in Golf History

Carl Cooper hit the longest drive in golf history, a 787-yarder, during the second round of the 1992 Texas Open. However, as you will soon see, there is more to this long ball story.

Some put long-drive sensation Kyle Berkshire at the top of the bomber list. Berkshire’s 579-yard drive in late 2023 beat the official world record mark of 551 yards set by Mike Dobbin in 2007. But Kyle’s poke is not official, as it was not hit in competition.

No matter how far you can hit drives yourself, there is little to no chance they can compare to some of the longest ones ever hit in golf. So, before you flex that muscle and think you are the king of the long ball, have a peak below at my list of longest drives ever recorded.


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Longest Drives in Golf History

Rank Yardage Player Year Course Verified
1 787-yard drive Carl Cooper 1992 Oak Hills Country Club Tournament Officials. Cart path aided.
2 579 -yard drive Kyle Berkshire 2023 Rochelle Ranch Golf Course Video
3 551 -yard drive Mike Dobbin 2007 Wildhorse Golf Club Long Drive Competition. Official Guinness World Record
4 539-yard drive Scott Smith 2005 Albuquerque, NM Long Drive Competition. Previous Guinness World Record
5 515-yard drive Mike Austin 1974 Winterwood Golf Course

(now Desert Rose)

Tournament Officials at the National Seniors Open Championship
6 498 -yard drive Tiger Woods 2002 Plantation Course

@ Kapalua Resort

PGA TOUR, Pre-ShotLink Era
7 489-yard drive Dustin Johnson 2018 Austin Country Club PGA TOUR, Pre-ShotLink Era
8 483 -yard drive Maurice Allen 2017 Denver, CO Long Drive Competition
9 477-yard drive Max Homa* 2024 Plantation Course

@ Kapalua Resort

PGA TOUR, Official, ShotLink Era
10 476-yard drive Davis Love III 2004 Plantation Course

@ Kapalua Resort

PGA TOUR, Official, ShotLink Era

*Current official longest recorded drive in PGA TOUR history.

But these are only the official verified drives. Plenty of unofficial bombs have made an impression in history.

For example, the PGA TOUR’s list of longest drives was revised in 2003 after the TOUR implemented ShotLink as its official data and record-keeping system. Due to this change, some previous official longest drives, including Tiger Woods’ 498-yarder on the 18th hole at Kapalua during the 2002 Mercedes Championship, were removed from the list.

Several other drives are not acknowledged as official for various reasons. Dustin Johnson’s 489-yard drive on the 12th at Austin Country Club during the 2018 WGC-Dell Match Play Championship did not count because it was a match-play event. Sorry DJ 😞

Drives, like Carl Cooper’s legendary blast in 1992 during the Texas Open, are not considered “official” because of the circumstances surrounding them. In Cooper’s case, his 787-yarder was aided by hitting a cart path.

Other record-breaking long drives occur through Long Drive Competitions and tours, such as the:

Even the PGA of America’s PGA Championship, one of golf’s four majors, has had a semi-regular PGA Long Drive Competition. The best of these events came in 1974 when Evan “Big Cat” Williams smoked a 366-yarder.

With all that said, I have come up with the following list of the longest drives in golf of all time. I took some liberties by adding Kyle Berkshire’s 579-yard shot from late last year (2023). That drive was documented on video but was not part of a competition.

And while we are talking about Kyle, kudos to him for breaking his record ball speed mark last fall with a shocking 239.7 MPH!

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Longest Drives By Women in Golf History

Women can absolutely hit bombs off the tee as well. However, there is a much larger gap between female professional long drivers and the longest hitters on the LPGA Tour.

With that in mind, I wanted to share two separate charts. The first is female professional long drivers, and the second is stars of the LPGA Tour.

Longest Drives By Women In Competition

Rank Yardage Player Year Verified
1 413-yard drive Phillis Meti 2019 Long Drive Competition
2 406-yard drive Chloe Garner 2017 Long Drive Competition
3 406-yard drive Phillis Meti 2017 Long Drive Competition
4 402-yard drive Troy Mullins 2017 Long Drive Competition
5 401-yard drive Sandra Carlborg 2017 Long Drive Competition

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LPGA Tour Longest Drives

Rank Yardage Player Year Verified
1 359 -yard drive Lexi Thompson 2016 LPGA Lotte Championship

First Round

2 355 -yard drive Georgia Hall 2018 LPGA HSBC Women’s World Championship,

First Round

3 348 -yard drive Lexi Thompson 2018 LPGA ANA Inspiration,

First Round

4 348 -yard drive Peiyun Chien 2018 LPGA Pure Silk Bahamas,

Second Round

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What Factors Help Your Drive Go Further?

The factors that help a drive go further are hitting at a higher elevation, humid air (but not rain), hot weather, and the wind at your back.

What Is the Longest Drive in a Major Golf Tournament History?

The longest drive in a major golf tournament history was hit by Max Homa, who drove the ball 477 yards at the 7th hole of the Plantation Course at Kapalua in 2024.

Can Anyone Drive 300 Yards?

In 2018, only 61 PGA golfers averaged over 300 yards on their drives. That number has risen some today, one reason why the golfing authorities may bifurcate the equipment. But only a small percentage of golfers can drive 300 yards.

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