Who Is Hideki Matsuyama’s Wife? All About Mei Matsuyama

Hideki Matsuyama is widely beloved for his performance on the PGA Tour. As the first winner of a men’s major golf championship from Japan, Matsuyama continues to win groundbreaking victories. It’s easy to wonder about the personal life of such an incredible man.

For example, who is Hideki Matsuyama’s wife? Mei Matsuyama married Hideki Matsuyama in January 2017. As the golfer is notoriously private, little is known about their relationship. Their marriage first became known after the birth of their daughter in 2017 when Matsuyama offered more information during a press conference.

Finding comprehensive information surrounding Mei Matsuyama online can be challenging, but our researchers thoroughly researched the topic.

This article will cover everything that is known about Mei Matsuyama, including her early life, education, marriage, and public appearances.

Hideki Matsuyama’s Wife: Overview

While little might be known about Mei Matsuyama, a few interesting facts are circulating on the web:

  • Mei and Hideki have been married since January 2017.
  • Mei gave birth to their daughter, Kanna, in July 2017.
  • Mei is rumored to be the same person as Mei Inui, a caddie who accompanied Hideki many years ago during a tournament.
  • Hideki enjoys fishing. He also likes playing baseball and table tennis. He may share some of these hobbies with Mei.

Of course, there’s plenty more to learn about Hideki Matsuyama’s wife. This article will cover all of the interesting facts you need to know.

Mei Matsuyama’s Early Life and Education


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Little is known regarding Mei Matsuyama when she grew up. Hideki is known to keep his personal life extremely private, so few outlets have gathered much information about her early life and education. It’s estimated that she would have been born during the 90s.

If Mei Matsuyama is the same person as Mei Inui, she likely started her career as a caddie. She was most likely an active participant in golf, gaining the necessary expertise to offer helpful advice and support later in life as a caddie. Her positive attitude eventually led her to impress Hideki Matsuyama.

While it isn’t actively maintained, Mei Inui’s Instagram provides insight into what she may be like. In 2018, she posted a selfie with her friends captioned, “First post! Girl’s golf was so fun. I want to go again!”

Her later posts show just as much enthusiasm for golf.


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Her post from the 2018 Japan Open tournament of two golfers jokes that “this is the boss of the week. Oh? It’s the guy in the back!”

While it’s clear that Inui has a great attitude, it’s unclear whether she is Mei Matsuyama. Hideki is known to live in a modest home in Windermere, Florida. From her Instagram posts, it seems like Inui continues to work as a caddie in Japan. Though this doesn’t eliminate the possibility that they are the same person, it does introduce doubt.

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Hideki & Mei Matsuyama’s Love Story Before Marriage

No concrete facts regarding Hideki and Mei Matsuyama’s early romance are known. Given the polite and shy nature that Hideki is known for, his personality may have impressed Mei. While he may have a modest approach to his fame, Hideki is even seen as a legend across Japan for his historic victories.

Many people theorize that Mei Matsuyama is actually Hideki’s caddie from the 2016 World Hero Challenge. During that tournament, Hideki was accompanied by a caddie named Mei Inui. Hideki highly praised Mei Inui for her positive influence on him during the competition.

Regarding Inui, Hideki stated that she was “always positive throughout, even the back nine, and was giving me good vibes, which really helped coming in.” This offered a major boon to Hideki, as he noted in the same interview that he often struggled with shutting down and becoming quiet when the competition became tough.

If Mei Matsuyama is truly Mei Inui, the story of their marriage becomes almost like a fairytale. Matsuyama borrowed Inui from his peer, Hiroshi Iwata, because his usual caddie wanted the week off. This change in caddie may have been the event that eventually led Hideki to have his wonderful family several years later.

Hideki & Mei Matsuyama’s Wedding

Little is known regarding Hideki and Mei Matsuyama’s wedding. If they had a ceremony, it was likely a very quiet ceremony shared only with family and close friends. Nobody else knew the ceremony; its details were not shared with media outlets.

In fact, Hideki and Mei Matsuyama’s relationship was only revealed when Hideki told the media that he and Mei had secretly wed in January 2017. This revelation followed the birth of their daughter, Kanna, who was welcomed into the world in July.

Hideki offered a humorous explanation for never disclosing his relationship with Mei. “No one asked me if I was married, so I didn’t have to answer that question. But I felt that after the PGA would be a good time because our baby is born, and I thought that would be a good time to let everyone know.”

Hideki & Mei Matsuyama’s Married Life

It’s clear that Hideki adores his life with Mei Matsuyama. Following his historic victory at the Augusta National in the 2021 Masters, Hideki’s victory speech largely focused on his family. “I was thinking about them all the way around today,” Hideki noted regarding Kanna and Mei. “I’m really happy that I played well for them.”

Hideki can likely offer Mei and Kanna a comfortable life due to his talent as a golfer. According to Matsuyama’s PGA Tour profile, his career earnings total over $33.2 million. His net worth is estimated to be around $35 million. As Hideki is known to be a modest spender, most of this money is likely reserved for their family’s future well-being.

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Mei Matsuyama’s Career

Nothing is known regarding Mei Matsuyama’s career. If Mei Matsuyama is Mei Inui, it can be assumed that she continued her work as a caddie for Japanese golfers as recently as 2018. She may have taken on more familial responsibilities as Kanna grew older.

How Involved Is Mei Matsuyama in Hideki Matsuyama’s Career?

Mei Matsuyama is not involved in Hideki Matsuyama’s career. Hideki’s wife has never been seen accompanying him to competitions. In fact, all that is known for certain regarding Matsuyama’s wife is that they were married in January 2017 and that they have a daughter named Kanna.

If Hideki Matsuyama’s wife is Mei Inui, her involvement in his career is largely restricted to the time where she was his caddie in the 2016 World Hero Challenge. Though little is known regarding Matsuyama’s family, it may be the case that Hideki Matsuyama’s spouse supports him just as enthusiastically from their happy home.

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Final Thoughts

Little is known regarding Hideki Matsuyama’s personal life. Despite all the rumors that swirl surrounding Hideki Matsuyama’s wife, all that is known is that they are married and have a daughter named Kanna. Even though we have little information regarding the couple, it is likely we may learn more in the future if Kanna decides to follow in her father’s footsteps and take up the golf club.

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