Phil Mickelson’s Wife: Amy Mickelson Bio & Facts

With 45 PGA wins and six Major titles, Phil “Lefty” Mickelson is one of golf’s living legends with a net worth of $400 million. And if you paid attention to him at tournaments, you’ve probably seen him with his wife.

So, who is Phil Mickelson’s wife? Amy McBride, now Amy Mickelson, was a basketball cheerleader at Arizona State University when she met Phil in 1992. They dated for four years before tying the knot in 1996 and having three children together. Amy is a cancer survivor and the reason the couple supports cancer research, among other causes.

While she knew little about golf coming from a tennis family, Phil Mickelson’s wife, Amy Mickelson, has been a supportive element in the golfer’s career for over 30 years of marriage.

A full picture of Phil Mickelson’s career is impossible without knowing his story with Amy.

This article will cover:

  • Amy Mickelon’s early life and education
  • Amy and Phil’s early relationship
  • Amy and Phil’s wedding and marriage
  • Amy’s career as a wife and mother

Read on to learn about the oldest Major Championship winner’s better half.

Phil Mickelson’s Wife: Overview


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The following highlights paint a picture of Amy Mickelson’s life and relationship with golf’s second-richest player:

  • Amy Mickelson was born in 1972 as Amy McBride in the USA
  • She was a college cheerleader for the Phoenix Suns
  • Amy attended Arizona State University, where she met Phil when she was a junior in 1992
  • When Amy learned that Phil was a pro golfer, she thought he worked at the pro shop
  • Amy grew up playing tennis. Her first date with Phil was on a tennis court
  • Phil and Amy got married in 1996
  • The couple has three children: Amanda, Sophia, and Evan
  • Amy survived a cancer diagnosis she received in 2009
  • In addition to funding cancer research, the couple engages in philanthropy through the Phil and Amy Mickelson Foundation
  • Amy and the children continue to support Phil in his golf career
  • Amy Mickelson’s age is about 51 years

Read on to uncover more details about Amy’s early life, relationship with Phil, and later career.

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Amy Mickelson: Early Life and Education

Amy was born in Toledo, Ohio, in 1972 to a sports family. She was a basketball cheerlead for the Phoenix Suns in college and dreamed of becoming an actor. Her father was the head coach of the University of Toledo’s men’s basketball team.

When she met Phil in 1992, he had already won an amateur PGA title. However, she didn’t know about his rising fame at the time. As she wrote in Phil’s 2007 book, One Magical Sunday, “When he told me he was a pro golfer, I thought he worked in the shop at a golf course.”

She studied psychology at Arizona State University, where she met Phil as a junior when he was a Senior. The pair dated for four years before tying the knot in 1996. They had their first of three children in 1999.

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Phil and Amy Mickelson’s Love Story Before Marriage


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Phil first saw Amy when she was heading to her 7:40 class at Arizona State University. He knew his life would never be the same.

After their first date on the tennis court, Phil invited Amy on a second date to watch him compete in the Celebrity Pro-Am in Palm Springs, California. With his typical flair, Phil planned a joke for Amy while grinning to himself on the green.

He instructed his caddie to hand a note to Amy, with his hotel key hidden inside. When Amy opened to note, the key fell to the ground before other spectators. As she wrote in One Magical Sunday, “I was so mad, I picked up the key and threw it at Phil as hard as I could.”

They dated for four more years before their wedding in 1996.

Phil and Amy Mickelson’s Married Life


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Phil and Amy recited their vows to each other on November 16th, 1996. They had their first daughter, Amanda Brynn Mickelson, on June 21st, 1999, following Phil’s second-place win at the 1999 U.S. Open.

Amy gave birth to a second daughter, Sophia Isabel Mickelson, on October 23rd, 2001. Their youngest, Evan Samuel Mickelson, was born one year and five months later on March 23rd, 2003.

The birth of their last child was traumatic for the family. In a statement to ESPN in 2004, Phil recalled the complications around Evan’s birth: “He didn’t breathe for seven minutes, and had the emergency nurses not been there with the equipment ready. He might have had some severe brain damage or other circumstances.”

Amy ruptured an artery during Evan’s delivery. ”We were two or three minutes away from losing her,” Phil stated, thanks to the radiologist who was able to perform an emergency to stitch a six-inch tear in Amy’s major artery.

Today, all three of their children are healthy. Amy received a cancer diagnosis in 2009 but became a survivor due to her resilience and her family’s support.

On their 22nd anniversary in 2018, Phil thanked Amy on Instagram:

“My beautiful bride said, “I do” 22 years ago to the day! I am so appreciative to have Amy as my partner in life. Her grace, charm, kindness, laugh, smile, and brilliance have made me the luckiest man in the world. Thank you, my love, for sharing our lives together.”

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Amy Mickelson’s Career

Amy Mickelson has maintained a low profile professionally, focusing her energy on charity work and supporting her children and her husband’s golf career.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, putting the lives of everyone in the Mickelson family on pause. Amy became a cancer survivor after a tense year of cancer treatments and with the support of her friends and family.

She attended the Masters 2010 to congratulate her husband on winning his third Green Jacket at Augusta National.

Phil and Amy are heavily involved in supporting cancer research through their philanthropic work. Their foundation, the Phil and Amy Mickelson Foundation, supports several projects supporting youth and families, including hurricane relief.

Phil and Amy launched the Birdies for the Brave event in 2004 to support military families and veterans, collaborating with PGA Tour Charities and the TPC Network.

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How Involved Is Amy Mickelson In Phil Mickelson’s Career?


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Amy only rarely missed a chance to attend her husband’s tournaments. She has been more than a cheerleader in Phil’s career. She has been a true ambassador for the sport through her philanthropic activities and magnetic personality at golf events – serving as a mentor and friend to other golfers’ wives and girlfriends.

Phil is more active on social media than Amy, often tweeting or posting thanks to his spouse for supporting his life and career.

For her 49th birthday, Phil tweeted:

Amy can be seen congratulating her husband with their children at major tournaments. The only time she was absent in his career was during her bout with cancer in 2009. Phil suspended his tournament play to be with his wife during this rough period.

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Who Is Phil Mickelson's Wife?

Phil Mickelson is married to Amy Mickelson. They met while studying at Arizona State University in 1992. After dating for four years, they got married in 1996.
Amy is a cancer survivor and spends most of her time supporting her family and a number of philanthropic causes, including the Phil and Amy Mickelson Foundation.

How Old is Phil Mickelson's Wife?

Amy Mickelson, born Amy McBride, is 51 years old. She was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1972.

Who is Phil Mickelson Engaged to?

Phil Mickelson was engaged to Amy McBride before their marriage in 1996. Phil has been married to Amy Mickelson for 27 years.

Does Phil Mickelson Have Children?

Phil and Amy Mickelson have three children: Amanda Brynn Mickelson (born June 21st, 1999), Sophia Isabel Mickelson (born October 23rd, 2001), and Evan Samuel Mickelson (born March 23rd, 2003).

Is Phil Mickelson Divorced?

No, Phil Mickelson is not divorced. He has been married to Amy Mickelson since 1996 and they have three children together. There have been some rumors of a divorce in the past, but the couple has denied them. In a recent interview, Phil Mickelson said that he is "very happy" in his marriage and that he and Amy are "still very much in love."

Is Phil Mickelson Still Married?

Yes, Phil Mickelson is still married to his wife, Amy Mickelson. They have been married since 1996 and have three children together. So Phil Mickelson doesn’t have a new wife.

Final Thoughts

While she admits to knowing little about Phil’s career when they met in 1992, nothing could be further from the truth today. Throughout their marriage and her battle with cancer, Amy has been a central figure in Phil Mickelson’s life throughout their relationship.

Amy is a dedicated mother and philanthropist, together with her husband supporting cancer research, veteran rehabilitation, and a number of youth and family initiatives through their joint Phil and Amy Mickelson Foundation.

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