Kevin Kisner’s Wife: Brittany DeJarnett Facts & Photos

He may not be a top-10 player, but Kevin Kisner is one of the stars of today’s pro golf scene. Kevin is one of South Carolina’s fan-favorite golfers and an avid supporter of local children’s charities.

You may have noticed him with a beautiful woman and wondered about his personal life.

So, who is Kevin Kisner’s wife? Kevin Kisner is married to Brittany Anne DeJarnett. They met in 2006 and were married in May 2012 in Athens. Now, she works as a speech pathologist with children in the Aiken area. Kevin and Brittany Kisner have two children: a son, Henry, born in 2014, and a daughter, Ellie, born in 2017.

In this article, we’ll look at Brittany and Kevin and review what’s known about the couple from public sources. Then you’ll learn more about the woman who inspired Kevin to the heights he’s reached.

Kevin Kisner’s Wife: Overview

  • Brittany was raised in Madison, Georgia, where her father was the local school superintendent.
  • After earning her Bachelor’s in Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Georgia, she transferred to the University of South Carolina for her Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology.
  • She works with special needs children at a hospital in Augusta.
  • She met Kevin Kisner at a Kinchafoonee Cowboys concert in 2006.
  • The pair have been married since 2012.
  • Brittany has closely guarded her family life from the public eye.
  • As of 2024, the Kisners have three children, 8-year-old Kathleen, 6-year-old Henry and a baby boy born in 2022.
  • Most public pictures of Brittany show her with her husband, often after a tournament win.
  • Brittany has been a member of the PGA Tour Wives Association since 2013, and she’s currently the VP of Community Outreach

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Kevin Kisner’s Wife: Early Life & Education


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Brittany DeJarnett was born in Georgia. She went to school in Madison before studying communications at the state university. She met Kevin after starting grad school at the University of Georgia.

When the pair met, Kevin was close to graduating in 2006 with a business administration degree. The couple dated for close to six years before marrying in 2012.

She’s trained as a speech pathologist and regularly volunteers with special needs children. This is mostly a hospital in Augusta, though she also has other charity work. Brittany has a leading role in the Kevin and Brittany Kisner Foundation.

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Kevin Kisner & Brittany DeJarnett’s Love Story Before Marriage


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Kevin and Brittany met at a country music concert by the Kinchafoonee Cowboys. It was a chance encounter at the obscure band’s 2006 concert at the Georgia Theatre in Athens. The pair were fellow students at the University of Georgia, and they hit it off right away.

Kevin and Brittany were close from the start, and they stayed as close as they could while Brittany finished school and Kevin got his golf career off the ground. Kevin proposed after he earned his first PGA Tour card in 2011 and married on March 17, 2012, after he was requalified for the tour.

The Kisner family has always been careful about keeping their private lives private. As a result, there’s a lot we don’t know about the couple’s courtship. Kate was born three years after the wedding, with Henry following two years later. A third child, also a boy, came along in 2022, though details about the youngest Kisner are sparse.

After college, Brittany worked as a speech-language pathologist while Kevin started his pro career. When he made the PGA and they married, she gave up the paid work and split her time between supporting her new husband’s career and her charity work. Today, Brittany helps run the Kevin and Brittany Kisner Foundation, which helps special needs kids in South Carolina.

Kevin Kisner & Brittany DeJarnett’s Wedding

The importance the Kisner family puts on privacy keeps many of their wedding details out of the public eye. Oddly, the only notice of the wedding on social media is a Facebook ad for the site where the pair registered for presents (Belles Beaux and Gifts, in case you were curious).

Kevin Kisner & Brittany DeJarnett’s Married Life


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Kevin and Brittany have been a close team since the beginning of their marriage. Almost as soon as they got married, Brittany devoted herself full-time to supporting Kevin’s upcoming career in the majors. By the time the kids arrived, the pair had a comfortable routine. Kevin would travel and raise money for their charity, while Brittany did the behind-the-scenes work.

Nobody seems to know where the Kisners went for their honeymoon. Again, the couple goes to lengths to keep their private lives private. Kevin has even removed most of his older tweets from his Twitter feed, which makes it harder for strangers to find out about the family’s private business.

That desire for a normal life in private extends to the couple’s kids. While photos of the happy family are common on Kevin and Brittany’s social media feeds, the kids rarely attend public events. The older boy, Henry, did attend the 2022 Masters Tournament on Take Your Son to Work Day. According to Dad, Henry’s favorite part of the game is when his father gets to putt.

Speaking of Kevin Kisner’s putt, you can look at what’s in his bag from our Kevin Kisner WITB article. From high-technology irons to exquisitely engineered drivers, it’s always fascinating to see what the pros bring with them to the links.

Professionally, much of Brittany’s support for her husband revolves around her leading role in the Kevin and Brittany Kisner Foundation. This nonprofit, which operates with revenues in the high hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, funds projects to help kids and child-focused projects. Much of the money is spent on health programs in South Carolina, where the family lives now, or in Brittany’s home state of Georgia.

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Brittany DeJarnett’s Career


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Brittany doesn’t work for pay outside of the family’s South Carolina home. That doesn’t mean she’s idyl, of course. Rather, Brittany has been incredibly active in her charitable work and children’s causes.

Trained as a linguist and working with a lifelong love for children with special needs, she volunteers at the children’s hospital in Augusta. Her work with the family foundation has made her an effective fundraiser. As the head of community outreach for the PGA Tour Wives Association, Brittany has also built up a long list of helpful contacts to help with the group’s efforts, which have raised more than $5 million so far.

How Involved Is Brittany DeJarnett In Kevin Kisner‘s Career?


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Brittany Kisner is frequently seen at PGA events, where she roots for her husband and politely declines to be interviewed. She sometimes brings one or more of the children. On occasions when Kevin has won a title, it’s a fair bet any photograph of him with the trophy will also include his beaming wife right by his side.

Unlike other golf wives, Brittany hasn’t worked as her husband’s caddy, at least not in a televised tournament. Behind the scenes, she seems to play less of a direct role in Kevin’s pro golf career and more of a high-level role with other golf-related entities. She’s a board member of the PGA Tour Wives’ Organization.


When and Where Was Brittany DeJarnett Born?

Brittany DeJarnett grew up in the Madison, Georgia, area. She has never publicly spoken about her birthplace, though she is originally from Georgia, and her family has deep roots in the region.

How Old Are Kevin and Brittany Kisner?

Kevin was born in 1984, while Brittany is a few years younger. Brittany is such a private person. There aren't readily available sources establishing her current age.

Final Thoughts

Ever since Kevin Kisner’s wife and he met at that fateful concert in Athens in 2006, they have been a team. While Kevin has ridden upward on his skills as a golfer, Brittany has propped him up and taken care of many side details. Well-educated, deeply involved in charitable work, and devoted to her family, Brittany DeJarnett is more than just Mr. Kisner’s wife, she’s his partner.

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