Tommy Fleetwood’s Wife: Clare Craig Facts & Photos

The pro golfing rotation has it share of interesting characters, like Tommy Fleetwood, whose long hair and beard became topics of discussion with fans and pundits. If you follow the Tour, you’ve seen him with a beautiful woman and probably wondered about her.

So, who is Tommy Fleetwood’s wife? Clare Craig and Tommy Fleetwood were married in December 2017, just two months after their son was born. She had known Fleetwood for many years before they became romantically involved. Craig had been a sports manager/agent for Fleetwood and was crucial to some of his early career wins.

Like many wives of successful spouses, Clare Fleetwood stays out of the spotlight. She can sometimes be spotted on the sidelines supporting her husband’s latest tournament entry. You won’t find her on Wikipedia, but that’s okay because we have all the details you need. Find out more below.

Tommy Fleetwood’s Wife: Overview

By all accounts, Clare Fleetwood has a professional life and leads a fulfilling life as a wife and mother. Nonetheless, here are a few more headlines from Tommy Fleetwood’s wife, Clare Fleetwood.

  • Clare Fleetwood’s age is 54 and she was born in 1971
  • Clare is an accomplished sports manager.
  • Clare Craig worked at Hambric Sports Management, becoming Vice President of European operations.
  • Clare Craig was a trustee for the Richard Burns Foundation, her long-time friend.
  • Clare Craig was a frequent participant in racer Richard Burns’ rallies
  • Clare first met Tommy Fleetwood while trying to poach him from his then-current agent.
  • Clare Craig and Tommy Fleetwood started dating in 2015
  • Clare is twenty-two years younger than Tommy.
  • Clare has two sons from a previous relationship, with a third son born in October 2017
  • Clare and Tommy Married in December 2017.
  • Clare Craig keeps her private life very private, choosing not to use social media like other sports wives who stay connected to fandom.

Clare Craig isn’t the typical sports agent/manager. She’s old school, preferring personal connection in place of electronic contracts.

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Clare Craig: Early Life & Education

Born in 1971, Clare Craig grew up in Manchester, England, in the seventies. At the time, Manchester’s residents were hard-working people and rabble youth who were proud of their origins. Manchester never really leaves someone’s native English heart.

There isn’t much in the public domain about Clare Craig. Publicly she enters the public record as an employee of Hambric Sports Management. Records show she worked her way up to running the European Division as Vice President.

Tommy Fleetwood’s future wife was an old friend of Richard Burns, the English Rally Driver who won the Rally Championship in 2001. Sadly, Richard Burns died of a brain tumor in 2005. Clare Craig was a trustee for the Richard Burns Foundation, created in honor of the late Richard Burns.

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Tommy Fleetwood and Clare Craig’s Love Story Before Marriage

Clare Craig is reported to have met Tommy Fleetwood because she was trying to get him to change sports agents. She did indeed make an impression as Fleetwood and Craig started a business connection.

The love story between Tommy Fleetwood and Claire Craig is unlike many pro golfers’ stories where the couple met in college. To begin with, Craig viewed Fleetwood as a business client. At some point, however, their relationship developed into romance. Clare Craig started representing Fleetwood in 2015. Not soon after, the relationship became more than friends. A type of nurturing relationship emerged that was beneficial to everyone.

Fast Fact: What is Tommy Fleetwood and his wife’s age difference? 22 years.

Tommy Fleetwood and Clare Craig’s Wedding

Fans captured some insight into the couple’s developing romantic relationship when Tommy Fleetwood posted about his fiancee on Twitter. Fleetwood had just won the 2017 Open de France. He thanked his then-known sports agent with this Tweet: “My beautiful, amazing fiancée Clare Craig thank you for everything.”

To that point, many people didn’t know Craig had crossed the business relationship and moved into a more nurturing relationship. At that time in Fleetwood’s career, he was just coming out of a slump and was winning again. It seems he had the woman of his dreams, a nurturing soul that he relied on.

The wedding ceremony was very low-key, with only thirty guests. They exchanged vows quietly and with little public announcement in the Bahamas in December 2017. While the wedding was in an intimate setting, it captured the intimacy the couple had developed over the previous years.

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Tommy and Clare Fleetwood’s Married Life

Tommy and Clare Fleetwood stay out of the public spotlight. Aside from the occasional Tweet, Tommy Fleetwood keeps his life private. Remarkably, their twenty-two-year age gap is only an issue in others’ eyes. She’s young for her age, and he’s an old soul, he’ll say if someone asks.

One of the most intriguing parts of their relationship is the business relationship. Clare Fleetwood is still Tommy Fleetwood’s agent, something the couple insists isn’t an issue. Also not an issue is his bond with Mrs. Fleetwood’s sons from a previous marriage, his stepsons, who are now teenagers. The centering balanced person in all the men’s lives is her nurturing ability. Who can argue for success?

Fast Fact: Does Tommy Fleetwood have a family? He has one son with his wife, Claire, named Franklin. He also has two stepsons.

Clare Fleetwood’s Career

Clare Craig is one of the most private of all golfing wives. She rarely makes social media posts. While this could be her gen-x qualities coming through, it’s more likely that she doesn’t have the time. Fans are more likely to understand golf club types than find public information about Clare Fleetwood’s Career.

Tommy and Clare Fleetwood welcomed their only son into the world before they got married. There’s nothing shotgun about that. Indeed, Tommy Fleetwood posted a black and white photo of him holding his newborn son, which wasn’t on his radar until he met his future wife.

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How Involved Is Clare In Tommy Fleetwood’s Career?

It goes without saying that Mrs. Fleetwood has a personal and family motivation to be Mr. Fleetwood’s agent. He’s been a perennial participant in the Masters tournament, a win he has yet to experience. Who knows better than her what pro golfer Tommy Fleetwood can do? Thus, taking care of their family is the family business, literally.

As Tommy Fleetwood’s agent, she has direct knowledge of his net worth as a pro golfer. With endorsements, an investment portfolio, and his pro golf earnings, His net worth is about $15 million. There is no better way to manage a pro golf career than with a loving partner who contributes her salary to their family.

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How Many Kids Does Tommy Fleetwood Have?

Tommy and Clare have one mutual son named Franklin and two stepsons from Mrs. Fleetwood's prior relationship.

Is Tommy Fleetwood Still Married?

Tommy and Clare are still married and live in the same town where he grew up.

Final Thoughts

When she approached Tommy Fleetwood to be his sports agent, Clare Craig knew what she wanted. She saw a business opportunity and a way to make a difference in a slumping Tommy Fleetwood’s golf career. Facts are facts! His career improved at her direction. At least for now, their twenty-two-year age difference isn’t an issue. The bond works for them, and they don’t bother caring what others think. This is an important lesson we should all learn.

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