Bubba Watson’s Wife: Angie Watson Facts & Photos

Bubba Watson is in a rare group of pro golfers who have won the Masters twice. If you follow pro golf, you’ve seen him with a striking woman and probably wondered about her.

So, who is Bubba Watson’s wife? Angie and Bubba Watson have been married since 2004. They had met as undergrads at the University of Georgia. Bubba and Angie make a striking couple, standing 6’3″ and 6’4″, towering over crowds who press in for Bubba’s autograph. The pair have two adopted children and are nearly inseparable on the circuit.

Any serious golf fan will want the details of this top golf pro, so read on to learn:

  • Interesting facts about Angie Watson
  • Angie Watson’s early career
  • Angie Ball and Bubba Watson’s love story
  • Angie and Bubba Watson’s marriage
  • Angie and Bubba Watson’s married life
  • Angie Watson’s career
  • How Angie Watson supports Bubba’s career?
  • Plus, you’ll find pictures of Bubba Watsons’ wife sprinkled throughout the post.

Let’s dive in!

Bubba Watson’s Wife: Overview


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  • Angela Ball was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.
  • Angie met Bubba while both were students at the University of Georgia, the same school Kevin Kisner’s Wife, Brittany DeJarnett, would later attend.
  • For the first year, they knew each other, Bubba was too scared to ask Angie on a date.
  • By the time Bubba got the nerve to ask her out, Angie had graduated from college and played women’s basketball with the Charlotte Sting.
  • The couple played golf on their first date.
  • Bubba was nervous saying his vows in 2004 when he could barely say “I do,” according to interviews he gave later.
  • What is Bubba Watson’s wife’s height? Angie is an inch taller than Bubba, 6’4″, resulting from an enlarged pituitary gland diagnosed in 2007.
  • The couple has been unable to conceive children, but they have adopted two children together.
  • Angie and Bubba live together in an Orlando-area mansion that used to belong to fellow golfer Tiger Woods.

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Angie Watson: Early Life & Education


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The future Mrs. Angie Watson was born Angela Ball in Toronto, Canada. She chose the University of Georgia, where she played basketball for four years. She first met Bubba in the crowd while he was playing a pickup basketball game with friends. A player accidentally barreled into Angie, and Bubba ran over to ensure she was okay. The two hit it off right away.

After college, Angie signed with the Charlotte Sting, a WNBA team in North Carolina. She also played for some European teams in Italy and France. Her career in sports was sidetracked by an injury she suffered early in her career. Around this time, Bubba reached out and asked her if she’d like to go out for a romantic round of golf.

Angie and Bubba were joined at the hip from the start. 2004 the pair married, and she became his business manager. Since then, they’ve been a team of sports pros, Bubba turning pro and Angie managing the back end for him. The two are frequently seen together when Bubba’s on a tour.

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Bubba Watson & Angie Watson’s Love Story


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Bubba and Angie immediately hit it off at a pickup basketball game. They were just friends for over a year after meeting. As Bubba later admitted, he was crazy about her immediately, but he was too scared to ask her out.

For their first date, they went out for a round of golf. Angie didn’t know that Bubba was a talented amateur golfer, let alone that he was on the brink of turning pro. He surprised her with how he played, and the two spent a long time in the car talking together at the end of the date. That was when Angie told Bubba she couldn’t have children, to which he immediately replied that he wanted to adopt.

The couple didn’t date for long before deciding to get married, though their 2004 wedding came after a four-year-long engagement. As Bubba later said, “Angie taught me what it was like to love another human being with all your heart. She also taught me what it meant to love the Lord.” The two are devout Christians who have frequently spoken to audiences about their shared faith.

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Bubba Watson & Angie Watson’s Wedding


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Little is publicly known about Bubba and Angie’s wedding. This is hardly surprising since it was a mostly private affair held in 2004. This was a bit before Bubba hit the heights of golf stardom, and there weren’t a million cameras filming everything back then (kids, ask your parents). But by all accounts, the day went off without a hitch, or rather, with the pair getting hitched at last.

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Bubba Watson & Angie Watson’s Married Life


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The Angie and Bubba Watson family believes that home is where the heart is. That’s part of the reason they moved back to Bubba’s hometown of Windermere, Florida, where he has family all around. The Watsons live in a large house that used to belong to Tiger Woods.

Angie and Bubba had to wait a while before getting a start on their family. Hectic schedules and Bubba’s father’s struggle with throat cancer delayed the couple’s decision to adopt their first child. Finally, in 2012, they welcomed their son Caleb as part of a semi-open adoption plan that kept them in limited contact with his birth mother. In 2014, they adopted again, this time a girl named Dakota.

In 2014, Bubba speculation ran wild for a time about a blurry, hard-to-read tattoo that had appeared on Bubba’s left ring finger. It turned out to be his wife’s name, which he paid a random stranger with a tattoo kit to do for $60. The idea was to have something for when he wasn’t wearing his ring on the course, and the couple’s 10th anniversary seemed like the right time.

Angie is very much in business with Bubba. The pair own and operate several businesses together, including a candy store in Windermere where they live. Angie is also active in helping run the family’s golf business behind the scenes. Bubba has said more than once that Angie has stopped him from quitting golf, such as in 2013, when he hit a hard losing streak that left him frustrated for months.

Fast Fact: What are Bubba Watson and his wife’s age differences? They’re only 1 year apart.

Angie Watson’s Career


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Angie was drafted to play in the WNBA right out of college. After a short stint with the Charlotte Sting, she hopped to European women’s basketball and played for France and Italy. Several leg injuries ended her active career as an athlete, but fortunately, she and Bubba were already a couple, and he was turning pro.

As Bubba built his name and his game in golf, Angie was the silent partner working to save money, invest in new ventures and apply the family resources as best she could. She had been a business major at school, and those skills came in handy while managing the Watson’s growing nest egg, which in 2024 included several secondary business investments and a few shops they manage together.

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How Involved Is Angie Watson In Bubba Watson’s Career?


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In addition to being Bubba’s business manager and biggest supporter, Angie also turns up on the links with him fairly regularly.

She’s been there for every championship, including when he won two Masters, and it’s rare that anything but the children will keep her away from the links while her husband is working.

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Does Bubba Watson Have Biological Children?

Bubba and Angie Watson do not have kids of their own due to health issues and Angie's inability to conceive. The pair did adopt a boy, Caleb, and a girl, Dakota, in 2012 and 2014, respectively.

Is Bubba Watson Still Married?

Bubba Watson has been married to his wife Angie since 2004. As of 2023, they have been wed for 19 years and together for 23 in total.

What Is Bubba Watson's Net Worth?

As of 2023, the Watson family's estimated net worth is $30 million.

Final Thoughts

Angie Watson has led an amazing and very active life. A Canadian by birth, athlete by passion, and wife of one of the most controversial and entertaining golfers on the circuit, she stands out in any crowd she’s a part of. Marriage to Bubba came with business and family responsibilities that Angie is almost uniquely well-suited to handle, which she has done for going on 20 years now.

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