Who is Jordan Spieth’s Wife? Annie Verret Spieth’s Bio & Career

Jordan Spieth is an American professional golfer with 19 tour wins to his name, three of which are from the PGA Majors. Along with his outstanding number of wins, he also has earned other exemplary achievements, including the PGA Tour Player of the Year and the Vardon Trophy.

Spieth has always been very clear that while he loves golf, it places lower on his list of priorities compared to his family and other relationships. Fortunately, his wife, Annie Verret, is highly supportive of his career and has helped him persevere during the tough times. The pair have been together for around 12 years, and Spieth describes her as his rock.

In this post, we’ll describe all there is to know about Jordan Spieth’s wife. Recounting her early years all the way up to the present day.

Early Life & Education


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Annie Verret was born in 1994 in Coppell, Texas. She attended Ursuline Academy, a girls-only Catholic Preparatory School in Dallas, Texas. Jordan Spieth instead attended Jesuit College Preparatory School, a private school in the same city.

She would go on to attend Texas Tech, where she would major in Business. Verret proved to be a very smart student graduating with a GPA of 4.0. She also became a Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society member while at the university. This society recognized high achievers who scored above a 3.5 GPA for the first year.

Jordan Spieth once again attended a different educational establishment, choosing the University of Texas. Following in the footsteps of great golfers such as Ben Crenshaw and Mark Brooks

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Post college, Annie’s first job was as a salesperson at St. Bernard Sports. This is a retailer that specializes in ski and snowboard merchandise. She worked there for a period of 2 years and 3 months.

Her next job was at the American Heart Association. However, she was only hired as an intern, so the position lasted just 3 months. When she migrated to a new business, the position of intern would continue for 5 months.

Joining the First Tree of Greater Dallas, she initially served as an outreach assistant intern for 2 months before becoming a community outreach intern. Like the American Heart Association, the First Tree of Greater Dallas is a non-profit organization. Its focus is to help children develop character through golf.

Following the completion of her internship roles, she progressed to event coordinator. This saw her undertake more responsibility. She helped forge relationships with partners, create plans for maximizing revenue, and develop goals for each event. She stayed in this position for 2 years and 7 months.

Her next position was director of development at the Birthday Party Project. This is once again another non-profit organization. The company strives to give homeless children exciting birthday celebrations.

She worked at this job for almost a year and a half, leaving in November 2018. This marks her last job before marrying Jordan Spieth. Given his wealth, Annie did not need to continue working a regular job and could instead focus on other projects and her husband.

Relationship Before Marriage


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It is unclear exactly when Jordan and Annie met, but we know that they started dating in their senior year of high school. Given that they attended different schools, they likely met elsewhere. The schools are just 3 miles apart, so they likely lived fairly close to one another.

They remained together throughout college despite attending different universities. Spanning virtually opposite ends of Texas, they had to go the long-distance relationship route. And they made it work. The pair became engaged in December 2017.

One would have expected Jordan to break the news of the engagement. However, it was Golf Digest that first reported the good news.

Jordan Spieth’s Wedding with Annie


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Jordan and Annie tied the knot in November 2018 in their home state of Texas. Despite the high-profile wedding, the pair kept it very quiet — there are no photos of Jordan Spieth’s marriage on social media. However, many pros were said to be in attendance, including Jimmy Walker, Zach Johnson, Jason Dufner, and Rickie Fowler.

Jordan’s bachelor party was similarly low-key. He went curling with the rest of SB2K gang. We reckon they all had a blast! As for the honeymoon, the newlywed couple went to the Caribbean and explored some of the sights.

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Married Life


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Jordan and Anne welcomed their first and only child into the world in November 2021.

They named their new son Sammy, and unlike their wedding, they decided to deliver the exciting news on Instagram.

While the pair only have one child together as of the time of writing, it’s not just a family of three. Heavens no. We can’t forget the family dog Silo!

Silo is a black Labrador who they received at the Silo Ridge Field Club in New York. As you can probably tell, that’s how he obtained the name “Silo”. Spieth didn’t want him to become an “Instagram dog” so neither he nor Annie posts pictures of him on social media. However, we were able to find one photo of him.

Involvement in Career


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Jordan Spieth constantly praises his wife Annie for how instrumental she is in his golfing success. While she doesn’t play golf herself, she is often seen attending tournaments to give him support. On one occasion she even tried her hand at caddying for him!

We saw just how emotionally evolved Annie is during Jordan’s 2015 Masters win. Shortly after placing first, the pair embraced and shared a kiss, and overwhelming emotion was all over Annie’s face.

However, after an incredible run in 2015 where Jordan Spieth won two majors and placed second in another, Spieth’s success dried up in 2017. Therefore, he decided to spend less time with Annie and focus more on his golf, and his wife was supportive. Speaking about this tough time Jordan says:

“She’s just been that person that said whatever you need to do, I’m here to support you, let me know how I can help, let me know when too much is too much, let me know when it’s not enough. She’s been really unbelievable.”

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Charity Work

Not only did Annie Verret spend most of her career at charities, but she also has her own charity with Jordan: the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation.

Spieth’s sister Ellie, motivated the pair to start the charity. She was born with an undiagnosed neurological condition that remains a mystery to this day. The foundation operates with four goals: to assist individuals with special needs, support military families and veterans, improve junior golf, and fund pediatric cancer programs.

Verret’s first known charity work took place in April 2012 while studying at Texas Tech University. She helped organize the “Up ‘til Dawn” charity event, raising money for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Public Appearances and Online Presence


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As mentioned earlier, Annie Verret does not shy away from the public eye in person at golf events. She is often seen at tournaments to support her husband. Annie even brought their son Sammy to golfing events while he was still a toddler.

However, the exact opposite is true when discussing her online presence. All of her social media channels are private except for her LinkedIn. As a result, it’s fairly difficult to get a peek into her private life.

The only snippets we get are from Jordan’s social media channels. He will post pictures with his wife every now and again, but as you can expect, most of his content is solely golf-related.

Closing Thoughts on Jordan Spieth’s Wife

Annie Verret and Jordan Spieth were childhood sweethearts. And it’s so warming to see that their relationship persisted even through their university years when it was long-distance.

Jordan Spieth’s wife spent much of her career working for non-profit organizations and given her expertise, we imagine she had a hand in setting up the Jordan Spieth Family Foundation.

Hearing the way Spieth speaks about his wife, there is no doubt she is highly supportive of his golf career. Allowing him to spend more time away from her during his poor patch of form on the PGA Tour from 2017 to 2021.

However, he has since snapped this poor streak winning the Valero Texas Open in 2021. Therefore we can expect Jordan Spieth’s wife and baby to be more involved in his life than in years gone by. He has stressed that golf will take more of a back seat when he has a family. So who knows, more children could even be on the way.


Who Is Jordan Spieth’s Wife?

Jordan Spieth’s wife is Annie Verret. They met in high school and have been together since. They were married in November 2018. Annie is a former event coordinator for the First Tee of Dallas, which uses golf to mentor young people. She is now a stay-at-home mom. Annie and Jordan have one son, Sammy, born in 2021.

Annie is very private and does not often speak to the media. However, she has said she supports Jordan’s career and loves being a part of the PGA Tour family.

How Old is Jordan Spieth’s Wife?

Annie Verret, Jordan Spieth’s wife, is 28 years old and was born in 1994.

Who is Jordan Spieth Engaged to?

Jordan Spieth was engaged to Annie Verret. The pair became engaged in December 2017 and then married in November 2018.

Does Jordan Spieth Have Children?

Jordan Spieth has a son called Sammy. He was born in November 2021.

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