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Callaway Strata golf clubs are a popular brand for golfers that are venturing into the game for the first time and golfers that want to own a branded set of golf clubs. So, if it carries the Callaway brand, who makes Strata golf clubs.

The manufacturer of Callaway Strata is hotly debated under the golfing fanatics. Some say that if it carries the Callaway logo, it must be Callaway. And they may not be too far off the mark.

To understand the connection between Strata and Callaway it is worthwhile to go back in history and understand how the two brands merged and who really makes Callaway Strata Golf clubs.

To give some guidance to the manufacturer you will find Spalding Strata golf balls for sale on the internet. 

How is a Spalding Strata Golf Ball Linked to Callaway Strata?

Top-Flite is a popular golfing equipment manufacturer that started producing quality golf balls in 1971 and it was purchased by private investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts in 1996. 

The revolutionary multi-layer Strata golf ball was introduced to the market in 1996 and used by more than 400 players globally.

Demand for golf balls softened in the 2000s due to the global financial crisis after the dot-com bubble. At the same time, Nike and Callaway entered the market which caused major financial difficulties for Top-Flite. 

During the business rescue proceedings, Top-flite sold the Spalding brand and its full line of inflatable balls to athletic wear maker Russell Corp. in April 2003.

Repayments on the loans required to purchase Top-Flite forced Russell Corp to place Top-flite and Spalding into business rescue where Callaway purchased the brands to get access to the intellectual property needed to expand their golf ball division.

In 2012 Callaway sold Top-Flite to Dick’s Sporting Goods but retained the ball factory and the Strata brand.

Taking the history and intertwining of the brands it could be argued that there is a strong possibility that Callaway manufactures Strata golf clubs, or they are closely associated with the current manufacturer. 

Top Flite Golf Clubs are manufactured and assembled at Top Flite Golf Club Company’s state-of-the-art facility at their headquarters in Costa Mesa, California, approximately 50 miles from the Callaway headquarters in Carlsbad, California. 

The close association between the brands and the proximity of the two locations could easily be interpreted that the Strata brand could be manufactured at this facility.

Putting the Callaway brand on a set of clubs requires confidence that it will meet their exact requirements.

Why Does Callaway Sell Strata Golf Clubs in Competition with their Main Brand?

Most Callaway iron sets are sold separately from their wedges, drivers, and fairway woods. The Callaway Strata is sold in a complete set that covers every club from the driver through to the pitching wedge, putter, and even the golf bag.

This affords beginners to buy a set of clubs from a highly regarded brand that offers them full coverage of all the distances on every hole.

What You Get in the Strata Golf Set

The beauty of this set is it is everything a beginner needs. The set is comprehensive and designed for those starting out on what will hopefully be a long and enjoyable journey into golf. 

  • 460cc Titanium driver with 10.5 degrees of loft ideal for golfers with slower swing speed.
  • An oversized fairway wood lofted at 15.5 degrees of loft, a 42 ½ inch shaft, and weighs in at 351 grams.
  • The 12-piece and 14-piece sets include a 25-degree 5 hybrid while the 16-piece set includes the 22-degree 5 hybrid and a 22-degree 4 hybrid.
  • Cavity-backed irons range from a 6-iron through 9-iron and a pitching wedge. No sand wedge is included in the 12-piece set. The 6-iron comes with 28-degrees loft and increases to 40-degrees on the 9-iron. The pitching wedge loft is 44-degrees which is on the stronger side.
  • The sand wedge is only available on the 14-piece and 16-piece sets and comes with a surprisingly 60-degrees loft.
  • Mallet-style putter rounds of the clubs in all sets.
  • No need to purchase a separate bag to house your clubs. Callaway Strata sets all come standard with a lightweight and durable stand bag with five pockets, an additional cooler pocket, a rain hood, and a backpack strap system.
  • The 16-piece set includes additional headcovers for all woods and hybrids.

Final Thoughts

The manufacturer and place of manufacture may be slightly blurred but you can rest assured that the quality is up to the Callaway standard.

Beginners will benefit from purchasing a complete set offering them wide coverage, wedges, putter, and a lightweight bag to carry the good-looking clubs around. If you go for the more comprehensive package, you will get slightly more protection with more headcovers.

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