Harold Varner III’s Wife: Amanda Varner Facts & Photos

It was a shot of a lifetime. Pro golfer Harold Varner III sunk a 100-yard putt to win the Saudi International in 2022. He’s been on the tour since he turned pro in 2012 and won the Australian Open 2016.

So, who is Harold Varner III wife? Amanda Varner, formerly Amanda Singleton, married Harold Verner III in September 2020. They had been dating since at least 2015 when Mr. Varner posted her photo on social media. Amanda Varner isn’t very public but supports her husband in his pro golfing career.

Amanda Varner has a successful career as a health and fitness trainer. She is a licensed aesthetician and professional Barre fitness instructor, teaching people the benefits of exercise. Mrs. Varner has also worked as an instructor at Beachbody, where she is passionate about helping people live full, healthy lives. Amanda Varner stays out of the spotlight but does use social media to keep in touch with followers. Read on to discover more information about Harold Varner III’s wife.

Harold Varner III’s Wife: Overview


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Throughout most of his pro golfing career, Harold Varner has had one constant helping him play. They were platonic friends first, as a relationship blossomed before our eyes on social media.

  • Amanda Singleton was born on January 22, 1990.
  • Amanda is the older of two children from parents John and Lisa White Singleton.
  • Amanda Varner’s maiden name is Amanda Singleton, the name she uses in her business life.
  • Amanda grew up in the east-central North Carolina region, graduating from Washington High School.
  • Amanda Varner is a licensed aesthetician.
  • Amanda Varner is an accomplished Barre instructor and currently works at Beachbody.
  • Amanda first met her future husband when they were 17 and taking a business accounting class.
  • Amanda Singleton and Harold Varner stayed friends for several years until he proposed.
  • Amanda and Harold Varner III welcomed Liam into the world on October 10, 2021
  • Harold also calls Amanda Beth is social media posts.

As Harold Varner’s wife, Amanda is by his side and helping him compete in golf tournaments worldwide. But this is only the start of our story. Read on for more details.

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Amanda Varner: Early Life & Education


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Amanda Varner was born on January 22, 1990, in North Carolina to parents John and Lisa White Singleton. She grew up in a stable household with her little brother Elliot, who would one day pass away far too early.

The Singletons settled in the east-central North Carolina area, where Amanda attended Washington High School. She went on to graduate and become a licensed aesthetician. In these early days, Amanda took on another challenge of becoming a certified Barre instructor.

As Amanda Singleton developed her career, she took her abilities as a barre instructor and channeled them into a leadership role at Beachbody. Today, Amanda Varner still uses her maiden in her career as a fitness instructor. Amanda Varner has an active Instagram presence and could be developing her talents as an influencer.

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Harold Varner III and Amanda Singleton’s Love Story Before Marriage


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Harold Varner III is reported to have met Amanda Singleton when they were both seventeen and taking an advanced business accounting class. She told a local online magazine that she had to eventually make a move because he was too sweet and polite to take their friendship to the romantic level.

While the online magazine interview with Amanda Varner cleared a few things up, the magazine also interviewed Harold Varner III’s friend and caddy, Ray Farnell. He reportedly said Varner had always wanted to explore romance with Amanda but never took the next step.

Followers found out about Harold Varner III’s new girlfriend via an Instagram post where he thanked her for putting up with him for the last two years. They were, by that time, boyfriend and girlfriend vacationing in Australia. Varner, who refers to Amanda as Beth, announced he had proposed to Beth via an Instagram post.


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Harold Varner III and Amanda Singleton’s Wedding


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The couple were married in September 2020. Unlike many pro golfer weddings, the Varners kind of threw a party. After all, a popular golfing magazine named him the most fun golfer on tour. He recalled in an interview how after the older attendees left the ceremony, the remaining hundred-plus guests had a celebration.

The couple’s wedding is forever memorialized in a professionally produced video of the wedding.

Harold and Amanda Varner’s Married Life


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As the wedding video shows, the couple began a nurturing relationship as a married couple. One report indicates Amanda put a real estate career on hold to travel with her husband as he competed. The wedding was a bit of a shotgun wedding because the couple welcomed Harold Varner III’s baby, Liam into their arms the next month.

Joining Harold Varner III as he competed was a family affair. Mr. Varner posted a fabulous picture of the three of them on the course at the Masters on his Instagram, @hv3_golf. The Varners are a happy pro golfer family and model for setting a healthy golf life balance while never forgetting what’s important.

Amanda Varner’s Career


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These days Amanda Singleton Varner focuses her time on raising her son and supporting her pro-golfer husband. However, this doesn’t mean she gave up her career as a successful Barre instructor. And, with her background, she’s laying the seeds for a social media influencer career.

She’s still listed as a member of Beachbody, and she’s very active on her Instagram account. Although it’s a private account, 6,100 followers aren’t something to ignore. There are hints that Amanda may expand her business expertise into her own exercise videos. After all, her wedding and family videos at the Masters show she’s thinking about production value and her family image.

How Involved Is Amanda Varner In Harold Varner III’s Career?


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In a recent social media post, Harold Varner the Third’s wife is holding their son and wearing white coveralls. She was caddying for her husband as he competed at the Masters. As it turns out, Amanda takes on the caddy role at many of his tournaments.

Amanda Varner was also very supportive of her husband for leaving the PGA and joining LIV, a move that friend Michael Jordan was reported to have tried to talk him out of going over to LIV, an upstart pro golf association to rival the PGA. Like most pro golfer wives, for instance, Brooks Koepka’s, she supports her husband’s career.

At the end of the day, Harold Varner III made a financial decision for his family. He may not be the wealthiest golfer, but he takes pride in knowing he set up future generations of his kin with financial security.

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What Is Harold Varner III’s Net Worth?

Harold Varner III’s net worth is estimated to be above $10 million. He’s made over $10.9 million on the PGA Tour and $1.4 million in LIV tournaments. He’s also been endorsed by Nike, Titleist, Callaway, and the Jordan brand.

Was Harold Varner III Married Before?

This is the first marriage for Harold Varner III with Amanda Singleton, and they have a first child named Liam.

Final Thoughts

Most days, Harold Varner III tells people he has a blessed life. He isn’t afraid to take chances but will never sacrifice his family to win. It remains to be seen if his move to LIV was smart. However, as a family, Harold, Amanda, and Liam have an opportunity to develop a financial future for their family. He might be the golfer most likely to throw a party. But, he remains focused on family first, then golf even as his family grows.

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