Cameron Young’s Wife: Kelsey Dalition Facts & Photos

Cameron Young is among the brightest young stars in the current golf scene. Young isn’t just winning on the course, but in life too.

Who is Cameron Young’s wife? Cameron Young married Kelsey Dalition, the love of his life, in 2021. Kelsey was born in November 1997. She and Young have known each other since their high school days. However, it wasn’t until they met at Wake Forest University that they fell in love. They now have a son named Henry and live in Jupiter, Florida.

Any golf fan will want to learn more about Kelsey Dalition and Cameron Young’s love story. Don’t miss out on the interesting facts we’ve included about both of them!

Cameron Young’s Wife, Kelsey Dalition: Overview

  • Kelsey and Cameron have known each other since their high school days in Garrison, NY.
  • Cameron played hockey with Kelsey’s brother, and her father was the team’s coach
  • Kelsey and Cameron both went to Wake Forest University
  • Kelsey and Cameron have one child together. Their son is called Henry
  • During the initial stages of their marriage, Kelsey and Cameron lived with their parents before relocating to Jupiter, Florida.
  • Kelsey is often present at major golf tournaments cheering her husband on.

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Kelsey Dalition: Early Life & Education

There isn’t much information available about Kelsey Dalition’s early life and upbringing. However, we know that she was born in November of 1997, making her 26 years old.

As for her parents, we don’t have any information about them due to Dalition’s preference to keep her personal affairs private. All we know is that she was brought up in a Christian household.

It’s public knowledge that Kelsey Dalition attended Wake Forest University in North Carolina.

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Cameron Young & Kelsey Dalition’s Love Story Before Marriage


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As previously mentioned, Dilation attended Wake Forest University. Incidentally, this is where Cameron Young was pursuing his NCAA career in 2019 before turning pro. It’s at this time that Cameron Young and Kelsey Dalition started to fall in love.

The two quickly realized that they have a shared passion for golf. They clicked immediately and have been together ever since.

However, this isn’t when Young and Dalition first met. In fact, they’ve known each other since way back.

Both of their families lived in Garrison, New York. additionally, Cameron Young played golf with Kelsey’s brother, with her father being the team’s coach.

Cameron Young & Kelsey Dalition’s Wedding

It didn’t take long for Cameron Young and Kelsey Dalition to realize that their relationship was special. The couple decided that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Shortly thereafter, they took a major step toward that.

On March 6th, 2021, Cameron Young’s wedding was held. He and Dalition had a small wedding with a private ceremony. Therefore, the more intricate details of their special day aren’t publicly available.

That being said, we do know that Cameron Young chose Scott McKean, his caddie, to be the best man at his wedding.

Young and Dalition were both 23 years old at the time of the wedding. After a 36-hour honeymoon, the newlyweds settled in their new home.

Marrying the love of his life was the latest in a streak of good fortune for Young. The rising star had won the AdventHealth Championship just a few months earlier. This was his first-ever title as a professional golfer.

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Cameron Young & Kelsey Dalition’s Married Life


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Cameron Young and Kelsey Dalition currently reside in Jupiter, Florida.

They lead a very private life, away from the gaze of the public and paparazzi. Additionally, the couple isn’t active on social media. Therefore, not much is known about the life this married couple leads.

However, we do know that the couple recently brought a newborn into the world and named him Henry. Kelsey Dalition gave birth to their first child in 2022.

Kelsey Dalition’s Career

There’s no information regarding what Kelsey Dalition does for a living. It’s difficult to know if Kelsey is a stay-at-home mom or if she has a job because she’s inactive on social media and doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile.

How Involved Is Kelsey Dalition in Cameron Young’s Career?


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Whenever you see Cameron Young participating in a pro golf tournament, you’re likely to see Kelsey Dalition and their son, Henry, cheering him on.

Having such a strong support system has played a major role in Young’s success on the golf course.

However, Dalition isn’t overbearing in her support for her husband. Her family’s passion is hockey, not golf. As a result, she’s still learning the game and doesn’t bombard her husband with advice or criticism of his performance.

In April 2024, Kelsey joined Cameron at the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. She caddied for her husband, as golf wives often do.

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How Many Tournaments Has Cameron Young Won?

Cameron Young has four victories to his name in professional competitions. However, he has yet to win a major tournament, such as the US Open or the PGA Championship. However, he’s currently ranked 13th by the Official World Golf Rankings. Therefore a major win could be near.

How Old Is Cameron Young?

Cameron Young’s age is 26 and he was born in Scarborough, New York on May 7th, 1997. Young is considered one of the biggest rising stars in golf.

Final Thoughts

Born in November 1997, Kelsey Dalition is just a few months younger than Cameron Young. The two lovebirds have known each other since high school. Additionally, they went to the same university, Wake Forest.

During their college years, Kelsey and Cameron realized their love for each other. Shortly after graduating, they married in a private ceremony in 2021.

Since then, they’ve had one child together. Their son, Henry, is now around one year old.

You can often see Cameron Young’s wife and son cheering him on when he’s competing in pro events. She even caddied for her husband during the 2024 Masters Tournament.

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