Bryson DeChambeau’s Wife? Lilia Schneider Facts & Photos

An eight-time winner of the PGA Tour, Bryson “The Scientist” DeChambeau is known for approaching the game of golf like a scientist. In fact, he majored in physics at Southern Methodist University after graduating from Clovis East High School in 2012.

If you’ve watched him play, you’ve probably seen him with one beautiful woman or another.

So, who’s Bryson DeChambeau’s wife? Bryson DeChambeau isn’t married, but he is dating Lilia Schneider. They’ve been seen together since 2022. They haven’t publicly announced their relationship yet, though. He’s also been in relationships with Sophie Bertolami and Hunter Nugent.

Rumors of a Bryson DeChambeau wife in the works are always swirling on social media.

Read on to learn about his relationship with Lilia Schneider, including her early life, their love story, and her involvement in his career. We also included some of the best pictures of Bryson DeChambeau’s girlfriend in 2024.

You’ll also learn about his past relationships, and we’ll investigate any rumors about if he’ll have a wife soon.

Overview of Lilia Schneider, Bryson DeChambeau’s Girlfriend


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  • She has more than 53,000 followers on her Instagram and is closing in on 200,000 followers on TikTok.
  • She began dating DeChambeau after he parted ways (amicably) with Hunter Nugent in 2022.
  • While reigning as team captain, she qualified for the 2019 and 2020 Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) State Championships.
  • Social media enthusiasts and other general influencers have labeled Lilia Schneider as the “next great Instagram golf influencer,” similar to Paige Spiranac.
  • During her freshman year at Marian University, Schneider played in one tournament, shooting 176 over 36 holes.
  • Her Instagram and TikTok posts consist of golf coaching and tips videos. She also throws in sizzling photos of herself wearing divinely revealing bikinis.
  • She plans on finishing college but, so far, hasn’t mentioned what she intends to do after she graduates. We figure she’s kind of busy right now with DeChambeau and may hold off deciding what to do with her life. She’s only 20 years old, after all!

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Bryson DeChambeau’s Girlfriend: Early Life & Education


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Lilia Schneider was born in Belmont, Michigan on March 10, 2003. Schneider relaxes in her Belmont home when she isn’t attending Marian University in Indianapolis, Indiana, playing golf, or hanging out with her BF DeChambeau.

She’s a busy gal but makes it a point to remain close to her parents and older sister.

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Bryson DeChambeau and Lilia Schneider’s Love Story


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Bryson DeChambeau and Lilia Schneider first met on the 2022 LIV Tour and later appeared at the LIV Golf event in Chicago. At the golf event in Chicago, DeChambeau came in 8th place and suffered an eye injury that caused him to experience temporary blindness. Although he injured his eye by clotheslining himself on one of the course ropes, Schneider’s attraction to the golf star wasn’t dampened by this somewhat infamous mishap.

For about a year, Lilia Schneider has been seen regularly in the company of DeChambeau. She attends Marian University and posted a congratulatory note to herself on Instagram regarding her 20th birthday: “Cheers to my teen years” Although she is 10 years younger than DeChambeau, they have a lot in common–golf!

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Lilia Schneider’s Career


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Lilia Schneider is a growing “star power” and has established herself as a top social media influencer who will no doubt energize her financial power in the near future. With DeChambeau elevating her celebrity status, who knows what her next venture will be in the world of Instagram influencers?

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How Involved Is Lilia Schneider in Bryson DeChambeau’s Career?


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Bryson DeChambeau and Lilia Schneider haven’t publicly announced their relationship, but we did get to see them together at the LIV event in Chicago. Hopefully, we’ll see them together as he hoists a trophy or at the Masters par 3 at some point.

We have seen Bryson DeChambeau with his previous girlfriends including Sophia Phalen Bertolami and Hunter Nugent.

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Whatever Happened to Hunter Nugent and Bryson DeChambeau?


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A Bryson DeChambeau dating list isn’t complete without mentioning Hunter Nugent, his girlfriend before Lilia Schneider but after Sophia Bertolami. News about Nugent and DeChambeau’s relationship emerged in 2020 when DeChambeau shared one of Nugent’s Instagram posts of a picture of a gorgeous Valentine’s Day flower bouquet. Their followers immediately realized the significance of DeChambeau sharing this particular post.

When Bryson DeChambeau and Hunter Nugent saw each other, Nugent played for the University of Texas women’s golf team. She also posted dozens of images on Instagram showing her playing in numerous tournaments while representing UT.

Born in Ontario, Canada, Hunter Nugent played several golf tournaments in the fall of 2021. Her top-scoring average was 72.8 while playing for the University of Texas at San Antonio. She will be graduating from UT in 2024. Nugent ranks in the 900s for World Amateur Golf.

Who is DeChambeau’s Ex-Girlfriend, Sophia Bertolami?


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Between 2018 and 2021, Sophia Bertolami regularly posted updates on her Instagram account about her relationship with DeChambeau. However, her posts included personal references to DeChambeau, such as “Biggest congratulations to this guy! Beyond proud of you, B”! and “Despite being a mad scientist, I will always love holding your hand. So proud of you, B”!

Before becoming DeChambeau’s girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend), she had already made headlines with her romantic relationships with two professional baseball players–Danny Muno of the New York Mets and Mike Napoli of the Cleveland Indians.

Bertolami bears a striking resemblance to Lilia Schneider. She also continues to post stunning swimsuit selfies on her Instagram account but without mentioning DeChambeau anymore. So, we think it is safe to say that Bertolami should no longer be considered Bryson DeChambeau’s wife material.

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Do Bryson DeChambeau and Lilia Schneider Have Any Children Together?

No, they have no children together and have yet to officially announce their boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. However, all signs indicate they are dating each other exclusively.

Is Bryson DeChambeau Married?

No, Bryson DeChambeau is not married. He was previously in a relationship with Sophia Phalen Bertolami, but they broke up in 2022. He also dated Hunter Nugent, a college senior and aspiring professional golfer. Now he’s dating Lilia Schneider.

What Was Bryson DeChambeau’s Longest Drive?

While competing in “The Match” exhibition event in 2021, Bryson hit an astonishing 480 yards on the 777-yard, par five eighth hole at Moonlight Basin in Montana. His average drives are around 320 yards. For reference, the longest drive ever recorded was 515 yards, hit by professional golfer Mike Austin in 1974.

Final Thoughts

Bryson DeChambeau doesn’t have a wife, but he has a complicated love life.

Does Bryson DeChambeau have a girlfriend? Over the past six years, we know he’s had at least three girlfriends, including Lilia Schneider, Hunter Nugent, and Sophia Bertolami.

If he follows his past history of moving on from one girlfriend to another, we may see him with yet another new girlfriend later this year. Will we see Bryson DeChambeau with a wife in the near future? The odds of that look unlikely but we’ll happily tune in to see how his love life progresses along with his golf game.

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