Rory Sabbatini’s Wife: Martina Stofanikova Facts & Photos

Olympic golf silver medalist and six-time World Cup Rory Sabbatini has been a successful PGA golfer, and you’ve probably seen him with his family on tour.

So, who’s Rory Sabbatini’s wife? Martina Stofanikova and Rory Sabbatini were married in October 2014, and she’s his second wife. She’s a successful lawyer, doctor of economics, caddy, and the world’s best mom (according to Rory).

Any self-respecting PGA fan will want all the details about this successful golfer’s wife.

Read on to learn more, including details we’ve uncovered about Rory Sabbatini and his wife’s families, children, education, and professional relationship, both on and off the links.

Rory Sabbatini’s Wife: Overview

  • In articles and social media posts, Martina favors the name, Tina.
  • Tina was born in Czechoslovakia during the communist period, in the eastern part that’s now independent Slovakia.
  • Tina grew up in Slovakia and lived in Bratislava.
  • Tina attended Nova Southeastern University in Florida, earning a Ph.D. in economics.
  • Tina is a licensed attorney in the EU.
  • Tina’s Twitter feed has a 6-year gap, from August 6, 2014, to December 24, 2020.
  • Tina met Rory at the Honda Classic in 2011.
  • Tina helped Rory get his Slovakian citizenship in 2019.
  • Tina’s cousin, Rastislav Antala, is the president of the Slovak Golf Association.
  • Tina has acted as Rory’s caddy at several competitions, including the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Rory Sabbatini’s Wife: Early Life & Education

Some facts about Rory Sabbatini’s wife, like her age, are not listed publicly, but in our research, we found some interesting facts.

Tina may have grown up in Europe but went to school in the United States. She was a student at Florida’s Nova Southeastern University and earned a doctorate in economics, and picked up some financial analysis and business management skills.

She also developed legal writing and other associated skills by studying partly on campus in Ft. Lauderdale and partly in a remote hybrid plan.

Before she met Rory, Tina had been involved with a few prominent Slovakian men, including libertarian political leader Boris Kollar and tennis player Dominik Hrbatý. She had her first child, a son named Simon, with Kollar.

Shortly after Kollar founded, We Are Family, a libertarian political group, rumors of organized crime involvement drove a wedge between the couple. It motivated the future lawyer Martina to pursue a fresh start in America.

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Rory Sabbatini & Martina Stofanikova’s Love Story Before Marriage


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Tina met Rory just before he won his historic sixth PGA Tour Title. At the Honda Classic in 2011, he had a one-stroke victory over South Korea’s Yang Yong-eun. The pair hit it off right away. He was still married to his first wife then, though Rory’s first wife, Amy, had already separated from him.

When they met, Rory and Tina were coming off of unhappy relationships, and both were careful to take it slow initially. They dated for several years before Rory Sabbatini’s divorce was finalized, and he proposed marriage to Tina.

The two became a couple sometime in 2012, though they kept the details of their relationship fairly private for a while. Tina did post a few items on her Facebook during this time, but most of her profile updates were in her native Slovak and didn’t have ready English translations.

The pair finally got married in October 2014. Within a month, they had moved into a new home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

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Rory Sabbatini & Martina Stofanikova’s Wedding

Rory and Tina had a semi-private wedding, and not much is publicly known about the day.

The pair tied the knot sometime in October 2014, with no real effort at public fanfare except a brief flurry of wedding-themed photos on Tina’s Facebook.

From the publicly shared photos, they appear to have married in France, with a bit of time for the perfect Parisian honeymoon and obligatory nighttime photos of the Eiffel Tower.

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Rory and Tina Sabbatini’s Married Life


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Life seems to be good for Rory Sabbatini and his second wife.

The pair lives together in a large house in Boca Raton, along with Tina’s first son and the child they had together. Tina maintains links with her family and friends in Slovakia, including with the cousin who helped Rory get his Slovakian citizenship in time to represent the small European country at the Tokyo Olympics.

Martina opened a law office in Bratislava, but it’s unclear how much she currently attends her practice. On LinkedIn, she advertises her openness to take on work in the legal field, though she seems to keep her non-Rory-related business strictly part-time.

Instead of running a full-time law practice, Tina mainly focuses on her family in Florida. She also helps Rory while on tour, similar to how many pro golf wives help their husbands on the links. Rory Sabbatini and his wife are rarely seen separately from each other during a tournament. Tina, who is no slouch herself at golf, carries Rory’s gear and acts as his caddy most of the time.

While the pair are pretty accessible to the media on subjects like golf and business matters, they’ve stayed more private about their children’s lives. Not much is publicly known about the birth dates or major events of Rory’s two children from his first marriage, and the two kids Rory and Tina look after together are similarly well shielded from public scrutiny.

The pair may live together in the States, but their extended families are truly international in scope. Rory has family living in and around Durban, South Africa. He maintains his South African, U.S., and Slovakian citizenship, and has a passport arrangement with the United Kingdom.

Tina Sabbatini, meanwhile, has parents and siblings still in Slovakia, where Olympic silver medalist Rory Sabbatini is a bit of a local hero and the nation’s most prominent pro golfer.

Tina Sabbatini’s Career

Tina Sabbatini has had a varied and very busy career. After earning her doctorate in economics, she attended law school and eventually passed the Slovak bar exam. She’s still licensed to practice law in Europe, with an office in Bratislava, though she lives in Boca Raton now and is only “casually looking” for work.

How Involved Is Martina Stofanikova In Rory Sabbatini’s Career?


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Martina Sabbatini is helping her husband run his multimillion-dollar golf business when she’s not representing clients in a European court. She has attended nearly every golf tournament Rory has competed in since 2012, usually as his caddy.

As a trained economist and business manager, she’s also been invaluable to Rory in handling his sizable endorsement deals and the revenue that comes with them.

Tina’s also a kind of no-cost press agent for Rory. A few years back, photographers saw a new tattoo on Rory’s arm. It looked like three angled lines radiating from a central point and reminded some people of the tattoos some prison gangs sport. Speculation ran wild for about 1.5 news cycles until Tina publicly stated that the speculation was silly, that it’s three capital letter “L”s, which she claimed stood for “Live, Laugh, Love.” Showing her expertise at grabbing control of a story, Tina hinted that she had the same tattoo, only “not on my arm.”

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Does Rory Sabbatini Have Any Children?

Rory has two children by his first wife, Harley Aiden, and Tylie Jo, and one with Martina, named Bodhi Mac Sabbatini.

Where Does Rory Sabbatini Live Now?

Rory Sabbatini and his wife Tina have lived in Boca Raton, Florida, since shortly after their October 2014 wedding. It's worth noting that Rory carries Slovak, U.S., and South African citizenship, as well as a U.K. passport.

Final Thoughts

From his early days in South Africa to a runner-up position at the Masters, Rory has been a massive success on the U.S. and European golf circuits for decades now.

Rory Sabbatini’s wife, Martina Stofanikova, has been married since October 14. She’s his companion, caddie, and friend who’s ridden with him to success both on the links and off, especially in raising their child together.

Best of luck to you both, Rory and Tina, and may your partnership continue for many years.

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