Most Disliked Golfers Ever – On And Off The Course

Depending on individual likes and dislikes, the professional golf tour has many players that seem to thrive on controversy.

Arrogance is possibly the best way to describe the actions and attitude of the list of golfers penned in this article.

They are loved by many, but also disliked by others.

Tiger Woods

Many claim he is the greatest golfer ever but he still has to beat Jack Nicklaus’s record of major wins to wear that mantle.

He came onto the scene and produced golf that inspired many to take up the game.

His following at the majors was a distraction for his playing partners.

There is no doubting his playing ability, but then arrogance crept into his life, both on and off the course.

The clandestine off-course demeanors with plenty of women from various walks of life hit the headlines.

His wife kicked him out, but that did not stop him.

Lately, he has suffered injuries, mainly to his back.

Many feel that he has “used” the injuries in an attempt to win back the adoration that once followed him.

Like any top sporting personality, he has had his fair share of altercations with players and the press.

The most arrogant athlete ever was a quote in a magazine.

The saying “live by the sword, die by the sword” is an apt expression.

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Patrick Reed

The cockiness of Reed has put him in the front line of disliked golfers on the tour.

He made his first mistake after winning a tournament early in his career, the 2014 WGC Cadillac Championship.

Tiger was at the top of his game at the time, but this did not stop Reed from claiming to be one of the top 5 players on tour.

He went further to state that any future tournaments would end up with just him and Tiger fighting for the win.

During the Ryder Cup, he tangled with the crowd, and that was another nail in his coffin.

Of late he has been involved in a few rule infringements or taking advantage and bending the rules to suit his purpose.

Trust and honor don’t seem to be part of his game plan.

Rory Sabbatini

Although Rory goes out of his way to support the Military Veterans, he has undone his reputation by some on and off-course actions.

He famously walked to the next hole while Ben Crane was still lining up his putt on the green.

In mitigation, they had been put on the clock, and Crane is possibly the slowest player on the circuit.

He holds the distinction of heading a random pole on “who the least favorite playing partner” was on the tour.

His head-strong, arrogant manner does not sit well with the spectators who jeer him on course.

He split from his wife recently and her revelations have not helped his cause.

Ian Poulter

He has been described as a “douchebag”, which in American slang is an obnoxious, arrogant individual.

Excessively self-obsessed is another way he has irritated the golfing public.

Always immaculately dressed, with his designer clothing range, he struts around the course in a manner that is not liked by the fans.

When things are going well on the course, he reminds many of a “peacock” with its feathers splayed.

On other occasions when things don’t go his way on the course, he is grumpy and sour.

He is the player many golfers would stake their lives on, to nail a 5-foot putt under pressure.

He has proved that in the Ryder Cup, but still he has many detractors in the crowd.

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Vijay Singh

A few years back he had a magnificent run of form winning many tournaments within two consecutive seasons.

But, in the caddie enclosure, he is the one golfer no one wants to caddy for.

He has probably hit more golf balls on the range than any professional golfer of the modern era.

He sometimes does not greet his long-standing caddy in the morning before play!

Out on the course, his cold demeanor and open displeasure don’t build his fan base.

His dislike of the press and refusal to give interviews do not endear him to the media.

It is sad, but a fact of life in the golfing world, that bad form and the lost ability to reach the golfing heights of days gone by, must create huge frustration.

Maybe he should be given the benefit of doubt!

Phil Mickelson

A surprise addition to this group, but the public loves him or despises him.

Many fans describe Phil as “larger than life” and insincere.

He is a big man, and his skill, especially his flop-shots, leaves fellow players in awe.

That he creates time for his family irrespective of circumstances, is also seen by some fans as over-the-top and orchestrated.

Undoubtedly he would have dominated world golf had it not been for Tiger.

When he started playing he earned the nickname Figjam! (I am good, just ask me!)

He is also accused by many fans of faking his smile when walking the course.

The term “whiner” is another tag from the golfing public.

Professional golf is a tough way to make a living and the press and public believe they own a part of the golfer.

Phil would also feature as the most liked golfer of his time by some.

Many think he is great for golf and fits the mold with the likes of Sevy and Greg Norman.

Attacking play was their mantra, and they produced spectacular shots that excited all who watched them.

Bubba Watson

A player that the fans love to hate!

His unconventional style of attacking play is not appreciated by all the fans.

A few incidents over the last few seasons may have dented his reputation.

Refusal to enter into a long driving competition before a tournament started, upset many of his fans.

The players on the tour have huge respect for him, and his willingness to assist various charities comes across strongly.

Not sure he or Phil deserves to be on this list, but then fans have their own ideas!

Bryson DeChambeau

Lastly, Bryson has been the talk of the golfing world over the last season on the tour.

He pioneered equal-length irons throughout his set.

He works on theories and studies greens and their contours in a  “professor-like” manner.

He has revolutionized the game with his attacking style and “goffer” mentality.

He lengthened his driver and hits the ball prodigious distances off the tee.

Attacking a huge dogleg over water the other day while leading the tournament, he hit a 500-yard tee shot to pin-high in the rough.

Standing on the tee the spectators urged him to take the risk (he won the tournament to the delight of the fans).

The PGA wants to now change some rules to negate his length by making adjacent fairways OB at certain tracks!

Finally, it is understandable that not too many players want to be paired with him.

Final Thoughts

Modern-day players have been highlighted in this article, which makes it interesting reading and adds a few surprises.

Unfortunately, where huge sums of money are at stake, jealousy and contempt creep into the game.

No doubt looking further back in history, Ben Hogan was seen as aloof, Arnold Palmer was seen as arrogant and even Sevy had his detractors.

Tom Watson, Lee Travino (who never stopped talking while playing) Gary Player, and even the greatest golfer Jack Nicklaus were accused of being aloof.

Nick Faldo was not everybody’s favorite, but time heals many rifts.

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