Lee Westwood’s Wife: Helen Storey Facts & Photos

British championship golfer Lee Westwood is the highest-ranked pro golfer who’s never won a major championship. He has won the European Tour Order of Merit four times, though, and you’ve probably seen him with a beautiful partner.

So, who is Lee Westwood’s wife? Helen Storey and Lee Westwood were married in Las Vegas in 2021. Helen frequently caddies for her husband on PGA Tour events. When she’s not on Tour, Storey is a fitness consultant based in the English town of Newcastle, where the couple now resides. Previously Laurae Coltart was married to Lee from 1999 to 2017.

But there’s more, and you won’t want to miss out on learning more about this fascinating woman. It’s easy to see why Westwood set his sights on her.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Helen Storey, including her childhood, education, career, and marriage.

Lee Westwood’s Wife – Helen Storey Westwood: Overview


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  • Helen Storey Westwood’s age is 45 and she was born in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne in England on October 31 in 1977.
  • Storey has one sister, Andrea, who is married to Graham Wylie, a British businessman and good friend of Lee Westwood’s.
  • Storey is a fitness consultant and a former personal trainer.
  • Storey was also an editor at “LaDiDa” magazine.
  • Storey is a decent golfer herself. She competed in the caddies tournament at the 2022 Players Championship.
  • Storey has a daughter, Edie, from her previous marriage.
  • Storey frequently caddies for Westwood in championship tournaments.
  • Storey is a skilled equestrian.

Helen Storey: Early Life & Education


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Helen Storey was born on October 31, 1977. She grew up in England, in the northeastern city of Jesmond in the Newcastle upon Tyne area, with her sister, Andrea. Storey is very private about her life before she entered the public spotlight after marrying Lee Westwood.

Lee Westwood and Helen Storey’s Love Story Before Marriage


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The story (pun intended) is that Helen and Lee were introduced in 2015 by Lee’s good friend, Wylie Graham, who just happens to be married to Helen’s sister, Andrea.

Lee had just ended his 18-year marriage to Laurae Coltart, with whom he has two children, so he was understandably nervous about jumping into another serious relationship. In fact, Westwood and Coltart were separated but not yet divorced when he met Storey. Is it any wonder they wanted to move slowly?

However, the magnetism was undeniable, and Lee proposed in 2018. The couple married in 2021 in Las Vegas, just ahead of the US Open tournament. They spent their honeymoon in San Diego, with Lee competing in the Open at Torrey Pines and Helen acting as the Lee Westwood caddy for the tournament.

The couple have since set up housekeeping in Helen’s home region of Newcastle upon Tyne with Helen’s daughter Edie and their several horses.

Lee Westwood and Helen Storey’s Wedding


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Lee Westwood and Helen Storey got married in 2018 at a small ceremony in Las Vegas. They had wanted to get married in Newcastle, England, where they reside, but the strict COVID-19 restrictions in England at the time made that impossible.

The couple wed at the Bellagio Hotel, with the bride wearing a classic sleeveless sheath dress and a sparkling tiara. She carried a large bouquet of white peonies and roses. Although the couple had originally planned on having 120 guests, ” ‘In the end, it was just us two, a minister called Wilf we met literally a minute before the ceremony and a photographer who was the witness,’ explained Helen.

The ceremony took place on the balcony at the Bellagio with the resort’s famous fountains as a backdrop. After the ceremony, they went down to the Picasso restaurant at the hotel for a post-wedding meal.

Her white dress didn’t fare too well through all of the wedding festivities. Says Helen, “My wedding dress was ruined by the end! After walking around the pool and elsewhere for the photos, it was just completely black at the back. I’ll certainly need to find a good dry cleaners when I get home.”

Lee and Helen Westwood’s Married Life


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Although they teased the press that the US Open in Torrey Pines was their honeymoon trip, Lee and Helen Westwood eventually snuck away for a “proper honeymoon” on an island in the Caribbean.

After that, they returned to their home in England and Helen’s daughter Edie and their several dogs and horses.

During the off-season, Helen and Lee get involved in horse racing, promoting their charity, The Lee Westwood Foundation, and hanging out on their property with their family and dogs.

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Helen Storey Westwood’s Career


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When she’s not carrying a 40-pound golf bag around some of the world’s toughest golf courses, as Helen Storey, the golf caddy, Helen is a fitness consultant and occasional personal trainer.

Helen frequently documents her fitness routines on her Instagram page. Before getting involved with Westwood and touring with him, Helen worked as a personal trainer at Speed-Flex in her hometown of Jesmond, Newcastle.

She also did a brief stint as an editor at “LaDiDa” magazine.

Like Jordan Speith’s wife, Storey participates in many charities. Since she began dating Westwood, Storey has become actively involved with Westwood’s charity, The Lee Westwood Foundation. She was appointed as one of the charity’s trustees in 2017. The charity, which Lee founded in 2010, helps to make healthy recreation, especially golf, available to disadvantaged children in the United Kingdom.

While she earned a large enough income on her own as a fitness consultant to support herself well, she has had to worry less about money since her marriage. Lee Westwood’s net worth is estimated at $40 million from winnings and endorsements. That compares to Rory McIllroy’s net worth of $622 million. Still, $40 million is a nice nest egg.

How Involved Is Helen Storey In Pro Golfer’s Career?


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Helen does more than just attend golf tournaments and support her man; she lugs a 40-pound golf bag all over the course while looking “glam” and entertaining the spectators with her quips at the same time.

She’s been Lee Westwood’s full-time caddy since 2018, when his previous caddy, Billy Foster, had to return to England following his father’s death.

Says Helen of the caddying experience, “It’s heavier when we’re not having such a good day. When we’re having a great day, it’s really light and a lot of fun.”

While some players rely on their caddies for club suggestions and strategy, Helen says, “(Lee) doesn’t like being told what to do. If he makes a decision and it’s wrong, or he makes a decision, and it’s right, he has to own it. He can only be upset with himself.”

Helen could be seen at the 2023 Masters Tournament caddying for Lee.


Is Lee Westwood Married to His Caddy?

Yes, Helen Storey Westwood has been a full-time caddy for Lee since 2018. Lee is very complimentary of his wife's job as a caddy. He says, "I couldn't do it. I walked around Augusta last year, it's so hilly. I came out of it worn out. She's up and down the hills. She's a fit lady."

Does Lee Westwood Have Children?

Lee Westwood has two children from his previous marriage to Laurae Coltart. Samuel Bevan Westwood was born in 2021 and occasionally relieves Helen as Lee's caddy. Poppy Grace Westwood was born in 2004.
Helen Westwood has one daughter Edie, from her previous marriage. Edie lives with Lee and Helen in England.

How Old Is Lee Westwood’s Wife?

Helen Storey was born in 1977, so her age is 45.

Final Thoughts

Lee Westwood and his wife Helen Storey, have been married since 2021. Helen is a fitness instructor and caddie for her husband. She met Westwood in 2015 and began caddying for him in 2018.

She has been a regular on the tour since then and helped Westwood to achieve great success, including runner-up finishes at the Arnold Palmer Invitational and The Players Championship in 2021.

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