Jason Day’s Wife: Ellie Day Facts & Photos

Only a handful of professional golfers reach the coveted top-ranked position as the world’s best golfer. Jason Day held the top spot for 51 consecutive weeks between March 2016 and February 2017. But he wasn’t alone. His wife and family were there with him for support.

So, who is Jason Day’s wife? Ellie Harvey married Jason Day in October 2009. She’s born and raised an Ohioan, and he’s a pro golfer from Australia. They met at an Irish pub in Ohio in their teens, even though he was too shy to talk to her. Fourteen years later, they have four kids and a home in Ohio.

You don’t want to miss the Jason Day wife origin story. Read below to learn more about the touching story of young love and coming home to a new country half a world away. Then we’ll also cover Jason Day’s wife’s career and what they’re up to in their married life.

Jason Day’s Wife: Overview


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Ellie Harvey was a typical nineteen-year-old small-town girl trying to make a start as an independent young adult when Jason Day entered her life. It was 2005, and she knew nothing about golf. But that would all change.

Here are some interesting facts about Jason Day’s wife:

  • Ellie Harvey’s age is 27, and she was born on April 30, 1986.
  • Ellie is from Lucas, Ohio
  • Ellie’s parents are Tom Harvey and Lucy Knapp.
  • Ellie Day has one sibling, a brother named Clark Harvey.
  • Ellie was working as a waitress when she first met Jason Day.
  • Ellie’s maiden name is Ellie Harvey.
  • Ellie Harvey was nineteen when she served Jason and his coach.
  • Ellie is around eighteen months older than her husband.
  • Ellie Harvey worked as a waitress after graduating high school.
  • Ellie was attending beauty school when she met Jason.
  • Ellie Harvey learned about golf after sr met Jason Day.
  • Ellie Harvey watched Jason Day play golf in 2007, just after he turned pro.
  • Ellie’s first exposure to golf was a tournament won by her future husband, Jason Day.
  • Ellie and Jason Day tied the knot in October 2009 in a barn.
  • Ellie and her pro-golfer husband live in rural Ohio.
  • Ellie and Jason Day will celebrate their fifteen years anniversary in 0ctober 2024.

Notably important to the couple’s successful relationship is their passion for rural living in Central Ohio.

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Ellie Harvey’s Early Life & Education


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Ellie Harvey was born in Central Ohio on April 30, 1986. Her parents are Tom Harvey and Lucy Knapp, and Ellie has a brother named Clark. Ellie graduated from Lucas High School in 2004. Her graduating class had fewer than fifty students, but everyone already knew about Ellie from FFA competitions.

Coming in second twice in a row at the local FFA competition for dairy cows meant her community knew Ellie by sight, even if her collegiate options were limited. She didn’t attend college after high school, choosing instead to attend beauty school and get an online business degree.

Ellie’s life growing up in Lucas, Ohio, was about as far away from golf as she could have been. Located about an hour’s drive south of Cleveland, you’ll likely find more cows than people in the Township of Lucas. In fact, Ellie Harvey’s life trajectory followed that of other small-town country girls as she excelled in traditional farming activities and competitions.

Then one day, while working part-time at a restaurant in Twinsburg, golf coach, and regular customer Colin Swanton sat down at her table with a young golfer from Australia. At the time, Swanton was in the Twinsburg area helping a friend start a golfing academy. He stopped into the restaurant regularly and knew the owners and waitresses who worked there.

This chance meeting between Ellie Harvey and Jason Day happened because Swanton was Jason Day’s coach and father figure after his father died when he was 12. As a golfing mentor, Swanton would become Jason Day’s confidant as he developed his patented tee shot and eventually became the number-one golfer in the world.

Swanton also had Ellie’s number, which he gave the smitten Jason Day.

Jason Day and Ellie Harvey’s Love Story Before Marriage


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The first time Ellie met Jason Day, he had just turned pro and was in the formative years of his early pro golfing career. She was familiar with Swanton because he was a regular customer at her place of work. Ellie knew Swanton was a golfer. However, her knowledge of golf stopped right there at the table where a future number one in the world ranked player was smitten with her.

As a just-turned-pro golfer, Day had one thing on his mind–being good enough to beat his mentor, Tiger Woods. But Ellie stayed in his forethought, and two years after their first meeting, they went on their first date. Day started texting with Ellie, who had little time for dating at the time. Then one day, he invited her to watch him play, after which they arranged an official date.

Media interviews with Ellie and Jason Day highlight their first “official” date as a key development of their love story. However, their casual time together at her first golf tournament captivated her heart. She noted in an interview that until then, she had no clue about golf.

Day won the first tournament he played in with Ellie Harvey in the audience. She understood that Jason Day was special and excited about the “big deal” everyone made about her new friend. ellie day golf

Jason Day and Ellie Harvey’s Wedding


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In old-style tradition, Day felt he needed the support of Ellie’s father. But Mr. Harvey initially didn’t like his daughter’s pick for a husband. So, Day worked on showing him he could be a contributing partner in a marriage to his daughter.

It didn’t hurt that Day also won and made millions of dollars on the PGA Tour. And was on his way to ranking as one of the best golfers in the world.

Jason and Ellie were married in October 2009, long before Jason joined other high-earning golfers. While their wedding was private, local publications published pictures with permission from the wedding party.

True to Ellie Day’s country girl roots, they were married in a barn in Belleville, Ohio, and posed for pictures with farm equipment and the barn in the background.

Jason Day and Ellie Harvey: Married Life


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Jason and Ellie Day love watching Ohio State Basketball and attending pro basketball games in Cleveland. When the couple settled in their home on five acres in the Ohio countryside, the pro golfer became an avid Cleveland Cavaliers basketball fan. The couple had courtside seats at a Cavs game in Cleveland when LeBron James crashed into Ellie as he went for a loose ball.

The aftermath of this incident played out on social media and made national news highlight reels. Ellie Day wrote in her Twitter feed how thankful she is that her three-year-old son wasn’t with them. She also expressed thanks that she wasn’t pregnant with the Jason Day baby girl Lucy, born less than six weeks earlier. Indeed, this happened as she was joining the ranks of other golfing wives who are also cheerleaders for their husbands.

Le Bron James personally contacted Jason Day’s wife via Twitter. “Ellie Day, I hope you’re doing okay! My apologies! Hope u guys come back to another game soon. Love LJ!” he tweeted.

Throughout Jason’s career, Ellie Day has been a consistent cheerleader at her husband’s golf matches. In Ellie Day’s pictures, she’s frequently spotted walking from hole to hole as her husband Jason plays his rounds.

Jason and Ellie day also have four children. You can see them regularly in posts on social media about their public and private lives. This is just one example of how Ellie’s joined the ranks of other golfing wives who are also cheerleaders for their husbands.

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Ellie Harvey Day’s Career


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Much of Ellie’s professional life is private, but she actively participates in events associated with her role as a non-profit president. Together with her famous golfer husband, they use their notoriety to promote their charity interests.

These days motherhood keeps Ellie Day busy. However, she is the president of the charity she and her husband started called the Brighter Days Foundation, a non-profit helping local at-risk children and families.

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How Involved Is Ellie Day in Jason Day’s Career?


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Given Ellie Day’s frequent behind-the-scenes spectator status, she started understanding golf from her boyfriend’s eyes. So, when she live-tweeted Day’s winning round at AT&T Byron Nelson, she was elated. It had been five years since his last victory.

When Ellie Day saw her first golf tournament that was won by the man she would later marry, she was a small-town waitress and business night school student. She was awed by the publicity and excitement of professional golf from the inside, an exciting place to be.

The excitement likely never left her heart, and it shows in her face and eyes how much she enjoys her life as a mother and pro golfer’s wife. Getty Images owns more than 7,500 Ellie Day images, with a significant number of them portraying a golfer’s wife who loves life.


How Many Children Does Jason Day Have?

Jason Day has four children with his wife, Ellie Harvey. Their children are Dash James Day (born 2012), Lucy Adenil Day (born 2015), Arrow Day (born 2018),  and Oz Niro Day (born 2021). The couple met in 2007 and were married in 2009. They live in Westerville, Ohio.

How Long Has Jason Day Been Married?

Jason and Ellie Day tied the knot in October 2009, making them a few months shy of being married for fourteen years as of 2023.

Final Thoughts

Jason Day’s wife is Ellie Harvey Day. She is also a mother of four children and the president of the Brighter Days Foundation, a charity she founded with Jason in 2016. Ellie is a strong and supportive wife, mother, and advocate for children. She is an inspiration to many and a role model for women everywhere.

Ellie was born in Ohio in 1986. She met Jason while working as a waitress in a restaurant in her hometown in Ohio. The couple married in 2009 and have four children together: Dash, Lucy, Arrow, and Oz.

In addition to being a wife and mother, Ellie is also a social media influencer. She has over 30,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares photos and videos of her family, her work with the Brighter Days Foundation, and her travels.

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