Mito Pereira’s Wife: Antonia Prida Facts & Photos

As a golf enthusiast, you’ve likely heard of the infamous young golfer Mito Pereira. You can’t argue with his game.

He’s the 12th player to garner three wins in the Korn Ferry Tour in 32 years. That exceptionally rare three-win automatically boosted him to the PGA Tour. But behind every successful man, there’s a woman.

So, who is Mito Pereira’s wife? Antonia Prida is Mito Pereira’s wife and is also an artist and photographer. Meeting in high school, these two haven’t fallen out of love ever since. They officially married in December 2022 and hosted a ceremony the following month in their home country, Chile.

Overall, you wouldn’t want to miss a read about the couple’s enduring love story. It offers hope to all the long-distance couples out there.

Stick around to learn more about Antonia Prida’s education, career, marriage, and public appearances alongside her PGA pro golfer husband.

Mito Pereira’s Wife: Overview


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Check out some interesting facts about Mito Pereira’s wife, Antonia Prida.

  • Antonia Prida was born in Santiago, Chile.
  • Mito Pereira’s age is 28. Meanwhile, Prida’s age is still off the limelight.
  • Golfer Pereira’s wife attended San Isidro High School with her now husband.
  • The now-married couple met as far back as 2013.
  • She is a photographer and artist and enjoys capturing nature’s essence.
  • Antonia and Mito are currently living in Jupiter, Florida.
  • Pereira’s wife is usually around the golf course with him.
  • Antonia caddied for Mito in the 2024 Masters Par 3 Contest.
  • The couple legally married in December 2021 and held a celebrative wedding the following month.
  • Mito and Antonia don’t have children.

Stick around to learn more about the specifics of Antonia Prida and her relationship with one of the best golfers of all time, Mito Pereira.

Antonia Prida’s Early Life and Education


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Not much public information is available on Antonia’s early life. She attended high school with Pereira and enrolled at the Universidad del Desarrallo in Chile.

Besides that, Prida’s interests are primarily within the artistic scope. She enjoys creating projects inspired by nature and ethereal paintings.

When she’s not immersing herself in art, Prida is likely traveling with Pereira and exploring the world.

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Mito Pereira & Antonia Prida’s Love Story Before Marriage


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You might wonder where Antonia Prida and Mito Pereira are from and how their love story bloomed over the years. Well, professional golfer Pereira and his wife Prida are high school sweethearts.

Let’s start the story from the beginning. Pereira used to excessively play golf during his younger years. From 10 to 11 years old, he participated in the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships. By age 14, Mito felt burnt out of golf.

As he turned 15, his interests lay elsewhere, from tennis and soccer to parties and girls. That’s when Prida entered his life.

Subsequently, Pereira’s golf career didn’t start until after they met. In turn, Prida wasn’t concerned with all the fame. According to Pereira, “I know she doesn’t just like me because of golf,” he jokingly added, “It’s just because I’m handsome.”

They were both born in Santiago, Chile, where they attended San Isidro High School. Shortly after, Pereira traveled to Texas, Lubbock, and enrolled in Texas Tech University.

During the 2014 to 2015 season, he played golf for his college team. His coach delved into how Pereira felt at the time. He referred to Antonia as Pereira’s “serious” girlfriend and told news outlets that the golfer missed her. By 2015, Pereira dropped out to pursue professional golfing.

Public signs of the couple dating were shown in 2014 when the golfing pro posted a telling image of him and Prida walking together on a golf course.

Mito Pereira & Antonia Prida’s Wedding


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Fortunately, the long-distance relationship proved worth it, as Pereira and Prida announced their engagement in January 2021. Mito posted a picture on Instagram of him and his then-fiancee with a can’t-miss shining rock adorning Prida’s finger.

The couple legally tied the knot in December 2021, almost a year after their engagement. The following month, they organized a family and friends wedding celebration in Chile at the Parque Lo Arcaya. The setting is significant since it’s Pereira’s homeland.

As one of the most-liked golfers ever, it’s only fitting that Pereira incorporated a golf theme into his wedding ceremony. The newlyweds walked through a tunnel constructed of raised golf clubs courtesy of the guests.

Mito Pereira & Antonia Prida’s Married Life


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Mito and Antonia are currently enjoying the married life through travels. With his PGA tour championship winnings, the couple can enjoy trotting the globe hand-in-hand. In terms of the future, Pereira expressed his desire to start a family in two years.

Besides that, they live in Jupiter, Florida, as several other PGA tour golfers do. You can locate more than 50 professional golfers in the southeastern town.

Antonia Prida’s Career


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Antonia is a photographer and artist. Her art often captures nature’s ethereal beauty. You can view her encapsulating work on her dedicated art Instagram platform. In her first post, she details,

“I am convinced that art is an experience that invites us to feel beyond what we can understand logically. My art is inspired by the immensity of nature and the feelings that the connection with it generates in us.”

Prida uses large canvases to showcase her abstract art. Her work shows a pattern with similar neutral tones of beige, pink, and gray. She uses unique techniques when creating her masterpieces, such as spilling liquid colors and using a squeegee to blend.

She enjoys integrating texture into her works when fully expressing her nature art. One of her masterpieces is titled “Depends on the Wind.” It portrays a rustic image with variegated beige hues and textured specks.

When it comes to photography, Prida’s muse is similarly nature-inspired. She has a separate Instagram account for her photos. Her images usually highlight flowers, fruits, and animals.

Speaking of animals, the Chilean multi-artist loves them. That said, she lost her pet dog, Pelayo, and expressed her emotions of loss in her Instagram with a heart-warming image of the Cocker Spaniel.

Her thoughts border on the nature-motivated side, as she captioned, referring to her loss “It has also made me think about how wise the universe is. Nature has a cycle, and we must respect it.”

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How Involved is Antonia Prida In Mito Pereira’s Career?


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Antonia Prida is highly supportive of Mito Pereira’s career. In more recent news, Antonia caddied for her husband on April 6, 2024, during the Masters Par 3 Contest held in Augusta, Georgia. She enjoyed participating in the traditional experience.

She is usually present for her husband’s tournaments, such as the PGA Tour. In May 2022, Pereira missed a PGA Championship first-time win. He lost a one-stroke lead due to a double bogey. He walked off into Prida’s supportive hug.


Who is Mito Pereira’s wife?

Mito Pereira is married to Antonia Prida. They got engaged in January 2021 before officiating their union in December 2021.

Did Mito Pereira have kids?

Mito and Antonia currently don’t have any kids. Nevertheless, Pereira has hopes of starting a family in two years.

What Nationality are Mito and Antonia?

Antonia and Mito are both from Santiago, Chile. They attended the same high school where they dated.

Final Thoughts

Mito Pereira met his future wife during his high school years at San Isidro High School. They both dated, even as Mito left the country to study abroad in Texas, Lubbock. During that time, he left university to get into professional golfing.

All the while, his high school girlfriend was patiently waiting. About six years after his pro golf pursuit, the couple got married in Chile. Prida is a supportive and attentive wife, appearing at most tournaments.

Aside from her husband’s career involvement, she’s deeply immersed in her artistic ventures in painting and photography. Her passion and loyalty are truly inspiring.

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