Collin Morikawa’s Wife: Katherine Zhu Facts & Photos

Known as one of the most polished golfers, Collin Morikawa has over five PGA tour wins under his belt. He holds the title of the first American to win the Race to Dubai in Europe in 2021.

With several other accomplishments in his trophy room, Morikawa owes his successes to his determination, tenacity, and most important of all, his wife.

So, who is Collin Morikawa’s wife? Katherine Zhu and Collin Morikawa were married in November 2022 in Los Angeles, which is also where they first met. Despite being in different colleges, the couple met through a mutual friend. Fast forward to now, Katherine Zhu is now known as Katherine Morikawa.

Collin and Katherine’s story brims with support, love, and persistence. You wouldn’t want to miss reading about how they became a couple and remained strong after a little over five years.

Stick around to learn more about Katherine Zhu’s early life, education, marriage, career, and public appearances.

Collin Morikawa’s Wife: Overview

Here are a few interesting facts about Collin Morikawa’s wife, Katherine Zhu.

  • Katherine Zhu was born in Vancouver before moving to China for her high school education.
  • Zhu attended Pepperdine University, where she participated in her college’s golf team.
  • Morikawa and Zhu met in college in 2017 through a mutual friend.
  • The golf-power couple got married in November 2022.
  • Zhu won several awards during college, such as the Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholar and WGCA All-American Scholar.
  • Morikawa and Zhu have a Goldendoodle called Koa.
  • Katherine frequently caddies for her husband.
  • The couple doesn’t have kids.
  • Katherine officially took Collin’s last name in January 2024, now identifying as Katherine Morikawa.

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Katherine Zhu: Early Life and Education


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Katherine Zhu was born in January 1996 in Vancouver, Canada. She was raised in a sports-influenced household. Accordingly, her dad, Mike Chu, played tennis competitively and earned a diploma from Beijing Sport University.

Meanwhile, her mom ran track. At 13, Zhu won her first tennis tournament. Nevertheless, her interest in tennis depleted later on.

Zhu spent her high school years studying in China and attended Zhuji Hailiang High School in China. She then decided to pursue a degree in International Management at Pepperdine University in Malibu.

She reportedly picked the university for three prime reasons. She wanted Laurie Gibbs as her coach. The weather conditions are ideal for practice. Lastly, Pepperdine offers exceptional athletics and academic quality.

That said, Katherine Zhu’s golf interest was piqued in college, where she became a champion. She won several honors, including WCC All-Academic Scholar. Overall, her experiences showcase her determination to succeed and stand out in her profession.

Collin Morikawa & Katherine Zhu’s Love Story Before Marriage


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Collin Morikawa and Katherine Zhu’s love story began in their college years. The couple met through a mutual friend. At the time, Zhu attended Pepperdine while Morikawa was at the University of California, Berkeley.

The mutual friend was on the California women’s golf team. According to the Post, she said, “We were just being college girls and talking about life,”

“She said, ‘Are you seeing anyone? Let me introduce you to someone.’ I said, ‘Sure’ but I didn’t really think she would actually do it.” The friend showed Morikawa a few Instagram shots of Zhu, and he was interested.

They first chatted before meeting face-to-face during spring break in Los Angeles. As with most love stories, they hit it off, and the rest was history.

Morikawa’s girlfriend showed him Vancouver in 2018, where they shared an adorable Instagram post. On another date, Collin posted an image where the couple shared a date on a rooftop and captioned it, “Probably not a good idea to take your date on a rooftop when she’s afraid of heights.”

The couple enjoyed many more dates. They experienced a two-year long-distance setback before moving in together for three years before marriage.

Collin Morikawa & Katherine Zhu’s Wedding


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By 2021, Morikawa decided to pop the question to his then-five-year girlfriend. Morikawa shared with news outlets how nervous he was about the proposal.

He compared it to his high-pressure competitions, saying the proposal was more nerve-wracking. Collin Morikawa’s family values stood out when he asked his girlfriend’s parents for a blessing.

He booked a boat ride along Nassau before stopping at a secluded beach spot and proposing. It all happened in March 2022. Mokinawa’s fiance cited her excitement in an Instagram post captioned “Can’t wait to spend a lifetime with you!”

The gorgeous couple tied the knot in November 2022 in an extravagant ceremony. It was held in Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles. They invited over 100 guests. The wedding features a ten-piece string and wind orchestra.

Collin Morikawa & Katherine Zhu’s Married Life

In January 2024, Katherine changed her last name to match her husband’s. She shared in an Instagram post writing, “Starting another trip around the sun with a new name.” To which Morikawa jokingly replied, “That’s one long name.”

In their married life, the Morikawa’s enjoy golfing together. They each have a competitive spirit and never go easy.


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Besides that, married life seems steady for the couple as Morikawa wades through tournaments with his wife behind his back.

Katherine Zhu’s Career


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Katherine Zhu has a few titles. Some of which include Professional Golfer and Social Media Influencer. With over 74.7 thousand followers, her lifestyle posts have attracted attention. From inspirational captions to heartwarming posts, Zhu knows how to please the people.

Morikawa’s wife also works at Google as a product manager. Her role involves developing updated features to improve the platform’s user experience.

In terms of her golfing experience, she participated in various tournaments. She competed in the 2013 SCPGA Jack Kramer Memorial, the 2014 World Ladies Championship, and China LPGA events.

How Involved Is Katherine Zhu in Collin Morikawa’s Career?


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There’s a reason why Collin Morikawa is one of the most liked golfers in the industry. In an interview hosted by Golf Channel’s Golf Central, he said, “She would hate me if I didn’t say this, but I didn’t start winning in college until she showed up in my life, so thanks, Kat.”

Since Zhu understands Morikawa’s golf career, she can empathize better with his struggles and pressures. Katherine is a de-stressor in her husband’s life. She frequently posts images of them on social media with words of encouragement and praise for Morikawa.

She was spotted several times carrying her husband’s clubs. Before the Masters Golf Tournament in 2022, she caddied for him at the Augusta National Golf Club. That said, the married couple enjoys traveling together for tournaments and events.

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How Much Is Katherine Zhu’s Net Worth?

Zhu hasn’t disclosed much information about her assets and salary. Nevertheless, her estimated net worth falls within the $800,000 range.

What Is Katherine Zhu’s Nationality?

Despite some reports saying that Zhu has dual citizenship between China and Canada, that’s not possible. China doesn’t allow for dual citizenship. Consequently, she likely only has official Canadian citizenship.

What Age is Katherine Zhu?

Katherine Zhu was born on the 13th of January, 1996, making her currently 27 years old.

Final Thoughts

Born in Vancouver, Katherine Zhu enjoyed a sporty early life before moving to China for her high school years. After moving back, she pursued a degree in International Management at Pepperdine University.

That’s when she met her future husband, Collin Morikawa from a mutual friend. The two shared a love for the sport and enjoyed multiple dates on the beach, on hikes, and in restaurants, as posted by Zhu on her Instagram.

After five years, the couple got engaged in March 2022. They then got married in November of the same year and held a picturesque ceremony in Los Angeles. Collin Morikawa’s wife, Katherine still regularly caddies for her husband and always offers her support for better or for worse.

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