Who Is Tiger Woods’ Son? Bio, Highlights, & Future Potential

Anyone who knows anything about golf is familiar with the golfing legend Tiger Woods. The man needs no introduction. But as Wood’s career draws to a close, some of the attention has shifted to that of his family. Can they continue his legacy? Well, perhaps his son can.

Who is Tiger Woods’ son? Tiger Woods’ son, Charlie Axel Woods, was born on February 2009. His mother is Tiger’s former wife, Elin Nordegren. He is the youngest of two children, with his sister, Sam, being the oldest, at 15 years old. Charlie, now 14, became an instant golf star at 11 when he competed in the 2020 PNC Championship with his father and has racked up 7 wins in junior tournaments. 

While Charlie has shown great promise as a golfer, he has a long way to go before he makes it a career. Read on to learn all there is to know about this young talent.

Tiger Woods’ Son: An Overview of Charlie Woods

  • Full Name: Charlie Axel Woods
  • Goes By: Charlie
  • DOB: February 8, 2009
  • Current Age: 14 (2024)
  • Parents: Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren
  • Resides: North Palm Beach, FL
  • Average Score: 72 (2024)
  • Coaches: Tiger Woods and Mike Thomas, PGA
  • High School Graduating Class: 2027

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Charlie Woods Intro Into Golf

It has been widely reported that Charlie Woods played several sports growing up. Soccer was a favorite until age 11, when golf became interesting.

When Charlie was younger, he was like many kids of a golfing father and was seen with a club in his hand at an early age. Then, in 2013, when Charlie was only four years old, the golf world got its first glimpse of him on the golf course. Charlie appeared behind the 18th green after Tiger won the 2013 Bridgestone Invitational.

Reports suggest that the young Woods first started competing in youth golf events in 2020 at 11. The video below shows Charlie at only four years old. He reportedly told the gentleman taking the video, “I’m 4, and my sister is 6, and I’m better than her.”

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Charlie Woods Competitive Golf Highlights


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As mentioned above, Charlie really started to get noticed when he participated in the 2020 PNC Championship with your dad, Tiger Woods.

Charlie has done very well as an individual young golfer, considering he has only been competing for just over three years. However, he is getting increasingly serious about it as he improves, making his prospects something fans watch closely.

The following are individual events Charlie has played in since 2020.

Year Event Sponsor Tour Series Course Division Score Place
2020 Aug SFPGA Links Tour Jonathan’s Landing 35 (9 holes) 1
2020 Sept SFPGA Prep Tour Mayacoo Lakes CC 77 5
2021 Mar SFPGA Challenge Tour Crane Watch At Evergreen 77-79–156 T-15
2021 April US Kids US Kids West Palm Indian Spring Country Club Boys 12 79 6
2021 April US Kids US Kids West Palm Palm Cove Golf & Yacht Club Boys 12 39 (9 holes) 4
2021 April US Kids US Kids West Palm Jensen Beach Golf Club Boys 12 76 1
2021 April Hurricane Hurricane Junior Tour PGA National Resort – The Fazio Boys 11-13 84-83–167 12
2021 May SFPGA Challenge Tour Jensen Beach Golf Club 86-89–175 16
2021 May US Kids US Kids Palm Beach The Saints Golf Course Boys 12 77 T-4
2021 May US Kids US Kids Palm Beach Indian Spring Country Club Boys 12 69 1
2021 June US Kids US Kids Palm Beach Jensen Beach Golf Club Boys 12 84 5
2021 June Hurricane Hurricane Junior Tour Boca Lago Country Club – South Boys 11-13 84-75–159 3
2021 June Hurricane Hurricane Junior Tour PGA National Resort – The Champions Boys 11-13 78-88–166 10
2021 Sept Hurricane Hurricane Junior Tour PGA National Resort – The Palmer Boys 11-13 82-83–165 7
2021 Oct Hurricane Hurricane Junior Tour Wellington National Golf Club Boys 11-13 89-84–173 8
2021 Dec Hurricane Hurricane Junior Tour PGA National Resort – The Fazio Boys 11-13 75-86–161 12
2022 Feb Hurricane Hurricane Junior Tour Walt Disney World – Palm Boys 11-13 75-72–147 2
2022 Feb Hurricane Hurricane Junior Tour Village Golf Course Boys 11-13 74-78–152 T-1
2022 April Hurricane Hurricane Junior Tour PGA National Resort – The Fazio Boys 11-13 82-80–162 10
2022 June SFPGA Medalist Tour Plantation Preserve GC 77-77–154 T-22
2022 June SFPGA 38th Nicklaus Junior Championship Jonathan’s Landing- Medal 83-75–158 T-40
2022 June Hurricane Hurricane Junior Tour Village Golf Course Boys 11-13 72-73–145 1
2022 Aug US Kids US Kids Palm Beach Ibis Golf & Country Club Boys 13-14 72 1
2022 Aug US Kids US Kids Palm Beach Wellington National Golf Club Boys 13-14 83 T-4
2022 Sept Notah Begay Notah Begay Central Florida Region Mission Inn Resort – El Campeón Boys 12-13 80-68–148 T-4
2022 Sept SFPGA SFPGA Labor Day Classic Banyan Golf Club of Palm 76-78-78–232 T-23
2022 Sept SFPGA Medalist Tour PGA National – Estates 78-77–155 T-28
2022 Oct US Kids US Kids Palm Beach Palm Cove Golf & Yacht Club Boys 13-14 77 4
2022 Nov Notah Begay Notah Begay National Championship Koasati Pines at Coushatta Boys 12-13 726971–212 11
2023 Feb Hurricane Hurricane Junior Tour Village Golf Course Boys 14-15 75-71–146 T-1
2023 Mar Hurricane Hurricane Junior Tour Jensen Beach Golf Club Boys 14-15 79-82–161 2
2023 Mar SFPGA Medalist Tour Martin Downs Golf Club 78-78–156 T-19
2023 April SFPGA Medalist Tour Crane Watch At Evergreen 75 T-8
2023 April Hurricane Hurricane Junior Tour PGA National Resort – The Fazio Boys 14-15 77-82–159 T-9

Charlie has 7 wins, 2 second-place finishes, and 1 third-place finish — a total of 24 top-ten finishes in 34 events. That is not too bad at all for only playing competitively for just over 3 years.

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Team Woods at the PNC Championship


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While Charlie is showing promise as a young individual golfer, playing with his dad, Tiger, as his partner, gets him the most notoriety. The two have played in the PNC Championship in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Team Woods has played well in each event, despite his father having two injury comebacks in their three entries. Tiger and Charlie Woods have finished as follows in the two-person team scramble event:

  • 2020- 62-62–124 (-20) T-7
  • 2021- 62-57–119 (-25) 2
  • 2022- 59-65–124 (-20) T-8

In Charlie’s 2020 debut, at only 11 years old, he famously eagled the par five 3rd hole on the Ritz Carlton, Grande Lakes course. All three shots were on the younger Woods’ ball. His second shot, from 175 yards, was hit close enough for him to roll in the eagle 3. It was his first eagle in competition play.

In the 2021 event, Tiger Woods and his son finished 2nd to John Daly and his son. It was an exciting event indeed, with Team Woods almost pulling out the victory.

This past December, at the 2022 PNC, Team Woods was playing injured. Not just Tiger, but Charlie as well. Despite that, the Woods team opened with a -13 under 59. They eventually finished T-8 with a -20 total for the two days.

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How Good Is Charlie Woods, and How Good Could He Be?

As a long-time, respected youth golf coach, I am often asked about my feelings on Charlie Woods.

First and foremost, Tiger is doing an excellent job in bringing Charlie up in the game. He strives to ensure fun and enjoyment are crucial while balancing improvement.

Charlie works on his game with his father and family friend, Mike Thomas, who is PGA Tour star Justin Thomas’s father. Mike Thomas is a long-time PGA Professional.

Charlie has a very fundamentally sound golf swing. His attitude is also excellent on the course, which is critical for a teenage golfer.

Charlie Woods is a Quality Player, But Has A Long Way to Go

While Charlie is an excellent golfer, he is not one of the best junior golfers in his age group in Florida, or the country. Yet he is showing signs of big improvement.

The massive advantage that Charlie has is what his father can provide him. As a result, the best training, equipment, and opportunities are afforded to Charlie, and that will keep him on a pathway toward potential success professionally.

Ultimately though, it will all come down to what Charlie wants. It’s evident that Tiger is taking this all one day at a time, much different than how he came up in the game. That will aid Charlie in the years to come immensely.

Charlie has the potential to go as far as he wants to and has nothing but time. After all, he is very young. How old is Tiger Woods’ son exactly? He’s only 14 as of 2024.

Closing Thoughts

With 7 wins to his name and 24 top-ten finishes in 34 events, Tiger Woods’ son Charlie Woods is showing excellent promise as a golfer. Sure, it’s true he is not the top junior player in his home state of Florida, but he very well could be in time.

With his father Tiger showing him the way, the sky is the limit. And we can’t wait to see what he achieves. Seeing Charlie carry on the Woods legacy will surely bring a smile to golfers the world over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tiger Woods’ Son Good at Golf?

Charlie Woods has grown into an excellent young golfer. He is rumored to be a scratch golfer, which at the age of 14, is very good. However, with that said, he still needs to become one of the top young players in the country for his age. Given time though, he will likely reach those levels.

How Many Kids Does Tiger Woods Have?

Tiger has two children, both with his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren. Charlie was born in 2009 and is now 14 as of February 2023. His older sister Sam was born in 2007 and will turn 16 in June 2023.

How Old Is Charlie Woods?

Tiger Woods’ son is aged 14 as of 2023. Charlie Woods was born on February 8, 2009.

Who Is Charlie Woods’ Mother?

Charlie Woods' mother is Elin Nordegren. Charlie's father, Tiger Woods, was married to his mother, Elin, from 2004-2010. She formerly worked as a model and nanny.

Why Is Tiger’s Son Limping?

Charlie Woods was limping during the 2022 PNC Championship. While this concerned onlookers, Tiger explained that it was just pain and not an injury, so he was fine to compete as long as he was able, which he was.

Who Are Charlie Axel Woods’ Parents?

Charlie Axel Woods’ parents are legendary golfer Tiger Woods and his ex-wife Elin Nordegren. The pair split after Tiger’s infidelity came to light.

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