Who Is Patrick Cantlay’s Caddie in 2024?

A caddie’s success in professional golf depends on their respective golfer’s performance. Caddies earn their own fame and accolades for providing their players with the best possible information and being emotional pillars throughout tough rounds.

So, who is Patrick Cantlay’s caddie? Joe LaCava started caddying for Patrick Cantlay in April 2024. LaCava has also caddied for some of the biggest names in golf, such as Tiger Woods. Earlier, Matt Minister caddied for Patrick Cantlay since 2018. Before that Patrick Cantlay’s caddie, Chris Roth, tragically died in an accident in 2016.

Since caddies play an essential role in a golfers’ game, caddies of high-profile golfers earn way more than basic income. Even caddying for lower-level players earns you enough to make ends meet easily.

Let’s take a closer look at Patrick Cantlay’s caddy.

Who’s Patrick Cantlay’s Caddie? Brief Background

Joe LaCava has recently started working for Patrick Cantlay. LaCava was born in Newton, Connecticut, in 1965 and has been a caddie for most of his life. During this time, he has caddied for some of the biggest names in golf and racked up an impressive record.

Before Joe came into the picture, Cantlay had worked with three caddies.

Cantlay’s first caddie was his close friend and former college teammate, Chris Roth. He caddied for Cantlay during his amateur and early professional career. However, Cantlay soon decided to move on to make his caddie relationship more about work.

In 2016, Cantlay started working with Jon Yarbrough, who had previously caddied for other PGA Tour players. Cantlay worked with him for about two years; during this period, he earned his first PGA Tour victory at the 2017 Shriners Hospitals for Children Open.

In 2018, Cantlay began working with Matt Minister. Matt Minister previously worked with several other top players. They quickly developed a strong working relationship, and together they have achieved much success, including a win at the 2021 Memorial Tournament.

Interesting Facts about Joe LaCava


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  • One of the best caddies of all time
  • Showed unwavering loyalty to Tiger Woods for many years
  • Beat Woods in a game of horse nine times
  • Modest and quiet nature
  • Does not have any social media profiles
  • Earned a spot in the Caddie Hall of Fame

When Did Joe LaCava Become Patrick Cantlay’s Caddie?

Joe LaCava became Patrick Cantlay’s caddie in April 2024. Patrick Cantlay hopes the change can get him back at the top of the FedEx rankings.

Patrick Cantlay’s decision to separate from his previous caddie was mutual.

Joe LaCava has previously caddied for Fred Couples for twelve years and Dustin Johnson for four years. In 2011, he decided to work with Tiger Woods. The partnership continued till 2024.

What Is Joe LaCava Worth?

Joe LaCava has earned a lot over the course of his career as he has caddied for numerous successful professional golfers, such as Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods.

Joe’s net worth is around $2 million. He hopes to build upon this with Patrick Cantlay, as he is in his prime and will more than likely secure some major wins with lucrative prize money.

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When Did Matt Minister Become Patrick Cantlay’s Caddie?


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Patrick started working with Matt Minister during the 2017-2018 season. He has worked with Patrick Cantlay through his most successful years. The two quickly developed a strong relationship.

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How Much Did Matt Minister Make Caddying With Patrick Cantlay?

It’s believed that Matt Minister has made around $3.5 million over his tenure with Patrick Cantlay.

This estimate is the maximum he could’ve earned, considering Patrick has earned over $35 million during his career with Mathew Minister.

Although player-caddie financial partnerships are not disclosed, it’s believed the players usually give their caddies weekly pay along with a 5-10% of their winnings.

Patrick Cantlay and Matt Minister Achievements Together

While working with Matt Minister, Patrick Cantlay has won seven tournaments, including the FedEx Cup. Below, I’ll disclose the duo’s winnings from their accomplishments.

Serial No. Tournament Year Prize Money Caddie Earnings
1 Memorial Tournament 2019 $1,638,000 $163,800
2 Zozo Championship 2020 $1,440,000 $144,000
3 Memorial Tournament 2021 $1,674,000 $167,400
4 BMW Championship 2021 $1,710,000 $171,000
5 Tour Championship (FedEx Cup) 2021 $15,000,000 $1,500,000
6 Zurich Classic New Orleans 2022 $1,199,350 $119,935
7 BMW Championship 2022 $2,700,000 $270,000

Note: Some players also give their caddies bonuses and increments based on relationship and performance.

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What Happened to Patrick Cantlay’s Previous Caddie?

Patrick Cantlay’s first caddie, Chris Roth, had been working with him on tour since he turned pro in 2012 and even during his amateur years.

Unfortunately, in February 2016, Chris Roth died in a road accident while he was crossing an intersection.

Cantlay was less than ten feet away and witnessed the accident. He rushed to call 911 while he was still covered in the blood Roth’s blood. This loss deeply affected Cantlay, as he considered Chris to be his best friend.

Patrick Cantlay’s Previous Caddies

Patrick previously had three caddies before Joe LaCava.

1. Chris Roth

Chris Roth was Cantlay’s first caddie when he turned professional in 2012. Roth was Cantlay’s fellow College golf mate and remained with Cantlay for about two years.

Cantlay achieved considerable success during their partnership, including a second-place finish at the 2013-14 RBC Heritage tournament. Unfortunately, Roth tragically passed away in 2016.

2. Jon Yarbrough

Jon Yarbrough was Cantlay’s second caddie before Mathew Minister, and the two worked together from 2016 to 2018.

Yarbrough had previously caddied for golfers such as Matt Every and Luke Donald. During their time together, Cantlay won his first PGA Tour tournament, the 2017 Shriners Hospitals for Children Open.

3. Matt Minister

The duo started working together in 2018 after Patrick’s 2-year long break from a back injury. Since then, the pair earned more than six victories on tour and won a big $15 million check for the FedEx Cup Playoff win.

Minister had been beside Cantlay at tournaments worldwide, providing him valuable support, advice, and guidance on the course. Cantlay and Minister have achieved considerable success, racking seven victories in the process and some good positions in majors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Patrick Cantlay Have a Caddie Accident?

Cantlay was playing in a tournament on the Korn Ferry Tour when his caddie and close friend, Chris Roth, was struck by a car and killed. The accident occurred during a break between holes when Roth crossed a street near the golf course to get to the next hole. Cantlay later said that Roth was like a brother to him.

What Happened to Patrick Cantlay’s Caddy?

Patrick Cantlay’s former caddie and close friend, Chris Roth, tragically died in a car accident during a tournament he was caddying for Patrick. The accident profoundly impacted him personally and professionally.

How Much Did Patrick Cantlay Pay His Caddy?

Patrick Cantlay pays a caddie rate of anything between 5-10% of his earnings on course. This estimates the total worth of his previous caddie (Matt Minister) to be somewhere around $3.5 million. Caddie rates aren’t disclosed, so the numbers are approximations.

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Final Thoughts

Cantlay has emphasized the importance of playing with a strong player-caddie relationship throughout his career. His success with his caddies is a testament to the value a strong caddie can provide.

Patrick Cantlay’s former caddie Matt Minister gave him valuable insight and advice throughout their rounds together. Cantlay had credited Minister with helping him to remain calm and focused during pressure-filled moments on the course. However, due to recent struggles on the course, the duo was not working.

Joe LaCava is Patrick Cantlay’s caddie as of April 2024. With his unrivaled experience caddying for some of the top players in the world, Cantlay hopes he can bring him new and interesting insights to get him on top.

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