Max Homa’s Net Worth in 2024: Earnings & Endorsements

Max Homa is one of the most renowned golfers on the tour. He fell in love with the game as he joined his father to hit golf balls after work at his local Griffith Park golf range. Fast forward to today, and he’s won a bunch of championships and is highly ranked.

So, what is Max Homa’s net worth in 2024? Max Homa’s net worth is currently over $5 million. According to the PGA Tour, he’s won over $21 million in tournament earnings, $6 million more in off-course earnings, and more than $6 million in sponsorships from brands like Titleist.

Keep reading if you don’t want to miss the golf champion’s nitty-gritty details and net worth. In this article, you’ll find all the information about Max Homa’s earnings in 2024, endorsements, investments, and personal life.

Max Homa Net Worth in 2024 & Bio

The American professional golfer, Max Homa, has made a huge name playing on the links. Aside from his popularity in the golf world, Homa is also known for his amazing sense of humor, which shows on his social media accounts.

Being only in his early thirties, he’s been quite a success. So, how many wins does Max Homa have, and how much money has he made? Check out the following table to know the answer, among other information.

Full Name John Maxwell Homa
Born 1990
Birthplace Burbank, California
Height 6ft 1in (1.85m)
Weight 180lbs (82kg)
Nationality United States
College University of California, Berkeley
Turned Professional 2013
Professional Wins 8
PGA Tour Wins 6
Major Championships T43 (2023 Masters Tournament)

T13 (2022 PGA Championship)

T47 (2022 U.S. Open)

T40 (2021 The Open Championship)

Current World Ranking 7 (as of 2024)
Career Earnings $23 million (as of 2024)
Net Worth $5+ million

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Max Homa Career Earnings — Year-by-Year Distribution


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Mark Homa is a six-time PGA Tour winner who started his professional career at 23. Starting with the individual 2013 NCAA Divisions Golf Championship, Homa has continued with a series of professional career wins.

Through the years, Homa managed to collect a total of over $27 million in tournament money as well as endorsement deals. So, you can say he’s on his way to becoming one of the richest golfers.

Take a look at his earnings throughout his early professional career.

Year On Course Earnings Off Course Earnings Total
2023 $8,573,087 $245,000 $8,818,087
2022 $5,289,842 $110,000 + Tour Championship bonus $2,750,000 + Player Impact Program $3,000,000 $11,149,842
2021 $3,448,578 $3,448,578
2020 $1,453,056 Tour Championship bonus of $140,000 $1,593,056
2019 $2,063,606 $70,000 $2,133,606
2017 $18,008 $18,008
2015 $380,339 $380,339
2014 $195,924 $195,924
Total $21,422,440 $6,315,000 $27,737,440

Max Homa’s Endorsements


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Apart from his golfing career, Max Homa earns a lot of money through sponsorship and endorsement deals. So far, he’s made over $6 million and still is making money partnering with many brands.

Check out Max Homa sponsors:

1. Titleist

Homa is a brand ambassador for Titleist, a well-known golf equipment brand. Owned by the Acushnet Company, Titleist has been a brand name in the golfing world for more than 90 years.

During his games, you can see Homa using the Titleist’s golf bags, balls, clubs, putters, and wedges. Although the deal’s worth is unknown, it’s still ongoing in 2024.

2. Burns & Wilcox

In 2020, Homa signed an agreement with the insurance firm Burns & Wilcox. It’s an internationally recognized wholesale insurance broker and underwriting manager that’s been in business since 1969.

Max Homa wears the company’s logo on the right side of his golf shirt. You can also spot the Burns & Wilcox logo on Homa’s caddie’s towel.

3. FootJoy

FootJoy, the golf brand, partners with a few PGA Tour pros, including Homa. It’s another business operated by the Acushnet Company, producing golf apparel. The company focuses particularly on golf shoes and gloves.

Similarly to Titleist, the number Homa makes on his sponsorship agreement with FootJoy is unknown.

4. Other Endorsements

Aside from the previous three brands, Homa also has a few sponsorship deals with the following.

  • MasterCard
  • X-Golf
  • Celebrity Greens
  • Five9
  • Fortinet
  • Wells Fargo
  • ADP
  • The Hawaiian Islands

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Max Homa’s Investments

An online source claims that the professional golfer has stakes in the online retailing company Zappos. However, this piece of information isn’t present in other news sources. So, it’s unlikely to be true.

Aside from that, there is no data stating that Max Homa entered the business world or has any investments.

Max Homa’s Luxuries: From Homes to Cars


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Max Homa enjoys a lavish lifestyle in his deluxe house with his wife, Lacey Croom. It’s a huge property in Scottsdale, Arizona, containing over five bedrooms. Surrounded by greenery, the house has a huge yard and a separate area for playing golf.

That said, the price of Homa’s property isn’t available to the public.

Aside from his house, Homa also loves his car collection. He owns many premium cars that he likes to show off. Among his most cherished cars are a Genesis GV80, a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, and an Audi R8.

Total Earning Milestones for Max Homa

Homa started developing a love for golf at a young age. By graduating from high school in 2009, he was a Foothill league MVP. So, it’s safe to say that his earnings started earlier before becoming a professional player.

Here’s a quick recap of Homa’s earning milestones.

$10,000 – Homa definitely reached this milestone long before becoming a professional player, as he played many tournaments as an amateur.

$100,000 – During his first year playing professionally, Homa was able to hit the $100,000 mark in 2013 after competing in the Open.

$1,000,000 – Homa likely reached this milestone in May 2019 when he won the Wells Fargo Championship.

$10,000,000 – This is a huge milestone in Homa’s life, reached around 2022, probably after competing in THE PLAYERS Championship.

$20,000,000 – The year 2022 was Homa’s lucky year when he got extra cash on the Tour Championship bonus and the Player Impact Program, reaching this milestone after competing in the Fortinet Championship.

$50,000,000 – Homa hasn’t made it to this milestone yet, but he’s heading there with steady steps, hoping to rank number one soon.

$100,000,000 – It’s not far-fetched for Homa to reach this milestone in a few years, especially with his potential.

Max Homa’s Career Highlights


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Max Homa has an interesting career, winning the PGA Tour six times. He’s yet to win a major championship. However, the 2019 Wells Fargo Tournament was his first huge win, earning him over $1 million.

Max Homa’s Amateur Career

At the age of 18, Homa started competing in Junior America’s Cup team, representing Southern California. One year later, the aspiring player won the Ventura County Junior Golf Tour. After competing in the U.S. Amateur, Homa ended the year ranking 4th in California.

Here’s a table of his significant amateur wins.

Year Tournament
2009 Ventura County Junior Golf Association Robinson Ranch
2011 Silicon Valley Amateur
2013 NCAA Division Men’s Golf Championship

Max Homa’s PGA Tour Career

Max Homa has made most of his fortune on the PGA Tour. Aside from two Korn Ferry Tour victories, here’s a table detailing six Max Homa PGA wins.

Year Tournament Earnings
2019 Wells Fargo Championship $1,422,000
2021 Genesis Invitational $1,674,000
2021 Fortinet Championship $1,260,000
2022 Wells Fargo Championship $1,620,000
2022 Fortinet Championship $1,440,000
2023 Farmers Insurance Open $1,566,000

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Max Homa’s Personal Life


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Max Homa was born in November 1990 in Burbank, California. He started playing at a young age and joined professional golfing in 2013.

In the same year, Homa met his true love, Lacey Croom, online and began dating. Six years later, the couple got married and had a son together, whom they named Cam Andrew Homa.

Max Homa is actively participating in charity work, fundraising for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. As a result of his experience with his grandma and best friend’s mother, the player also supports the Alzheimer’s Association.

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Where did Max Homa go to college?

Max Homa earned a college degree in consumer behavior from the University of California, Berkeley 2013. He studied at this college on a scholarship, where he got to play college golf. During his senior year, Homa ranked nationally as number 19 by Golfweek.

Where does Max Homa live?

Max Homa currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, with his wife, son, and dog.

How many premium cars does Max Homa own?

Max Homa enjoys luxury cars and has shot multiple interviews while driving one of his premium cars. His car collection includes a Genesis GV80, a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, and an Audi R8.

Final Thoughts

Max Homa is a brilliant golfer who still has a lot to achieve. The six-time PGA Tour winner shows true promise, although he’s yet to win a major championship.

Max Homa’s net worth is estimated at around $5 million, with an annual salary that’s well over the $1 million mark. In addition, the pro player also makes a few extra millions on endorsement deals.

Throughout his career, Max Homa’s has won over $23 million in earnings and is likely to make even more over the years. He’s a highly-ranked player who could become number one soon.

Right now, Homa is enjoying his lavish life with his small family in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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