Who Is Cameron Smith’s Wife? Or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Cameron Smith is one of the top golfers around. He is always seen on TV and performs as one of the best golfers in competitions – he even has 6 PGA Tour wins.

However, he keeps his personal life out of the spotlight.

Who is Cameron Smith’s wife? Cameron Smith does not have a wife, but he does have a rumored girlfriend. That is Shanel Naoum, who Cameron Smith has been pictured with following his 2022 Players Championship win. She is a 26-year-old chiropractic physician.

There isn’t much information about the pair online. But read on to find out what there is to know about Shanel, her career, her charity work, and how she supports Cameron on the course.

Let’s get into it!

Cameron Smith’s Wife? No, He Has A Girlfriend: Overview

Here are some key details about Cam Smith’s girlfriend Shanel in 2024.

  • She is 26 years old, born on October 29, 1996, in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • She is a chiropractic physician.
  • She has previously volunteered as a mentor for the Girls Scouts of the USA.
  • She is rumored to be dating Cameron Smith.
  • She has been pictured with Cameron and his Players Championship title.
  • She lives a private life and keeps her Instagram account private.
  • She speaks Arabic and English.

Cameron Smith’s Girlfriend: Early Life & Education


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Shanel was born in Jacksonville, Florida, where she is based.

Shanel learned her trade at the University of North Florida where she studied public health and health science. She was there between 2014 and 2018. After that, she went to the Palmer College of Chiropractic to become a chiropractic doctor.

Cameron Smith’s Girlfriend Shanel and Her Career

According to her LinkedIn profile, Shanel is a chiropractic physician at Southeast Orthopedic Specialists. She specializes in manual manipulations, auto injuries, and extremity and spinal disorders.

This is her first job following her formal education, and she has worked in this role since October 2022.

How Did Cameron Smith and Shanel Naoum Meet?

There is very little information available relating to the pair’s relationship. The first time we ever saw them together was in March 2022 at the Players Championship. Cameron secured a win at this tournament and there was a lot of chatter about his girlfriend, Shanel, who was also in attendance.

However, we do not know when the couple first began seeing one another. Presumably, it was after Smith’s split with Jordan Ontiveros, but we have no date as to when this relationship ended.

What we are fairly certain of is that Cameron and Naoum met in Jacksonville, Florida, as this is where they both live. Additionally, Cameron Smith is not married, he and Shanel are only dating.

Shanel Naoum’s Involvement With Cameron Smith’s Career

Cameron Smith’s girlfriend was at his Players Championship win in 2022. Shanel was pictured with him after the competition with the trophy.

Barring that, though, Shanel hasn’t really been spotted with Cameron at tournaments or pictured with him on social media.

Cameron Smith’s Previous Relationship

Cameron Smith’s former girlfriend was golfer Jordan Ontiveros. They used to live in Jacksonville, Florida, but now she is based in California. So Cameron Smith didn’t have a golfer wife, but he did have a golfer girlfriend.

She was the Northern California Golf Association junior champion in 2006, a 2012 Cactus Tour event winner, and has also been on the Symetra Tour.

Jordan enjoys playing golf, working out, and spending time with her family.

The ex-couple first started dating in 2016.

Shanel Naoum’s Charity Work

According to her LinkedIn profile, Shanel has volunteered quite a bit. She was a Girl Scouts of the USA mentor and a student fundraiser for Prevent Child Abuse America.

Shanel Naoum’s Public Appearances and Online Presence


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As we said, Shanel hasn’t appeared much with Cameron during his time on the course. She also keeps her life fairly private on social media. Her Instagram account is set to private and she rarely posts on her Facebook account.

Final Thoughts

Shanel hasn’t been spotted much with Cameron at events, nor The Masters. If their relationship is to be true, it is understandable that the pair want to keep it out of the public eye and enjoy their privacy.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed finding out all there is to know about Cameron’s rumored girlfriend. Cameron Smith doesn’t have a wife, but he is almost certainly dating, so let’s hope at his next title that he and Shanel can grab a picture together with the trophy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cameron Smith Have a Wife?

PGA golfer Cameron Smith does not have a wife. He dated fellow golfer Jordan Ontiveros for several years back in 2016, but currently, he is in a relationship with Shanel Naoum who is a chiropractic physician.

Who Is Cameron Smith’s Girlfriend Shanel Naoum?

Shanel Naoum is a chiropractic physician. She lives in Jacksonville, Florida. Shanel first began her trade at the University of North Florida, where she studied public health and health science.
She later went on to study at the Palmer College of Chiropractic.

How Old Is Shanel Naoum?

Shanel Naoum was born on October 29, 1996, making her 26 years old and she's the pro golfer, Cameron Smith's girlfriend.

Does Cameron Smith Have Children?

Cameron Smith does not have any children.

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