Sergio Garcia’s Wife: Angela Akins Facts & Photos

Sergio Garcia is a popular PGA Tour golfer who’s won the Masters and is known for his temper. But you’ve also probably seen him with a beautiful partner at events.

Who is Sergio Garcia’s wife? Sergio Garcia and Angela Akins were married on July 29, 2017 in Texas. They got engaged in January 2017 after dating for several years. Since then, Angela has been a source of support for Sergio in his golfing career. The couple frequently shares their love and happiness on social media, showcasing their strong bond.

Delve into the full article to uncover additional facts, insights, and captivating photos that showcase the beautiful bond between Sergio Garcia and Angela Akins.

Read on to learn more about Sergio Garcia’s personal life, including interesting facts about his wife, her early life, their love story, wedding, and her involvement in his career.

Sergio Garcia’s Wife, Angela Akins: Overview


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Here are some interesting facts about Angela Akins, Sergio Garcia’s romantic partner:

  • Angela Akins was born on May 22, 1986, in Texas.
  • She grew up in Texas, where she developed a passion for sports and golf.
  • Angela pursued a career in sports journalism and worked as a reporter and host for Golf Channel’s “Morning Drive.”
  • Angela and Sergio Garcia met several years before getting engaged.
  • The couple got engaged in January 2017.
  • Angela and Sergio Garcia tied the knot in Texas on July 29, 2017.
  • Angela has been a supportive partner throughout Sergio’s golfing career, celebrating his victories and supporting him during tournaments.
  • Angela and Sergio have two children together. Their daughter, Azalea Adele, was born in March 2018, and their son, Enzo, was born in February 2020.
  • Angela often shares their family moments on social media, showcasing their love and happiness.
  • Angela’s background in sports journalism and her passion for golf likely contributed to her understanding of Sergio’s profession and shared interests.
  • Angela is also a talented golfer with a handicap of 3.

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Angela Akins: Early Life & Education


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Angela Akins began developing a passion for sports and golf from a young age.

Angela Akins is not just a passionate golfer. She took her game to the next level by playing for the women’s golf team at the University of Texas, so athletic activity clearly runs in her blood!

Her dad is Marty Akins, who used to be a quarterback for the Texas Longhorns, and she’s even cousins with Drew Brees, the talented quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.

Angela’s career in sports journalism, particularly in golf, suggests that she likely received relevant education and training in journalism or a related field.

Sergio Garcia and Angela Akins: Love Story Before Marriage


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Sergio Garcia and his girlfriend Angela Akins’ love story is a testament to the power of finding love both on and off the golf course.

Before Garcia and Akins found each other, they navigated their paths. Angela Akins was previously married to former golfer Ross Hamann. However, fate had something special in store for her when she crossed paths with Sergio Garcia.

Sergio Garcia and Angela Akins got engaged in January 2017. The news of their engagement sent waves of excitement through the golfing world. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as Garcia was set to play in his 250th European Tour start at the Dubai Desert Classic. The anticipation of the tournament was elevated by the joyous announcement of their impending marriage.

As destiny would have it, Garcia’s prediction about finding love off the course proved to be right on the money. The newfound happiness and commitment fueled Sergio Garcia and his fiance, and Garcia’s performance soared. Just a few months after their engagement, he won the Dubai Desert Classic, solidifying his status as a champion on and off the golf course.

Sergio Garcia and Angela Akins’s Wedding


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Angela Akins and Sergio Garcia’s love story culminated in a breathtaking wedding at Angela’s family ranch on July 29, 2017. The couple exchanged vows in a rustic but elegantly picturesque ceremony overlooking a serene lake, surrounded by their loved ones.

Guests enjoyed a themed cocktail hour featuring Spanish delicacies and refreshing sangrias. The reception, adorned with abundant flowers and gold-rimmed charger plates, exuded understated elegance.

As the night progressed, the festivities shifted to a poolside after-party with a vibrant Masters theme. Attendees embraced the atmosphere, donning green attire and reveling in the joyous ambiance. The night reached its pinnacle with a spectacular fireworks display organized by Angela’s parents, reflecting off the shimmering lake.

Sergio and Angela Garcia’s Married Life


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Since their marriage in mid-2017, Sergio Garcia and Angela Akins have embarked on a journey filled with love, family gatherings, and exciting adventures.

Sergio Garcia and Angela Akins have been blessed with two beautiful children, each bringing joy and love to their growing family. Their first child, a daughter named Azalea, was born in early 2018. She holds a special connection to the world of golf as she is named after the iconic flower found at the par-5 13th hole of Augusta National, adding a touch of golf heritage to her name.

In April 2020, their second child, Enzo, was born, and the family rejoiced in welcoming him. Azalea adores her role as a caring big sister and relishes looking after her baby brother.


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The Garcias cherish these special family moments and find happiness in nurturing their children.

Angela Garcia’s Career


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Angela Akins has had a successful career in golf. She began her journey as a golf reporter for Fox Sports Southwest, showcasing her passion for the sport. Her expertise and dedication led her to Florida, where she secured a prominent position at the Golf Channel.

Angela’s work in the industry has allowed her to contribute to the coverage and analysis of golf events, sharing her insights and knowledge with viewers.

Angela’s professional achievements and contributions speak volumes about her commitment to the sport and beyond. As a respected figure, Angela’s work, whether golf or community related, has been recognized and appreciated by fellow professionals, viewers, and enthusiasts.

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How Involved Is Angela Akins In Sergio Garcia’s Career?


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Angela Akins is actively involved in Sergio Garcia’s career as his supportive partner.

She frequently accompanies him at golf tournaments, including major events such as the US Open and the Masters. Angela has been spotted celebrating alongside Sergio at these significant wins, capturing memorable moments together.

Angela often stands by Sergio’s side, offering encouragement and being present during his matches. There are pictures of Angela posing with Sergio on social media, showcasing their shared joy and pride in his achievements, often with trophies and accolades.

Additionally, Angela and Sergio often make public appearances together, further highlighting their partnership in both personal and professional realms. Their social media profiles provide glimpses into their public appearances as a couple, reflecting Angela’s involvement and support for Sergio’s career.

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How Many Kids Do Sergio and Angela Garcia Have?

Sergio Garcia has two children. His first child, a daughter named Azalea, was born in early 2018. His second child, a son named Enzo, was born in April 2020.

Is Sergio Garcia’s Wife American?

Yes, Sergio Garcia’s wife Angela Akins is from Texas and went to the University of Texas before marrying the famed golfer. They now reside in Austin, Texas.

What Tennis Player Did Sergio Garcia Date?

Sergio Garcia dated tennis star Martina Hingis in 2001 and 2002. Now he’s happily married to Angela Akins and they were married in 2017.

Final Thoughts

Sergio Garcia, the amazing golfer from Spain, tied the knot with Angela Akins in 2017. They’re proud parents to two adorable kids, Azalea and Enzo.

Sergio Garcia’s wife, Angela is a golf reporter and has contributed her expertise to Fox Sports Southwest and the Golf Channel.

With Sergio’s impressive net worth of around $70 million, Angela’s involvement in the golf world adds an extra touch of synergy to their lives.

You’ll often spot her by Sergio’s side at major tournaments, like the legendary Masters, cheering him on and sharing in his triumphs. Together, they make a loving and dynamic duo, navigating the joys of family and their respective careers with style.

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