Matt Kuchar’s Net Worth: Earnings & Endorsements

Despite not having won any prominent championship titles, Matt Kuchar was the highest earner in the 2010 and 2018-2019 PGA Tours. It’s probably because he is known as one of the golfers with the strongest work ethic and because he is so cool under pressure that he attracts these high earnings.

So, what is Matt Kuchar’s net worth? Matt Kuchar’s net worth is about $30 million in 2024. His Tour winnings average over $2.28 million yearly and over $4 million annually with endorsements included, adding to his net wealth. Most of Matt Kuchar’s earnings come from the PGA and endorsements.

Although he is not the wealthiest golfer, Matt Kuchar continues to delight fans with his exemplary work ethic and his die-hard approach to the game. But there is much more to the Matt Kuchar net worth 2024 scenario than being an exceptional golfer.

Read on to learn more about this pro golfer below:

  • What are Math Kuchar’s earnings over time?
  • His amateur career
  • Matt’s pro history
  • What he spends his money on
  • More about his personal life

Matt Kuchar’s Net Worth in 2024 & Bio

Full Name Matthew Gregory Kuchar
Born 1978
Birthplace Winter Park, Florida
Height 6 feet & 4 inches (1.93 meters)
Weight 195 lbs (88 kg)
Nationality United States
College Georgia Tech
Turned professional 2000
Professional wins #18
PGA Tour wins #9
Major championships 0
Current World Ranking 48 (as of 2024)
Career Earnings $64,172,518 (as of 2024)
Matt Kuchar’s Net Worth $30 million

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Matt Kuchar’s Career Earnings — Year-by-Year Distribution

The total of Matt Kuchar’s net worth figure comes partly from Matt Kuchar’s earnings, which have fluctuated greatly over his career. Starting with under one million in 2001, his earnings spiked to over six million in 2019 due to earnings in the PGA Tour Championship, unofficial payments, and bonuses, but later decreased to under three million in 2024. In between, Matt Kuchar’s earnings have often been supplemented by his unofficial earnings, amounting to an estimated $5,990,834.

The table below provides a snapshot of Matt Kuchar’s earnings during his career, including unofficial payouts and PGA bonuses of more than $700,000.

Year On Course Earnings Off Course Payments Total
2023 $2,543,278 $180,000 $2,723,278
2022 $2,051,300 $152,500 $2,203,800
2021 $1,515,585 $108,000 $1,773,585
2020 $1,515,585 $108,000 $1,773,585
2019 $6,294,690 $34,500 $6,880,857
2018 $1,720,097 $206,250 $1,926,347
2017 $4,282,489 $576,667 $4,859,156
2016 $3,819,678 $350,500 $4,170,178
2015 $2,774,170 $369,167 $3,143,337
2014 $4,695,515 $990,000 $5,685,515
2013 $5,616,808 $5,616,808
2012 $3,903,065 $132,500 $4,035,565
2011 $4,252,190 $1,612,500 $5,864,690
2010 $4,910,477 $270,000 $5,180,477
2009 $2,489,193 $249,500 $2,738,693
2008 $1,447,638 $1,447,638
2007 $886,146 $886,146
2006 $30,297 $30,297
2005 $402,786 $402,786
2004 $509,257 $110,000 $619,257
2003 $176,047 $71,250 $247,297
2002 $1,237,725 $130,000 $1,367,725
2001 $572,669 $572,669
Total $57,480,017 $5,990,834 $64,172,518

Note: Since financial records are not public information, these numbers are availed from detailed research. But to keep things fair, these numbers are a thoroughly researched estimate.

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Matt Kuchar’s Endorsement Deals


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Matt Kuchar endorsements have changed over the years, with all increasing his net worth and visibility as a pro golfer. Here are a few famous brands that have supported this golfer throughout his career.

Bettinardi Golf

Matt Kuchar has only recently (2024) become the brand ambassador for Bettinardi Golf. This means that Bettinardi Golf has made two new golf putters in his name, which came on sale in May 2024.

Since this Bettinardi Golf Matt Kuchar endorsement is still so new, it’s impossible to place a value on the deal. One thing’s for sure, however, and that is it is sure to earn this pro golfer a lot more money.

Bridgestone Golf

This company makes golf clubs, balls, and other accessories and has been supporting Matt Kuchar since the early days of his career in 2002. Since then, the brand has made its endorsements official and signed up Matt Kuchar for a new 20-year endorsement deal in 2018, which is a rare occurrence in the industry.


Matt Kuchar endorsements include Workday, which provides global financial and HR management software. This endorsement started in 2018 and appears to be ongoing. However, there are no available details regarding the value of this endorsement other than that Matt must wear branded items at specific championship games.

Other Endorsements

Other endorsements by Matt Kuchar include or have included the following:

  • Skechers’ Go Golf line
  • Royal Bank of Canada

Beyond his 9 PGA wins, experts estimate that Matt Kuchar’s endorsements exceed the $5 million mark annually – making an impressive addition to his overall earnings.

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Matt Kuchar’s Investments


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Although little information about his investments is available, Matt Kuchar appears to favor investing in real estate. He has quite an impressive property investment portfolio, generating a passive monthly income. News in the industry suggests he aims to continue building his real estate portfolio to support a more than comfortable retirement

Matt Kuchar’s Luxuries: From Homes To Cars

Matt Kuchar has previously owned a Cadillac CTS, BMW 5 Series, Mercedes Benz S Class, and a gorgeous luxury St. Simons Island, GA home, which he sold for $3,5 million in 2020. While he likes planes, he doesn’t appear to have a private jet. He also appears to live a relatively modest lifestyle for a multimillionaire but enjoys planes, boats, and sports such as skiing and hiking. Understandably, he has a collection of customized Skechers golf shoes.

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Total Earning Milestones for Matt Kuchar

Although Matt Kuchar is not known for winning major championships, he is known for a lucrative career characterized by many milestones like those below.

The following pattern marks Matt Kuchar’s progression as a professional golfer:

  • $10,000 – Because Matt Kuchar gave up his job in finance to go into full-time golf, he didn’t have the means to be a part of the PGA Tour in 2001, having missed the sign-up in 2000. As a result, he was granted a sponsorship exemption but made enough in his first year of playing pro golf to meet the sponsorship standards for 2002. So, we are confident that he made his first ten grand in 2001, and his career grew steadily from then.
  • $1,000,000 – Kuchar won the PGA Tour Honda Classic in 2002, so he won $3,5 million in purse rewards alone. Following this win, he was of prime interest to brands, shooting his earnings way up to the next level.
  • $10,000,000 – It’s possible that Matt Kuchar made $10 million midway through his career in about 2010 with PGA Tour winnings and endorsements.
  • $20,000,000 – With more than 115 top 10 finishes, 60 top 5 finishes, 15 3rd placements, 14 runner-up finishes, and the Arnold Palmer Award for the player who won the most money without a tour, it is safe to say that Kuchar is a successful golfer. On the back of these achievements, we estimate that he earned his first $20 million in about 2010, coming back from a few years of a slump in his game.
  • $50,000,000 – Matt Kuchar’s net worth or earnings may not be as substantial as those of Jordan Spieth, but he certainly gave golf his best shot and achieved a total of golf earnings of over $50 million by 2022. Now, he can aim for the next milestone. Perhaps he still has time to achieve the $100 million mark with golf winnings, endorsements, and his real estate endeavors. However, he is unlikely to achieve the same stature as Jack Nicklaus in the golfing world since even he is ahead of Tiger Woods regarding major wins.

Matt Kuchar’s Career Highlights

Here are several of Kuchar’s impressive career highlights that all contributed towards his net worth and for which his fans admire him:

  • 2002 – Honda Classic
  • 2009 – Turning Stone Resort Championship
  • 2010 – The Barclays, Arnold Palmer Award, Vardon Trophy, Ryder Cup, Byron Nelson Award
  • 2011 – Presidents Cup, World Cup
  • 2012 – THE PLAYERS Championship, Ryder Cup
  • 2013 – Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup, World Cup
  • 2014 – Ryder Cup
  • 2015 – Fiji International, Presidents Cup
  • 2016 – Ryder Cup
  • 2016 – Rio de Janeiro Olympics Bronze Medal
  • 2017 – Presidents Cup
  • 2018 – World Cup
  • 2019 – Presidents Cup
  • 2020 – SMBC Singapore Open

Matt Kuchar’s Amateur Career

Some of Kuchar’s junior and amateur golfing achievements include the following.

  • 1997 – Terra Cotta Invitational, U.S. Amateur Championship
  • 1998 – Fred Haskins Award, Eisenhower Trophy, and Palmer Cup
  • 1999 – Palmer Cup and Walker Cup

Matt Kuchar’s Career

Matt Kuchar’s professional golfing career features many other wins, awards, achievements, and milestones. These accomplishments are precisely why he is known as a golfer who loves the game and will persevere at all costs. Here are several of his pro game accomplishments, followed by a table showing his earnings in The Honda Classic and PLAYERS Championship.

  • PGA Tour – 9 wins
  • European Tour – 1 win
  • Japan Golf Tour – 1 win
  • Asian Tour – 1 win
  • PGA Tour of Australasia -1 win
  • Korn Ferry Tour – 1 win
  • Other – 6 wins
Year Tournament Earnings
2002 PGA Tour Honda Classic $630,000
2003 PGA Tour Honda Classic $9,850
2004 THE PLAYERS Championship $116,000
2007 PGA Tour Honda Classic $21,450
2008 PGA Tour Honda Classic $17,637
2009 PGA Tour Honda Classic $22,960
2009 THE PLAYERS Championship $147,250
2010 THE PLAYERS Championship $178,125
2011 PGA Tour Honda Classic $82,650
2011 THE PLAYERS Championship $21,850
2012 THE PLAYERS Championship $1,710,000
2013 THE PLAYERS Championship $23,614
2014 THE PLAYERS Championship $135,333
2016 THE PLAYERS Championship $18,480
2017 THE PLAYERS Championship $148,867
2018 THE PLAYERS Championship $94,375

Matt Kuchar’s Personal Life


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As with many pro golfers and other sports people, they tend to keep to themselves. This means that they value their privacy and share little personal information with the public. Matt Kuchar’s life is no different. However, we do know that he married Sybi Parker in 2003. The couple currently has two beautiful sons, Cameron Cole Kuchar and Carson Wright Kuchar.

Even less information is available regarding where Matt Kuchar and his family have their vacations. But Matt has traveled the world, and it is reasonable to think that his family sometimes joins him. Other than that, Matt Kuchar’s annual earnings ensure that they can afford to enjoy vacation time together anywhere in the world.


When Did Matthew Kuchar Turn to Pro Golfing?

Matt Kuchar became a professional golfer in 2002 at the age of 22.

Which Event Did Kuchar Lose to Tiger Woods?

Matt Kuchar lost the United States Amateur Championship to Tiger Woods in 1996 but won in 1997.

At Which 2017 Event Did Matt Kuchar Hit a Hole-in-One?

Matt Kuchar hit a hole-in-one at the 16th hole of the Master's Tournament.

When Was Kuchar’s First PGA Tour Win?

Kuchar won the Honda Classic PGA Tour in 2002.

What Was Matt Kuchar’s Highest Ranking, and When?

The highest golf ranking achieved by Matt Kuchar was no. 4 in 2013.

In What Year Did Kuchar Win the Singapore Open on the Japan Golf Tour?

Kuchar won this championship event in January 2020.

How Many Times Has Kuchar Won the PGA?

Matt Kuchar has won the PGA Tour nine times since 2002.

In Which Year Did Matt Kuchar Earn Three Separate Awards?

Matt Kuchar earned three awards in 2010 – the Vardon Trophy, Byron Nelson Award, and the Arnold Palmer Award.

Has Kuchar Ever Competed in the Olympics?

Yes, Matt competed in the 2016 Olympics and won a Bronze medal.

Final Thoughts

The Kuchar net worth is $30 million, although this figure varies depending on where you look. His salary in 2022 was over $2 million (closer to $3 million), and halfway through 2024 has already surpassed that level. Matt Kuchar’s current endorsements include Workday, Bridgestone Golf, and Skechers, both of which are longstanding.

A new endorsement comes from Bettinardi Golf, with new golf clubs in Matt’s name released in May 2024. We’re certain the sale of these new putters will be successful and increase his already substantial annual income.

Although Matt has been successful in PGA tours, he has not been as lucky in the Masters. Perhaps this will change in the future, although forecasts are not promising. Regardless of this status, Matt remains popular with his loyal fanbase.


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