Tony Finau’s Wife: Alayna Galeai-Finau Facts & Photos

Tony Finau stands out in the golfing world for several reasons. He is the first Samoan/Tongan golfer to win a PGA Championship. He is also the first Samoan/Tongan golfer to play in a Masters Tournament.

But who is Tony Finau’s wife? Alayna Galeai and Tony Finau married on Mother’s Day in 2012, two years after meeting at a New Year’s Eve dance in Utah. They have five kids together and support Tony as a family team. They even dressed up in the same outfits to serve as his caddy at his first Masters in 2018, creating a special family memory.

Continue reading to learn the full story of this special couple, which we’ve learned during our research.

Here, you’ll find out more about Alayna Finau, including details about her childhood, what she studied, her marriage, the Tony Finau family, and other information that makes her the much-loved wife of this pro golfer.

Tony Finau’s Wife: Overview

  • Alayna Galea’i-Finau was born on 10 August 1990 near Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Her parents are Tipa and Taliilagi Moana Galeai.
  • Alayna has three sisters and a younger brother.
  • Alayna pursued higher education at Notre Dame de Namur University, California.
  • She was known for her volleyball skills while at university.
  • Alayna was first married to Joseph Shapiro and widowed early in their marriage.
  • In 2002, Alayna married George Lazenby. The couple separated in 2008.
  • Alayna met Tony in Utah in 2010 at a New Year’s Eve dance while visiting her family.
  • Alayna and Tony Finau were married in 2012. They first lived in a small one-bedroom apartment. After six PGA wins, they have significantly improved their living conditions since the meeting.
  • Tony always credits Alayna and his family for his success in golf.
  • Alayna and Tony belong to the Mormon Church of Latter-Day Saints.
  • Alayna and Tony have five children as of 2024 and want more.

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Alayna Finau: Early Life & Education


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Alayna Finau was born by parents Tipa and Taliilagi Moana Galeai on 10 August 1990 near Honolulu, Hawaii. She is as proud of her Polynesian heritage as her husband, Tony.

After going to Kahuku High, Alayna decided to further her education at Notre Dame de Namur University, California. Unlike Jordan Spieth’s wife, we couldn’t find out what Alayna studied.

Still, we learned she was a well-known volleyball athlete at this institution.

Early in her life, Alayna didn’t enjoy much happiness in the relationship area. She first met and married Joseph Shapiro and became a widow early on in the marriage. She then met George Lazenby in 2002 and married, trusting their love would endure. Sadly, this relationship was not to be and also came to an end several years later.

Tony Finau & Alayna Finau: Their Love Story Before Marriage


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The love story behind the marriage between Tony and Alayna Finau is quite romantic. After becoming a widow at a young age and having a second failed marriage, Alayna must have felt quite overwhelmed.

Luckily, fate stepped in, leading Alayna to visit her Utah relatives in 2010. She attended a fun New Year’s Eve party where she met Tony.

Although the couple doesn’t share further details of how they met or their budding romance in the early days, they have much in common. Both Alayna and Tony are Polynesian descendants. They both belong to the Mormon Church of Latter-Day Saints and come from large families.

These commonalities have served the couple well, cementing their love for each other through shared values. Alayna and Tony are open about their passion for their heritage and religion, often publicly speaking about their beliefs and practices. Tony also credits his success in golf to his faith, God, and Alayna. Now that is inspirational and romantic!

Tony Finau & Alayna Finau’s Wedding


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The pair hit it off after meeting at the beginning of 2010. They soon started dating and decided to marry on Mother’s Day two years later. We suspect that they chose to marry on this special day to honor God, women, children, and the sanctity of the family.

Neither Alayna nor Tony shares information about their wedding day. This is possible because Mormon marriages are sacred and held in the temple (church). Although this practice is not uncommon in Christianity, perhaps the couple was more comfortable keeping their special day away from the curious eyes of the public.

Rumor has it that they first shared a tiny one-room apartment in the early stages of their relationship. However, after building his career and increasing his net worth, Tony and Alayna soon changed their living arrangements.

Tony Finau & Alayna Finau’s Married Life


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Tony Finau and Alayna possibly had their honeymoon in Hawaii, given that her parents are in Laie, and they both love their Polynesian background so much.

The couple also expressed their love of large families, which aligns with their religious beliefs. Mormons do not subscribe to using birth control, so the couple started a family soon after their marriage.

They quickly increased their brood to five children. The latest addition to their family was born in 2021, and these Tony Finau kids’ names are all unique: Jraice, Leilene “Neenee” Aiaga, Tony, Sage, and Sienna-Vee.

Following Alayna’s father’s death in 2022, Tony persuaded her and the kids to join him on tour for five months. She needed his support, and he believed it was not a good time for her to be alone with her grief.

Alayna reported that this was the best decision for them as a family. They spent more quality time together, strengthening their relationships and bonding as a couple.

While Tony is aiming to grow his career and become among the top 10 best golfers of all time, he and Alayna are supporting young talent. Tony and Alayna are passionate about giving back, so they created the Tony Finau Foundation. This organization helps children and their families. The goal is to support the development of young people’s talents through education, fun, and wellness.

Alayna Finau’s Career


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We don’t know what Alayna studied at university or her interests outside of volleyball. But we know Alayna is a full-time mom of five kids and a loving wife. Anyone with kids knows that dedicating yourself to your spouse and children is a full-time job – even if you have help.

Alayna is also probably involved in the Tony Finau Foundation since they were both part of its creation. It seems Tony and Alayna grew up in large families, so their resources were spread thin for individual development. Because of this background, they both support philanthropic pursuits because they love kids and want to represent their Polynesian heritage favorably on the world stage.

Several of the Foundation’s initiatives have included books and meals for kids. The Foundation also delivered meals to families during the Covid pandemic.

Some of Tony’s other family members also help to run the Foundation.

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How Involved Is Alayna Finau in Tony Finau’s Career?


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Alayna invests heavily in Tony’s career as a supportive wife and the mother of the five Finau family children. Netflix’s Full Swing documentary shows some of her involvement in her husband’s career. However, comments over time prove this connection even more.

Tony often tells reporters how much Alayna supports him after or during a game. One of the most famous situations in their lives was when she dressed the kids in the same outfits to act as Daddy’s caddies and walk the green with him.

After the 2018 Masters Par 3 Contest, Alayna remarked how her kids saw their dad hit a hole-in-one that day, making his achievement a great end to the day. The day was more memorable because Tony twisted his ankle. He popped the bone back in place like a pro and continued playing.

Tony Finau also often thanks Alayna for her support and happily tells the world how much he appreciates her.

It’s a long shot, but maybe one of their girls will end up on the list of the most beautiful LPGA players.


How Many Kids Does Tony Finau Have?

Alayna and Tony Finau children as of 2023. The children are: Jraice (born in 2013), Leilene "Neenee" Aiaga (born in 2015), Tony (born in 2017), Sage (born in 2019), and Sienna-Vee (born in 2022). Tony and Alayna have said that they would like to have a large family, so it is possible that they will have more children in the future.

What Happened to Tony Finau’s Mom?

Ravena, Tony Finau’s mother, was only 47 when she died in a motor vehicle accident in 2011.

Final Thoughts

Tony Finau’s wife, Alayna, was born in Honolulu on 10 August 1990. She met Tony on New Year’s Eve in 2010 and married in 2012. The couple have five children and are happy to have more.

Alayna dedicates her life to raising the Finau children and being a supportive wife to her husband. She also believes in supporting Tony’s career as much as she can, ensuring she and the kids go on tour with him when possible.

Her other pursuits include helping to manage the Tony Finau Foundation, which they started together.

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