Daniel Berger’s Wife? Tori Slater Facts & Photos

Daniel Berger is well-known in golf for his spectacular performance. It’s easy to wonder what a man’s personal life with such a young but promising career must be like. What motivates him? Who are his biggest supporters?

Who is Daniel Berger’s wife? While he doesn’t have a wife, Berger has found a bombshell girlfriend. Tori Slater, also known as Victoria Slater, is a successful realtor who owns properties across Florida. She attended the University of Kentucky and Florida Atlantic University to study business and marketing.

There aren’t many comprehensive articles focusing on Tori Slater on the web. If you want to learn more about Tori Slater and her relationship with Daniel Berger, there’s no better place to look than here. This article will cover her early life, education, marriage, and public appearances.

Daniel Berger’s Wife? Overview


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There are a lot of interesting facts surrounding Tori Slater, Daniel Berger’s Wife:

  • Tori Slater was born in 1994 in Lexington, Kentucky.
  • Tori Slater’s age is 28 as of 2024.
  • Tori attended two colleges: the University of Kentucky and Florida Atlantic University.
  • Tori is a successful real estate agent specializing in properties in Jupiter, Florida.
  • Tori describes herself on her NV Realty Group bio as a “caring and honest person.”
  • Tori has an affinity for horseback riding, hiking, and swimming. She shares awe-inspiring photos of her activities on Instagram.
  • It’s estimated that Tori has been Daniel Berger’s girlfriend since 2015.
  • Tori has an adorable chocolate lab named Kai. She frequently shares pictures of Kai on her Instagram.
  • Tori and Daniel don’t have any children together.

While this list is comprehensive, it can’t cover all of the most interesting facts surrounding Tori Slater. Read on to learn more about this famous golfer’s wife.

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Tori Slater’s Early Life and Education


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Tori Slater was born on August 24, 1994, in Lexington, Kentucky. Slater lived a relatively private life with her family, but seemed to have a positive relationship with her parents. In one Instagram post, Slater noted that she would “do anything for her dad.”

After graduating high school, Slater attended the University of Kentucky in 2013. She eventually decided to continue her studies in marketing and business at Florida Atlantic University. This move brought her several hundred miles south to the impressive Boca Raton, FL campus.

Daniel Berger & Tori Slater’s Love Story


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Tori Slater is eye-catchingly beautiful. It wasn’t hard for her to draw attention from across the room as she attended classes at Florida Atlantic University. And when she met Daniel Berger, it didn’t take her long to impress the young professional golfer.

How exactly the pair met is unknown, but they became a couple in 2015. The pair became closer by unwinding in activities like visiting the beach and volunteering for honorable causes. In her spare time, Slater continued to post modeling photos on her Instagram and appear alongside Berger at his tournaments.

Berger isn’t alone in finding Slater beautiful. In fact, many of his friends have been known to pick on the golf superstar occasionally. Justin Thomas once tagged Berger and suggested that he “hit this girl up” after Slater was featured on the TFMGirls Instagram page in 2016.

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Daniel Berger & Tori Slater’s Relationship


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Daniel Berger and his girlfriend quickly became well-known in the golfing world for their incredible relationship. As Berger accomplished his famous victories in the PGA tour and competed in the Ryder Cup, Slater has been right by his side the whole way — and their mutual love for one another is downright heartwarming.

Berger frequently makes posts about Slater on his Instagram. In one post, he sadly noted that he was “missing my girl @torislater on this 2 week trip to Asia #1moreweek.” In other posts, Berger wished Slater a happy birthday and shared sweet pictures of the two spending time together.

Of course, their relationship isn’t all serious. In one Instagram post, Daniel Berger joked that he “[isn’t] sure anyone can help @torislater out. Lost cause.” The post was accompanied by a comment saying Tori was a lost caust. Commenters laughed at the cute video and shared it with their partners.

Slater shares just as many sweet pictures with Berger on her Instagram. Many photos she shares depict her spending time with Daniel Berger on his boat, “Strait Vibin.” In other posts, the two are shown exploring the lovely surroundings of Jacksonville or accompanying each other through tournaments.

It isn’t just golf tournaments and the lovely Florida weather that the pair share a passion for. Many people were amazed when the pair made a tremendous donation to the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation. Aside from offering over $65,000 to help children in need, the pair volunteered with the children’s hospital to provide much-needed support.

Daniel Berger & Tori Slater’s Future

While Tori Slater and Daniel Berger have been dating since 2015, it isn’t clear what the future holds for the couple. Neither has shared any news regarding an engagement, so it is unlikely that the two will get married in the near future. Many speculate that they may be waiting for their careers to advance.

It is clear that the two have a lot to look forward to, however. Slater often shares photos of her dog Kai on her Instagram. Kai is a rescue dog who was adopted several years ago. It’s clear that Slater and Berger both enjoy the opportunity to dote on their ‘fur baby.’

In the future, Daniel and Tori may choose to marry and have children together. Slater has described herself as a “caring and honest person”. Given her wonderful treatment of Kai, it’s safe to say that Slater would be an incredible mother if she chose to do so.

Tori Slater’s Career


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Daniel Berger is a wildly popular golfer who isn’t alone in his success. Tori Slater has found plenty of success as a realtor in Florida’s NV Realty Group. She specializes in managing properties in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Tequesta, and other areas of Florida.

Tori notes on the NV Realty website that she is particularly interested in assisting people moving to Florida from out of state. She is a driven woman who wants to ensure that every client can find the right property — and all signs indicate that she has been incredibly successful in doing so.

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How Involved Is Tori Slater In Daniel Berger’s Career?


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Tori Slater is highly involved in Daniel Berger’s Career. She is known to appear at many of his events. For example, Tori accompanied Berger at the 2016 Masters Par Three tournament in 2016 and the President’s Cup in 2017. She is often sighted on the sidelines while Berger competes.

Tori isn’t always able to attend Daniel’s games due to her impressive career as a realtor. Despite this, it’s clear that she makes an effort to accompany Daniel as much as she possibly can. Her diligent work as a caddy shows how much she cares about Berger’s success.

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Is Daniel Berger Married?

Daniel Berger is not married. He has been in a long-term relationship with Tori Slater since 2015. While the pair might not be officially married, their relationship is impressive — and we will likely see their relationship reach new heights in the near future.

Final Thoughts

Daniel Berger and Tori Slater have an incredible relationship. Since she was first born in Kentucky in 1994, Slater has made a name for herself as a beautiful and hard-working woman at Florida Atlantic University and at her later realtor position with NV Realty.

While the pair hasn’t yet reached milestones like engagement or children, it’s clear that they have a bright and ambitious future together.

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