Jimmy Walker’s Wife: Erin Stiegemeier Facts & Photos

Jimmy Walker, one of the most accomplished American golfers, turned pro in 2001. In that time, he bagged 6 wins on the PGA Tour between 2013 and 2016, including PGA Championship, Valero Texas Open, and Sony Hawaii Open. You’ve probably spotted his beautiful Instagram-famous partner beside him during his time on the road and all his victories.

So, who is Jimmy Walker’s wife? Jimmy Walker and Erin Stiegemeier tied the knot in 2005, a year after they met on the Nationwide Tour, where he was playing and she was volunteering. Since they met, Erin has been Jimmy’s biggest supporter throughout their ongoing battle with Lyme disease. She’s always with him on the road, and they now have two kids together.  

Any golf fan wouldn’t want to miss out on Jimmy and Erin’s story, which is a prime example of unconditional love and support. So, keep reading to find out all there is to know about Erin Stiegemeier, from her childhood and education to her marriage and how she supports Jimmy’s career.

Jimmy Walker’s Wife, Erin Stiegemeier: Overview

To kick things off, here are a few interesting facts and life details about Jimmy Walker’s golfer wife, Erin Stiegemeier:

  • Erin Stiegemeier was born on the 12th of June 1981 in Utah, USA.
  • Erin’s father, Mark Stiegemeier, was a talented freestyle skier who won the Freestyle Skiing Championship in 1975.
  • Erin grew up skiing competitively.
  • Erin is an equestrian rider and a former nationally-ranked show jumper.
  • Erin owns a boutique design service.
  • Erin runs a successful blog and writes for various golf platforms, including Golf Digest.
  • Erin is also a public speaker, often at fundraisers, conferences, and awareness campaigns.
  • Erin supported Jimmy endlessly after being diagnosed with Lyme disease and became his caregiver ever since.
  • Jimmy and Erin have two sons together.

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Erin Stiegemeier: Early Life & Education


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If you’ve ever wondered ‘Is Jimmy Walker married’ or ‘Who is Jimmy Walker’s wife’, here’s what we know:

Jimmy Walker’s wife is Erin Stiegemeier. She was born in Utah, USA on June 12, 1981.

Many online sources inaccurately claim her date of birth to be the 16th of January 1979. But according to Jimmy’s Instagram, where he wished her a happy birthday, Erin turned 40 on June 12, 2021.

Erin spent her childhood and adolescence in Utah with her father Mark Stiegemeier, her mother, Marcy Stiegemeier, and brother Sean Stiegemeier.

Since her early years, Erin and her brother deeply loved athleticism and sports. She participated in various skiing competitions as she took after her parents who were professional skiers. Her father won the 1975 Freestyle Skiing Championship.

It’s not disclosed where exactly Erin went to school or college, but she told CNN that she graduated with a journalism, advertising, and marketing major.

Erin had a plan to go to law school before marriage, but she decided to focus on her husband and family as the CEO of Team Walker.

Jimmy Walker & Erin Stiegemeier’s Love Story Before Marriage

Jimmy Walker and Erin Stiegemeier’s love tale started on a golf course. Well, in a golf club, to be more specific, you get the picture.

It happened in 2004 when Jimmy played in the Nationwide Tour (now known as the Korn Ferry Tool). It was Walker’s 3rd year as a professional golfer, and he was trying to earn a ticket to the PGA Tour.

At the same event, Erin happened to be a volunteer, helping guests and players get settled in. Soon enough, the pair caught each other’s eyes and started talking.

The ship has sailed from there as Jimmy and Erin found out how they were perfect for each other. The couple dated for about a year before Jimmy popped the question, and Erin said yes.

Jimmy Walker & Erin Stiegemeier’s Wedding


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Jimmy married Erin on September 10, 2005, and she officially became Erin Stiegemeier Walker.

The wedding was set in an open-air venue with a stunning natural landscape and their closest friends and family. It was reported that numerous golf buddies of Jimmy’s were also on the guest list.

From time to time, especially on their anniversary, the couple shares pictures from their special day with their followers.

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Jimmy Walker & Erin Stiegemeier’s Married Life


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It seems that the couple’s love only gets stronger with time. They’re avidly showing their affection and support to one another on social media – just look at the number of Jimmy Walker’s wife pictures on his Instagram!

Jimmy’s most recent anniversary post described her as a “Boss babe”. On Erin’s account, one of her latest posts has the caption, “Super proud of this man”.

Jimmy Walker and Erin Stiegemeier lived in their $3 million estate in Boerne, Texas for years. In 2020, the couple purchased their home and moved to a new home in San Antonio that they renovated.

No news of Jimmy Walker’s kids surfaced for the few years following their wedding. But in 2010, Jimmy and Erin welcomed their first son, Mclain Walker. They had their second son, Beckett Walker, three years after.

Not much is known to the public about the Walker kids, as their parents preferred to keep information about their lives private, including their education.

This doesn’t mean that Jimmy and Erin shielded their faces from the public. The two boys frequently accompany their parents to golf and equestrian sporting events for moral support.

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Erin Stiegemeier’s Career

Erin Stiegemeier puts her job as a mother and wife above all else. But even then, she has a thriving career as she always strives for success.

Jimmy isn’t the only athlete of the pair. Erin is also quite the sportswoman. She’s an accomplished equestrian with a former national ranking.

Although less than before marriage and kids, Erin still participates in show jumping events.

Erin is also the owner of EM Interiors, an interior design service. Additionally, Erin runs an online blog called TourWifeTravels, where she writes about various aspects of her and her family’s life.

Erin Walker is also a public speaker who often speaks at events such as awareness campaigns and fundraisers. She spoke multiple times for the Global Lyme Alliance.

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How Involved Is Erin Stiegemeier In Jimmy Walker’s Career?

Erin is Jimmy’s number 1 fan. She devoted her life to supporting him in becoming the best golfer he can be.

She’s constantly with him on the road in their family RV to provide encouragement and care. She was there during his Phenomenon 2016 season and was in the middle of the spotlight as her husband won the title.

She does everything else for him and the family to let Jimmy focus on golf, from controlling finances to reviewing contracts to offering motivation.

Erin has also taken the role of the caregiver after her husband started showing symptoms of an illness, which was diagnosed as Lyme disease in 2017. Erin was diagnosed with the same disease as well.


Does Jimmy Walker Have Children?

Yes, Jimmy Walker has two sons with his wife Erin Stiegemeier. Mclain and Beckett Walker were born in 2010 and 2013, respectively.

Did Jimmy Walker Ever Get Married?

Yes, Jimmy Walked got married on the 10 of September 2005.

Who Is Jimmie Walker Married to?

Jimmy Walker’s wife is Erin Stiegemeier. They’ve been married since September 2005.

Final Thoughts

Jimmy Walker’s wife is Erin Stiegemeier, and they met in 2004 at a golf tournament. They tied got married a year later, and she’s been his main support system ever since.

Erin Stiegemeier is also a businesswoman, entrepreneur, equestrian, and writer. Together, she and Jimmy Walker live in Texas and have two sons.

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