Vijay Singh’s Net Worth: Earnings & Endorsements

Let’s talk about Vijay Singh, the pro golfer who hails from Fiji and has left a lasting impression on the golfing world. He’s won the Masters and a couple of PGA Championships to cement his legacy.

What is Vijay Singh’s net worth? Vijay Singh’s net worth is estimated at a whopping $80 million. He’s made over $74 million in official tournaments. He’s also made millions from sponsorships from Cleveland Golf, Srixon, and Hopkins Golf. Finally, he has been an angel investor in companies like deWiz.

If you don’t read the whole article, you’ll miss some interesting tidbits about one of the PGA’s most successful golfers.

You’ll learn some of Vijay’s impressive career highlights, an incredible journey to success, and the juicy details about his endorsement deals and personal life. So, stick around and soak up all the fascinating information we have in store.

Vijay Singh’s Net Worth in 2024 & Bio

Full Name Vijay Singh
Born 1963
Birthplace Lautoka, Fiji
Height 6′ 1″ (1.88 m)
Weight 208 lbs (94 kg)
Nationality Fijian
College University of Nevada
Turned professional 1982
Professional wins 65
PGA Tour wins 34
Major championships 3

Masters Tournament Won: 2000

PGA Championship Won: 1998, 2004

Current World Ranking +3000 (only plays occasionally)
Career Earnings $74,835,821 (as of 2020)
Net Worth $80 Million

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Vijay Singh Career Earnings — Year-by-Year Distribution


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In the world of professional golf, Singh has been a force to be reckoned with, raking in some serious cash through tournament victories, sponsorships, and endorsements.

Year On Course Earnings Off Course Payments Total
2020 $20,088 $20,088
2019 $244,800 $244,800
2018 $95,334 $95,334
2017 $337,305 $337,305
2016 $1,210,104 $1,210,104
2015 $752,462 $752,462
2014 $989,028 $56,000 $1,045,028
2013 $309,351 $309,351
2012 $1,586,305 $140,000 $1,726,305
2011 $2,017,250 $175,000 $2,192,250
2010 $1,334,262 $1,334,262
2009 $1,276,815 $1,276,815
2008 $6,601,094 $1,350,000 $7,951,094
2007 $4,728,376 $225,000 $4,953,376
2006 $4,602,416 $4,602,416
2005 $8,017,336 $8,017,336
2004 $10,905,166 $205,000 $11,110,166
2003 $7,573,907 $205,000 $7,778,907
2002 $3,756,563 $168,750 $3,925,313
2001 $3,440,829 $535,000 $3,975,829
2000 $2,573,835 $472,500 $3,046,335
1999 $2,283,233 $2,283,233
1998 $2,238,998 $250,000 $2,488,998
1997 $1,059,236 $136,558 $1,195,793
1996 $855,140 $855,140
1995 $1,018,713 $1,018,713
1994 $325,959 $20,250 $346,209
1993 $657,831 $6,199 $664,030
1992 $70,680 $8,150 $78,830
Total $70,882,415 $3,953,406 $74,835,821

Note: Since financial records are not public information, these numbers are availed from detailed research. But to keep things fair, these numbers are a thoroughly researched estimate.

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Vijay Singh’s Endorsements


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Cleveland Golf

Singh has a long-standing (2000) equipment contract with Cleveland Golf. He has loved playing with Cleveland’s Launcher ’09 driver and fairway woods, CG Tour irons, and CG12 wedges.

Hopkins Golf

Vijay Singh had quite a few other endorsements under his belt from various companies in the golfing world. One of them was with Hopkins Golf in 2014, where he proudly sported a Hopkins visor and carried their staff bag and wedges.

Southwest Greens

Another notable endorsement for Singh was with Southwest Greens, a company specializing in premium synthetic, sand-filled golf greens. He joined an impressive lineup of champions like Justin Rose, Jim Furyk, and Sergio Garcia, who also endorsed Southwest Greens.

Other Endorsements

In addition to his golf equipment endorsements, Vijay Singh entered into a significant sponsorship deal with Stanford Financial in 2009. This deal was big, with the firm’s logo prominently displayed on Singh’s hat, shirt, and golf bag—the prime real estate for any golfer.

The estimated value of the deal was a staggering $8 million per year. However, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accused Stanford Financial’s chief, Allen Stanford, of being involved in a “massive ongoing fraud.” As a result, Singh’s sponsorship deal was left hanging.

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Vijay Singh’s Investments


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Did you know that Vijay Singh has dabbled in the world of investments? Besides his impressive golfing career, he’s also an angel investor.

One interesting investment he made was in a company called deWiz. It’s a golf training aid that provides instant feedback on your swing. This innovative company was founded in 2020 and is based in Malmo, Sweden.

Vijay Singh joined deWiz’s Series B funding round in October 2022. They managed to raise a whopping $8.92 million in total, with their latest round bringing in $3.92 million just eight months ago.

Vijay Singh’s Luxuries: From Homes To Cars


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When it comes to homes, Singh has made remarkable purchases. In 2001, he acquired a stunning two-acre property in the beautiful Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. And in 2009, he splurged a cool $5.7 million on a luxurious four-bedroom duplex right in the heart of New York City.

In 2008, Vijay Singh made an awe-inspiring purchase—an expansive 50+ acre compound on Hawaii’s Big Island. This incredible estate boasts a mile of oceanfront, acres of Macadamia nut trees, and sprawling lawns that seem to go on forever. The crown jewel is a magnificent 9,000-square-foot mansion with five bedrooms. The property was recently listed for sale at a staggering $23 million in June 2022.

Singh has an eye for exquisite automobiles that match his lavish lifestyle. You’ll find two BMW SUVs, the X5 and the X6, and a Rolls-Royce Ghost in his garage.

To keep up with Vijay Singh’s luxurious lifestyle and get a glimpse of his world, you can follow him on social media.

Total Earning Milestones for Vijay Singh

Significant milestones and impressive earnings have marked Vijay Singh’s journey as a professional golfer.

  • Early Success: Vijay Singh’s breakthrough came with his victory at the 1993 Buick Classic, propelling him into the spotlight and paving the way for future accomplishments.
  • $10,000, $100,000, and $1,000,000: Singh’s consistent performance led him to surpass these milestones relatively early in his career in the 1980s, thanks to multiple wins and solid tournament earnings.
  • $10,000,000 and $20,000,000: With major championship victories, including the prestigious Masters in 2000, Singh’s success elevated his earnings into the double-digit million range.
  • $50,000,000 and $100,000,000: Singh’s combination of tournament success and lucrative endorsement deals, such as his longstanding partnership with Cleveland Golf and Srixon, propelled him into the upper echelons of wealth in professional golf.

Vijay Singh’s Career Highlights

Vijay Singh’s career has been filled with exciting moments and remarkable victories that have greatly impacted his net worth. Let’s look at some of his career highlights and how they have shaped his financial success:

  • 1989 Malaysian PGA Championship: Vijay Singh’s first professional victory set the stage for his successful career, boosting his confidence and opening doors to future opportunities.
  • 1993 Buick Classic: Singh’s breakthrough win on the PGA Tour made him a formidable player and significantly impacted his early net worth.
  • 1998 PGA Championship: Winning his first major championship at the PGA Championship elevated Singh’s status in the golfing world and positively affected his net worth.
  • 2000 Masters Tournament: Capturing the prestigious green jacket at the Masters further solidified Singh’s reputation as a top-tier golfer and increased his financial standing.
  • 2004 PGA Championship: Singh’s second PGA Championship victory showcased his consistency and talent, bolstering his net worth.
  • 2008 FedEx Cup: Winning the FedEx Cup, including a $10 million bonus, significantly boosted Singh’s earnings and enhanced his financial success.
  • Total Wins: With an impressive total of 57 worldwide victories, including three major championships, Singh’s career highlights have played a substantial role in accumulating his net worth.

Vijay Singh’s Amateur Career

Vijay Singh had an incredible journey in his amateur golf career before making it big in the professional circuit. Growing up in Nadi, Fiji, he couldn’t afford golf balls, so he used coconuts instead.

In 1982, Vijay turned professional, and although he faced a setback early on with a ban from the Asia Golf Circuit due to alleged scorecard tampering, he didn’t let that define his career. Determined to get back on track, he saved up enough money and made a comeback in 1988, competing in tournaments like the Nigerian Open and earning a spot on the European Tour.

The breakthrough came in 1989 when Vijay claimed his first European Tour victory at the Volvo Open Championship in Italy. Those early triumphs and his unwavering dedication set the stage for the incredible success he would achieve in his professional career.

Vijay Singh’s Career Earnings at Major Tournaments

Year Tournament Earnings
2018 Masters Tournament $28,600
2015 Masters Tournament $23,200
2014 Masters Tournament $40,500
2014 Masters Tournament $32,000
2013 Masters Tournament $56,800
2010 Masters Tournament $46,575
2009 Masters Tournament $135,000
2008 Masters Tournament $135,937
2007 Masters Tournament $210,000
2006 Masters Tournament $237,300
2005 Masters Tournament $189,893
2004 Masters Tournament $208,500
2003 Masters Tournament $187,600
2002 Masters Tournament $81,200
1999 Masters Tournament $828,000
1998 Masters Tournament $35,200
1996 Masters Tournament $39,150
1995 Masters Tournament $11,050
1993 Masters Tournament $14,800
2019 PGA Championship $18,800
2018 PGA Championship $20,400
2016 PGA Championship $39,200
2015 PGA Championship $44,920
2014 PGA Championship $15,150
2013 PGA Championship $34,750
2011 PGA Championship $25,933
2010 PGA Championship $106,567
2004 PGA Championship $131,800
2003 PGA Championship $1,125,000
2002 PGA Championship $29,000
2001 PGA Championship $159,000
2000 PGA Championship $11,344
1998 PGA Championship $8,180
1997 PGA Championship $540,000
1996 PGA Championship $35,100
1995 PGA Championship $86,667
1992 PGA Championship $90,000
1991 PGA Championship $3,688

Vijay Singh’s Personal Life


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Vijay Singh’s personal life is an interesting mix of relationships, family, and personal interests. He was previously married to Ardena Seth, but the couple divorced in 1998.

Regarding children, Vijay has one son, Qass Seth Singh, born in his previous marriage.

Beyond his personal life, Vijay is known for his disciplined and also his somewhat controversial views. He is admired by some and disliked by others, but as for his work ethic, he will often practice for long hours and constantly strive for improvement. Off the golf course, he has expressed a love for fishing and spending time in nature, finding solace and relaxation in outdoor activities.


What Is Vijay Singh’s Net Worth?

According to estimates, Vijay Singh’s net worth is an impressive $80 million, with over $74 million earned from official tournaments. He has also received millions in sponsorships from companies such as Cleveland Golf, Srixon, and Hopkins Golf. Additionally, he has invested in companies like deWiz as an angel investor.

How Many Major Championships Has Vijay Singh Won?

Vijay Singh has won three major championships in his career: the Masters Tournament in 2000, the PGA Championship in 1998 and 2004.

Has Vijay Singh Ever Been Ranked As the World’s Number One Golfer?

Yes, Vijay Singh reached the world's number-one ranking in golf for a total of 32 weeks during the period from 2004 to 2005.

Final Thoughts

Vijay Singh’s net worth is amazing at $80 million, and his golfing journey is one of the most impressive in history.

He’s not just swinging clubs but winning major championships, including the prestigious Masters’ Tournament in 2000. Talk about a hole-in-one. And it’s not just his golf skills that are impressive. Vijay has bagged some sweet endorsement deals with big names like Cleveland Golf and Srixon. With his luxury houses and cars, you can bet he is living the golfer’s dream!

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