Corey Conners’ Wife: Malory Conners Facts & Photos

Corey Conners is one of the many top pro golfers, earning a spot in the PGA Tour Canada, PGA Tour Latinoamerica, and Tour.

He became the first player to garner two PGA Tour wins at the same event since K.H. Lee’s wins in 2021 and 2022. These achievements could be partially owed to someone special in Conners’ life.

So, who is Corey Conners’ wife? Malory Conners is Corey’s wife. The couple met during high school in their hometown of Listowel, Canada. They married in 2018 after years of long-distance and welcomed their first child, Reis Conners, in November 2021.

You won’t miss reading about Malory’s inspiring support for Corey’s career. Stick around to learn more about her early life, education, marriage, career, and tournament appearances.

Corey Conners’ Wife, Malory Conners: Overview

Before diving into the details, check out a few interesting facts and Malory Conners below.

  • Malory Martin was born in Ontario, Canada, in 1990.
  • Her parents’ names are Jacquie and Ron Martin.
  • She was a single child in her family.
  • Malory attended Wilfrid Laurier University.
  • Cory Conners’ wife was a teacher.
  • The couple met by the end of their high school years.
  • The Conners have a daughter named Reis Conners. She was born in November 2021.
  • Cory, Malory, and Reis Conners currently reside in Florida.

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Malory Conners: Early Life & Education


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Born in Listowel, Conner’s wife spent her childhood in Canada. Malory is an only child in a Christian family. Her parents provided a supportive net to her.

Malory and Cory attended the same high school. During summers, she would swim and work in the pool as a lifeguard.

After high school, Malory enrolled in Wilfred Laurier University as Corey went to Kent State, just a five-hour drive between each college.

Malory & Corey Conners’ Love Story Before Marriage


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When it comes to Malory and Corey Conners’ love story before marriage, there are a few speculations.

Some believe the couple met during high school, while others say they met at Kent State University in Ohio.

Despite attending the same high school, Corey didn’t notice his future wife then. The pro golfer played baseball and hockey with Malory’s brother.

Plus, Corey’s grandparents lived near Malory. They eventually became friends by the end of their school years.

Afterward, they dated as the PGA tour player left off to college, and Malory became a teacher after attending Laurier.

They had over a six-year long-distance relationship. Malory then decided, “We’ve got to make some changes here,” “Take the next step.”

That’s when she left her teaching job and traveled to Florida to stay with Corey. She initially had difficulties adjusting, saying, “Living out of a suitcase, jumping from hotel to hotel. I mean, it can get hard sometimes.”

She reminisced over having her own space and belongings. Nonetheless, Malory remains grateful for having the opportunity to travel around and support her partner.

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Malory & Corey Conners’ Wedding


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Corey and Malory tied the knot on the 20th of October, 2018. They had their wedding in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. It was at the Hacienda Sarria Spanish-style venue.

The ceremony was elegant as the couple exchanged their heartfelt vows with close friends and family.

Malory chose to leave her teaching career, travel with her husband, and become a supportive spouse. She actively attends his tournaments.

That said, the newlyweds had to delay their honeymoon because Corey took part in the Sanderson Farms Championship the week after his wedding in Jackson, Mississippi.

Malory & Corey Conners’ Married Life


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Married life for Malory and Corey consisted of several tournaments and incredible achievements. From his 8th place win at the Masters to claiming a second PGA Tour win in 2022.

After three years into married life, Malory and Corey welcomed their first daughter, Reis Conners, in November 2021.

Reis enjoys attending her father’s tournaments. Conners posted an image of his wife and daughter on social media during Mother’s Day.

He posted it, “Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, especially my beautiful wife! You are loved and appreciated.”

Malory Conners Career


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Corey Conner’s wife was a teacher before leaving her vacancy and becoming a full-time supporter to her husband. She taught back in her hometown, Listowel, after graduating from Laurier.

During that time, her then-boyfriend became a pro golfer and attended the Tour. The tournament occurred in several stops, such as Bogota, Idaho, and Boise. By 2017, he earned his PGA tour player status.

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How Involved Is Malory Conners In Corey Conners’ Career?


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Malory Conners is heavily involved in Corey Conners’ golfing career. During the initial phase of moving in with him, Corey Conners’ girlfriend struggled to adjust to how uncertain the pro-life can be.

She felt Corey’s pressure to maintain his status during tournaments. She opened up and said, “Even going back a couple of months, we’re more settled, we’re married, we’re living here, we know we’re traveling, but with his status, we didn’t know where we were going to be next week, and he had to Monday to qualify for these events.”

Valero Texas Open

Malory Connery flew to San Antonio to meet Corey for the Valero Texas Open in April 2019. The highly revered golfer came out on top during the start. Conners birdied over four out of five holes. He then proceeded to bogey the next four shots.

The ninth and tenth holes were far apart and required a golf cart ride. During that ride, Malory felt unsure about how to reassure Corey for the next hole. She was torn between remaining quiet or saying words of encouragement.

In the end, she decided on a pat on the shoulder and said, “Stay confident.” His focus was undeterred during that hole. Conners birdied six holes. Cameras fixated on Malory’s reactions as her husband scored the wins.

She felt several emotions during the tournament. Her reactions to the Valero Texas Open went on to become a meme. She stated that “I was being totally, authentically myself.”

She continued, “That’s me watching golf on any given day, but in that situation, my emotions were running high, and I was just being myself.”

Corey scored an impressive $1.35 million award and earned a spot at the Masters table. It secured his Tour status for the upcoming two years. To Malory, that meant job stability and a schedule.

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How Did Corey and Malory Conners Meet?

Corey and Malory met during their last years of high school. Conners was on the same hockey and baseball team as Malory’s brother. Plus, his grandparents lived near Malory’s childhood home.

Does Corey Conners Have Children?

Corey has one daughter named Reis Conners. She was born in November 2021.

Is Corey Conners’ Wife Canadian?

Yes, Malory Conners, once Malory Martin was born in Ontario, Canada.

Where Do Corey Conners Live Now?

Like several other professional golfers, Corey Conners resides in Jupiter, Florida.

Final Thoughts

In Canada, Malory Conners married PGA Tour winner Corey Conners in 2018. The couple met back in their hometown Listowel during high school. They now have a daughter named Reis Conners, born in 2021.

Malory is an exceptionally supportive wife. She’s attentive during his tournaments, so much so that she became an internet meme sensation thanks to her reactions in Corey’s Valero Texas Open tournament.

Malory stayed with Conners in a six-year long-distance relationship before she decided to change her teaching lifestyle and joined him on the golfing tournament road. According to Corey, “She’s been my biggest fan for years and my biggest supporter. I’m really lucky to have her by my side.”


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